I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



The Hello World! post on November 22, 2008

Exactly one year ago today at 1:39am, Park&Cube was born by X-section. It had weighed 3.24kg and had a cry like no other newborn in the ward. If I recall clearly, on birth it had bellowed at the nurse I LIKE SHOES, AND SHIT THAT HANGS ON MY BODY, clearly we’ve come a long way. (Have we really?)

Well, many thankyou’s are in order today! First off, thank you to la brilliant Ellen for suffering all kinds of weather for a photoshoot, sacrificing your jeans while crouching to make my head seem smaller, you deserve a million bazillion jambon kisses <3. Thank you to my family occasionally agreeing for a photoshoot albeit outrageous compensations on my part. Thank you lately, to many Nigerian princesses for offering friendship and large sums of money, tempting, but no thanks I don’t take petty change. Also thank you to those who have contacted me with interest in advertising on my blog, unfortunately there have never been or will ever be advertising on my blog.

Finally, thank you readers for sticking around this good-for-nothing blog – some of you I’ve known since the beginning – I really really appreciate the kind words and interest you leave in my blog.

To mark the occasion, I’ll be doing a giveaway of an All Saints fringe chain necklace to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment under this post* before the 30th of November 23:59 GMT, with your name, email and location. A winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the 1st of December. Please don’t attempt to be übersmart and leave a more than one comment under different names, the web wasn’t born yesterday, there’s quite a simple way of knowing.

(*Only under this post)

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  1. Wow! Congratz! A year already.

  2. congrats!
    current location: CA, USA

  3. Linda

    hi all the way from new hampshire! congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

  4. Jasmine

    I love reading your blog =)

  5. congratulations! :)

    (from toronto, ontario)

  6. congratulations!
    i have only started following your blog a few months ago, but i enjoy it a lot! i love your style and you seem like a funny and nice person. :) keep the fun blog! hopefully we’ll be able to read your entries for… years and years?? ;)

    current location: montreal, quebec, canada

  7. congrats! i love your blog!

    location- connecticut
    i already put the rest of it- i hope thats ok?

  8. Wow one year old already!
    I have always thoroughly enjoyed your blog Shini!

    Happy 1st burfday

    location: Brisbane, Australia

  9. Oriana

    My friend told me about your blog – and I’ve bookmarked it the minute I saw it :].
    Thanks for being a fashion inspiration! I would have never thought of some of the combinations. Your photos are always great too!

    Location: Texas

  10. i’m so glad you did start you blog! it’s one of my favorites. my name is jamee, and my current location is Logan, UT, USA.

  11. Congrats! Do more DIYs! :P

    Location is Winnipeg, Canada

  12. Nancy

    Happy 1st Birthday. I LOVE your blog.

    location: california, USA.

  13. Jamie

    Aloha from Hawaii! Ho’omaika’i ‘ana (congrats in Hawaiian)!

  14. Lovely bunches of oats and cheer x]. Happy one year :]

    // f r o m – Sunnyvale, California

  15. kjhgkeuhrgekr you wear cool clothes

  16. Wow just a year?? You’re like a pro fashion blogger already and one of my favorite one at that <3 Congratulations anyhoot, here's to many many more years to come *cheers*

    Ami Schaheera, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :)

  17. This is no good-for-nothing blog! I love your DIY’s and just your words/fashion sense in general.

    My location is San Francisco, CA, USA.

  18. Nancy

    Congratulations! (:
    blog/style/creativity/sense/andyou totally all amazing. Thanks so much for everything.

    Location: Toronto ON

  19. Congrats! I’m glad you and your blog aren’t going anywhere!

    As for that necklace, location: Riverside, CA.

    Love Grace.

  20. jennifer

    Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

    Happy 1 Yr!

  21. Gabrielle


    Hugs and kisses from the Philadelphia suburbs!!!

  22. Congrats!
    location: Halifax, NS, Canada

  23. Hi, congrats on the blog it’s great! Location is Sydney, Australia

  24. Sarah B.

    Congrats on 1 year!

    Location:Maryland, USA

  25. Congratulations darling!

    Location : Singapore <3

  26. your blog is lovely. great style and great shots!
    lots of style love from vancouver, bc

  27. Congrats on a year! Happy Anniversary :)

    I also hail from Hawaii.

  28. Alex

    I think I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, or at least I went back and read every post, haha. I love your sense of humor, hurray for FUNNY, stylish people with character! Never realized this blog was hitting 1 year – it’s been so enjoyable to read!

  29. hey from san diego (but once lived in london but permanently reside in malaysia!!)



  30. Kitty

    hooray! wishing you all the best. – from Atlanta, GA, USA :)

  31. happy birthday! :)

    i’ve read your blog from california, boston, korea, and now boston again!


    and my name is sk and we hail from the same PARK DYNASTYYYY hehe

  32. Congratulations !! I love your blog. Keep up the good work !

  33. Estelis

    Love your blog. Congrats!

  34. Congratulations! One year is a long time in blog-years :D I live all the way in Kingston Jamaica

  35. yeahhhh congrats girl!
    I’m in California.


    Name: Lucy
    I’m actually from Hacienda Heights, California but for anyone who never listened to that Fergie song, you can consider Hacienda Heights as Los Angeles.

    you have a wonderful blog!!

  37. Congrats! I love your blog and hope you will continue to make posts in the future, your fashion aesthetic is awesome!
    I’m from New Jersey in the USA.

  38. Wow, I must have discovered your blog halfway through its life, wheee!
    All of your DIY posts are favourited.
    Brisbane, Australia

  39. Michelle Tran

    I love your blog, and all your DIY projects. :) I’m in California.

  40. Isabelle Steiner

    Congratulations! Also looove your DIYs!
    My current location is Luzern – Switzerland

  41. Woot! Happy blogiversary.

  42. Woohoo!! Congrats! The big 1.0!!


    Location: Houston, TX

  43. Sandra

    Location: San Francisco, CA

    Congrats on the one year!

