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Hurwundeki Cafe; Wearing: Sweater coat – Geiger, Belt Vintage – Pants – Courtesy of H! By Henry Holland for Debenhams

This is one café I keep returning to despite that its location basically kisses my house when I fold a map of London in half. The magic of this place might be the sweet-musty smell of the tunnel or the amazing BLT+M(ozarella) sandwich, but what personally rocks my pumpkin carriage is the fact that all the furniture in the café is on sale, including the benches in the garden and shelves their cakes are displayed on. So everytime I visit,  something in the corner catches my eye – for example it was an amazeballs cast-iron clothesrail for £30 the other day. I promised myself to come back with a wad of cash and dig around more, yes definitely next time, and then I came back a few days later to find it gone… ARG! So now I’ve acquired this habit where whenever I visit I’d stare at the chair or sofa that someone’s having her coffee in, in fear that she’d pack that up as well into her bag when she’s done and I’ll keel over again and go NOooOoOoo…

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  1. These photos are so beautiful!

    i like them!


  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I want my garden and shed to look like that.
    I must check out this place ASAP!!!!!

  3. what an amazing place! i could even live there! there’s this feeling that i feel when i look at these pics… but i can’t describe it.


  4. see, you do know the coolest places in london! i would love to check this place out sometime. tried to read the post but my eyes are so stingy i the words are just blurring together… did manage to make out that they sell all the furniture and you were after a piece… and i think it sold before you could get it? sorry you missed out on the piece. on a happier note you’ve got an awesome leather skirt and rainbow nails – which i think is pretty sweet. xx

  5. Yah, skim through the ramble is the way to go!

  6. david hasselhoff

    well documented. love, the hoff.

  7. Thank you Dr Mario, enjoy New York <3

  8. wow this is so beautiful

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  10. susan hwang

    as always, i absolutely admire your photography skills.. i can stare at your pictures all day :)

    ps – i could also stare at the barista all day… kekeke

  11. Wow. What an amazing idea. That way, you could never, ever get bored of the furniture in your shop. I suppose I should start buying furniture right now, in order to store up enough for when I open a pancake place.

    I’m sure my boyfriend (and the basement in which I store so many of my things that my apartment doesn’t have room for) will be thrilled by this idea. Just as he was thrilled by my idea to live on a farm someday, chickens and pigs required.

    Moving furniture or not, this place looks enchanted. I want to run my fingers along every surface.

  12. pretty photos! Im in love with the cafe after looking through these photos!


  13. Nice place to hang!
    I love your sweter, it looks cute and your yellow bag really cool!
    And love those picture!is it taken by yourself?

  14. oh my god, i need to go there

  15. heeeeeeeeeelllo cafe owner! ;)

  16. How amazing that everything in the cafe is on sale! I like that the cafe is always changing that way :) You have such a lovely layout of photos btw!!

  17. Amazing pic!
    I like it! ♥

  18. How amazing!

  19. and this is one of the many reasons why London is so cool! See, there is no way we could find such a cool, non pretentious, poetic place in Paris! I am a bit jealous as I would really like to leave this café with, I mean in the pumpkin carriage! ^^
    great text and photo, as always!

  20. This place looks great! I’m definitely going to visit this place when I move to London (well, technically Kingston) in less that two weeks! OMG!

  21. oh, i’m not sure if my last comment saved so i shall have to write it again. it was only a little one, mind (though i’m sure making it longer by writing this), so it’s not too bad! hehe.

    this cafe is just so beautiful, i went there a couple of months and and i adore how warm and eclectic it is. the childrens playthings are so charming. i definately want love to back again!

    love, jazzabelle. xx

  22. Hey, that’s a very lovely place.It has a very different soul that i can not find any words to explain.


  23. Julie

    This place looks magical! x

  24. I’ve passed by this cafe so many times without even realising it!! I’ve gotta take a look next time I’m around the area, because that pumpkin carriage is sweeeeet.

    I went to their shop a few days ago and I loved it!


  25. Wow, didn’t know they had a café! I’ll definitely be paying it a visit. Great photos and I love the belted sweater.


  26. Beautiful photos, will have to check out the cafe next time I’m in the area!

  27. very nice blog!

    follow us if you want! :)

  28. Loveley

  29. i would love to be there.

