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Silk Dress Zara | White dress, bag Gmarket | Shoes Nine West | DIY cut stockings





Finally had some time to drive into the center today, forgot how beautiful Warsaw was – really doesn’t help when the three most visited places in Warsaw are home, church and the closest MALL. Hey, believe it or not I’m a regular mall rat. They even have a statue of me in the foodcourt, tall long-haired thing licking a bronze icecream with shopping bags in tow, mounted on white marble with gold-embossed inscription that reads:

Please help us remove this statue
No reserve price, GET IT NOW

Clearly, I take it for granted the many awesome places by growing up here – and the fact that I’ve gone through the explore Warsaw phase a few years ago. Now I’m suddenly feeling like I haven’t even seen a fraction of it, must set out on a quest this August.

Hope you’re all well.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, it looks like such a beautiful place!

    Also love your outfit…you have a way of making all of your outfits seem so unique and so”you”! Love that! Cute dress <3

  2. beautiful!!!! you should really explore it more often!

  3. I have never visited Warsaw…it seems exciting! And I love the layering with the dresses.

  4. how great it is to see some polish books on your blog :))
    Warszawa ma swój klimat, ale zapraszam też do Krakowa! :D

  5. awesome shoes, love it. great look. welcome to Poland! ;) Warsaw is a city with great history.
    Greetings from my country :)


  6. pretty behavior ^^

  7. I love your dresss and you necklace. Your pictures are lovely.


  8. lóve those shoes. really nice outfit :)

  9. Beautiful outfit and beautiful pictures


  10. That’s a gorgeous dress. However, it’s a bit frustrating when things like these always have to be thought out by another outfit sitting at home because it’s so sheer. I wish they had added a removable slip dress… but those are just my personal qualms. The dress is still beautiful.

    And I’m mad at you for not taking advantage of Europe (not really). Wish I was backpacking there right now….

  11. I wish I could visit Warsaw, I have never been, it looks amazing. I’m curious about the food as well of course…I have had some polish food but I’m afraid it wasn’t authentic at all.

    The dress is extremely detailed and sheer, two elements I love in clothing and it suits your style perfectly..It is one of the more girlier looks I have seen from you. It reminds me of those incredibly delicate 20’s tea dresses…

  12. Love the outfit. You look beautiful.

  13. What a simply beautiful dress! I love the colour, and the hem. I struggle with sheer dresses, but you carry this off perfectly with that clever layering
    Those are lovely pictures also
    It would be mine

  14. the photos are great . . . i especially love your outfit! it’s beautiful.
    you should explore warsaw not only for yourself, but for all of those persons who have not :)

  15. These pictures are beautiful.

  16. fab fotos, Shini. i like the layering. the rexploring project sounds like huge fun. pl document your journey if you can. would love to see it thru your eyes :)

  17. Love the lacy dress and heels – I’ve always wanted to visit Poland!

  18. I love your silk dress! And Warsaw looks beautiful.

  19. your pictures are fantastic. what i would give to spend a few days in warsaw! your outfit is also very lovely. ♥

  20. Your dress is amazing!

    I’ve never been to Warsaw but from the looks of it, it’s beautiful!


  21. oh wow everything looks so beautiful and HEY HEY GIRL thanks for the shout out on your last post!!! so awesome lol i swear just because of you my stats quadrupled on that day!! insane! you have amazing readership!!! the Ninewest in hk still ahs those shoes and i was gonna try them on cos i was like “hmmm shini looks so gewd in them maybe i should try too”. unfortunately, i suffer from humungo-hockeylegs-itis and so they didnt look very good on me ):

  22. how wonderful pics of my ugly city ! ;> nice outfit.

  23. That dress is super cute, and you style it perfectly! I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, but whenever I travel it seems like Asia or Africa are more enticing.


  24. I love those shoes. Saw them in black but it was hideous. This color makes them that much hotter-you look great as always and enjoyed the photos of Warsaw.

  25. I love your dress it’s gorgeous :)
    Lovely pictures ^_^

  26. You look amazing, I really love this outfit! <3

  27. that silk dress is soooo doing it for me. you look gorgeous and effortlessly chic.

  28. I need to really go travel again, it’s been too long.

    The dress and the little gothic detailing is so pretty, especially pairs well with your pale skin and dark hair. I really love your blog, care to do a link swap?

  29. your photos are always beautiful! ah those shoes!!
    (i was inspired by one of your diy this day) :-)

  30. mmm nine west makes the best moderately priced shoes!

  31. I’ve only been to Warsaw once but I have to say I really liked it. And your shoes are fab!!

  32. you look fantastic in that dress !!

  33. That dress is so pretty and ethereal! I love your shoes too! I’ve been debating whether to buy it or not! Now I need to get them! xxoxoxoxo

  34. Loving the dress & DIY stockings!
    And Warsaw does look like a beautiful place!

  35. Absolutely delightful! Love the shoes!

    come visit iyam


  36. THat dress is really beautiful…and you should put your hair up more often. And again…those shoes!!! I’ve searched Nine West but they don’t carry this specific color anymore. :(

    Thank you for sharing your lovely perspective of Warsaw!

  37. btw, are the colors of the sandals ivory, perchance? I am considering purchasing the flat sandals of this particular style but the color on the website appears to be on the whiter side while yours look a bit pale nude? shrugs.

  38. Beautiful pictures! Your outfit is lovely as well.

  39. I want to visit Warsaw someday, it looks beautiful. I like all of your summer layers.
    I actually avoid the mall. I’m kind of terrified of it and only venture in when i have too. plus i might see people I know. which is a bad thing. as I’m kind of antisocial

  40. warsaw looks sooo pretty through your pictures. if you like malls, you’ll looovee hk. denise and i were talking about how there’s a mall on every single subway stop in hk hahahhaha. your dress is awesome :D

  41. the silk dress is so so stunning!!