  44. Cathy

    Portland, OR. <33333

  45. Congrats on your bloggy birthday! Been following your blog since a few months ago:)

    KL, Malaysia

  46. Congrats on your 1 year blog birthday, hopefully there will be many more to come!

    Name: Lorena
    Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

  47. cheng

    congrats, Shini. i’m from Singapore. here’s to more birthdays :)

  48. anna

    love all your photos (and the effort that goes into them, from you or otherwise)! (:
    location: singapore

  49. Congrats!!

    location: Sydney, Australia

  50. Loes

    Aww, congrats! Your blog truly is one of my favs. :)

    Groningen, The Netherlands.

  51. Big fan of your blog :D

  52. Shini, congrats! (: I’ve always loved your beautiful photos. My location is Singapore too (:

  53. Alice

    Congratulations !
    Here’s to another year :)

    Name: Alice
    Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

  54. Jessica

    Congrats! I love your blog, and your humor.
    Loc: Berkeley, CA

  55. tammy

    you go girl!!

    keep it up.


    Loc: san francisco/ los angeles, ca

  56. Lena

    Congrats! Keep up the good work (:
    location san diego, california

  57. Melissa

    Big congrats, girl! This is a fun, lovely, and impeccable blog that deserves all the praise it’s ever gotten!

    – NY, NY

  58. Kristine
    Austin, TX

    i am not much of a commenter so much as a google reader
    but i have made an exception because that chain is real nice

  59. Jess

    I love your blog, congrats on the anniversary!

  60. Elizabeth

    your blog really is one of the best around in my opinion!
    Elizabeth Perth, Western Australia

  61. Yay Congrats Shini! Your blog has definitely become such a great source of inspiration and I can speak for everyone when I say that. :)


  62. Beverly

    Congrats. Love your blog and your dry humor!

    Location: Singapore

  63. Wow, congrats :) you’re wonderful and such an inspiration. keep doing what you do best.

  64. Rhiannon

    happy birthdayyy park&cube, i love this blog!
    love rhiannon, of brisbane, australia.

  65. Riei

    Happy blog-versary
    Lily H, Tasmania, Australia

  66. congrats!!! i love reading your blog and your amazing DIYs. i hope you continue blogging =)

    california, usa

  67. Vivian Mo

    Your blog has been an important inspiration to me. Thank you!

    Vivian Mo
    Shanghai China

  68. JT

    You are inspiring.
    Here’s to another year!

    <3 from Auckland, New Zealand.

  69. Esra

    i love your blog and your name is beautiful : ) i wish you had posted more pictures of you in turkey.

    florida, united states

  70. Congrats that its have been a year girl!! Happy blog birthday:)

    Cheers to many more years to come!

    Valencia Lia

  71. Happy birthday to Park & Cube and congrats to you Shini! ^^
    Great blog content you have and your fashion sense is a great inspiration to many of us out there!
    I esp love your recent ‘challenge’ you had on twitter- No shorts or miniskirts. lol


  72. Happppy Blog Birthdayyyy!!
    Congrats on 365 :D

    Boston, MA

  73. tracy

    love your blog and happy blog bday :3

  74. tracy

    oops clicked submit before I could type location derr
    anyway, its NY

  75. Elena

    WooooohoooOOOOoo!!! Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

  76. Jolene

    Your blog is truely inspiring and I hope it has been a great 1 year for you! Though I have only recently a few months back started reading your blog, but boy you post great inspirations and all your daily doings! Good luck for your future endeavours!

    Location: Singapore

  77. pia

    félicitation; very nice blog indeed:

  78. CHLOE

    congrats ;)

    location: Hong Kong

  79. SS

    YAY! and hopefully many more days to come.

    I am all over the place… sometimes California and other times in New Hampshire. Hopefully New York by the end of the year.

  80. Hey. Love love love your blog. Amazing necklace, and exquisite creativity and style! Looking forward to more!

    location: Eugene, Oregon

  81. absolutely adore your blog, congrats on a successful year! x

  82. woops, here’s email & location:

    katylou [at] gmail.com

  83. Melissa


    Love your blog, I’ve gotten some really great ideas from your DIY’s. Thanks a bunch!

    Location: Spokane/Cheney, WA

  84. Congratulations! :D

  85. Michela

    I have been following your blog since a couple of months, I adore the way you write. :]
    Congrats! <3

    Location: Milan, Italy

  86. happy 1 year bday blog!!!!!!

    all the way from san francisco, ca.

  87. Dawn

    Congrats! Love your blog and style :)

    Location: Singapore

  88. fiona

    Location: Singapore, Singapore.

    Your blog’s always good for some fashion/graphic design eye candy, and I will eventually follow your gmarket guide and ACTUALLY order something. So, thanks!
    P.S. Fave post would have to be the one about the visit to Swarovski. <3

  89. i looove your blog
    and you look sooo cute right here with your specs :)

  90. Jennifer

    THANK YOU for your posts. They are truly inspirational.
    ♥ Jennifer
    Location: Sydney

  91. Emily

    Happy First Birthday, from Canada!
    Location: Calgary, AB

  92. Happy birthday!

    xo, Kate
    Los Angeles, CA

  93. Congrats!
    My name is Valentina and my current location is Padova, Italy.


  95. Congratulations! Happy 1 year Anniversary to Park&Cube!
    This is a totally awesome blog since I’ve found out about it a couple of weeks ago,
    I would totally be a constant reader of this amazing blog<3

    Location : Malaysia


  96. Congratulations Shini! You’re doing a great job here. Ellen as well ;D

    Btw: That necklace!!! :O SUPER pretty!

