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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Aubaine, Dover Street



Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_04 Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_05


Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_07 Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_08

A blue macaron to celebrate the, hashtag, RoyalBabyBoy!


Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_10 Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_11





Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_16 Park-and-Cube_Aubaine-breakfast_17



Wearing: Tee – T by Alexander Wang. Tartan trousersZara. Slingback heels – Lucy Choi. Bag – JinYoo103684. Watch – Sekonda. Gold bangles – ASOS. Thank you Kit for helping with the outfit shots!

This is where I take all my meetings to, and possibly also the reason I make meetings for. Client meetings, PR meetings, blind dates, sword duels, eBay item handovers… husband looks up from the sofa and asks ‘what are we having for dinner?‘, I’m glad you asked dear, shall we convene at Aubaine to discuss whether the chicken needs to be defrosted or will it be the Indian takeaway again?-meeting. Back when I was on student budget I used to visit Selfridge’s to fondle Louboutins and contemplate not eating for a month but then I’d catch a whiff of the croissants from Aubaine and I’d go pffft and splurge on a creamy latté instead. It would be a decision that allowed for a merry month of eating pot noodles and being a happy student. I believe it was actually around the time I could afford my first Louboutins a year or two back when they opened another branch on Dover Street, I braved the lunch menu and fell straight in love. If you treat yourself to breakfast, you must try the duck eggs omelette with Ugie smoked salmon and horseradish crème fraîche; for lunch, the Lobster spaghetti. I’ve never been for dinner but I imagine it won’t be long till the hubby and I have a meeting there about who will do the laundry and I can sneakily convince him to stay and eat.

This is not a sponsored post, I just like sharing nice places with you.

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  1. you bags are so pretty and love these pics.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always. Love those trousers on you.

    Fashion Eaters

  3. Fantastic pants and shoes!


  4. Wow! Your photos are so pretty. I really love this site. You are so stylish. :-)

    Check this out!

  5. wonderful wonderful images, love them all. Yes, I love your kind of view so much!!!

  6. That’s a magical place to have meetings: I would love to have a meeting there! ♥

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  7. This looks so lovely! I really need to get myself over to London soon :) And I have to say it again, I simply adooore your photography.


  8. Such beautiful photos.


  9. Still kicking myself for not getting that tartan suit from Zara when it came in. Also DIGGING those shoes. The color is amazing!



  10. Actually loving the statement at the end. PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP SHARING NICE PLACES WITH ME. Tempted to jump into my time machine just to go back a pinch a bite of that brunch!

  11. Sarah

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous Shini. My jaw dropped at the fluttering flag facing the sky pic. Needless to say the venue and the food pics are so rich in color and depth. You have an amazing talent girl! x

  12. Danielle

    Loving the last sentence! haha Please never stop sharing these amazing places Shini!

  13. @Danielle, Love your last comment on Take Courage blog. x

  14. You’re making me hungry but I’m considering starving myself for however long it takes to buy that blue bag. Well I’d like to but, food.

    The Fashann Monster

  15. These photos are absolutely stunning!

  16. I drooled over that pic of your breakfast! I also love your shoes



  17. Madame Edith

    Amazing pictures! Absolutely fantastic and adorable.
    I’ve been reading your blog since the very begining and I’m very glad I found it.

    Many thanks for inspirations.
    Best Regards,

  18. beautiful capture!


  19. The tartan pants look fantastic with the heels, wonderful pictures!

    Mafalda ❤

  20. Love your blog. Have been a long time lurker and finally decided to drop a note. I’ll be going to London in the next couple months and am poring over all your London food posts :)

    Also want to echo everyone else and say that your photos are gorgeous. Would love to see a post on your gear or perhaps some photo tips!


  21. ChicTrends

    Seems like a place to visit since you like it so much. Loving the trousers btw!


  22. Oh man, I will definitely try it out when visiting London coming fall! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Your photos are so beautiful! I didn’t know that place, but it seems great!


