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Making of Jaguar #YourTurnBritain video












Park-and-Cube_Jaguar-your-Turn-Britain_13 Park-and-Cube_Jaguar-your-Turn-Britain_14



Park-and-Cube_Jaguar-your-Turn-Britain_17 Park-and-Cube_Jaguar-your-Turn-Britain_18


Wearing: Top – Red striped top –Chinti & Parker.White culottes ASOSWhite heels – Zara. Bag – Couronne.

Last week I popped by Victoria Grant‘s studio in Notting hill for a cloudy lemonade. The lovely Alice Temperley happened to be there, so was a lipstick-red Jaguar F-TYPE, and about fifteen film crew guys and gals. You know, just hanging around. We talked about hats and modern British design, while Alice and I wore the red & white outfits we matched over the phone the night before. As you do.

Who am I kidding. One of the few things that this wee blog allows me to do, that I’m very grateful for, is allowing me to to be a part of exciting campaigns like this. Especially alongside the likes of Alice Temperley, who translates English countryside love-stories into a collection, and Victoria Grant, the rock & roll milliner that have crowned many a head with pistols and purple nipples. With the arrival of the new F-TYPE, Jaguar are celebrating modern Britain in the areas of design, music, sport and film, and speaking as one ever slightly obsessed with this city that is London, I’m glad to be sharing it with you. I’m also very proud to have a British design education, although I guess it’s my fault I’m not really applying that education anywhere except when squirting ketchup very very artistically.

Be a part of the celebration

Capture an image, GIF or video that you think defines the best of modern Britain and share it on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. Use #YourTurnBritain for your chance to win one of four unforgettable weekend experiences with the Jaguar F-TYPE. (More information here)

In collaboration with Jaguar (If it wasn’t obvious enough…); Competition terms and conditions.

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  1. Danielle

    Incredible shots Shini..

  2. Shucks would have loved to participate if I’d lived in the UK! :-(

  3. Sarah

    Haha Shini I’m sure your British design degree is used a tad more effectively than simply producing ketchup artistry. These shots are absolutely gorgeous and it seems you had such a wonderful time with the girls. x

  4. The photos are great! I love the hats :)


  5. beautiful!


  6. Maya

    Those hats are gooooooorgeous! Loving the shots as always Shini x

  7. amazing photos

    xoxo from rome

  8. Emily K G

    Such beautiful shots, & the hats! Whatever camera you’re using – I need it!


  9. Just a casual business meeting, I got’cha. ;) Red and white will always be a crisp, brilliant pair. And I like how the variety of hat leaves room for more whimsical styling.


  10. Wonderful shots. Love the hats!

    Fashion Eaters

  11. Love this, it must have been so incredible

  12. Pretty wicked! And beautiful pics!

    Mafalda ❤

  13. So envious of your endeavours and photography skills!
    Everything looks very exciting, the hats are adorable!



  14. Shini, you come across so articulate and poised on the video. I’m in the middle of shooting a couple of videos about the medieval English town I live in and I’ve learned how difficult it can be to speak properly when there’s a camera in your face.

  15. OHEMGEES we need to drive around in that beautiful red car! So glam.

    You look super beaut in the video too ^_^

  16. Alice is such a magnetic and passionate designer, and certainly one of my favorites. It’s wonderful to hear her talk about where it all began and her approach to keeping design organic and homegrown. Also very exciting to hear she’ll be opening her own factory soon! :) I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep the production process local with this kind of globalized economy (coughcheaplaborabroadcough). You’re so lucky to have met her!

    Castle Fashion

  17. Beautiful photos!

  18. Lexie

    Omg I love Alice’s voice. I envy you for being able to meet her. [Btw Shini you gotta watch Wolverine (if you haven’t) that Mariko girl looks so much like you in some scenes!! Especially in the more intimate scene with Jackman I kept thinking it was you! She needs your kick-ass personality though.]

  19. I love how your outfits match to perfection!


  20. Very elegant & very British.

    The Fashann Monster

  21. You did a great job in the vid, even tho I feel like you were left with only a little bit to say. Even though, with your photography you did a whole lot of good to the video. I loved your outfit.

  22. you look fantastic in those culottes!

  23. steadicam with RED, nice production ;)
    blogmodny blog

  24. those are some amazing hats!


  25. Thats film is so beautiful & creative, must have been so fun to be a part of itxx

  26. This took my breath away Shini, the life you live! WOW. I too am one of the ‘shy’ ones as you said about hats, I always feel like I don’t have a ‘hat’ face unlike those gifted ones who seem to be able to pull of whatever. I feel like the fact that I’m Chinese and in London that I’m can’t be as blank a canvas as my british friends, so to add on eccentric hats (unless for events that require headwear), it often ends up being a little beaucoup pour moi. Nonetheless, this video was so well shot and the angles were greatly chosen with a hint of voyeurism into your lives. OH! How I wish I could be part of such things.

  27. That skirt with the red stripes is stunning!


  28. Amazing video…I really enjoyed watching… Alice is such an inspirational woman, she looked stunning driving that car!

  29. Sounds like a really cool idea… trying to think what I can photograph… hmmm!


  30. Great shot and divine pictures!!!

  31. What a completely fabulous wonderland!! Shoot. I’d be British if it meant living in that countryside. ;-)

    Love the story that’s told here.

  32. Loved the experience! I need more posts like these to make me fall in love with London. This one’s stoked my curiosity and the heart’s grown fonder. Thanks Shini!

  33. As a home grown Brit I must say I love the photography and elegance of the film. Everyone looks amazing.

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