  42. love the shoes!! just gorgeous

  43. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the dress, and the shoes… well I have those shoes and I adore them each and every time I see them :)

    Warsaw looks great and interesting through your eyes and your camera.

  44. love the dress and the shoes :)

  45. agatiszka

    The whole combination is great, dres…mmmmmmm :)
    Come and visit Lodz, it’s only 120km from Warsaw, but it’s even more climatic !!

    Check my new blog:

  46. Ooh, I wish I could go to Warsaw! I’ve only been to Krakow (and I want to go back there as well).

  47. r

    Love the dress but didn’t see it in Zara. Is it new season or old (in the sale)?

  48. I love your outfit, the dress= perfection adn i can´t believe I haven´t been in Poland yet

  49. always enjoying your blog :)

  50. Wow, seems a beautiful city! I want that statue! I’m absolutely gonna get it, it should look nice in my room…
    I’ve been dying to find a cheap pair of “Ray-Bans” like yours, then i found it for 3 bucks…God, i love thrifting!!
    Your blog is a daily stop for me!


  51. rediscovered your blog and you have such an amazing style love your post outfit… im following you :)

  52. you do looking great!

    btw you were tagged on my blog. so please tell us about your ten random facts and tag another ten blogs.


  53. such beautiful photos!

  54. Looks lovely!
    the dress is amazing!


  55. oooh, i looove your look here
    the lacy dress is sooo beautiful yet demure enough to wear casually ;))
    and those mary janes are perfection, i looove the multiple straps

  56. mnnk


  57. Warsaw, visited briefly last year…

  58. liz

    sweet heart, would you mind leaving the link of the seller of gmarket for the stuff that you got from there next time? cos they seriously look wonderful!! :)

    and u look like u’re having a great time in warsaw!:)

  59. Sureness ;) You could find the links if you go back a few posts!

  60. J’adore your outfit and the insight into Warsaw…thanks for sharing, truly! I’m planning a trip to Europe in 2010 and am now contemplating it….hmmm :)

  61. Macku

    Well, kinda obvious that Warsaw is beautiful (so much better than Krakow or Lodz), after all, I was born there! Hello! Talk about stating the obvious…
    We had it rough here after the Germans destroyed 70% of the city during WWII (after the Warsaw uprising), and it didn’t help that the Soviets were the ones directing the reconstruction (welcome to the gray-blockish-crappy-looking buildings). So, all in all, you get the modern buildings squeezed between oldschool Communist barracks-wannabe-office buildings. They all remind me of prisons, dunno why. Maybe it’s got something to do with the grayness of it all.
    There is a multitude of beautiful places in Warsaw, you just have to know where to look! Next photo shoot will hopefully be located in the oldest botanic garden in the world (yupp, that’s also in Warsaw, cool, huh?).

    The pictures are nice, sure… probably since I took most of them.
    ~le boyfriend

  62. Hello le boyfriend, I love when you write me essay comments.
    So will you take me to the oldest botanic garden and take pictures of me again :D? WOW!
    I took all the other pictures other than my outfit, asshole. <3

  63. God, this is capital of my country! You’re photos of it are really beautiful. I love Warsaw, although many people whinks, that it’s stinking city XD I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but you have to go to the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego (here is it’s web: http://www.1944.pl/) it is really up-to-date, because at 1 of August was the 65 anniversary of the outbreak of Battle for Warsaw (powstanie warszawskie). I know that the word “museum” is not really encouraging, but this museum is one of the most interesting place I have visited for my whole life.
    sorry for this long comment, greetings! :)

  64. Owh I do know that memorial museum, I’ve been there numerous times, I love it :D It used to be my source of inspiration, believe it or not, during my highschool years! :D must visit again. What do you mean people call it a stinking town, Warsaw is beautiful in a very original way!

  65. Well, I agree with you :) however there a lot of Poles, that prefer Krakow rather Warsaw and think that the capital city is dirty, dull and it doesn’t smell very well. All in all I think they are crazy XD

  66. Great outfit! I love that dress so much!

  67. love the dress!!!


  68. I’ve not seen that dress in Zara! Oh I should check it out!

  69. Haha, isn’t it the way – you leave to find amazing places and then you get back home and appreciate the beauty of where you live!

    Such an amazing outfit, so perfect for flirting with your city. Adore the belt, such a simple, wonderful addition!


  70. dominika

    hi, so cool you are inwarsaw, my city :) hope you enjoy it

  71. Kristin

    Hi Shini!
    I love your blog, I still check it often.
    Just wanted to let you know,
    Love your dress!
    x Kristin from Amsterdam

  72. that dress is amazing! i am officially in LOVE!

    makes me want to trail around charity shops… :) and charity shops are AWESOME. Got a silk green night dress today with lace panels down the front… itll look great with white leggings and mint green shoes!

    peace out xxx

  73. love that dressssssss

  74. I absolutely love the lace and sheerness of your dress, and you look freaking gorgeous in the third picture. hope you’re doing well!

  75. You look amazing!!

  76. Patti

    Yes, Warszawa!! Great city maybe it needs a little more cleaning up but I’ll never experience the fun I had in there in any other city ;)
    I love your outfit, I love translucent-ness in clothing.

  77. j.

    omg! i really adore your photos, esp those of Warsaw and Cracow. Iused to live in Warsaw, I just love this city.. Now I’m living in Shanghai and I miss home a lot, but thanks to your gorgeous pics – I’m closer to those familiar places.. and faces?;)
    P>S> I love your creativity and your style, too.. u seem like a great person:) all the best for u