I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.







Jacket – Black Luna Vintage, Sheer Top & Asymmetric dress as top – Topshop, Skirt – Vintage, Shoes – Emma Cook for Topshop, Bag – Vintage DIY Studded, Ring – Spitafields Market | Thank you Ellen for taking photos <3

I just wrote a paragraph about being in an intimate relationship with my phone and then realized that it was starting to resemble my dissertation about panoptics, global connection and disappearance of space (see you’re already drifting) and decided to delete the whole thing and instead write zebra stories (clear relevance to the outfit, as you can see). Actually it’s 5am so I’ll skip on the zebra story but I’ll tell you that sadly it does not have a happy ending. I know that no one likes un-happy endings, so there, I’ve done the world a favour by heading off to bed, goodnight.

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  1. I love the jacket (I have one in the same colour :D) and shoes.
    Cobalt is sooo nice.


  2. god i love you

  3. Oh but I’d love to hear a zebra story! haha

    That coat of yours is just the most fantastic blue I’ve ever seen!


  4. Cobalt is possibly the best color in the world, and I love that you paired it with another bright underneath. Lovely photos!


  5. Your styling never ceases to amaze me. Truly beautiful!

  6. wow, im absolutely adorign the electric blue! that is my official color of fall and you look stunning in it
    looving zee footwear as well :)

  7. the shoooes the shoooes!

    I love the bag and the blue coat too!

  8. amazing look and pics! love the combination of colors and… the shoes are heaven!

  9. Those shoes are so awesome, and I love the combination of that blue and orange.

  10. Great color combo with the blue coat and orange skirt! This photoshoot reminds me of MJ’s “Billie Jean” video.

  11. really like the coat!!!

  12. nice shewz. i was gonna get the all black with the tassle’s in front on the zipper pull. do they still have dem in storezzzz?

  13. They actually do! Do you want me to see if they have your size and all :D?

  14. i totaly love your look!
    xoxo from France

  15. awesome coat <3

  16. Yes, I also thought your copy would include a mention of Billie Jean. Fab photos, as usual.

  17. perfect color combo, how come you’re such a genius? haha kidding! loving your nails & accessories :D

  18. gorgeous night photos shini!

  19. I love the blue. Your photos remind me of movie stills, really nice!

  20. I think you must be one of my favourite bloggers. Your layout is perfection, your photos always make an impression, and I always find myself reading all of your text. Even if it’s just about text you almost wrote, but then didn’t. Go Park&Cube!

  21. Your jewel bright coat is beautiful and the zebra shoes are total radness!

  22. What a gorgeous blue color! Adore!

  23. The blue coat is awesome, but it looks like its getting cold… And the shoes go so well with it, Fantastic!

  24. That blue coat is stunning! I saw those shoes in japan but they were crazy expensive compared to the UK. Arghs. :P

  25. I have been drooling over the emma cook shoes soooo looong! they look great on you!

    Make Lemonade x

  26. Your coat is awsome! I really need the same as yours.

  27. I can’t believe how pretty that blue is.
    I adore it! Not even to speak about the awesum photo’s. Ur a star!

  28. I love this shooting. Especially the multicoloured nails!

  29. loooove the shoes
    I really want the black wedges shes done :)

    Your outfit is lovely :)


  30. I really love your coat! The color is so perfect and it looks great on you!

  31. beautiful pictures! love how ur nails match the turqoise ring

  32. you always crack me up!!

  33. Love that delicious blue coat. Ive started collecting coats this fall but alas only have multiples of black white and grey so far. :] Thank goodness Christmas is coming so I can have an excuse to buy some colored ones! Thanks for always bringing the inspiration dawl.


  34. Beautiful coat!!!!

  35. omg photos : )

  36. oh.i’m jealous! perfect!<3

  37. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    lol. what a sudden twist. i thought you decided you’d sell the zebra. cobalt blue with rust is perfection.

  38. I love the colour of your coat

  39. You have the most entertaining writing style. I’m always left giggling.

  40. Love the shoes, love the blue, love the nails, love the colour. i just looovvve this blog. ooxoxoxox

  41. This pictures are so, so, soo good! And I love the colour of your coat. So beautiful!

  42. gosh i love that ring! it’s so nice Shini!

  43. Terence

    Are you using Focault in your dissertation ?

  44. Yup…although more focused on Virilio, McLuhan and Baudrillard!

  45. Kylie

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I know I will be coming back a lot often. You’re shoes… exquisite :)

  46. famous zebras throughout history :
    1. Marty (from Madagascar)
    2. Andy Warhol’s fat necked version (well…not that famous…but I figured AW must have included at least one in his works, so I googled it :D:D )
    3. Zebra crossings
    4. Damien Hirst’s Zebra in Formaldehyde
    5. the band…
    6. the zebra pens??

    …pff…I can’t think of anymore for the moment…some zebrologue should make a list and go public:D

    p.s. just saying hi:P, and didn’t want to comment on your giveaway post ;)

    phantasnight@custom fashion deliveries

  47. Love your outfit Shini :)

  48. Oh what beautiful shapes! AND THOSE SHOES…!!!!!!! so jealous!

  49. I love the contrast of the blue and the orange- it#s like an renaissance painting

  50. extraordinary photos. you never cease to amaze me with your wit and so well put-together un-put-together outfits.

    love love love

  51. the colour of your coat is so vibrant..love it.
    …enjoy…EYE CANDY.

  52. The lighting in these is beautiful, love that hue of blue too.x

  53. i want those shoes so bad, they look amazing!

  54. Really liking the pics! This blue jacket is gorgeous, just what I need for this time of the year!