I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Top – Primark, Shirt as skirt & socks – Uniqlo, Bag – Yesstyle, Shoes – Courtesy of Zalando, Cardigan – Mum’s Massimo Dutti

You must be thinking woman can you get yourself a proper skirt, why yes I can, I believe I am capable, thank you for asking! I’m also capable of vacuuming the flat, brushing my teeth and doing the laundry… doesn’t mean I’ll feel like it. This shirt-as-skirt is the sartorial equivalent of shoving everything under the bed – hides the junk and the trunk – GOOD ENOUGH FOR NOW. And aren’t you somewhat impressed that I wear the same stuff more than once on this blog? That particular shirt might occasionally commute from north to south, but I can boast that it’s been with me since 2007. I have a few cardigans that were gifts from my mother… well if you count ‘finding out your daughter took it without asking and you don’t really feel like chasing her all the way to London’ a form a gift. Yesss we’re completely ignoring the two brand-new items, the shoes and the bag (courtesy of Zalando and YesStyle), I AM SO FRUGAL I’M GONNA DIE!

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  1. I think its so easy to get bored of clothes quickly, so its always good to find new ways to wear something! Love the shoes and socks!

    Carmen Ri.

  2. ~I love what you did with the shirt/skirt! And the new items are gorgeous!

  3. Nicest boots. Like. Even though I am leaving few words, I mean it!

  4. another perfect bag!

  5. i think you pull the skirtshirt off well! your blog is seriously one of my favorites

  6. The bag is beautiful. ^ ^

  7. Ow, you wear clothes more than 1 time! But you’re a fashionblogger! Oh No! – Seriously, I think your outfit is great. The shoes are nice too.. :)

  8. leather is the reason i love and hate fall so much. my bank account always hurts, yet it is always so beautiful and fashion forward.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  9. Kendriana

    Love the bag! I’m gonna have to check out Yesstyle more often.

    LOL at the “Marc by Marc_______” on the tag though.

  10. I know it’s the funnniest thing EVER hahaha

  11. Hey,
    I guess I won’t get any answer but I love so much your blog !
    I’ve discovered it few days ago and I can’t stop reading it.
    You have an amazing style and your photos are so beautiful.
    It’s becoming rare to find a blog which have a soul. Yours has one.
    I hope to talk to you soon,
    Have a nice evening.



  12. i love the idea, shirt as a skirt…genius!

    My Fashion Bug

  13. well yes, must keep it frugal.
    so what if no skirt appeals to people here. at least threre are some negaive remarks. sometimes i have enough of phony good ones

  14. Such perfect shoes, and what a great idea with the shirt as skirt too (:

  15. What an amazing outfit! And I am in love with that bag! Gorgeous!

  16. gorgeous! love your boots. and love how you used that shirt as a skirt. xx

  17. loving how you wear that shirt skirt


  18. ha ha! you’re awesome :)

  19. I love your print top MORE than your checked shirt-skirt-shirt.

    Welcome back to crap London.

  20. I love your shirt/skirt. Inventiveness is the best part of fashion

  21. Mara

    HAHAHAHA reading you always makes me smile, you look great!

    Love the socks with those boots.

  22. It’s so refreshing to see you re-invent closet staples, who shouldn’t be able to showcase favorite items more than once? And marbled socks playing peek-a-boo in those boots? Totally smitten.

    ♥, Jamie

  23. You look awesomely fresh :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  24. I freaking love you.

    enough said.

  25. I love the whole outfit in general, but I most of all love the boot and socks combination. So pretty!

  26. Loving the shirt as a skirt. Will definitely have to try that!

  27. Love how you do the shirt as skirt! Could you do a tutorial on how you achieve that? Pretty please!
    Bisous, nana

  28. Love the outfit!! And the boots!!



  29. Love your boots!


  30. I prefer blogs that rewear the same items many different ways. Fashion is about being creative – and blogging is about being creative on a budget. (Of course I love a new bag or a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl – but the simple truth? I can;t afford it) We need to be creative with what we already own!

    (by the way, I love the shirt-as-skirt thing – I think I will try it out myself with my dad’s shirt that he has had since the 1970’s…)


  31. Chic and stylish outfit as always Shini~ I love your long hair!

  32. love the shirt as skirt. i’d try it myself if it weren’t about a hundred degrees out – bookmarked for fall, though. the shoes are serious, though, just perfect with the socks.

