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Inspiration: Abaete for Payless

What you’ll need: Victim Shoes (Preferably with thin high heels), Chain-heavy Jewellery pieces to take apart (fringed necklace if possible), 8 Studs with prongs (any size), Scalpel or hobby knife ,Jewellery Pliers, 8 Jumprings (~1/32inch diameter)

Mark the width of the stud onto the shoes and make small slits with a sharp scalpel (or hobby knife) for the prongs to go through.

Hang 2 jumprings on each of the prongs of the stud, insert stud into the slits. Bend the prongs inward to close using a butter knife or a metal ruler.

Add another stud, but this time hanging only one jumpring on the right arm, towards the back of the shoes. Position the stud at the top of the heel arch. Repeat for other side.

Take apart the piece of jewellery with the most chains available – best if the necklace is a chain fringe. If not, pick out a thicker chain for a main hanger, and hang thinner chains so it looks like a fringe. Measure onto shoes, cut and hang onto the jumprings.

Using your jewellery prongs, (usually equipped with cutter) cut the fringes just short of the ground

Optional: Add extra details with leftover chain; Add heavier weight chains on every other slot if wanted.

Those Abaete for Payless pics have been sitting in my DIY inspiration folder for almost a year now, I just never had the guts to risk a lab rat pair of heels for the potential disaster of an operation. Well, in truth I had no clue how to attach the chain onto heels, and the gluegun option only made me think of scenarios like backtracking the streets for that few lost strands of chain… Then Forever21 contacted me requesting a Prom themed DIY, and let me choose a pair of heels to be sent over with some old collection jewellery. Maybe it was the faux-suede heels I found in their store, or the fact that they were free (HOOT), but I went straight to the stab & hang option.

For those wondering what would happen if the chain would drag – would you step on it, fall over and die a slow death…? That won’t happen unless you somehow miss the instruction on cutting the chain just short of the ground. Just please don’t go rock-climbing in them and then sue me for slipping on a chain or two.

It’s slightly too bling for me personally, so I’m thinking of tuning down the chains and getting rid of the additional details, but there’s so many styles you can try. Instead of conical studs, try flat round studs – spray painted with black might make things less hardcore. It’s really up to you.

Thank you F21 for the shoes & jewellery. You can see the DIY in their blog, The Skinny.

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  1. this is amazing! you have a real talent for these thankyou so much for sharing :) just a question, how do you bend the prongs inward when they’re already inside the slit?
    cloudships <3

  2. Hiya, the studs aren’t going into the silt, they’re just going through the ‘leather’ of the shoes so you’ll be able to see them inside! :D

  3. The semester is almost over? Do you know what that means? I’m actually going to have time to do this! Does that mean I will have the ambition to do it? Probably not; but still — a girl can dream.

    Thank you!

  4. Great DIY, I don’t think I would have been able to come up with a good way to attach the chains. What brand/shade of yellow nail polish are you wearing? I’ve been on the hunt for a good yellow and yours looks perfect, not too bright and sort of mango-like shade, so nice!

  5. Ohhh they are both BarryM! I wonder if you can get them there in Vancouver or if their site delivers there though, do let me know if you need help (aka ship-off :P) ;)

  6. this is a fantastic idea!

  7. Lovely hells, great job you have so many ideas i have to try to do these one really lovely diy shoes!

  8. Oh my!
    ahah, that is so simple and stylish!
    God job!


  9. I really like the idea!!!

  10. Omg incredible, adorable!! I wish i could have talent!!!!


  11. That’s a job well done!

  12. Oh great idea – I just found that i have too many shoes so maybe i should change one into this DIY project? anyway – amazing ^_^

  13. Once again, you are too awesome for words. Can I also ask where you buy your chains? You seem to have a good supply and I don’t know where to buy them. Thanks!

