I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Surprising detail:  A strand of chain is always attached to Chanel jacket flaps to add weight and prevent from flutter.

Jacket – Gery Webber, Dress – H&M, Pants – Zara, Bracelet – The Vamoose etsy Shop, Shoes – Chanel

AW10 Faux fur collection

Come and play, Julie said, and I went over to Chanel HQ with my sand toys and Lego box. That was how casual it was, so organic; and despite that I don’t have a single Chanel piece in my wardrobe and do not intend to until one suits my salary & wardrobe, I’m falling for the brand. Their ideals behind brand-press relationship emits a certain humility that I don’t see in smaller brands and agencies that can’t even be bothered to write a simple Dear Shini in their emails. Oh the faux fur yeti coat, I was all oh whats that and before I knew what was going on Julie slid it on me, I promise I didn’t beg to try it on. The faux fur was so smooth it was unreal, next thing we’ll know they’ll be planting Chanel fur onto poor skinned rabbits.

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  1. Shini, what a lucky girl you are ! This is every girl’s dream ! You just made one of my dreams come true vicariously! Thank you! The pictures are beautiful and I’m diggin’ the new Layout


  2. WOW, these are incredible! Great shots that really show the elegance of Chanel.
    I especially love the little chain detail!

  3. luckeeeeee.
    is that a crocheted bodysuit in the picture beside the boots? It looks intriguing…

  4. the coat on the bottom left is the most amazing winter piece. i will not be able to stop thinking about it…and all the shoes!!


  5. Kyu

    W O W. The pictures are just superb! And Chanel has amazing EVERYTHING: boots, fur coat semi-sculpted heels!!!!!!!!!!! IM JUST SO IN LUVVVVVVV @($&()@&$()&)(!@&$()()

  6. Oooh I love it, You must have had such a fab time playing dress up! Love the shots and I love your outfit too!!

  7. Fantastic photos Shini, I’m quite taken by the fingerless gloves with little leather bows!

  8. ahh love the wit in your posts as usual!! love your outfit – I wish i could pull off dress, jacket, pants…maybe I’ll try sometime :-). is the watch in the glove picture also chanel?

  9. Ooo I’m not sure actually, that’s Julie’s. I’ll ask though!

  10. Sarah

    The watch is definitely Chanel! x

  11. that brown faux fur jacket is TO DIE FOR. omg you are so lucky i would love to take a trip through chanel and play dress up haha ! the detail on those heels is GORGEOUS so historic looking i love everything xo

  12. Wow. Amazing. I love the pumps with the heel detailing. You’re so lucky!

  13. You are very fortunate!!
    I am in love with all of the shoes, my favorite being the clogs!

  14. You are so lucky, everything is so beautiful. I love the clogs as well


  15. can i just say i hate you?! ahhaa not really, but omgg. soo lucky!!!

    >>new posts!!! forever21 recycled the same print on a 1980s dress that I got from my aunt!

  16. i lovee this whole look! the glasses are amazing.. and every piece here in these photos..

  17. oh, man, i want to play inside Chanel, too!!! D:

  18. The new layout is AMAZING for your photos… my eyes popped at that first pic
    And you are very good at wearing dresses over pants, I just have to say.

  19. shini… where to start? there are so many incredible details and beautiful things in this photo. once again, your chanel photos have caught me at a slightly miserable pre-exam moment and reminded me that life isn’t quite so bad…. haha, chanel is still out there and it will still be there waiting for me once this exam is over (now i just need to make some money so i can get my hands on it). that last photo of you in that massive faux fur is so hilarious! it actually looks so amazing… it kind of transforms you into the lochness monster (in a good way). i love it with all your muted colours and the bright shoes. i think your right about the little details…. everything just looks so perfectly made and special. i love the shoes and the fabrics… how proper would you be in that dress?! i would love to wear that and sit at the ‘bad’ end of a table at a tea party. i think my favourite piece is the leather jacket with the brown fur (faux?) underneath…. especially if you could remove the fur and just wear the leather jacket. that would be so practical. ok ok…. enough from me. beautiful photos. looks incredible. xx

  20. Jen, you know what’s cool, that fur on the brown jacket is actually detachable. That factor alone made me want to sell my flat (that I rent) and purchase it. Shall we split costs?

  21. Emma G

    Amazing post- That is all.l

  22. You’re amazing, your blog is amazing, this post is amazing, the photos are amazing, the collection is amazing…ooooo!

    i love the cream black boots….!!!


  23. oh i DIE!!!!! you lucky, lucky thing Shini!!!!! i would have died on the spot to see all those masterpieces. where is this, in Paris?

  24. This is their London HQ! :D

  25. Oh my, how did you ever take that jacket off? You look like a finely (Chanel) clad pimp.



  26. This chanel dress is one of the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen.

  27. DROOOOOOOOOL!!! <3


  28. that faux fur coat looks superbly luxurious <3 such pretty details in every single item, i love that obscure chain detail on the jackets. thankyou so much for sharing these wonderful peeks with us! i realise i have no idea what you're working as! because you mentioned chanel's excellent brand-press relationship, i take it you're working for some publications?

