I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Dress – Hush




Shirt dress – Hush ‘ Iris’. Boots – Stuart Weitzman. Bag – Mansur Gavriel. Scarf – Acne ‘Canada‘. Felt fedora – Hoss Intropia (similar at ASOS).

Welcome to the season of 23-hour daylight savings. I swear, whoever is saving all these daylights must be able to afford to buy a country right now, if not already surrounded by hot girls in bikinis, throwing 15 million°C light bulbs around like it was hundred dollar billz. JEEZ. The sun stayed out for exactly an hour the day this was shot, by the time I’d done up the buttons of my Hush shirt dress it had slunk back into whatever solar cave it had come from. Yet another reason to fling a fist to the sky.

I told you weather is always a good topic. This is why you and I are friends.

Photos with Mr. Tripod

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  1. What a cute dress! Perfect with the hat and the overkness <3
    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
    International Giveway: Christmas Surprise with Self Interest

  2. Loving the boots! London-weather-ready outfit I see.

    Adventures on Victoria Falls | Dipping Into The Devil’s Pool

  3. That tripod pic killed me LOL. Cute outfit Shini! All the daylight saving is probably being spent here in the Philippines where it’s incredibly sunny and hot. Feel free to come by for some sun if you’d like haha!


  4. PHILIPPINES. HEAVEN. You might want to take that back as I WILL take you up on that invitation.

  5. Beautiful outfit, you’ve styled it perfectly! That bucket bag is such a gem!


  6. your outfit is absolutely killer. and as a new yorker, I can totally relate in terms of living in an area with a similar lack of sunlight. regardless, it’s relatively warm here right now (45 degrees F) and i’d love to be wearing what you have on right now. owning stuart weitzman boots has become a dream of mine. :)


  7. In love with those boots! And beautiful pictures. Take a look at our website filed with fashion, beauty and lifestyle!


  8. Amazing look, you’re beautiful x


  9. Effortless as always Shini

  10. Awesome boots! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  11. great stuff. I love winter scarves and sweaters

  12. You and me can talk about the weather all day long. Have you ever visited the Netherlands? I haven’t seen the sun in three whole days.. But you do look pretty, even for a gloomy day :)

    Love, Rachel

  13. Nice pictures, love your dress!


  14. Really nice. I like your blog.

    x Kate

  15. love this


  16. Tripod? No way! I’m still plucking up the courage to take my tripod outdoors to take photos for my new blog *hides face* but I’ll get there soon.

    Great photography as always!

    P.S. I just read your interview in MAGNIFY magazine – I’ve been a reader of your blog for well over a year now but I absolutely loved the fact that you opened up about your blog and your faith :)

    Jasmine xx


  17. Great post!


  18. That is such a cute hat you have on! And I totally agree with you about the daylight saving. We need more sun in our life!!!

  19. great outfit and beautiful pics
    i’m currently experiencing the 23 hour daylight saving as well haha in italy. I’m from australia, so this is very strange for me

  20. Love the dress! <3

  21. Wow I was having that same fist shaking moment on Friday when it was getting dark and four and I was having a good time being outside! The boots are fantastic and thank you for writing something amusing today that made me smile rather than yet another post on sales.

    Accidental Icon

  22. Love that outfit. The perpetual darkness is definitely one of things I hate about winter (next to the cold, of course). It’s already pitched black by 4 in the afternoon! Ridiculous!

  23. Love this look so much! Everything is perfect from head to toe!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  24. God I love this dress and boots and the combination together is just perfection! Amazing look xx


  25. I love the colour palette of this look. You look amazing! x


  26. Minzi

    hey there Shini! i’m a faithful subscriber of your blog from Canada. But i was wondering, do you do any interns?

    have a great day & cheers.

  27. Beautiful look! So cozy and chic, love your hat!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  28. Beautiful look! So cozy and chic, love your hat!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  29. Catherine

    can I just take a moment for Mr Tripod hah. lovely pictures as usual Shini!

  30. what’s that in your bag? :| hahaha you look gorgeous x

  31. Those boots!

    But really though, the big question is how on Earth do you snap such incredibly pristine photos on your polar bear tripod. All the bows and hand claps to you, Shini.

  32. I read your blog not for the pictures but for your quirky and funny words XD

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  33. I read your blog not for the pictures but for your quirky and funny words XD

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  34. You’re another person who makes me wish I could wear floppy hats. They just look silly on me for some reason – like I am playing dress up! Love the dress and that bag too – swoon!

  35. Those boots are making me want to wear dresses… Styled and modeled beautifully.

  36. Great outfit, you look lovely!


  37. Ana

    I don’t know if its uplifting or depressing but there is always sunny somewhere…I suppose it depends on a vantage point! I love your boots. I have been looking at similar SW boots today wandering if the heel is “walkable”. I guess I will need to take a trip to brick & mortar to find out. Beautiful photos!

  38. Love the boots!


  39. daylight savings is a nightmare, dark when I start work, dark when I finish! Love your boots chick

  40. Love the bucket bag.


  41. Who said that fashion ceases to exist in winter … looking incredible as always … stunning outfit!

  42. Great post! The bucket bag is to die for


  43. effortless chic! Can’t believe you did that with tripod!

  44. Gorgeous outfit! But that bag though, is stunning.

  45. Your bag is stunning!

    Best wishes from Cologne :)


  46. Effortlessly smart:) And I’ve my eye on those boots now!



  47. Megan

    Wow what a collection love this

  48. Great dress! But, I must admit I especially love your bag :)


  49. This outfit is so chic!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  50. I have yet to venture outside and take some style photos, it’s far too cold for my tiny self! However seeing you in your boots reminds me that there are some thigh-high boots waiting for me on ASOS. You look grand Shini!



  51. Haz

    Hi!! I have been following your instagram for awhile now and finally gotten to visit your blog (i usually don’t read blogs), and wow i LOVE THEM!! so glad i took the time to vist your page and now i’m hooked! I really love your photos and you are such an inspiration, really! And I would just like to add that you’re so kind to reply to most of the comments that you have, regardless whether people have been asking for the 100th time already.

    Have a blessed week! ;)

  52. Ahh I’m not the only one with the winter “WHERE IS THE SUN” blues :3 Love the way that the flowers are peaking out of your beautiful purse. And the weather is indeed a great topic to talk about, my friend haha.

  53. Love the look! I have been looking for knee boots and these look gorgeous.

    xo Romina | http://www.blaastyle.com

  54. Love the look! I have been looking for knee boots and these look gorgeous.

    xo Romina | http://www.blaastyle.com

  55. […] en AmandoBlogs.com http:parkandcube.com/hush-shirt-dress/Million degree […]

  56. I love the atmosphere of your photos, and those boots are to die for.
    You inspire me and i love your style of writing.


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  63. Loving the boots! London-weather-ready outfit I see.


  64. Beautiful outfit, you’ve styled it perfectly! That bucket bag is such a gem!