  14. I usually buy my chains in my Uni store, or a haberdashery in my neighbourhood but I find that they don’t have too many types – so nowadays I just take apart necklaces that I don’t wear anymore. Sometimes you could ask small accessory shops if they have any broken jewellery that they’d like to throw out, and maybe you could score a bag of chains like that ;)!

  15. IMO, yours look so much better than the runway versions. Much more interesting!

  16. great! I kind of missed your DIYs, thay’re always so cool and seem so easy to do!
    I hope you’re planning other DIY articles, can’t wait!

  17. my god! your DIY is better than the original! great job!

  18. This looks totally cool! Even better that the original.
    Too bad i don’t wear high heels, i’m not sure it will look as good with 6-8 cm heels…

  19. I missed your DIY, this one is really great!
    modifying shoes is so much fun! This so great to give another life to pairs that were sleeping in their box because they where, well, too ordinary… ^__^

  20. wow! these heels are amazing!!

  21. Kyudane

    They are AMAZING!

  22. That is brilliant! I’m really inspired to make a new project, it’s been so long since I made one!


  23. Oh Impressive DIY! I like!

  24. these are perfect…youve done them so so well and theyre gorgeous.
    you should make more and sell me some haha

    keep going, i´m loving to check out your blog!!

    please, let me invite you to visit my portuguese style diary & boyfriend one too: http://www.dressatbreakfast.blogspot.com

    xx, Marta

  26. Good design idea. Don’t tear apart any piece of jewelry. It is highly likely that many DIY store will stock chain in a relevant size – or you can buy them on the internet!


  27. Absolutely badass. I love love your DIYs.

  28. I LOVE this!!!!

  29. Impressive DIY skill, it has brought back some memories from my internship days where I had to customise shoes with studds, chains, spray paint, stencilling and even chuck them in the mini bonfire to make them look disportional and twisted effect….mm yeah.

    I have the same cyan blue Barry M nail varnish as yours hehe.

  30. Totally cool, Shini. You are talented!

  31. Wow – these look even better than the originals!

    x vanessa

  32. They look awesome – you make it look really easy too!

  33. Great DIY!


  34. These came out wonderfully! You actually made a better version, to be honest. These would look lovely with just a plain black outfit. I love unexpected details like that.
    Clare x

  35. nice & simple & accessible for all levels of skill. thanx!

  36. We love Park&Cube DIY’s! And how great to hear that F21 contacted you. You’re definitely the right woman for the job.

  37. My goodness, you’re good. I always get a little giddy when you update, yeah I said it.

    Funny you should mention my prudish wardrobe, coveredupness is a quality of yours I’ve admired fo-evah. Also, I dig your hands.

  38. Fantastic DIY. The shoes look gorgeous!

  39. Those are great! Though they seem like they might make a bit of a noise as you walked around in them. Do they?


  40. Thank you! Just sweet swishing sounds actually, not bothersome at all! Of course would depend on what kind of chain you use ;)!

  41. great diy!
    i have been wanting to do this since i saw the inspiration on your site… sadly though haven’t got the time…
    but i did add some chains to my boots the easier way – on the buckle :D
    happy spring

  42. Alessia

    Great idea, i love DIY things… Just one questions:

    Where did you bought these shoes?

    A from Germany…

  43. When F21 asked me to do a DIY they sent the shoes for free when I’d chosen it, but they’re from F21! Not sure if they still have the same model!

  44. These are SO awesome, I think you are officially a genius.

    tweet tweet tweet


  45. wow!!!! you’re so talented!!!!
    great shoes!!!

  46. kim

    i think yours look better. way better!

  47. omg thats soo cool of F21. -they look soooo good. I alway love your DIY stuff. so cool

  48. can I just say…. impracti-WONDERFUL!

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  50. amazing DIY…not sure I have the heart to sacrifice a pair of heels though out of fear of screwing it up…is the leather strong enough to hold the studs and chains????

  51. Hiya Mariel, yupp the leather is definitely strong enough, the chains aren’t heavy enough I’d say to pull on anything ;) It’s absolutely sturdy if you use the right jumprings and all!