  30. AMAZING! Want to go here right now – what is it called?

  31. Hurwundeki Cafe :)

  32. These pictures are amazingly pretty.

  33. That looks like the PERFECT little lunch spot… soo adorable. I absolutely love the pumpkin carriage, imagine having your own little piece of fairy tale iconography in your garden? Would be amazing!

    Your photos are gorgeous as usual!

  34. I love this place! It’s so beautiful!

    C. des Soeurettes Dalyne


  35. It reminds me of my favourite café in Sydney – a shed in an wild garden stuffed with old circus equipment (the garden, not the shed). Most delicious coffees and cakes and gardenias in the bathroom. Sweet memories… Wonderful, wonderful photos, Shini!

  36. oh oh oh oh wowowowowow! To the East it is, then

  37. Rosemary

    Wow this cafe is beautiful! I have never ever seen anything like it! I love it. I wish my kitchen looked like this!


    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  38. Gorgeous place and gorgeous photos. Some of them look like paintings because the decor is so soft and the colours so faded x

  39. Looks like a gorgeous place!

    juliet xxx

  40. Hey! An Editorial was shot in this cafe for INK Magazine’s Summer 2010 issue! Starting on page 160!

    I’m the editor in chief at INK, and i knew when i saw those walls i recognized it! Small world!


  41. BEAUTIFUL Editorial, serious shows the place in new light.
    Ink is new magazine crush btw, gotta love a 228-page magazine!

  42. @Shini,

    thanks! i’ll let you know when the next issue is out! Autumn 2010…”our september issue” hehe.

  43. Oh wow, that cafe looks really amazing… I don’t visit London much and when I do I am at all the touristy areas making the most as I hardly go. I need to spend some time finding places like this but I would have no idea where to go
    I love your outfit also


  44. I love that place it looks so totally cool!!!

  45. Hello girl :)

    OMG gorgeous pictures, I don’t know why but I really love them :) they give me some particular emotions !



  46. wow, I’m totally heading hear asap, looks amazing! Lovely photos too! xxx

  47. Lu

    these pics are gorgeous! absolutely go visiting the Cafe!

  48. This set of photos is amzing!
    And this Cafe has a very good atmosphere!
    Want to go there!

  49. Iga

    oh my god. ive been living just right there for whole one year and I would never even think that Hurwundeki is i a cafe first of all. plus, this looks amazing. shame on me.

  50. antonia

    great photos!!!


  51. Love all the beaten up furniture – that pumpkin carriage is a dream! x

  52. oooh this sounds interesting & i love our outfit post below xxxxx

  53. Hi Shini! Love your photos, as usual!
    This café goes directly to my must-visit list in London!
    Can’t wait to go there!


  54. This place looks amazing! Great photos!

  55. That cafe looks adorable!
    The H! pants are really nice I saw them when I was last in Debenhams. I bought some similar ones in the Next sale! scorrreee


  56. totally in love with european cafe! ahh…i miss paris & london now! these are great great shots, shini^__^ xoxo from california

  57. wow soo beautiful! I’d love to drink my coffe there.

  58. your photography is stunning. am adding you to my blogroll :)

  59. Beautiful. This looks like a place that I would love to visit. Off of the beaten path and not a cookie cutter eatery are places that my husband and family like to venture off into. I love your photographs. Stunning.

  60. its a beautiful.antique place:)…me..likes…and that yellow bag is just..so…wanted by me..i love it..!!!

  61. Lucy

    Man. That guy is a BABE!

    Gorgeous cafe as well hahaha. Might have to check this out next time I am in London. Which will be not for a long time but hej I can wish.

  62. This place looks SO adorable! And that pumpkin carriage!!

    I’m off to look it up now… Thanks for sharing Shini

    Miss B xx


  63. theonlyfashionprincess

    i like your blog. it’s really cool! :) hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  64. I like your blog~I like everything especially your photography and your fashion~


    Come from china-rick.