  24. RUBIS

    Everything is so bright and shine I’m going blind. This place looks great! Thanks for sharing.
    One important question, do you really walk around on those stilletos?, like..really walking? climbing the tube? If you do, PLEASE share your survival tips on high heels as well. I’m dying to know! (I’ve been saving up and collecting some nice Prada, Miu Miu and McQueen so far but, gosh, I can only rarely wear them. And it feel like a pity..)

  25. Oh my, these are probably the most comfortable heels I own, not even kidding. I generally tend to think that slingbacks are much much more comfortable to walk around in than courts, so might be worth a try? Trust me though, I have some designer shoes that basically end up as shelf ornaments because they’re so impossible to walk in – I don’t even think it’s necessarily a heels survival thing, just smart shopping? I think anything up to 4inch is generally walkable, unless the sole is super narrow. I guess the only sort of, logical, tip is to wear heels if you’re not going too far, and you know the escalators are working in the tube. (i.e I’ve been avoiding, or changing out of flats, because the tube stop I use regularly has escalator work… c’est la vie?) Carry a pair of flats around, and change out in them once you’ve had enough… I know it’s not the most glamourous but if it means you get to wear some of your favourite heels exactly when you mean to, and not be suffering, I don’t see why that’s bad!

  26. i always love seeing your food photos!


  27. These photos – so chic and classy. I fell in love with the bags in this post. I wish I could reach out and grab them, lol. ^^

  28. Oooo! Definitely putting this on the itinerary for when we visit in September…

  29. Camille

    Could you tell me where I can get your friend’s turquoise color bag? I fell in love with that bag! I’m also curious about your lip color! I used to wear only deep red, matte lipsticks and had a closet full of black clothes, but now, I’m into macaron colors! (have no idea why!)

  30. Of course! It’s by MCM – I found the turquoise here but not available, there’s a reddish/pinkish one available here? Check your nearest MCM in Seoul, I remember it’s new collection so they should all have it by now! The lip colour I’m wearing here is by Topshop

  31. Tsze

    I seriously can’t say this enough but you have seriously awesome style, photos and writeups! And patron places with really yummy looking food! And your hair looks fantastic :)

  32. I love Aubaine, but it can be a bit pricey so I keep it for special occasions. You look a bit like an ‘office lady’ in this outfit, was it intentional? I’m guessing the meeting you were going to wasn’t about who should do the laundry or clean the bathroom :)


  33. Indeed it wasn’t an Kebab/burger decision making with the hubby! I have the same sentiments about their prices too actually, usually I just pop in for coffee but wowza their Lobster Spaghetti is 23squids, now THAT would be a special day. x

  34. So cool! lovely pics.

  35. That looks like a perfect place for meetings. Also…I might have just dribbled a tad over my keyboard as I longed for that English breakfast. Yum.

  36. Danielle

    SHINI WHERE IS THAT TURQUOISE BAG FROM?? Apologies for the caps but I am so in love with it..

  37. I believe it’s this one from MCM!

  38. Beautiful photos as usual!
    I like your pants!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  39. These are amazingly beautiful pictures. What camera do you use?

  40. I use the Canon 5D Mark III :)

  41. Amazing your look today (again)!. Love the bag and your tartan trousers ( I like the shoes too but hills are not made for me). I take note about the best places for a “business meeting”. Paloma by Solamante

  42. I love your style,,, you look very chic. I also really enjoy looking at your photos. Very professional. x

  43. Amazing colors. Great style

  44. Beautiful images, amazing shoes, lovely words.

    Vestiaire Collective

  45. Oui! Let’s have a meeting at Aubaine, the next time I am in London?

    Fabulous photos & stories…

    Aisling x

  46. Great photos like always! I love your bag like always!


  47. wonderful photos! I’m impresed!

  48. Amazing pictures, as always!


  49. Emily K G

    Love your bag, Aubaine sounds amazing!


