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Hermès ‘Paris, mon Ami’ campaign at Harrods Knightsbridge

How do I go about writing about scarves without including a sappy account on how mother had a sliding drawer full of them and whenever I’d run my fingers over them I’d smell of Guerlain Shalimar on my palm for the rest of the week? Well, I guess I can’t anyway since my mother did not have a sliding drawer full of perfumed scarves – our furniture was ancient IKEA and the scarves shared a wiggling drawer full of my dad’s ties and some neglected stockings. So, I’m glad to say visiting the Hermès popup shop in Harrods Knightsbridge (celebrating 20 years relationship) today incited no nostalgia flashbacks whatsoever, and refreshingly I was able to form my own impression and fondness for the silk scarves. They were demonstrating tips on 1,000 ways to wear a scarf and my own ‘installment’ had 12 scarves in them, weaved together into what Penny called a ‘Hermès waffle’. And of course, you probably know already how much I loved the DIY style-your-scarf cards… off to try some with my teatowels!

The pop-up shop is open till the 2nd of January, so make sure you drop by and learn a few tricks.
Thank you Penny for the shots of moi!

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  1. AWESOME~!

  2. That Hermes-scarf-dress is so sweet! How cool would it be to wear your scarves like that all the time? What a great opportunity you got.


  3. INCREDIBLE!!!! I have a chest drawer full of silk scarves, 80% of them are unworn…..hmmm it’s play time…well, wait til I return.

  4. Bibi

    I love your intro! So funny! Too many bloggers disingenuously mention the lovely, but privileged indulgences of their lives. But without a hint of humility for those of us who haven’t been lucky enough to afford them or haven’t come from families that can.
    Quite refreshing!

  5. wow. that all looks amazing. love the “naklace”

  6. wow. that all looks amazing. love the “neklace”

  7. sooo beautiful! I love all the colours..gorgeous photos :)

  8. Scarves are my ultimate accessory and this is my favorite type. the regal-tartan pattern. I really love how they are being used, I wish I could have them all. lol

  9. What a beautiful myriad of scarves!


  10. such amazing colours! its all so clever!



  11. Love this post!!

  12. Yoshi

    This post was so exciting – such beautiful scarves! Thanks so much for taking these photos, Shini!

  13. very cool! what gorgeous and vibrant colors.
    that tank scarf top that you had on looks fantastic~ those diy cards are too cute. neat-ooo
    xoxo Diana

  14. these photographs are absolutely fantastic. i love love love the seat and all the hermes accompaniments.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  15. Me encanta!!! que ingeniosas maneras de usar una simple pañoleta!

    Un besote

  16. omygoodness what a dream!!! I love Hermes and these pictures are pure magic

  17. Wow, so gorgeous!


  18. Canary

    This is so beautiful.. drool..

  19. I like the illustrations on the different ways the scarves can be worn; alas, too bad I live in NY. The photograph of the hands putting together the dress made out of the silk scarves is especially impressive and cool-looking. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Stunning


  21. Wow wow wow. Hermes is such an amazing brand. The products…. ohh I LOVE.

    Last week I’ve tried one of the bracelets, but couldn’t decide on the color… all so pretty!

    XO Charlotte

  22. Those scarf styling cards have got me dribbling with excitement. Unfortunately, silk and dribble are probably not a good mix.

  23. Amazing Shini! This post feels like someone threw-up a smorgasburg of silky prints… it’s incredible. Love the shots of you and Peony. The concept 1,000 ways to wear a scarf is awesome. I know of only 1 really… draped around my neck. #lameo xx

  24. oh! wow wow wow!!! makes me wanna try!!!

    xoxo from rome

    ps. are you going to warsaw for christmas?

  25. Awesome post!! Especially the variety of Hermes colours!
    Here is something interesting about one of the artists performing especially for Hermes silk scarves:

  26. beautiful colors and prints!


  27. happy to see all the colours !

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  28. Erica

    DYING to know how to create the knotted necklace! Details?

  29. amazing! i always wondering where the inspirations for such elaborate and detailed scarves came from!


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  31. ♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
    from your follower! ♡

  32. wow how inspiring! who woulda thought there´s 1000 ways to wear a scarf. you look like a 1000 dollars in the silk scarf dress. literally!


  33. wow! these photos seem came from the paradise! aaaaaaaaa… what a dream <3

  34. overwhelming. *dies*

  35. i love you and you know it :)

  36. These are so amazing!

  37. Oh wow such gorgeous prints and colours. I love the scarf in your hair and the incredible DIY 12 Scarf creation!

  38. J + A

    These are absolutely beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing….


  39. Oh soo rich! Love how the scarves look all colours swirled together, looks like a temple in there. Luuuush! X

  40. GORGEOUS pics Shini! Was lovely to see you… x

  41. […] providing 1,000 styling tips as part of their Paris Mon Ami campaign and pop up shop. Shini, of Park & Cube, was lucky enough to attend and was styled in a piece made up of 12 woven scarves! Isn’t it […]

  42. This is fantastic! And timely; I just had someone asking me for more ways to wear silk square scarves. Thanks for a great post!


  43. Stunning !
    The colors, prints and fabrics are so beautiful.

  44. Stunning pictures! What a beautiful post


  45. i love how you can wear their scarves in so many different ways!!!
    thanks for sharing this experience!!


  46. Hermes Scarf are really stunning! i love it… this events same like in Indonesia Hermes event “Paris Mon Ami”

    Hei Echa!

  47. The detail in those scarves is gorgeous, I never realised that there were so many different ways to utilise a scarf! Thank you for sharing.


  48. Beautiful array of scarves and unique illustration!

  49. Love this post, always wanted to own a Hermes scarf. Must try and pop into Harrods some time for a look

  50. WOW these photos are amazing, thanks for the inspiration :)

  51. The photos are prints are absolutely divine and gorgeous!

  52. Beautiful photos as always

  53. Amazing Post! So colorful and inspiring…


  54. Such vibrant and fun colors! I especially am fascinated by the versatility of the scarf and how it can be worn in so many different ways and used for different things!

    Cup of Fashion

  55. love!

  56. I remember there was this ’90s trend of wearing bandanas as tops…I wasn’t really into that (not that I should’ve been, since I was only a kid). But that card with a scarf worn as a top is gorgeous! So inventive!

    actually, have you seen this video? It shows how to wear a scarf in 25 different ways. Quite mesmerizing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYAEz777AU

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  58. I love the top! Inspiring!

  59. Beautiful photos, but what i liked most about this post is the story about your mothers drawer ;) made me laugh, thanks ;)

  60. Hi Shini,
    I haven’t commented in a while but I’ve been reading your blog still. Do update us on your married life! (:

    Anyway this is beautiful – Hermes silk scarves are always of the highest quality & they spend so much collaborating with artists on prints.

  61. very nice photographs of those ingenious Hermes scarves ! a really classic find with all those bangles and sketches… everything~ i’ll visit the store soon x but for me, these photos are indulgent enough =D


  62. beautiful images.

  63. Beautiful photographs and sweet writing. Thank you for sharing.

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  65. Great look!

  66. That is a really expensive seat cushion cover…

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  70. Everything looks just amazing..I loved the way how she tied the scarf