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Shoes by Beaucoops

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club knitted hotpants

…which would basically only fit my fist.

Snowberry skincare products

Totem pole-inspired Tina Kalivas

Art Deco deco by Lucy Hutchings


Beautifully simple Zambesi pieces

Left: Zambesi weaved wool skirt; Right: Thurley Asymmetrical silk dress

Jewellery by Toby Jones

Mini trench by Alpha60

Print scarves by Athena Procopiou of Shoot My Design

Alpha60 sunnies

Light Essentials by Sosume

Left: Andrea Pfeffer; Right: Kyle Robinson; More photos here

If I ever had a chance to re-make my first few fashion choices, from buying my first Cosmopolitan magazine in 2006 to banishing all glittery sweaters from my ‘drobe, I’d liked to have first consulted Robinson Pfeffer for some damn good taste. Although of course, in 2006 the agency (events & PR) would’ve been a mere few flittering ideas, bubbling and brewing amidst the growing friendship of Kyle Robinson and Andrea Pfeffer until its hatching in 2008. I was invited to their showroom in Old Street last week, and other than the fact that I got lost finding the entrance and almost pressed on Hussein Chalayan’s studio (?) doorbell, it was a wonderful (and educational) opportunity. Boy does it teach you how to think beyond the trends. The two were so kind, crazy and quirky… well of course! The brands were from all over the world: New Zealand, Canada, UK, Japan… My personal favourite was the Zambesi pleated skirt with the catflap-ish hole, and the mini trench by Alpha60. Well, I’m not going to spoil this glee by looking up prices or anything for now.

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  1. amazing


  2. so many australian designers! nice!


  3. AMAZING!!!!

  4. That is such a nice bright open space! What a treat it must have been to get to look through all of those amazing racks of clothes, it must have been hard to leave.


  6. The Thurley dress and the mini Trench!!! I want them right now!! Your pictures are great!

    -jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  7. oh goodness the grey, uneaven tanktops are fantastic!
    They look so soft and silky~


  8. Those knit shorts, that gigantic necklace, that sequined top, those grey shifts, even those teacups…

    Everything, everything, everything is drool worthy.

    You must have been in heaven.

  9. Do you know who the jewelry in the photo 7th from the bottom is by? It’s super cool and would love to check out the link.

    Those knit shorts are badass… You should’ve at least tried them on for fun? Haha.

  10. .H.

    Toby Jones – another Australian!


    I want those knitted shorts – but can’t seem to get them anywhere!

  11. Such a fashion Wonderland! Every piece seems to be THAT special piece one need’s in the wardrobe. I must say, I do like the knitted hotpants:)

  12. The Zambesi pleated skirt stood out to me, too! It’s so simple and streamlined, it’s perfect for any wardrobe. Though those knit hot pants are…. something. Definitely something. Definitely hawt on you. xD

  13. Glad you went straight for the knit number like I did. Splendid!

  14. The print scarves caught my eye. I am a succour for accesories.

  15. Nice to see so many Antipodean designers being stocked overseas. Zambesi is one of my favourite labels – I have a black draped dress from a few seasons ago that I constantly wear.

  16. Lovin’ Lucy Hutching’s jewellery!

  17. Amazing merchadise! Do you happen to the know the brands of the jewelery section? Or the cross/inverted cross one? It looks awesome!

  18. aaaaaaaargh my head has exploded with eye joy

  19. this pics are amazing! love almost all of this pieces, especially the jewels!

  20. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I need those shorts!!


  21. gosh those shoesss!
    cloudships <3

  22. such nice pieces here! ahh i want it all

  23. Oh my goodness, those shoes, those knitted knickers, that beading… heaven.

    Love from Tweet


  24. If I am not mistaken, I think that the asymmetrical silk blue dress is by Dress Up by Stephanie Downey, and not Thurley.

  25. Looks just like heaven…

  26. so many great pieces and so many shoes <3 love


  27. Those shoes!! omg, what an Eyecandy!! :D

  28. Sharon

    I love the jewelry and definitely those shoes!
    A room filled with beautiful clothes, lovely (:

  29. These are great. What joy to be in space like that and surrounded by so many clothes and shoes! Did you do this with Vanessa Jackman? I think she did some awesome portrait shots of these guys too.

  30. omg! love those shorts!!!!!

  31. Great selection! I love that Zambesi skirt with the woven panel…now, I just need to look for my rich benefactor!

  32. I love all of those photos!! Amazing details.

  33. it’s beautifull!!!! http://be-mode.blogspot.com/

  34. Really cute knitted hot pants! But I’m pretty sure it’s not for everyone.


  35. By posting those shorts on your blog they automatically become 3x harder to find since now everyone, including me, NEEDS a pair.

