I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Recipe for a happy weekend: Bikes, cakes, denim skirt and the flower market
















Leopard Sweatshirt – ASOS (similar in red). Denim Skirt – ASOS (similar here). Shoes – Nike Free Run. Bag – Marc Jacobs. Sunglasses – Celine via SunglassesShop. Cashmere scarf – Johnstons. Watch – Sekonda. Friendship Bracelet – Lucy Folk. ‘Oui’ ring – Street Bauble. Outfit photos with help from Charlie.

Speaking of good weekends, I’m steeped into World War Z by Max Brooks at the moment and having a blast ignoring off the sun and sitting inside a makeshift tent made out of blankets and pillows while the hubby slides in chicken and cous cous every few hours. I shove out the empty plates, and another one with jell-o gets pushed in. I have a good husband like that. He’s into his online games, and I’m stuck on a zombie book, we’re both happy and apparently the sun is out so technically that ticks another box in the Happy Weekend form. Who knows, tomorrow I might cycle down to the flower market to pick up some blooms for the week and maybe see a friend or two for coffee and cakes. What are your plans for the weekend?

By the way, do check out that book, it’s the best take on the zombie apocalypse I’ve seen/read so far – none of the overdone, emotion-led, soppy stories involving an enigmatic lead character and the journey to a Disney end of humankind, but a clever compilation of interviews and stories by survivors, interlaced with politics, military and all manners of science on a global scale. Everything seems so plausible that it’s terrifying – I keep re-telling some of the stories to my husband as if all of it really happened, it’s that good. Make sure to put it on your summer reading list!

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  1. I have this midi asos skirt, you look lovely and love your pics always.


  2. you always bring us to the most beautiful places!


  3. I am not into zombie things at all. I have no idea why. But the idea of little blanket tents remind me of my childhood days where only camping I can do was to make a little blanket tent on the balcony on a summer day. oh memories of growing up in the city :)
    I feel like I live to read your next post these days. always true, genuine, with the right amount of humor.

  4. Looks like a great weekend. We always hit up the local Farmer’s Market and take Saturday afternoon naps :)

  5. these are fantastic pictures. inspirational.

    – Janine

  6. LOVE

  7. beautiful capture!


  8. i looooooove your photos!

    xoxo from rome

  9. So that’s what you’ve been up to! Head out that book and brunchies today plz ^_^

  10. so loving that leopard print with a distressed denim skirt. amazing shots


  11. very magic!

  12. This looks like an ideal weekend, it has everything: cakes, lovely bike, lots of flowers and a lovely weather :) perfect!

  13. Ooooh the book sounds exactly like what I’d like. Sounds like you had a chill weekend, and your skin looks clear and healthy! :)

  14. I’m just about to buy this skirt: your outfit is so perfect that it convinced me to go for it!


  15. Beautiful photos as usual! The flower markets of London are the best!


  16. Your outfits are gorgeous and you take the nicest pictures, but I have to say, I mostly love you for the way you write. You make it feel like you’re a friend. You’re funny and seem so approachable. I just love your blog <3

  17. Lovely pictures!


  18. Why! I need to buy flowers for my home!


  19. Awesome post! My plans? studying studying studying, some food, studying again haha. So far being very productive browsing my blog feed :)!

  20. Danielle

    Ohhhhhhhhhmeeeeegaaaaaaaa what could you have possibly put on your hair to make it look so silky! This post is SO magical but particularly loving the fourth pic from the bottom! Your blog is absolutely fantastic Shini!

  21. Sarah

    I just had a picgasm.

  22. Your photos are awesome like always!!! I love your bag!


  23. Awesome pics!


  24. lloks like a beautiful weekend!


  25. That’s one of my favourite books! It’s so realistic – I can imagine the governments of the world abandoning the majority of us if a zombie apocalypse did indeed happen (and I really think it might one day! If there’s going to be an apocalypse I would much prefer zombies over a virus or nuclear attacks!)

    As always – awesome post, awesome outfit, awesome photos

    Happy Sunday!


  26. Awesome pictures, and I really like the outfit: distressed denim skirt, leopard sweatshirt and sneakers are the best choice in the world.

  27. wow sounds like the book is really good hmm
    I like Resident Evil and zombies in general (yeah…) and I have heard from the movie and book in one of Michelle Phan’s monthly fav vids, but never thought it would be //really// good
    but now.. since you say it.. Hahaha

    btw the pic with the woman and the cake looks like straight out of a painting or semi-horror fairy tale movie, because of her hair, face and the way her back is bent

  28. Ah that’s exactly where I heard about the book too! I downloaded Warm Bodies and World War Z after watching that video ;)
    Warm Bodies is good too but quite ‘teenage-y’ and very different from WWZ. I personally prefer WWZ of course ;) Definitely check it out if you like zombie novels!

  29. @Shini, If you’re really adventurous try out Dead Set. I think it’s 6 or 7 episodes…SO GOOD.

  30. Ahhh World War Z!! Amazing book. Max Brooks came to my school a year or two ago (jeez losing track of time) and he was so funny! He answered questions about the book and did a signing. I remember asking him “If your best friend was dead weight would you leave him behind?” and he was so taken aback. He said that he always gets that audience question but never from a girl :P First time for everything. Glad you’re enjoying it though. I’m a little anxious about the movie because the plot will be completely different. Are you gonna go see it?

  31. CauseLoveIt

    I fell in love in your photos…

  32. I absolutely love your photos and look! Such an amazing mood :)


  33. the quality of your blogposts are the best! You show so many different impressions of one day, the readers can really dive into your daily life, which is great! I think this is the reason why I love your blog so much :)

  34. Kamilla

    Amazing shots and outfit as well. Cant wait for more :) http://www.luxusneoblecenie.sk

  35. Tilda Swinton, is that you?

    Lol, I kid… but the girl adjusting those goodies reminded me of Swinton…

  36. I’ve never read a zombie book but love zombie movies. i really fancied this one because it was filmed a bit in glasgow where I’m from. cant believe you hid away from the sun though, you skin must be gorgeous, i can’t resist a bit of sun worshipping

  37. Love your outfit! Such a perfect weekend look. Where are your rings from?

  38. Awesome photography! Gorgeous flower pics!

  39. Beautiful pictures <3


  40. Love these pictures ♥

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  41. Thanks for the book suggestion, I’ll be sure to read it before the movie version.


  42. all the flowers look so beautiful, and somehow the combination of flowers and the leopard print of your top really excites me :))

    xx, Sabinna
    Broken Cookies

  43. ChicTrends

    Loving the pictures. You always find the best settings. Your look is so fun as well!

    Thanks for sharing, xx http://chictrends.co.uk/

  44. That leopard print sweater is really cool.

    Blog: http://unspeakablethoughtsunspoken.blogspot.co.uk
    Shop: http://unspeakablethoughtsunspoken.tictail.com

  45. Great shots! I’ve shared these with the CycleLove community who I know will dig this… :)

  46. Gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous.
    From http://www.maggiefinejewelry.com

  47. Gorgeous flowers, they all look so beautiful! I love that ASOS Leopard Sweatshirt


  48. Hi

    Please check my blog;o)) i have been back from Poland and will post some pics soon.

    I love your pictures.






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  51. Cute last photo, and great skirt!

  52. Beautiful work, love it!

  53. Breath taking..

  54. What I really like in this site are the beautiful high-quality photos! I love the fashion, style and everything! Keep on posting please! :-D

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  56. Doubt I’d ever tire of Mr Softee!

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