  97. Meredith

    You are so lovely!
    xo meredith

    location: Vancouver, Canada

  98. I can’t believe it’s only been a year! I always enjoy reading your blog and cooing over the pictures and layout. ;) Here’s to many more blog posts! xx

  99. Tina

    Congrats! And beautiful handwriting :)

    Los Angeles, CA

  100. Congrats! I’ve never commented–but your blog is so lovely. I appreciate the ideas you share with all of us.

    peoplewearclothes [at] gmail [dot] com
    Portland, OR

  101. Congratulations for the 1st year blog anniversary!:) Your blog is one of the best ones out there; I really love your outfits, photographs, layout and the general feeling of this blog. You seem like a nice and real person, and I also want to thank you for helping me with the All Saints purchases awhile back. :)

    You are the best! Keep up the good work!

  102. I forgot to put my location too, although you probably remember it. ;)

    it’s Tampere, Finland

  103. Allis

    Congrats for the 1st blog birthday! =D

    Greetings from Kuantan, Malaysia.

  104. Congrats all the way from tiny lil singapore (:
    I discovered your site pretty late from site hopping and i’ve stuck ever since, swear your wit brightens up my day.

    mucho love! Happy first and many more to come!

  105. Natalia

    Felicidades guapa!!!

    Shini, may you embelish, knit and sew many many more!

    Greetings from A Coruña, Spain (originally Warsaw, POland ;))

  106. Danielle

    I’ve simply enjoyed reading your blog and wish you all of the best and many more anniversaries to follow. Congrats!

    Email: soniceko@gmail.com
    Location: Boston, MA

  107. Happy birthday blog! I love it!!

    I hope to win… the necklace is amazing!

    Location: Bologna/Zocca (ITALY)

  108. congratulations!

    Singaporean in Hong Kong ;)

  109. Cecilie

    Congratulations with the blog :) !
    Location: Århus in Denmark

  110. Congrats! Keep the posts coming :)

    Location: Adelaide, Australia

  111. roma

    congratulations from cologne/germany!

  112. It would be very nice to get a necklace from you. I appreciate the way you constructed your blog and hope it will last for a long long time. Love from Turkey,

  113. Larissa

    Awww, congrats!!! I love love looooove your blog :)

    location: St.Gallen, Switzerland

  114. I LOVE your glasses! & Wow congratulations, your blog has made it a long way :D
    My email is on this little input field for the comment & my location is London/Sussex.

  115. haha I like your intro! :)

    Would love to get the necklace, I never win anything ever.

    My e-mail is pink_sheepy [at] hotmail [dot] com & I’m from Auckland, New Zealand.


  116. hej!!
    héhéhé i like too your intro!!!!!
    well,happy birthday!!
    see you soon!!

  117. itanyz

    I love your blog so badly especially the DIY and the eyecandy!!!
    Keep on writing this incredibly fantastic blog!!!!!
    With love from Bangkok, Thailand ^^

  118. Joyce

    congratss babe, am lovin your blog!

    hugs from sunny singapore :o)

  119. Sydney, Australia!
    You are amazing!

  120. Cheryl


    Melbourne, Australia

  121. Congratulations, you fantastic little blog! I can’t wait to see what happens with you THIS year :D

    Hugs, Airam
    from Tromsø, Norway

  122. Samantha

    Haha woah just with the word ‘giveaway’ there’s a gazillion comments :X

    Happy birthday to your blog!
    I have no shame but 1st December is my birthday so hopefully I can have the necklace all to myself muahahaha :P
    We can be (big) babies together! Haha :D

    Once again happy happy birthday and may you continue to be my favourite person on the internet! <3

    Location: Singapore

  123. Happy birthday to the blog!
    Cheers from France :)

  124. 축하해요…Park & Cube를 너무 좋아해요!
    Location: Singapore

  125. ingrid

    i’ve been reading your blog for months now – it’s brilliant!
    ingrid from vienna, austria

    p.s.: i love your glasses!

  126. Hey, Happy Birthday parkandcube!!!
    I luv ya

    Keep on Rocking ;D
    best wishes from germany.. hihi

  127. Suzie

    Congratulations on the birthday! Love the blog.

    location: SF, CA

  128. suu


  129. A year is such a milestone! You’ve been such an inspiration, so thank you! :D Congratulations.

    From Singapore

  130. Congrats Shini!
    Location: London, UK

  131. Rosie

    I’ve never commented before, but have been a long time reader – probably since about Jan this year! Congratulations and keep up the good work! x

  132. aaaah, a giveaway! Just in time for Christmas too :P

    Congratz all the way from New Zealand! Super awesome blog you have.

  133. awesome!

    from singapore

  134. Ah, I really do enjoy your blog and I think it’s great that you’re getting so much recognition now :) Congrats on one year!

  135. diem

    congratulations from california :)!!!

  136. Yipee Cheery Congrats!!Simply love reading your blog!! Wished u post more often with ur DIY tipss

    Location:Sunny Singapore:)

  137. Congrats for being one year old! Thank you for this giveaway.

    Oregon, US

  138. Stages of Falling

    happi one year =]

    Location: Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA

  139. Valentina

    Wow, thank you and.. congrats!


  140. beelully

    Thank you for this year! Happy birthday for your blog, and congrats to you :)

    From China

  141. Wendy

    Awesome! Beautiful necklace! For the record, I love your blog and your witty rambles. And I receive many an email from Nigerian princesses as well who offer me sums of pounds. Very amusing, since I’m American.

  142. Elif

    Congratulations! I hope you will go on for long long years ahead..

  143. Frankie

    I adore your DIY stuff! You are a great inspiration!

    My e-mail: mmmiknow (*at*) live (*dot*) co (*dot*) uk

    My location: United Kingdom

  144. Michelle

    Congratulations! i just discovered your blog about a few days ago, and have been revisiting it (knowing full well there wouldn’t be an update in the last three minutes) ever since. Thank you for the inspiration.

    La Jolla, CA

  145. Uwielbiam Twojego bloga, jest kopalnią inspiracji:)
    I hope you understand Polish;)
    My current location: Warsaw

  146. Jill

    Happy Birthday Park & Cube!

