I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






Dress – Zara. Shoes – Kurt Geiger. Belt – Vintage LV. Coat – Zara kenzo-2 Thank you Kittykat for helping with the photos!

It happened a few weeks back when I was Whatsapping with my mother (who by the way is getting scarily confident with her phone, she types so fast I’m scared she may actually be 14 years old) (sometimes she talks to me ONLY in emoticons), I was whining about eczema and that I caved into using cortisone cream, which is when she dropped the doozy. Now, I’d been waiting for this day since returning from the honeymoon back in 2011, for the the third burning question in the tigermum series – ‘So what about that grandchild?‘ – to drop. I beat her to the punch by answering the first two (‘You are going to uni, right?‘ and then ‘Why haven’t you found a job already‘) with swift efficiency, so in all honesty I thought she’d badger me to ‘pop one out’, perhaps in a similar fashion to how I got the heck out of Warsaw after highschool graduation (ASAP) went to uni. But who’d have thought she’d wait until now, specifically when I tell her I was going to use something that is essentially harmful for my body in the long-run, and consequently my future child? She cautioned that I am what I eat, and junior too, will be what I eat (cute little Snickers ice cream chicken burrito, for now), and assured me she’d wait with the real nagging until the eczema is dealt with. So when Kenzo asked me to interpret the long-standing fragrance Flower by Kenzo in collaboration with the charity Every Mother Counts, it reminded me of my own mother, who has held a mop in one hand throughout my life – a terrifying symbol of discipline but also what I now realize to be, a saber to wield off harm from her daughter. I love you mummy I stole your blue burberry coat I totally love you!

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  1. you look absolutely lovely!

  2. Aww you look lovely. The white dress is so delicate and I love how you styled it with the red lippy, shoes and Kenzo poppies. Asian mum’s are INTENSE.

  3. gorgeous!


  4. liv

    I love your pictures, what camera do you use ?xx

  5. You look darling, that dress is fantastic. My mom and dad are pretty good with texting as well lol I don’t know what’s going on?


  6. Those photos are so beautiful! Love this long white dress with the touches of red!


  7. Sadly, Asian mums are always right….sigh :S

  8. Bri

    Beautiful dress. You look so lovely!



  9. Among the other bloggers who took part to this Kenzo project you are the only one, so far, that is not all dressed in red and I must say that it is a relief ! I know Kenzo is associated with this colour but seeing so much red popping out on every blogger was so boring, just like they couldn’t make otherwise.

    I like these small touches of red of yours, it is much more subtile in my opinion. And we notice this red even more as you are wearing a white dress. Briefly said, kudos !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  10. these images are so dreamy! lovely, just lovely!


  11. You look gorgeous, but more importantly I love the way you write. Every post it’s interesting and the photos always beautiful and evocative. It it, honestly, such a pleasure to come to your blog. I follow a lot of them, but yours is by far my favourite.
    I only wish that you would churn a post out more often. (however I am guilty of the same so I probably can’t call you up on that). ;)

  12. I love those shoes! the work really well with the white dress!

  13. This is so pretty I don’t mind it’s an advertorial for Kenzo at all even. The most effective type of campaign I would imagine.

  14. stunning!


  15. Kyu

    Imagine mom’s reaction to ‘snickers ice cream chicken burrito’, I don’t want to :P

  16. Lovely story and gorgeous dress!


  17. furoreblog

    Gorgeous! And such wonderful photos.


  18. I was wondering what camera do you use? And if it wouldn’t mind could you do some tutorial what do you do with your photos? They’re all very beautiful!

  19. You look wonderful! Like all the time my dear!

  20. Your dress and your shoes are so wonderful !! You’re so pretty too :)


  21. Very nice dress, and great pics. I have the same flowers from Kenzo :)))


  22. LOVE this dress on you. It’s so ethereal and dreamy. You look like you should be frolicking through a field. xx

  23. Haha thats hilarious, right now all my friends are asking when I’m getting engaged to my boyfriend and we’re still only 19! So annoying, so I feel your pain



  24. That blurb is the epitome of tigermom-ness, by which I mean a rollercoaster ride between shut-up-already annoyance and the aww moment when you realize that all that time you hated her for being the crazy mom she was just being crazy for your own good. And that you have turned out in a lot of ways better than your peers (who had cool moms!) for it. Luckily my mom is still in the if-you-get-pregnant-don’t-bother-ever-coming-home-again stage since I’m not married yet.


  25. Beautiful dress, the shoes work so well with it!


  26. Noa

    I love the dress! It’s from this season?

    Your blog is always perfect, shows a special sensitivity and love on everything you do.
    (Sorry for my English, ;)!)


  27. OMG I also suffer from eczema! In my hands though.. and whenever I’m stressed, it gets really bad at times :( So cool you’re doing this with Kenzo, lucky gal ;) Also, looking gorgeous in this dress! <3

    xx The Provoker

  28. That’s such a cute story!

  29. I love this, I also have a pretty intense mother. Just need to remembers she has best interests at heart.
    Love the outfit too, you look beautiful

  30. beautiful


  31. Very gorgeous pictures. But I am really commenting to say “What? Your wedding has been that ‘long’ ago?” I remember chatting with you about on which hand you wear your wedding ring in which country at the breakfast club not long after your wedding. It feels like yesterday! xS

  32. so lovely!! you’re a real life rococo painting, flaky reptile skin or no. maybe plan a trip to korea and book a derm appointment if you really want to take control of that eczema, it runs in the men in my family and they all end up going to the witch doctors in seoul for a cure cos nothing in the states was cutting it.

    p.s. that barely-there pendent necklace is gorg where is it from omg

  33. wooowww your shoes are amazing. I love your white dress also.


  34. It’s awesome how your outfit matches the car. The little pops of red a very glamorous.


  35. Such a pretty dress!


  36. This is so so sweet. Good luck with the eczema, and say hi to momma from all of us!

  37. Love the red + white combo – so classic and gorgeous at the same time. Also, the car isn’t so bad either!

  38. The dress is gorgeous!
    – And LOL about stealing your mom’s coat, I do the same!

  39. Ahhh your mum sounds so cute! I LOVE your white dress, it looks stunning on you! xxx

  40. What lovely photos and I love how you have summed your mum up. I love coming to your blog and catching up on the beautiful writing and lovely photos.



  41. That’s great that your mum has learnt how to use her mobile phone. My mum still mastering it, she can open text but she doesn’t know how to send it. I like how you have a close relationship with your mum. Hopefully she doesn’t bug you too much about having children. I hope your skin gets better.

  42. I don’t think I can begin to express my love for these photos and the story of your mom. I’ve seen this campaign on multiple blogs, but this is the icing on the cake! And I adore your outfit, those bootie sandals are so cool. You rock that red lip :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  43. Those shoes look so fabulous with that dress!

  44. ahahah I love this Shini, you are too funny! x

  45. ChicTrends

    Hello dear~! You look stunning. I’m also surprised that your mum can text that fast–mine can barely make a call ha ha.

    Hope you are well and look forward to reading more from you. http://chictrends.co.uk/

  46. absolutely beautiful!


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  48. Beautiful outfit. very nice pictures :)

  49. The lace outfit is the representation of romance and grace.

  50. you look so beautiful, gorgeous, and glamorous in the pure white skirt.

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