  65. If it’s not the photos, it’s the paragraph at the bottom that makes me grin from ear to ear…you are an amazing writer. So witty and entertaining. xo


  66. oh my god thank you so much for this recommendation!!!! i am in love with this place. i’ll have you know this very post has inspired me to, upon landing in london, promptly travel to see this amazing cafe!!! the photos are just awesome.


  67. Gorgeous post, the pictures are fantastic. The cafe looks adorable. And that sandwich looks delish!

  68. Karlito

    Jesus, that place does look quite amazing! I can practically smell the sweet-musty smell from my computer screen! Unfortunately there are hardly any places like this in LA. The only time you get to pay for the furniture in a coffee shop is if your bum breaks it.

  69. goodness gracious, these are beautiful beautiful photos…you are SUCH a talented lady!

  70. i wonder where they got that pumpkin carriage? Very Cinderella. i bought a bag (upcycled from leather trousers!) at Hurwundeki last time i was in the UK (2006) and I googled them last year and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have expanded to more stores and a cafe! If only it weren’t such a long way from Australia…

  71. Wow. I would love to own a place like this so much! And the idea to sell the furniture.. amazing :) love it! and next time I visit london, this is on my list to visit for sure…

  72. OMG, what a beautiful cafe! love the interior design!

  73. lusting these photos!


  74. LOVE this cafe!!!Where is it? Can you give us the address?

  75. oh my word, it looks to die for!
    and hello hunky man hahahaha.

  76. your photos are beautiful:) makes me wanna go there and have coffee:)

  77. What a dreamy Bar-man:) and the cafe looks great to !


  78. wow I love those pictures!

  79. and this café….what a great concept!

  80. This blog post nearly made me cry with the desire to go to London. It’s my favourite thing I’ve seen in a while, the photography is of course, GORGEOUS and I just want to be there forever. In fact, in true dorky blogger fashion I took to my own blog to proclaim my love for it and how I want to be like Cinderella and sweep their floors. (crediting/linking/etc, of course :) Ugh, so perfect. So wonderful. I love your blog.

  81. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left in my blog the other day! This place is so incredibly dreamy – the exposed brick, the rustic wood furniture, the shelving, all of the natural lighting! How neat that all of it is on sale – I think I would go insane in a place like that! I love the shelf crates~

  82. I love this post and love the cafe. It was such a wonderful lunch with you there, and to think because of the phone thing I almost went home without seeing it, or you. It really is a magic place and it was an honour to go there with you (damn that sounds corny!)

    I forgot to tell you: after lunch I bought a slice of pecan pie there to take home. That night I kept slicing little pieces off until I finished it: it was MAGIC. I can’t wait to go back.

    Such beautiful photos. I took some too that day: I’m inspired to do a post on it too. Like doing a cover song: a cover post. xo

  83. Demian

    Wow, I love the cafe and the photos that well capture the ambiance!

  84. This place looks so good, may just have to take a visit!

  85. This place inspires me. The decor is so unique.

  86. this blog is great !!!
    We Welcome

  87. NIKKI

    gosh that place looks so peaceful. how i wish i could go there (im from california) every morning to drink coffee and work on my blog. i love your blog and your pictures are so inspiring :-)


  88. Gorgeous photos!

  89. this cafe looks absolutely charming and i wish i lived in london and could go!!!!



  90. “like.”

    i’m going to save these photos for myself..

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  93. Who did this pictures? Beautifull . I love this

  94. Hiya, thanks a lot! I took these pictures!

  95. Like it! ^^*

  96. […] 有位住在伦敦的姑娘说,就算她的家离Hurwundeki有半个城的距离,她还是会隔三岔五到这家咖啡点坐坐。这个地方魅力可能就在于甜蜜的味道及令人赞叹的意大利白奶酪三明治。更令恋物者兴奋的是,这家咖啡店里的所有东西都对外出售,包括在花园里长凳、展示蛋糕的货架。所以,来这家店的朋友,记住了,一定要带好足够的钱,说不定你看上了一个30英镑的老式铁衣架想买下来呢!这又是美味咖啡之外的惊喜了! […]

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  98. Louise Grenfell of Good Juju - Life

    this is my favourite place I’ve looked at in a while x