    It’s been amazing following your blog, learnt so much DIYs and found great shopping sites!!

    hehe, keep it up :)

    Oh I live in NEW ZEALAND! ;)

  147. Rachel Y

    I’m a huge fan of your dry humour so I thank (every god) for your blog. (And also to superwowomg.com for introducing this fantastic blog to me!)

    Location: Singapore

  148. Hi!!

    I’ve only been reading ur blog from the past week. it was hanging on my notebook since a company magazine article a few months ago. but seems that i have a lot to catch up
    congrats on ur year anyversary

    xxxx from Lincoln, U.K.

  149. Aileen

    Congrats! :) I have always loved this blog
    Current location: Australia

  150. hej, i read your blog since 3 month and i really like it, so THANK YOU for that! greetings from berlin! *realmuses

  151. Aida

    Hi! Congratulations!! I love your vintage clothes and your DIYs!!
    Current location: Canary Islands, Spain

  152. Pearl

    thank you for the inspiration! keep up the good work!
    Clapham, London, UK

  153. Yoyo

    Your blog inspires me a lot, so please keep the good work up, esp the DIY part, really love it=)

    Yoyo from Hong Kong

  154. I have just open my blog and I hope that I can get the interest of so many people like you.

    Ciao from Milan

  155. Hey,
    like your glasses, that reminds me of an old japanese cartoon character!


    thanks for all the posts. i literately went through the entire blog when i bump into your space! ^^

  156. Congratulations on 1 year! Its amazing how much success you’ve had- well deserved! xxx

  157. noelle

    congrats:) love your d.i.ys and your style as well
    location: Manila,Philippines

  158. H. Kim

    Happy One Year!!! Your blog is magical and wonderful and everything good.

    Much love,
    H. Kim
    from New York

  159. Congratulations on your blog
    Location: Brisbane, Australia

  160. Kerry

    I find your blog a joy to read, especially your diy posts
    Also, its nice to have a blogger with a sense of humour!
    (Location: Reading, England)

  161. Hi!
    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and you have some fab fashion ideas!
    (Lancs, UK)

  162. Happy 1 year! You still have kick-ass photos and great sweaters.

    location: Melbourne, Australia

  163. Your blog is always sooo inspirational!

    Love from Vancouver, Canada :)

  164. yayy Shini! I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Your blog is always so inspiring, can’t wait to see what awesome posts you come up with next :)

  165. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and you’ve certainly kept my interest, between your witty way with words, gorgeous outfit posts, and your clever DIY’s. Can’t wait to see what these next 365 days will bring.

    -Alison from New York, USA

  166. dominika

    happy birthday and have a wonderful day,
    dominika from Warsaw, Poland

  167. Agata

    happy 1st!

    [South of England, but originally from Poland :)]

  168. Naong

    블로그의 탄생 일주년을 축하드립니다!
    I love your blog!

    Boston, MA

  169. S

    Congrats. Congrats.
    Lets celebrate :)

    South Australia, Australia

  170. Happy one year hehe xxx

  171. Ingrid

    Happy b-day!

    (from Estonia)

  172. Happy Happy anniversary! only one year and my gosh you’re such a pro blogger with such wide viewership. congratulationsss

    Love from Sydney, Australia xoxo

    ps. you look tres cute in the first pic :)

  173. Love your blog! Congrats!! =)

    Silver Spring, MD

  174. Holly

    Many happy returns…
    I sound just like my grandad

    I wouldn’t mind that necklace so,
    Holly from Lancashire, England

    Love your blog as ever
    Holly xx

  175. Idu

    thanks for you gorgerous, this is such a lovely blog!
    ida haapanen

  176. Kasia

    Gratulacje! :)
    Kasia, Polska

  177. Hello at 12:52pm from grey rainy old London- which you perfectly described as hormonal.
    A Happy Birthday Blog to you and a Happy Birthday to me. Yayyy its my 26th! That was me faking enthusiasm, figured it must be done!

    I love your blog, especially for its visuals, which shows that you do what you do best. <—- was me buttering you up btw in hope of winning that very beautiful necklace :) In all seriousness , your posts always put a smile on my face, keep up the good work.

  178. Ainara

    love all your DIYs
    kisses from bilbao, spain

  179. Laura Foden

    Aw, congrats! I recently started reading and I think I’m in love with every one of your posts.

    Keep up with the fantastic work!
    Much love and kisses from Philadelphia. <3

  180. erica

    congrats! love your style & your writing.
    (location: são paulo, brazil).

  181. Karina

    Very nice! Congrats!!!

  182. you’re wonderful blogger.

    with love from Estonia.

  183. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope this is only the first year of many to come ^^

    Location: Tallahassee, FL

  184. Natalia

    wish you next such inspirational years!

    location: Poland

  185. Wow I actually thought you had been around much longer! Congrats

    location : Scotland

  186. Congratulations & keep inspiring us!

    location: Singapore

  187. congrats sweetie! im sad to say im not one of those who knew about this lovely blog right from the start but you are really talented. living in the country i wish i can, studying in my dream school st martins. man, i love all the photos and outfits. the colors, angles..

    anyway, im from singapore and a big hello from here! :D

  188. Amber

    Happy Birthday! Great diy and use of ampersands.

  189. Carly

    dude, your hair is awesome.

    I’m in glasgow. It’s wet.

  190. Congratz! Happy B-day :D
    My current location is: Tilburg, a little city in the Netherlands ^_^ Sitting at home, typing this comment on your amazing website ^.^

  191. Roosa

    No, thank YOU for being there and putting inspirational cherries on top of my tragicomical life in cold and rainy Finland.

    Much love,

  192. Pia

    Simply, you inspire me since one year.

    Pia from Germany

  193. Jackie

    Congrats!! And you have nice handwriting :)

    Location: Philadelphia, USA

  194. Gosh Shini, time does fly by. You’re getting old. Almost 366! ;P

    Anyway, I think I don’t just speak for myself here when I say that the photos you put up are amazing. Not only are your DIYS ingenious but your style, your flair, and yes (boy, oh yes!) your wit.