  29. Owh actually no! I’m a bum right now, not working for anyone but my freelance stuff… I meant blogger as press, which makes it even better I’d say ;)

  30. O-M-G so jealous, SO JEALOUS! even the hangers are amazing! this is big motivation to get rich ha! xx

  31. You are so lucky to have somthing from a Chanel store! That is one of my fac brands!

    and check out my new project – Story of my Clothes

  32. Owh I don’t have anything from a Chanel store, that’s what I wrote ;)!

  33. As usual, very beautiful pictures, great post, xoxo

  34. the heels on those shoes are faaaaabulous.

  35. OMG!!!!

    LOVE this <3

  36. Oh, I’m sooooooo jealous! What a great opportunity! Everything looks incredible. xx

  37. Oooooh my, I have no words! I’m turning jade green with envy (but VERY excited for you!). Loving all the details – especially the shoes that have heels like ice cream cones!

    And I love that they treat bloggers exceptionally well.

    Miss B xx


  38. my oh my! a girls dream come true! what a coat, you could be in Anastasia – are those your beautiful yellow shoes peeping out underneath?

    I love the attention to detail, the chain on the jacket flaps! And you’ve opened my eyes, I would never have associated Chanel and humility.

    Lovely post :)

  39. LOVE, Love, Love!!!

    juliet xxx

  40. My computer is out of commission for a week and there’s a whole new Park and Cube! My, my. Looking good, sister. I’ve been meaning to redo my blog forever. But I’m much too lazy.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous Chanel, I love the shoes. They made me kind of fall for clogs :P

  42. Even though all the Chanel stuff is pretty, I love the dress you’re wearing the most! I just realized it’s from H&M, I could have known!
    The only thing from Chanel I own are my prescription glasses (and they were 50% off :P) but I love them! :D Talking about glasses: I love those sunglasses! So pretty (:

  43. J

    omg shini! what watch is that? i love it. please let me know!

    (and those chanel shoes, all of them…..:) )

  44. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Playing at Chanel HQ? I can only dream. Lovely photos, as always. :)

  45. Sofie

    omg, how I wish I was you. it must have been fab! one question: the black stilettos, with the white heel, do you know how much they costs?
    love your blog! :D

  46. Wow, I think you should totally get into Chanel, it looks so good on you! Great photos as always and I love the pieces you’ve picked out x

  47. chlopiec

    a ja się wyroznie na tle tych wszystkich anglojezycznych komentarzy:
    Shini, jestes inspiracja dla wielu. i cholerna szczesciara ;D
    P.S Polska Cie kocha :*
    P.S2 twoje komentarze nie kochają polskich znaków :)

  48. There must be nothing like having the opportunity to play the ultimate dress up. I feel intimidated to even have a browse in a Chanel store, let alone try something on, Thanks for sharing the pictues as always, It’s great that they pay tha added attention to detail with the chain on the cuff.

  49. wow great idea!!

  50. i was like :O SHINI IS THAT YOUR J12?!?!?!?!?!?

  51. oh and i totally still use “versions” if not visually on my site, i definitely name all my website versions on my hardrive

  52. yay, geektastic! hi5!

  53. you’re so lucky
    i envy you :)

  54. Loove the faux fur coat on you!! seems like you’re a good height for it too :P

  55. janet

    the shoes re gorgeous!
    love ur pants and clogs!


  56. Consider me insanely jealous, what I wouldn’t give to go play for a day at Chanel. You know, I wasn’t crazy for the clogs during the runway show, but since then they’re really grown on me, it just goes to show you that its almost impossible to dislike anything endorsed by Chanel. Karl has impeccable taste.

  57. wow! amazing, as always! The clothes from Chanel – unworldy!


  58. beyond jealous that you got to go there! looks like fun xxxxxxx

  59. I dream about Chanel shoes, always :)

  60. Ah Chanel… :D I am living vicariously through you now. Love that coat on you; and those yellow shoes make it so perfect.

  61. OMG those flower pumps are insanely gorge.



    ( if you lile my blog, share it or leave a comment…)

  63. help me, because i LOVE those Chanel sunglasses you wore! Ah….

  64. the chanel clutch and necklace are delicately designed, seems that you like the things with a nature look!

  65. I love the insight into the chain on the jacket flaps. It’s a little detail, but I really like the idea of it adding weight. Also, how stunning are the heels on those shoes!! Gosh, they’re like a sculpture in themselves… really beautiful. This looks like such a fun day, and how lovely of them to invite you! It just goes to show that these large brands are not always so cold and impersonal.
    Finally, I really like the new layout. I never know how to go about things like that!
    Clare x

  66. aargh! i am so unbelievably jealous! you are so lucky, although I’m sure you know that! I love all of the detail that goes into the clothing, especially the chain in the jackets!&& those shoes, how beautiful?!


  67. UM the Chanel sunglasses…the shoes (not the clogs)…and your non-Chanel DRESS! I in love with everything you wear, pretty much.

  68. Your blog is very interesting! I will come again

  69. Your so lucky to be able to visit.

    I especially admire the nostalgic-ness and classic look of chanel. beautiful clothes. Wonderful blog.

  70. I am salivating over those heels in the first image, so stunning!! You are so lucky to go and play in there!


  71. I’m in love <3

  72. wow. I have fallen in love with Chanel once again. sooooo amazing!!


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  75. Steph Bbavfiveeightfivefour Michele

    when i originally saw you in the floor length white fur coat i thought it was real and was uber pissed. then after reading i was like, “i thought chanel uses real animal flesh??”

    please correct me.