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Hunter Regent Street 83 – 85 Regent Street, W1B 4EW












Rubberized trench-coat by Hunter. Sweater – COS (similar). Trousers – Zara (similar).






Wearing: Rubberized trench-coat by Hunter. Sweater – COS (similar). Trousers – Zara (similar). Sneakers – Isabel Marant ‘Bart’

One of the few things that London teaches a newcomer is the staggering power of WEATHER as a conversation topic – no matter how awkward your new uni friends are, or how deep an armpit you’ve already found yourself lodged in on the Tube, mention the magical words of ‘It’s horribly grim out there’ and watch friendship blossom. Even with armpit dude. London is notorious for being the butt of all international weather jokes (snow – don’t get me started on that one), famous for raining on parades, and for a long time I assumed the slanted strokes of the Union Jack flag symbolized the typical angle the rain pours in this city. You know, like how the Uruguayan flag carries a smiley-face sun (it makes ALL the sense). And no umbrella is built for sideways rain – not even the ugly, functional ones – so you get wet in all the wrong places… then make friends with strangers. The truth is, the weather on this island is exactly where the cheeky, self-deprecating British humour stems from, the very reason why the new Hunter flagship on Regent Street resembles a barn, and why a flash mob alighted a number 88 bus and ritualized the opening wearing neon-trimmed ski-hats and rubberised trench coats, serving backflips to Singin’ in the Rain remixes. I mean, the store elevator is lined with grass! Rainwear is given a Hunter ‘do, championed by the steely-eyed new Creative Director Allaisdhair Willis, designed to be worn not just to take cover from the elements, but to anticipate with a tune whistled. If you’re into shaking fists to the sky here in London, you might as well make it a dance move and enjoy it.

This reminds me, I just counted the number of umbrellas in my doorway and they add up to a grand total of nine. But do I stick my head out the window before leaving? I do not, because I am a badass Londoner and can fight the rain with my bare fists.

In collaboration with Hunter; outfit photos with the help of my lovely Sarah.

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  1. I can imagine London weather is sometimes quite like Melbourne weather. Everyone just carries an umbrella with them because we have four seasons in a day (something I learned the very hard way!)

  2. love this


  3. This color is rare. This coat make you looks more mature and beautiful.

  4. Danielle

    That coat looks so chic! What a beautiful post Shini x

  5. I always love your photos!!


  6. That trench coat is so perfect! Great that Hunter are now making coats too!


  7. That coat is amazing! and I love those umbrellas!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  8. Perfect coat!)

  9. Angel

    Wow Shini, I really loved the writing on this post! I live in California and we haven’t had much rain at all due to this drought. Today we had perfect BBQ weather though we’re near the end of November! The fact that you have nine umbrellas is amazing ’cause my family tends to just lose ours (like hanging one on a tree while waiting for a ride and forgetting it). We probably have only one to share with the whole family of 7. Besides that I just try to wear things like faux leather leggings and a PVC backpack to stay dry. I should check for a video on that flash mob on Youtube. Just want to see how that guy got all the way up there with an umbrella in hand, haha!

  10. miri

    Lovely coat! I agree- weather is the best conversation topic! I hope the weather will get better soon!

  11. That looks really nice, very beautiful and the coat is amazing!


  12. J’adore ! Your trench coat is very beautiful !

  13. With that trench you don’t need an umbrela! Umbrellas are for cowards!!!

  14. That trench coat is dreamy! Gorgeous photos as usual. And it’s true – I can’t tell you how many conversations ALWAYS manage to include a lamentation about the weather.

  15. Perfection for winter!
    I miss London!

  16. Beautiful pictures! And the coat looks very good on you.. Check out our website filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

  17. I´m so in love with Hunter, I totally love their boots and just ordered an umbrella yesterday :) Can’t wait to visit their new Flagship store!

    Love, Rachel

  18. I´m so in love with Hunter, I totally love their boots and just ordered an umbrella yesterday :) Can’t wait to visit their new Flagship store!

    Love, Rachel

  19. Beautiful shots! Every single one!

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  20. the coat is perfection!


  21. Amazing photos. http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  22. Sounds just like Seattle ;) that flash mob looks like fun


  23. haha i love your writing, shini! so funny.
    beautiful photos.

  24. Loveee this outfit!! The trench looks amazing!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  25. Loveee this outfit!! The trench looks amazing!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  26. i just arrived in london and am now excited for the weather talk :P
    definitely want to check out the hunter store

  27. Looks so nice ! Love the coat !


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    Enjoy your visit to the store….and don’t forget to travel in the lift and visit the changing rooms on the first floor! Let me know what you think!

  29. Love the trench!


  30. This observation on British weather convo is so incredibly true! An even better way of forming friendships with strangers/acquaintances is use of words to the effect of “I hear it’s going to be sunny over the weekend”… Magic words, I’m telling you. :)


  31. Absolutely in love with that purple trench! Wishing I lived in a country with four seasons so I can get to enjoy winter clothes.


  32. That trench coat is just beautiful! NEED

  33. Oh the berry-tone of your trenchcoat is so beautiful…


  34. What a great coat! I love my hunters (I have the “Regency”). They have such great styles!


  35. Ana

    Given I’ve been living in the UK foe the past 14 years, I should have really got myself a pair if Hunters long time ago, but even photos of Kate Moss at Glasto wearing them wasn’t able to convince me. Having said that, I love your photos and adore your coat!

  36. kim.H.S

    진짜 고급스런 보라색이네요!

  37. hunteeeeers…i knew just the boots. nice stuff


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  39. London weather is certainly a great topic to start a conversation! I must also say that the weather also influences how people wear clothes and create a fashionable look.

  40. Sarah

    I was put off hunter back in the day because celebrities in places like L.A. were pairing them with hotpants and other summery wear… I mean, seriously… you live in gorgeous weather land, why would you do that to yourself? But since I live in a place where the lousy weather is the usual small talk kickstarter I’ve grown to like hunter and all drizzle they stand for! Your outfit and photos are lovely, as always!

  41. Woo hoo…no more raining on my parade. I cannot wait to check out the store – it sounds cool.

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  43. Oh my gosh what an amazing coat you have! Stunnin!

    Best wishes from Cologne,


  44. That is one STUNNING purple coat!


  45. This trend coat has amazing texture! Love it!


  46. That’s a beautifully colored raincoat! Like the white nails too.


  47. Wow, that coat suits you so well! Love the Hunters!


  48. So lovely shini!

    simon x

  49. These images are stunning. That rubberized coat is to die for. It seems you turned a purple rubberized coat into a neutral, which isn’t easy to do, and I love it!

  50. cute!


  51. Thanks for sharing this latest fashion trends, looking very awesome :)