    If there is but one thing that lures me back, it’s the way you write. You weave even the most mundane of instances into something worthwhile and I love you for it. It’s like glitter, only better.

    Well, happy happy happy birthday to Park & Cube. You have come a long way indeed.

    To the next 365?

    I’ll take your hand just lead the way.

  195. Writing you from Singapore.


    (Sydney, Australia)

  197. Léa

    Congratulations ! Keep on blogging, your website is really a source of inspiration for me :)

    Paris, France

  198. veronique

    felicitations! :)

    loves from hot humid singapore

  199. Happy Anniversary! My name is Maritess and I’m in San Francisco, CA.

  200. Well done, you’ve achieved so much in a year. I haven’t got a hope in hell of winning, but here I am anyways, UK born and bred. E-mail addy is on my blog.

  201. wow, congrats!
    and i like your nails ;)
    i’m from germany and my email is on my blog :)

  202. Andy McDonnell

    Discovered your blog via fab diy section. thanks for a great year!

    Ann Arbor, MI United States

  203. Congratulations with the anniversary. You have achieved much!

  204. LR

    i love reading you :)


  205. Gemmaroo

    I only discovered your blog a few months ago after a friend told me about it. Its fab!! Congratulations. x

    Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. UK

  206. hi. your blog is great. been reading for a while now. i love the way you mix textures. :)
    location: philadelphia, pa

  207. winnie

    me like me like!!

  208. tita

    congrats for your 365
    hundred loves from indonesia


  209. Nir

    Congrats! Love your stuff!
    Location – Israel

  210. Regina

    I discovered your blog when I was looking to find a way to wear a crop top without looking skanky. I didn’t think it was possible! But you proved to me that it was and I’ve loved and followed your blog ever since. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
    Location: New York, USA

  211. I simply am a huge fan of yours!
    Love your blog and the whole design and your DIYs too!

    all the way from Sunny Singapore (:

  212. Leslie Grove

    Thank you for the past year! Congrats from the Eatern Shore of Maryland (USA).


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    from italy

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    indianapolis, indiana

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    Location : Paris, FRANCE

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    ᐊᐳᑦ diane from paris

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    Currently reside in Glasgow, scotland.

    love your blog immensely. x

  223. …and you’re still my favorite blogger. Congrats on turning 365 and good luck to me.

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  225. I heart u.

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    (and while Im here, might as well join the giveaway contest:
    Shelly Peleg, Israel)


  230. congratulations & happy greetings from germany!
    Jean from Germany
    I wanna win :D
    Wish me luck!!

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  235. ooops! Totally forgot to say I’m from Cork in Ireland! :)

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    Hi :) Wow, this post seems to be very busy (the lure of a gift maybe…) Well, I’ve been following your blog for some time now, from the south of France, and will continue to.
    Happy Anniversary !
    Justine – Pélissanne – France

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  250. Kirstine


    Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

    – Kirstine

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    I’ve only found this blog like a month ago, but I stalk it constantly because of your creativity.

    Toronto, Canada

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    Following your blog from the first times,
    And loving your blog.. :)

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  254. Congratulations!
    (or “Parabéns”, in portuguese)
    I love your blog, I hope more years will come. =]

    By the way, It’s the first time that I leave a comment, I’ll try to write more times, hehe.

    Mariani Lima
    Valinhos, Brazil

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    Hey mayn!!! Following you from Mexico to Norwich and still lovin it. Happy Anniversary!!!

  256. Congratulation. truly.
    You have created a most wonderful and inspiring blog.

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    I like ogorki.
    I want a necklace to pimp my jars with ogorki.
    I’m from Poland.


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    I’m from the Netherlands btw.

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  271. Happy blog birthday ! Is your giveaway working for foreign readers ? Because even if i am THE most devoted reader of your blog, i must say i’m french… :)

  272. Frankie

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    I’m in Cambridge, UK

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  274. last week, i was so excited to found your blog and read all day long. so inspiring! thank you.

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    current location: Austria, Vienna

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    College Station, TX
    Texas A&M University

  277. congratulations!! you have such a fantastic blog . . . and sense of style!
    Vermont, USA

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    From Lima, Peru.


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  290. Happy 1 Year! I love your blog, not just for your amazing outfits and photos, but also for your hilarious sarcasm :)
    Oh and thanks so much for helping me with the G-Market stuff. I received my package and I love it :)

    from: Edison, NJ, USA

  291. congratz! can’t believe my blog is older than yours!
    xoxo from the netherlands

  292. Xylina


    From: San Diego, California. USA.

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  294. Congrats! I love your blog!

    *crossing fingers and toes*

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    location: California, United States

  303. Alex

    You have readers from all around the world, lucky duck! Though you deserve it, and I’m addicted!

    Much love from: Austin, TX

  304. Cristina

    Congratulations! I just discovered your blog few days ago and I loved it so much since the very first moment that I started to look at old entries and I couldn’t stop till I finished! :-)

    Cristina from Córdoba, Spain.

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    Espírito Santo / BRASIL

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    (London, UK)

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  308. Congratulations!
    And your blog isn’t good-for-nothing. It’s good because of your charisma, style and uncommon fashion ideas. You are an extraordinary girl ;)

    Cheers from Strzelce Opolskie, Poland (don’t ask ;)

  309. Donna

    Ontario, Canada

  310. nina

    Would dream to see that dangling upon my body! Its marvelous. Thanks for giving us the chance, Shini!

    With love from upstate New York xx

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    I felt so terrible when I had realized that I had let my own blog’s 1 year birthday pass by without recognition! How sad, right?!
    Love your blog and happy 1 year!!

