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There and back again, 3 minutes in Paris with Kenzo Parfum


Beautiful Aimee of Song of Style











Wearing: Trench – H&M Trend. Navy crop-top – American Apparel. Skirt – ASOS. Heels – Kurt Geiger. Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim. Sunglasses – Celine via Sunglasses Shop

When I was younger my daddy used to go on these business trips where he’d leave at the crack of dawn and be back for dinner the same day. I never understood it – in my mind a trip that involves trains or planes meant packing puzzles, books and Barbie outfits (we never remembered to take the actual Barbies) and my brother and I would take a nap in the car to the airport and find ourselves in a hotel bed the next morning. Then we’d spend countless days trudging along in mum’s shadow chasing supposedly important, but always broken, buildings, and never actually touched any of the toys we’d packed. Only on my train back from Paris the other week it clicked, how it all worked, how my dad did all that within a day. I’d gotten on a midday train, arrived at 3pm in Paris, and by 6pm I was back in London in time for dinner with the hubby. See, there was  a big ferris wheel with a red Kenzo poppy stuck on the butts of each capsule, and we rode in it, three times. Then after a quick coffee and a nibble of something coconutty inside a little boat decorated with floating poppies, I was back in the cab headed to the train station. (And all that time I played with my Barbie once maybe.) That was it, I’ve cracked it, my daddy’s secret on coming home the same day he left = ferris wheel rides and something coconutty.

Kenzo Parfums are launching something cool in September, and this was a little sneakpeek, but also an ongoing celebration of the Kenzo Flower Wave movement with Every Mother Counts on improving health in pregnancy for every mother around the world. It’s a great cause, and so easy to get involved, pass on the poppy love!

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  1. beautiful capture!


  2. aww my favorites Aimee and you. You guys look amazing.


  3. Ineish I lived in London and could get a train to Paris, it sounds lovely. I love Paris, would gladly live there.


  4. Wow what a whirlwind trip – it’s so easy to forget how close Paris is to us! Fab photos – love what Aimee is wearing. You look lovely as always – the Philip Lim bag is still such a favourite!

  5. Danielle

    Such beautiful Kenzo flowers…

  6. Stunning photos of Paris-love the pop of red too :)
    Jana@333 Days of Hand Lettering

  7. oh my, these photos are beautiful! my mom will never let me walk around tourist-ing with heels on, but I’d love to someday!


  8. Kristen

    Stunning photos! I love how you capture everything, from the eiffel tower to little details like the poppies on the bottom of the ferris wheel. Keep doing what you do, I love it

  9. Beautiful photos, love all these touches of red! Love your outfit as well!


  10. Wow! Beautiful photos!!!!

  11. So beautiful! I want to visit Paris so much!


  12. Looks pretty awesome, very nice photos xx

  13. Eloquence is what’s in your words. And a good dose of ‘har har, Shini so funny’


  14. Little trips like that sound fun & adventurous even though you may not have much time to venture around.

    The Fashann Monster

  15. I love Paris, it’s an amazing city!! I like your outfit!


  16. Looks amazing!
    Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo

  17. Such an amazing time! Great pictures :)


  18. lovely story about your travelling as a a child :) With things like Eurostar it is so easy nowadays to go somewhere and come back the same day, love that freedom! :)
    and gorgeous photos as always.

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  19. Sounds like a lovely trip! The ferris wheel looks magical – love the Kenzo decorating.

  20. OMG! Why on earth did you not stay any longer In that beautiful city??!

  21. Loving all this red! Looks so polished in these classic French scenes.

  22. beautiful images.
    i’d love to be in Paris right now.

    – Janine

  23. Angel

    I really really looove this post. The photos are beautiful but the writing is just wonderful and special. I’ve been thinking about my childhood a lot, especially about my dad (people come and go). The last bit about cracking your papa’s secret is the best. I was wondering what the flower wave was until I watched the video of it. Such a cute idea!

  24. Beautify full photos <3


  25. beautiful photos!

  26. Verena

    I am sorry to say this, but your blog has turned into advertisements only. It feels weird to read it even though the pictures are still very beautiful.

  27. Hi Verena, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that it seems to be that way for you – the truth is, I’m reliant on this blog to pay my rent and bills so I’m afraid sponsored contents are becoming a fixed part of the blog. However, all ‘advertisements’ are done as creative projects, with extremely strict quality control, so that there’s something at least for readers to take away, be it inspiration or just looking at something beautiful. To be very honest, if not for the advertisements I would not have as much opportunities to be able to put up colourful content – it would’ve been outfits after outfits, how boring! (Plus we all know I’m not any sort of an expert in styling) So I’m very grateful for that. Hope you’ll be able to see something that you can be inspired, let me know if you enjoy a particular type of post and I’ll try to get more of those up! Thank you for coming by to read from time to time :)

  28. One more thing, not to spam you or anything, and although I believe I don’t necessarily have to prove myself, but out of the 10 posts from the month of May, only 2 were sponsored – the rest were of personal initiative. ;)

  29. @Verena,

    As Shini’s husband, I am really taken aback by your factually incorrect (as pointed out by Shini) and, quite frankly, childishly ignorant comment. Forgive me for being more frank than my lovely Wife, but I don’t have to cater to her readers, and am free to speak my mind more freely.

    I don’t see how any of Shini’s readers can expect her to continue generating non-sponsored content for years on end. Please – do enlighten me – and explain how would she be able to visit Rome, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Milan, etc, etc, on monthly (sometimes weekly) basis while having ANOTHER full time job that would generate income to pay for all those trips – and that is on top of our ‘ordinary’ leaving expenses.

    Not only that, but sponsored content takes AGES to create. Shini sifts through HUNDREDS of below-average offers of collaborations and advertisements and cherry-picks the ones that fit her style and passion. Needless to say that posting about a band is not only infinitely more difficult (try being unbiased in your coverage and say that you didn’t like something when you genuinely didn’t – it takes some serious balls to do that and Shini always delivers on that front), but also more time-consuming.

  30. @Verena While I suspect you just posted that comment to get a reaction, I feel like I have to respond as well. Accusing bloggers of just being advertisements is based on an overly idealistic and misguided standard that some people unreasonably hold bloggers against. Like @Maciej said, bloggers can’t be expected to keep creating content with no income (unless the readers would like to pay to access it instead). And anyway it’s beside the point whether @Shini is accepting sponsorship because of the need for income. The quality of her content is consistently high, regardless of the fact that it is sponsored or otherwise, and though some content may be paid, it’s still offering meaningful information that a majority of readers enjoy reading. I love Kenzo, for example, and I’d much prefer to find out news about a brand through a blog I read, rather than a bill board on the side of the road that I feel no meaningful connection with. Just saying.

  31. poppies certainly pop don’t they! how brilliant and bold that red is – i love the joie de vivre you’ve captured so eloquently in these photos. so chic!

  32. I have liked to be there!

    gorgeous pictures!


  33. Love your outfit and your friend’s jacket

    ORR’s BLOG

  34. i always look forward to your posts, beautiful captures as always.

  35. Wow you make me want to live in London! Here in Australia, unless you’re flying to a tropical island, it takes about 10 hours to fly to the nearest country :) And you look like you totally traveled in style!

  36. Oh so nice!!! I love the Kenzo !!!!


  37. Your outfit is so chic!

  38. Beautiful pictures, so stunning! Xx

  39. This looked so magnificent, and all those poppies…

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  41. […] whiff of the Flower in the Air takes me back to that one day in June when I took a train to Paris, rode a ferris wheel by the river, and again, then hopped back on a […]