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Kinder Aggugini

Lacrimosa of Mozart’s Requiem Mass opened Kinder Aggugini’s AW10 with a gothic vibe; with the catwalk decorated like an 18th Century court palace, the military coats and soot-black, hand drawn hairlines set the mood of resistance and rebellion. In fact, the collection is said to have been inspired by the heroine Juliette Recamier (Dame who stood in political opposition to Napoleon in the early 19th Century) – the pieces were powerful yet lyrical, borderline androgynous yet the hints of light fabric under a tough coat (and heels with spats!) acutely underlined femininity.

This show was probably my personal favourite, admiring especially how Aggugini was faithful to his inspiration and how he elaborated on it with a contemporary flair that made every item, well, ready-to-wear. And of course, the military thing always does it for a history nerd like myself.

Watch this catwalk at his official website.

*All LFW photos are produced by moi unless otherwise noted, I’d appreciate it if you could notify me or link back to this blog if you intend to take it anywhere else. Or else I’ll copyright lecture you and you really don’t want that.

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  1. great post. absolutely adore that last dress.


  2. absolutely beautiful

  3. Wow! Amazing!

  4. dude.. great pictures!!
    and if i ever did borrow them to post i will let you know… ;) hha

  5. i love the photos you take of the shows, they’re so legit.

  6. I really like the print! The hair and the headpiece are really amazing!


  7. This sings to me! An almost Victorian vibe with a rebellious twist, the masculine cut with feminine features, the SPATS. Lovely. :)

  8. Lovely post, great photos.
    Love it!!!

  9. Beautiful photos, they really give the vibe!
    Besides, the military coat is gorgeous!

  10. That whole look is so great!


  11. Seriously Shini! Quit your job and be a photgrapher instead. haha* j/k! I absolutely LOVE that first shot! CreepyCreepyBeautiful!!

  12. Wow your pictures are absolutely a-ma-zing. Especially for catwalk pictures, well done girl! :) Was so lovely to see you last time, hope you had a good day afterwards. xx

  13. PixelHazard

    Oh great pics. I’m looking forward to coat shopping, boots and layers

  14. Woah the first picture is impressive!!!

  15. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    great shots, thanks for these. theatrical, love it.

  16. Stunning!

  17. Those shoes are just amazing!

  18. Darling it was lovely seeing you! you have such a great eye!b amazing photos darling.
    oh you so need to make me one of the necklaces you were wearing,delish!
    big kiss
    marian xx

  19. shini, these photos are insane! you’ve done such an incredible job. the details are incredible! (i’m seriously dreaming of getting a new camera for my birthday… could seriously use some advice on what is best to get). love the detail on the black and white dress. was in brick lane today and saw loads of vintage red military jackets similar to the one in the first photo… beautiful! xx

  20. This is extremely edgy, but I enjoy edge! I love the military coat, as well as the buttoned shoes. I’d definitely like to experience one their runway shows.

    J’aime x

  21. Amazing photos as usual, although the first one is super scary!

    It;s so refreshing to see a madhatter amongst the many play-it-safe designers at LFW.


  22. Wow!amazing.

  23. wonderful photos, the historical influences in the collection are just spot-on! must have been so cool to see in person.

  24. Wow these photos are incredible!

  25. Love the show, and military style…and I MUST have those boots!

  26. These are wonderfully taken photographs with great composition :)

  27. Wow, Shini, your shots are gorgeous! I’m just looking @ mine now – just did my first post on him. I agree I think he’s my personal favourite, too. It’s funny, I hadn’t seen this, but feel the same way about him.

    We have a similar eye, I feel. But in this case, maybe your shots are even better. ; )

  28. oh gosh, it sounds like it would have been amazing and mozart is my absolute favourite

  29. That first photo is blowing me away!