    Columbus, Ohio, USA

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  313. Hanna C

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    Florida, USA

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    Name: Megan

    E-mail: strawberri.jam @ hotmail.com

    Location: Tulsa, OK, USA

  319. Pam

    Congrats! I’m a longtime lurker but I guess I’ll comment for this occasion…

    Toronto, Canada

  320. Tailorstitch
    currently living in paris
    the shank you made me el oh el

  321. Patrice

    Wow, All Saints. Niiiiice
    And I think it’s really respectable that you don’t allow advertising on your blog; plus it’s much more pleasing to the eye. Thank you!

    Location: La Crosse, WI, USA

  322. I love you and your blog! Your posts are always witty and you like playing Sims, so kudos to you! hahaha

    Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia.

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  326. Happy 1st Birthday Park and Cube. And to many more years! The announcement date falls on my birthday and what a delightful treat that would be, if I win.

    Name: Faridah
    Location: Australia, Brisbane.

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    Current location: Montréal, Canada

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    Name: Isabelle
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    Your blog is a pleasure to read~


    current Location: Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

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    Location: Manchester, UK

  332. I’ve only been following you for a couple of months but I’ve loved your personal style, reading your thoughts & daily adventures. Keep it up & congrats ;) x

    Auckland, New Zealand ;)

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    name: jaz
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    Cobleskill, NY, USA

    I love your blog so much, your DIY’s are inspiring

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    I am Veronicahhh, in Canada,

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    <3 vanessa
    cupertino, cali.

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    (toronto, canada)

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    Wow, time has certainly flown by,
    one year already.
    i have always been following this since back in the day
    (now i feel like i’m going to enter some london slang soon…)
    but YES!!! Bear haps right now….
    Congrats and Safe.

    Location: London!!!!!

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    Berkeley, CA

  340. sophie

    Thank YOU for your constant inspiration! Happy 1st birthday to park&cube!

    Loc: Adelaide, South Australia!


  341. I just love blog anniversaries! Congratulations!

    Kim Smith from Portland, OR.

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    Claire Chong from San Jose, California

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    Thank you for sharing all your creativity with us. (:
    NJ, USA

  345. I’m hoping for another great year from your lovely blog! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blogs and your views on everyday things. So, congrats :)
    Btw, I’m from Boston, MA!

  346. haha, nice! i always admire people who give online giveaways :P

    by the way, i am so envious of your long hair!

    could not live without your blog!

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    woops totally forgot about the location ><

    austin, tx!

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    -Auckland, New Zealand

  351. awesome post. and i love your glasses. :)

  352. Kirsty Oliphant

    Well done on your blog, I really enjoy the mix of photo posts, DIYS items and fashion updates. Keep up the good work, so many blogs really lack your variety!

  353. Hey! I’m Michelle from Calgary in Canada! Thank you!!

  354. Wow, your blog is fantastic. So inspiring. Luv’ it.
    Have a nice day,

    Location: European Capital of Culture Essen, GERMANY

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    thank you for all the inspirations! :)

    from singapore.

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    CA, USA

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    name: Ola WIlk
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  365. You say ‘kha ki’
    I say ‘car keys’

    You say ‘lamb shanks’
    I say ‘welcome mats’

  366. congrats! I love your style and you take some damn awesome photos!

    name: ilyana
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    One year, that’s sweet. Oo-rah for longevity. And accessories.

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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    i am in boston, ma

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  371. Aw, Congratulations!! I absolutely love your blog!
    Please check out mine if you get a chance @ DeepSeaSociety.blogspot.com

  372. Gen

    Happy birthday girl~

    From Japan and in luuurve with your knits

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    Name: Miiko
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    From Orange, California

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    from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (:

  377. Such a great year! I love this blog, even though I live in the very non-chic Utah Valley, Utah.

  378. Im from Houston, TX
    Ive been reading almost everyday for the past 11 months….honestly, im addicted :D
    peace, love, rock n’ roll girlie
    keep up the amazingness

  379. Veronica

    Love Park & Cube. Thankfully stumbled upon it last month and have read every entry since the beginning. Congrats on your success, keep it up. Necklace is gorgeous as well.

  380. Thank you so much for serving as such a wonderful inspiration to me throughout the years! :]

    {Keri Dawn}


  381. Wendy

    Ello! This blog’s a nice escape from the sweatshirts and Uggs ubiquitous on a college campus. You also got me super obsessed with Kingdom of Style.


  382. Erica

    I love your blog! Great style, God bless.
    Location: Southern California

  383. heheheh nigerian princesses…i got an email asking me if i wanted to advertise for some screen cap site. unfortunately for them, i only advertise things i like.

    congrats on a year!

    location : toronto canada (eh?!)

  384. sheryl

    congrats on the first year, more to come i hope!

    i’m in the little red dot of singapore! :)

  385. Danielle


    email: march_angel24@hotmail.com

    Location: Vancouver Island, Canada.

  386. Wow, you’ve received a lot of comments! Bravo on your blog’s birthday. You are spectacular.

    xx, juley

  387. love your site design/photos and taste so much.

    los angeles, ca

  388. Hey! love the blog, it’s nice to see someone with a sense of humor in the fashion world :)

    name: Samantha
    location: Boston, Massachusetts

  389. Chelsea

    congrats!! A fellow Korean!!! YAY!
    Name: Chelsea |Park
    Location: Vancouver, Canada

  390. sara

    congrats on one year! and thanks for posting, i get a lot of inspiration from you :)

    sara :: honolulu, hawaii

  391. Congratulationnn!!!
    Name: Tina Nguyen.
    Location: Chico, California.

  392. Lucy

    I’m so happy for you! I’ve followed your blog for some time now, and I’m always looking forwards to more : ) I’m in New York, NY right now, but I’m from Hong Kong!