  33. That bag is gorgeous!!!

  34. love your hair so much
    love natural wave like that
    and love shirt styling as a skirt

  35. I think it helps that the shirt is plaid too :) And why is your hair such a pretty sight…?!

  36. I want your boots and bag!! XXX

  37. If it looks good, why the heck not and it does look oh so good. Ugh vacuuming my place…so high up on things I hate doing/don’t do. Thank god for my boyfriend. Bless him haha.

  38. […] wore a plaid flannel shirt as a skirt and tied the arms in a bow around her waist. And it looked awesome. No, seriously, I’m in […]

  39. I did too a skirtshirt like that in a stretch fabric I thought was great; a also thought for sure someone else should have thought to do it and for sure some japanese designer; they are great!
    I adore this look functional,sober but elegant

  40. Everytime you post with something from YesStyle it’s like I get a voice in my head telling me to go to YesStyle.com….

  41. OMG i love your shoes and your bag! Very good combination and suit you very well as always :)
    Have a nice weekends..

  42. I didn’t even notice that the skirt was a flannel shirt because I was too busy looking at that fabulous bag. You did a great job of repurposing that shirt.

  43. You can wear that shirt-as-skirt all day every day Shini because you look amazing! Your shoes are also to die for.

  44. This bag is freaking gorgeous! Too bad I can’t find it on YesStyle. And I love the skirt!

  45. Oh no! I linked directly to the product but now it redirects to the home page, must be out of stock :(

  46. @Shini, let’s hope they will have more stock soon :D

  47. Love the bag and the shoes!!


  48. Oh the shoes!!!!! I love them! :-)

  49. cute! love the “skirt”

  50. haha love it! I must admit my first thought before reading was ‘what the hell is that skirt’? After reading I had a chuckle and honestly thought good for you. Love a sense of humour!

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
    Enter our $200 Giveaway Here!

  51. cool boots and bag! xx


  52. I found this skirt pretty interesting tough!

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette
    check on my vintage giveaway!

  53. I was just thinking earlier whether I should wear a shirt as skirt in near future. seeing you do it, I’m even more undecided. on one hand, you’re so fab and all, but on the other hand, if I do it, I’ll just be yet another person sporting this thing (I’m not calling it a trend … yet) which is a con in my book. oh, decishuns, decishuns! ktnxbai.

  54. Lucy

    I LOVE THE BAG! i can’t find it on yesstyle either :(:( xxx

  55. Stoppp too much awesome in one outfit! That shirt-as-skirt is too good for words, very Kurt Cobain incarnated. And yah, the boots and bag? Gimme.
    p.s. sent you an email! xx

  56. L

    shini, i love this post! your boots are beautiful, that little strap on top, and the best feeling is shopping your closet and finding something perfect in there!

  57. great outfit :)

  58. Kari

    Love reading your blog! :D And loove your style!!

  59. Very nice bag with a perfect size!
    I like it!
    Greetings from Germany

  60. Wow, love the style especially your skirt shirt thing lol its very original and the colors look fantastic as well.


  61. I absolutely love those shoes, really cute with the sock as well. Great touch. Would love if you could check out the latest post from Goldie London – intern style. It’s gonna be a new regular feature on the blog.



  62. pretty bag shini. awesomeness

  63. Brown <3

  64. your skirt reminds me of Scotland. :D
    and it works in the combination with the lovely shirt
    i like.

  65. […] concept a go but never quite got around to it. I was freshly inspired when I saw how nicely Park & Cube wore hers and decided to experiment with this over-sized chambray shirt from H&M. It is better to work […]

  66. Gorgeous photos, love it! XO Rebecca


  67. I adore your shirt-as-skirt…metamorphic textiles….genius

  68. Love your boots! nice color….

  69. Le style est impeccable, c’est parfait.

  70. Lovely boots! And the skirt is mighty creative, not to mention it looks so comfortable! I would love to walk around with the feeling of a flannel blanket wrapped around my waist. :)

  71. Shirt as a skirt…how inventive are you!


  72. What! You’re skirt/shirt looks bangin! How did you do that?

    Haha I always run into problems with awkward lumpy parts from sleeves/collars

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