    I shall have to knit a pair myself I guess. First I have to learn how to knit…

  36. Drooollll…. I love the double cross necklace :)
    – Adele

  37. Check out the rest of the Sosume collection on our website! Sosumeclothing.com

  38. wow i seriously need all of those pieces!!!!

  39. OMG I have to admit it……. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  40. those hot pants are so dreamy! following you!


  41. I am an emerging designer and i want them to take me on board!


  42. its all about money. But the stuff is sooooo amazing. love it. so cool they invited you.

  43. I have to say that im extremely jealous!! u are so lucky!

    Im in love with those knit shorts.

  44. beautiful photos, beautiful blog!

  45. The woven skirt and the Sosume basics have rendered me speechless. I also want EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES they have. Every single pair. Especially that peach ankle boot in the front row between the white shoes with the strapover detail… Ughhhh.

    How’ve you been? :) xxx

  46. wow. these photos are incredible and those are such incredible pieces. my favourites are: the print scarves, mini trench, and art deco jewelry. thanks for introducing me to all these brands! am going to check out the additional photos… xx

  47. Those knitted shorts are amazing but you’re right, they’re teeny tiny! Cannot believe you were so close to Chalayan’s studio, wow!

  48. Heaps of Aussie designers here! I think I could quite happily acquire every piece shown here (if i had the money!) Love everything!! xx

  49. Thank you. There is currently a little drool trickling down the side of my mouth.


  50. WOW WOW WOW! Beautiful.

  51. Oh that “Stolen Girlfriend’s Club knitted hotpants” I said to myself that I would have certainly choose it for a photo and there you are, next photo, holding it! :D

  52. i like your baby huh? i thought that it is really a baby and now i know that this all sool stuff of yours is your baby.

  53. Very cool! I am in love with those beaucoop shoes. I am awaiting mine in the mail.

  54. I love the layout of the shop. So many beautiful pieces! I love the totem pole inspired pieces and the woven skirt, just gorgeous! <3


  55. oh how we love sample sizes :’) hahah

    lovely pieces here.


  56. I keep meaning to go and check it out too! That showroom looks about 20 times bigger than the other, I can’t wait to go, Tina Kalivas’ collection is looking amazing!

  57. Looks like you had a field day. It’s always nice to see you exploring and showing your readers whats out there! (i’m now following you on bloglovin’)

    Here’s my virgin blog >>> all it needs is a few followers to pop the cherry



  58. Oh, it looks like it was fabulous & I just really like the look of those two. I want to go next time! Love all that stuff – those variations of the white platform open toe booties by Beaucoup are so Courreges 60s Chelsea bird cool, and those hot pants!!!

    Sorry we missed you Friday, Shini. When can we meet up again? Let me know what your week’s looking like: my cold is finally, hopefully gone & I’m back on the streets.

    Oh! That’s what I forgot to ask you: facebook. I forget if we’re friends? Jill Carin Adams. Just started a new polka dot club & want to tag you:
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Youve-Been-Dotted/111401745563989 please spread the word thanks!!


  59. Ah I didn’t go to this one cos it was outside the W1C zone :S I know which building you went to, I had an interview for an internship at Hussein Chalayan’s years ago….days later I got accepted and I rejected it LOL….don’t ask me why.

    I absolutely adore the art deco neck piece.

  60. WHY???

  61. Cos I was already starting on an internship with another designer/stylist for music video project, the job was sooo fun I had to say ‘NO thanks, I’m making some costumes for the band The Darkness’


  62. I’ve made an order of those knitted shorts…they MUST be mine…and your’s too evidently!

  63. Loving the Aztec/ totem pole theme!
    the knitted shorts are madness! But will they be extra-warm undies or superhero-esque outies?! haha xxx

  64. that trench by alpha60 and all the tina kalivas stuff…. wowza, and uh, those knitted hot shorts too.

  65. Those knit hotpants are completely impractical…which means I want them so badly I’m drooling. Really, everything looks gorgeous!

  66. Am i dead ? is this heaven ?

  67. these guys have the BEST stuff. such a great eye.

  68. AH. I went as well AND got lost and ended up in the same place as you! I was like WTF!!! But then I found it and was in loveeee. We should have went together though!!! Next time! xx

  69. the shoes <3!

  70. I love so much of this! Especially the knitted shorts, Tina Kalivas leggings, Lucy Hutchins necklaces and all the shoes!! Forgive me asking, but are these two stylists, or is this a new boutique?

    Miss B xx


  71. Aren’t they lovellyy!? Andrea and Kyle are the founders of Robinson Pfeffer which is a events/PR agency :D! They’re like ambassadors for the brands they handle!

  72. So many lovely pieces.

  73. So many Aussie and Kiwi designers – they shouldn’t be too expensive after currency conversion.

  74. […] I wasn’t the only person lusting after the Stolen Girlfriends Club knitted hot pants (seen here in brown in a pic taken by Shini of Park and Cube). And of course I got to thinking about how I […]