  52. Shini, this is great!!! thanks for the inspiration, I really have to try this one!xx

  53. please tell me these are a size 38 because i call dibs on them if you don’t want them!! (umm… yes, i am totally aware of the fact that 20,000 other people probably got in line for that before me, but it’s worth a try). anyway, seriously though, this is insanely cool. you are so talented.

    p.s. your nails are the colours of the swedish flag! love it. xx

  54. wow, that is such a cool idea! love the outcome of it! now i only have to find similar shoes for this, hehe! no payless around unfortunately, hehe! loving your wonderful blog!
    dearest greets!


  55. I love your nail colors! This is such a great DIY–I was wondering how you’d hang the chains :) I think I might try it with silver and black alternating chains. And this could definitely work on a leather bag as well!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  56. YOU are a total genius! :D Love this tutorial.

  57. Yuki

    Wow, I think I just metaphorically threw up with excitement at seeing this DIY. And it’s awesome how your version is a lot more awesome than the designer inspiration. I’m so excited to try and work on it myself with a pair of booties that I have. Thank you so much for posting this! ^__^

  58. love this project, keep up the customising posts for a recessionista like me. x

  59. Oh my gosh, the same set of pictures have been sitting in my inspiration folder too! I had almost forgotten about them until your DIY… which is genius. I will definitely have to try something similar. I also never got around to really making a good pair of shoe jewelry, like I said I would. Some silly failures, I think. But nothing I use often. I’ll get right on that (not). Thanks for always giving us that push to get around to our projects, Shini! This is really what I needed!

  60. LOVE your DIYs even though I can never take on these projects because I’m all thumbs!!!!! Is that really Abaete for Payless? Those shoes are gorgeous! too bad they’re not being sold anymore…

  61. You are too clever Shini. I like yours better than the actual inspiration.

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  63. San4e

    Wow this is amazing… thanks for sharing….
    Keep going, i´m loving to check out your blog!!! <3

  64. Yours look about 1000x better than the payless ones – I’m glad you did end up risking it.
    One thing that has always perplexed me is how you take the photos of your hands attaching things & doing stuff with such a tight focus unless you get someone else to do it?
    Anyway, fantastic DIY. I am so inspired to try it.

  65. Thank you so much Adele :D! I always use a tripod and sort of wrap my body around it when I do the DIYs haha I guess that explains the tight focus ;)

  66. omg! this looks great!!

  67. WOW absolutely love the final product. looks amazing!

  68. amazing diy, nice job!!

  69. I love what you did with the shoes!!


  70. Your shoes are wayyyyy better than the real thing!

  71. OMG!!
    Such an amazing DIY!! you’re very talented nad creative! =)
    I even finde much more beautiful yours than the ones from the catwalk!!!
    Adding you to my blogroll!


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  73. YAY! i love it!

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  76. Lizi

    Love it!!!

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  78. The results are amazing. :) One question though, does it work well with all kinds of shoe finish? My victim shoe has a bit of pearl finish and I’m just wondering if it’s going to crumple or crack when I pierce through it. I can’t explain it properly I think. >_<"

  79. Hmm ooh-lala I have NEVER tried that! But I’d imagine that it should be fine as long as you use a sharp scalpel, it’s more likely that the stud will keep any peeling or whatnot in place!
    I did do this DIY a long time ago, but I recommend one type of chain instead of going wacko like I did! Also try using maybe round flat-ish studs if you don’t want that BLING effect.

  80. @Shini, I’ll take that into account. Hopefully, I’ll have a finished product worthy enough to show. Yipes. Super thanks again for the tutorial. :)

  81. SO INGENIOUS!!! check out my fashion DIY blog. i think you’ll love it


    xx Jess James

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  84. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over
    again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

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  86. Elisa


  87. […] Full tutorial: parkandcube.com […]

  88. […] image via http://www.parkandcube.com […]