  393. Romana

    Congrats on your 1 year blog birthday!
    Location: Berlin, Germany

  394. Congratulations!
    I love reading your blog !
    xoxo from Brazil

  395. Seval

    Congrats! Count me in, will you? Thanks for making a blog so interesting…

    Seval, Istanbul, Turkey…

  396. Jenny

    — reader from Toronto, Canada

  397. Sue Jin

    Congratulations on reaching a year! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing everything with us.

    location- Alaska, USA

  398. Sarah

    congratulations on an outstanding year — you continually hit the style spot for me ;) look forward to the next coming year!

    Melbourne, Australia

  399. You should be proud of yourself :D Look at the comments flooding in from people from all over the world! Congratulations! This is exciting!!

    Singapore, Singapore.

  400. yenn

    i <3 P&C! so thank YOU for blogging and being an inspiration:D!

    location: singapore

  401. Mazeltov! Adore your take on fashion without the usual pretence/ lack of humour

    London, UK.

  402. Esme

    Hooray one whole year! Congratulations! Esme, London.

  403. Congrats Shini! I love the thank you picture, always so special and detail oriented! Spain:)

  404. Julio D.


    Current Location: Santa Barbara, CA

  405. Lih

    Your blog is not good-for-nothing!

    Current Location: London, UK.

  406. claire

    Congrats! You are such an inspiration!
    I have been stalking your blog in the shadows from Australia. ;)


    Make Lemonade x

  408. Just found you and so happy I did. Congrats from Queensland, Australia.

  409. Jinyu Sheng

    I start to follow your blog a few mouths ago, and has been insprired a lot from your special and fabulous items. Congratulations!

    Shanghai, China

  410. Isabella

    Congratulations! You have such amazing posts, keep up the great work :)

    CA, USA

  411. Love love love Park & Cube!
    Congrats from Frankfurt, Germany!

  412. Looking forward to another year! Congratulations.

    Sara in New York, NY, USA.

  413. Muli

    Wow! Congratulations! Will be waiting for the next great years of fashion inspiration from you ;)
    I love your DIY section soooo much!! :)

    Ah, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia…

  414. sarahq

    You’ve certainly got me hoping. Just make that me.

  415. sea

    oh wow, congratulations! i’ve been following this blog for about six months or so. love it so!

  416. Al

    Hey you! Congrats on making your one year mark! Here’s to many more years of awesome DIYs, shoes, and cloth talk :)

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

  417. Lauren

    happy b-day! have to admit i love this blog! all the diy is compleatly fab if only i knew how to knit! anyways keep up the steller work!

    rochester, NY

  418. Love your site, you’ve got really great fotos !

  419. alicia

    Hello !

    Congrats a gazillion times for this such inspiring blog !
    Typing from Paris, France.

  420. congratsss. gosh you’ve got a lot of comments already!

    name: zara
    location: london

    cool prize! xxxx

  421. Samantha

    heya, i’m Samantha from Singapore. followed your blog for ages! loves it!

  422. Thank goodness for the birth of this blog :)
    Love, Kylie from Philadelphia, United States.

  423. Ly

    Hey. Ly from Singapore! Love your blog. :D

  424. kaysee

    Happy 1yr!
    Really love what you write.
    Dont stop!

    My location: Singapore

  425. Very inspirational .
    nice photo btw. (:

    Cheers from Poland

  426. Kristyn

    Congratulations on your very successful blog :)

    location: Texas, United States

    email: kristynkorsah@yahoo.com

  427. mikee

    i like that you dont dress like a stereotypical korean girl :)

    kisses from manila!

  428. Ellen

    Lovely stuff!

    Current location: Newcastle

  429. fangzi

    I love your blog! Your sense of humour and of coz your dressing style which never fails to inspire me!! keep it up! ;)

    love from Singapore

  430. Ola

    Good job, congratulations !

    My location : Poland

  431. Dana

    congratsss love ur blog and ur style <3
    you always inspire me :)
    wishes from Hong Kong

  432. Marlena

    Congratulations :)
    Admiration from Düsseldorf, Germany


  433. andii

    Congratz! 1 year amzing!
    lOve ur blog

    location: Uk.wales.

  434. Hannah

    happy 1st year! you are one of the blogs i check almost daily, and have been enjoying your fashion for about half a year:) keep up the good work! x

    Location: Sussex, England

  435. Julie

    Julie – Denmark, Europe

  436. Henriette

    Aarhus, Denmark

  437. Lyndsey

    Woop Woop! Happy Birthday!
    Location: Nottingham

  438. josephine

    that necklace is like, BOOMZ! me likey from singapore!

  439. jane

    congrats !!

  440. often read your blog, but too shy to comment.
    I start today aha.
    greyhoundstation@hotmail. fr
    France !

  441. I’m new to your blog, but I really like reading it. You’re a verry gifted DIY-er.

    Location: Gießen, Germany

  442. New York, NY!

  443. Esther

    Happy birthday from Germany!

  444. Best wishes for birthday from Turku, Finland!

  445. izzy

    congratulations and love from singapore!

  446. nura

    congratulations n happy birthday blog!!

  447. nura

    congratulations n happy birthday blog!!
    i’ve been following ur blog since u came out in a mag n luv ur blog!

    leeds, uk

  448. Antoinette Tsang

    CONGRATS on your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I still remember the first time, I stumbled on your blog, and never let go! Amazing outfits, amazing posts/anecdotes, amazing DIYs and amazing graphic design!

    Antoinette, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  449. Congratulations. I love your blog!!! Lou x
    Location: Manchester UK

  450. I just started reading your blog, but I already love it :)
    Aja, from CA

  451. super congratulations!
    your blog is so genius and creative, i love it!

  452. vivian loh: new jersey, u.s.a.