  50. Very into this shorter hair. Yes.

  51. ahaha, hilarious : ) love hearing your stories : )

  52. DNA (designers+artists)

    Great spot!


  53. Love the photos!

  54. I really love the photos! it captures the mood and it feels almost like I’m there :)

  55. Hi Shini, just wanted to let you know that on this uni computer I’m using to take a *ahem* liiiittle break from research isn’t displaying your photos doubled as one correctly (the 2 vertical portrait ones). The second photo is spaced below the first throughout the post. The computer’s resolution is 1920 x 1080.
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photography as always and giving me an imaginative escape link :)

  56. I couldn’t agree more about Aubaine. I’ve been going to their Chelsea cafe for years. I take all my friends there including bloggers. The service is exceptional. I was thrilled when they gave me a surprise Valentine’s Day gift.

  57. Perfecto eggs

  58. Love everything about this post! Took me on a journey.

    Doina Alexei

  59. I love your outfit! Also, great shots!

  60. Um, aren’t e-bay handovers illegal ;) **
    Lovely brunch and photos.

    **well, it has been awhile since I’ve e-bayed!

  61. Are they!? I’ve actually never done one, just like I’ve not yet had the fortune to a swordduel… ;)

  62. I have the same pants! Great post x

  63. Hello, I really like the design of your blog, it is such a perfect inspiration for me! Good luck with your work, I will visit your blog more often! Alina

    Tahiti Street Style:

  64. niesamowite zdjęcia i piekne kolory xxx

  65. Sara

    These are so beautiful and classy. Ah and the bags, soo lovely !




  67. […] visit if I go to London someday is the restaurant Aubaine, and this because of Shini Park‘s stunning photos of the place. •   What Sex and the City watcher out there doesn’t remember the famous […]

  68. I will definitely be going here to eat when I visit London, also love the trousers, very chic!
    Yasmine xx

  69. Love Aubain… my local at Brompton Cross is a favourite too… Gorgeous photographs… xv

  70. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love the scenery and your fabulous handbag!

  71. Gorgeous photos !

    xx, Brittany

  72. What a lovely go-to for meetings and catch ups! I’ll have to add that one to my list.

  73. Oh my! I’m so glad I discovered Park & Cube!
    This is absolutely beautiful –


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  76. Beautiful ambients and lovely photos…
    Love this style of interior design

  77. Ophelia

    I have been a fan of your blog for a long time and I must say I miss this kind of posts from your blog, Shini. It seems more… ‘personal’ and unique in a way, perhaps?

    I understand your blog has developed over the years but it seems to appear to me that the ‘true blogging’ style (like this post) is quite lacking in recent posts. It looks more like a tool for advertising than a blog now for that reason.

    I still visit your blog at times, but because of the reason above, I tend to visit less and less nowadays. Hope you don’t take this the rong way, because this is just a personal opinion from a long-term attentive ‘fan’ of yours. xx

  78. Hi Ophelia, absolutely agree with you – and this is perhaps the main reason for the redesign/rebranding launching this summer, an attempt to reconnect with what this blog used to be. So far, with each story I’ve tried so hard to ‘raise the stakes’ (personally and professionally), and after that it’s harder to go back to these simpler posts, I suppose (Especially that given the rise of Instagram, people do not look at blogs anymore). I would however, be lying if I said that the bigger/sponsored posts are not personal – they carry the same amount, if not more, of personal input and care as compared to this post here from two years ago. This blog is and has always been my creative laboratory wherein I can try new ways of storytelling and creating – I was simply at a different part of the journey back in 2015 (back then it was ‘new’ to visit restaurants for review, and take DSLR photographs of food – no one told me I was being untrue to my blog then).

    With all things considered, I look forward to bringing back a bit more of the simpler notes – thank you so much for reading for so long, it’s an absolute honour to have a reader like yourself, who cared enough to keep me accountable.

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