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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


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As some of you pointed out I did indeed get a perm, although it’s been 3 days and it’s starting to straighten out already. I’ve been straight my whole life and this was meant to be a bit of an adventure, but the happy phase is rather short-lived and from the looks of it I’ll be back completely by the end of the week…SIGH. Whatever, I love my men straight hair.

What a waste of money though, must retry when I get back to London.

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  1. It looks cute like this; semi wavy. cutee outfit btw. I like your top well dress:)

  2. erika

    omg it’s so cute. you’re making me want to get one!

  3. ooh i love that dress as top. so cute. my hair is pretty obedient for asian hair; when i got mine permed it stayed for 6 months!

    hehe we’re both wearing the same shoes today! love it, so comfy!

  4. love the post below, and your perm looks great!

    My hair can’t endure perms because it is so wispy thin…sadness!

  5. that perm looks good on you though! definitely try it again (:


  6. Lillian Mak

    you are my idol. you always look so fab! i love it!

  7. Your hair looks fantastic! I love you DYI necklace, it looks great with this outfit!

  8. Danielle

    I hope you haven’t been washing your hair in the past three days because a perm should go without wash or water for three days after getting it D: In any case, I like the hair the way it is :)

  9. you know what’s weird though, I knew that too (education from Legally Blonde heh) except when my hairstylist was taking off the rollers she washed my hair altogether in water like 2 times?? Anyway, gotta go to a asian Hair salon to get asian hair treated properly, which is a bit ridiculous…

  10. Danielle

    I’m the creepy girl who e-mailed you about your hair a couple of months back and I went to China and got a straight perm, which is still holding up really well and is really beautiful–all for 30 US dollars including cutting costs! You definitely seem to have really pin straight hair though (I have really scraggly, all over the place hair which is why I had to get it straight permed for it to look like ‘normal’ Asian hair [btw, they had to pretty much iron it a million times because it was so stubborn even by Asian standards]). I do think that Asian hair requires some different techniques and I know that the digital perm is very popular with Asians right now so why not try something like that next time? Good luck!

  11. Your hair looks amazing! I wish I could pull off a perm.

    Love the colour of your pants.


  12. ahhhh i absolutely love what you’re wearing.
    must keep that dress idea in mind.

  13. ahhh, the asian hair curse! we’ve resilient hair! i actually have really fine hair, but nevertheless, asian hair. if this is your first time perming, it happens. plus, your hair colour looks natural so i’m assuming it’s not really coloured and looks quite healthy and non-damaged?

    you sort of need to have messed-up and slightly damaged hair for the perm solutions to work on non-permed-or-coloured asian hair.

    it happens to me whenever i decide to perm my hair again, and if your hair stylist was used to dealing with asian hair like mine is, he/she would tell you to come back in a week or two to redo it, and usually for free or cheaper! :) good luck! you should do it, it looks great!

  14. I have fine hair too! except, hair is the only part of my body that’s quite healthy, so it doesn’t like having to change looks… SOB. Maybe I shall destroy it and theeen go curl again muahahah.

  15. baśka

    zawsze masz genialne pomysły! a w takich lekko falowanych włosach i sukience ubranej jako bluzka wyglądasz wyjątkowo! :)

  16. i’m being completely absorbed with the colour of those pants!

  17. this looks really good on you :)

  18. I love your trousers. Looks good!

  19. Cool pants!!!

  20. oops, that’s escaped me. can you not go back for a re-perm? i find it a lil unacceptable for the curls to die down so soon.

  21. Meh, they first didn’t want to do it saying it’ll uncurl…but I sorta made them do it…so I guess it’s my fault :(

  22. lovely !!

  23. I love you DIY! Cool shoes :)

  24. you look great,love the pants- the fit, the color-awesome

  25. Your outfit is super cute – but it sucks that the perm is coming out so fast! It must be because your hair is so long and its weighing down the curls.

  26. awww but it looks so good on you!

  27. adore the pop of blue!

  28. great outfit i love the colour of the trousers x

  29. Too bad about the perm! It looks nice right now though.

  30. Do you think it’s worth getting the perm? I’ve always told myself I’d get one, but if the effects don’t really last all that long, I’m not sure I should take the plunge.

  31. I say it’s worth the temporary ‘change of looks’, so I guess it’s good to find a hairsalon that doesn’t charge so much. London asked at least £110, but I’m thinking theirs will last months instead of weeks. Well whichever, you’ll have it for a relatively short period of time so I definitely say it’s worth it if you want something different for your hair.

  32. I think it’s worth it, Katie. It’s an alternative to coloring or completely changing the cut. But like Shini said, it’s good to find a salon that won’t overcharge and do a good job!

  33. your hair is beautiful with the curls!
    and I spot that necklace you made.. YES to creativity xo

  34. Your hair was probably too healthy for the perm!! It still looks great in the photos! I’m sure the second time around it will come out and stay put… how was the experience at the non-asian establishment? Come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve ever been to a non-korean salon… haha (I don’t do anything to my hair while I’m in school)

    I got a digital perm in Korea and they used different sized rollers throughout my hair which was an interesting technique. After a few weeks it becomes really 자연스러워… you should try it! :)

  35. hey hottie! sorry I have not commented much recently! :(

    but still viewing :)

    loooove this look – great idea with the layering there – hottie!

    hope your well
    xxxx love bel

  36. amazing (matching) shoes and top!

  37. I know how you feel about the hair thing, I’ve had wavy thick hair my whole life and always contemplated getting a Japanese perm (permanently straightened) but now I’ve learned to love my wavy hair.
    Don’t know if you’ve tried, but on YouTube there are some really super vids on how to get wavy hair with a flatiron and a bit of hairspray. I do it when I want to have more defined waves. Check it out!

  38. Ayesha

    First of all I want to profess my adoration for your blog shini. laaav it. Secondly, I too, am asian (yay asians) and had a loose perm done at J.moriyama in london (look them up, for a cut and a perm it cost about £90 and they specialize in asian hair) My semi perm didn’t last long but it sure did give me split ends (or multisplit ends shall I say) to last a lifetime. Probably not helped by me lightening my hair either.

    They say that you shouldn’t really perm too soon after the other or dye your hair before getting a perm as your hair may fall out.. eek. My perm only lasted about a month and a half but I had quite resilient poker straight hair and now it’s more prone to kinks/mildly wavy at times. I think if you get your perm done again maybe ask for a smaller roller size as so many people have told me that perms drop and turn into that lovely olsen/wassonesque wave.

  39. Cool pants !!
    Like your blog, it’s great !

  40. oh how i want your shoes!!
    where can i get a pair??

  41. Love the colors in your outfit!! My hair does the same, straightens out rather quickly after a perm. I highly recommend any of those spray-in treatments for curly hair, they really do make your hair wavier! Its been 8 mos and the spray keeps the waves in!