  453. Ellie

    I only recently discovered your blog and was mesmerised! You have a way of photographing clothes so that they look so good you want to eat them! Or wear them, you know…

    Congrats on your 1 year! Coming to you from Manchester, England

  454. Hi! Love your blog, photos and your outfits are allways amazing! Big kiss and congrats!
    Name: Patricia S.
    Location: Portugal

  455. I’ve always loved your blog and your humour! Oh the sad days I know I can read your posts and they’ll cheer me up.

    Name: Faith
    Location: Canada

  456. Happy 1st birthday!
    E-mail: shup_shereen[at]hotmail[dot]com
    current location:
    NSW, Australia

  457. Hey there- I’m located in Maine, USA and I love, love, love your blog! It is one of the first blogs I started reading almost a year ago when I really became interested in fashion and blogging! And it is still one of the first blogs I check each day when I get out of work! Thanks for all the visual beauty and great reading! The Best!

  458. congratulations! i love your diy.

    love from portland, or, usa

  459. Fantabulous blog! Loves it!
    Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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    Keep it up lady, you’re one of my favourites in the blogosphere! (Oh by the way: LOVE your new glasses!)
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  501. Happy birthday to parkandcube.com! :) btw, i love the way you blog- funny with a hint of sarcasm.

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    From Justine in Nantong, CN (originally from Gdansk, PL)

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    cheers for passing the 1 year mark
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    my current location in Australia but I’ll be in Seoul sooooon…

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    name: Ilse
    current location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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    such a cute little package of lovely things.
    it’s especially nice to see it grow from its first days,
    and now a whole -year-…

    love from new york city.

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    I’ve visited your blog for over a year now. I admire your unique sense of style and all your engaging and sometimes hilarious posts.

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    I love your photos. They’re always interesting and vibrant.
    Love from Toronto, CA! ♥

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    Current location: Singapore (:

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    Poughkeepsie, NY (Vassar College woo!)

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    Statesville, NC

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    I’m going to be going back in the archive now and reading old entries. :D

    Cecilia – Oxford, UK

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    Happy 1 year!

    Location – London, England


  632. Admittedly, ashamedly, after many months for me stalking your site whenever in need for a shoe prOn fix or a source of inspiration – I comment! Its always been there in my bookmarks, Park and Cube under INSPIRATION BLOGS. and yet, I’ve never commented till this day. I’m sure now that you only think I am finally commenting now to get that pretty necklace, and I probably lost any chance of being selected – but Oh well, at least I finally got off my lazy ass and decided it was about time – thatI let you know how truly super funky this site is. anyway I mean, it is a random draw… haha… anyway, I’ll shut up now, its 2:33AM… by the way, congratulations.

    Location: Australia

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  634. Nicole

    1 year?! Congratulations – that means I must have found your blog in it’s infancy. Thanks for keeping me both entertained & inspired. (location: freezing Leeds, email: accidentallydomesticated(at)gmail(dot)com)

  635. location: tartu, estonia
    wow, love the necklace! also, your blog has been such an inspiration for me :)

  636. HM

    Grats on 1 year! (:

    Keep up with the fantastic and witty blog posts! <3

    Love from,

  637. Congratulations on one year!
    That necklace is intense! And I’d love to see what your dress looks like in its entirety. :)

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    Keep it up :)

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    Congrats on your 365th (:

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    currently in Provo, Utah

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    from coventry

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    Antonia Schindle

    Manitoba, Canada

  659. Jessica

    Congrats on your 1 year of Blogging!

    Jessica Gonzalez
    San Diego, CA, USA

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    Eeps! Thanks for this giveaway :) I’ve enjoyed following your blog for the past year and I’m glad you update it regularly!

  661. Erica

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    Name: Erica Low
    Location: Fremont, CA

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    it is always a source of inspiration for me!

    Name: Molly
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  664. ah i love it! congrats on the blogthday x

    (london, uk)

  665. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I love your blog, very inspiring!

    Location: Czech Republic

  666. happy 1 year blogday!! I have only just come across your blog after seeing it on the handbag.com awards… but after seeing the top photo with your shoes on the stairs, i knew this was my kinda blog…. :)

    (London, UK)

  667. shiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    hi!!!!! all the way from hong kong.

    (warning: warning: this is gonna be ass-long. since it will be my first and last comment)

    by now, u’re prolly sick of hearing how everybody just LOVES you and ur awesome blog/ ur shoellection/ur humour/ur DIYs/ur hair/ur boyfriend/ur bestie, elface/ ur way of putting clothes together/ur shredded jeans etc etc. but i just have to say that i too, love you and ur awesome blog/ ur shoellection/ur humour/ur DIYs/ur hair/ur boyfriend/ur bestie, elface/ ur way of putting clothes together/ur shredded jeans etc etc..

    and yes, i have been reading ur blog since the beginning but i never commented because i said to myself, i ‘ll be the quiet admirer.. i will watch you from afar and appreciate the awesomeness without yelling about it to the whole world. except to two of my friends who are annoying and mean. wen i sed you were like, the best friend i never had.. one of them actually had the adacity to roll her eyes and said pakkancube doesnt even know you exist, and if she did, she’d defenitely ignore you, you stalking freak. and i was like, FIRST , it is park and cube and SECOND, stalking is the best form of flattery and she would appreciate my hard work of vigorously reading her blog and slowly turning myself into her..

    :D i kid i kid.. i’m not turning myself into you, per se.. but i do check ur blog everyday for new posts (not more than six times, i promise.) and i wont even deny that the awesome necklace you’re dangling in front of me is the reason i’m finally here, wagging my tail and my greedy tongue hanging.

    so imagine if you will, a poor lil puppy-eyed er.. um.. puppy who’s all alone singing lullabies to itself.. no hope, no friends cos these days, all it barks is ‘shini boo.. shini boo.. send some love(insert lovely necklace) to meee…’ anyways, i think i kinda went off track. dunno wat i’m saying anymo’. and i have a hard time finishing what i sta-

  668. Shanna

    Congrats on a year!! Location: CA

  669. o noes, i don’t know if i’m still in time for the giveaway but i sure hope so :)


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  671. Congratulations, it was worth it.

  672. Sorry forgot to say:
    Location: Berlin, Germany

  673. Happy first birthday!!