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DIY Knitted Snood

What you’ll need: 10mm straight needles, 2 Skeins Rowan 100% Merino ‘Big wool‘ (100g, 87 yds per skein) or any similar alternative, Knitter’s needle or tapestry needle.

Cast On 24 stitches

Ribbing Stitch: Knit, yarn over, purl, knit, yarn over, purl… continue. Turn over and repeat.

Cast off and stitch ends together

Coat – Anywho x BRICS, Shirt – Zara, Skirt – Vintage, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Market in Vilnius, Snood – DIY

Ugh, I had a video for this – scratch that, I had several, illustrating in colourful detail how I stop at traffic lights and successfully knit a snood while balancing on the China Woman and sipping lukewarm latte that sits in the helmet with the yarn balls. It was Cirque du Soleil of DIY tutorial videos, fireworks and hoolahoops, you’ll just have to believe me. I’m going to have another go at the videos, but in the meantime just search for 1-by-1 Ribbing Stitch (or separately Cast On, Knit, Purl, Yarn Over, Cast Off to learn from scratch) on Youtube and that should get you going. When you’re on a roll it should take about 4-5 hours tops. Quick tip, if you’re getting the Rowan wool, the length is actually perfect if you stop at about 1.5 skeins or go on to knit 3 yarnballs. And yearh, I know what you’re thinking, that thing looks like a neck brace… but if that cycle-knit story isn’t a recipe for neck injury disaster, I don’t know what is.

Thank you darrrhling for the shots.

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  1. What a beautiful idea showing how you made this scarf. And it’s really nice. The pictures are amazing too.

  2. how GREAT is THAT! :)xxx

  3. lovely chunky scarf!


  4. Oh my! You look so gooood! <3
    I wish I had patience to finish making my own scarf -_-'

  5. wow, that’s really pretty! i want to learn how to knit now :)

    ♥ Susie

  6. Vivian

    Ahhh thank you for this post! I just started teaching myself how to knit, and I’ve been on the hunt for cool projects. This is perfect!!

  7. oh, wow, you have such a knitting talent. love that scarf and your photos are just so stunning as always


  8. Love the baby blues. Knitting is something I will never be able to do, but I do covet that gorgeous snood!

  9. WHY are you so gifted, so creative? I am jealous. Wish I could make a cosy, chunky snood in a snap. Love your anywho coat too.

  10. Hi Shini – could you tell me if that coat is as wonderful and warm as it looks? I’m considering investing in one, and would love to find out pre-purchase…!
    Also, scarf looks lovely.

  11. wow i use to be able to knit when i was younger even cross stitch …. now knitting is just out of the world…. i met an old friend of mine las week and she was still knitting as a hobby funny coz i was laughing at her hobby…. now lookign at ur post i feel the need to be able to knit again …. thank you … u inspire me xx x x



  12. I learned to knit a month ago. Knitting makes me feel relaxed :)

  13. Oooh I love that scarf. My sis used the same wool to crochet my newest scarf for me. It’s not long enough to wrap around twice, but the wool is sooo warm isn’t it?

  14. I’ve always wanted to make a snood! This doesn’t look too difficult…or so I think right now.
    I wonder if my snood will look as adorable as yours.hm.

  15. ughhh i wish i was more coordinated to knit. your snood looks awesome! i like the thick knit. around winter time, i’m always donning a huge snood, forget that it makes me look like i have a neck brace on, it’s so warm!

  16. I’m knitting a snood right now, except with much smaller needles (6 mm) and it seems to be taking forever!!

  17. I just learned to knit and made something similar (but a bit smaller) on circle needles, in a deeper blue. Making a second one now for a friend!

  18. Wow. Very talented! I love it!


  19. Le le le le beautiful you knit geek. Lurve the colour of Rowan wool yarn, reminds me of a blue hairy cat.

  20. Always been wanting to knit my own scarf. You have thoroughly convinced me to now with that beauty. x


  21. This is great, thanks for sharing! Your DIY snood came out so nice and I like the simple colour you chose. Have a warm weekend!

  22. Simply amazeballs. The color is so great and the snood is just so perfect for the weather we’re having in London.
    You should try and capitalise(if you haven’t already) on that amazing talent. Etsy is a great place to start.
    Looking forward to more diys.

  23. i love the color of ur jacket its baby blue

  24. Bridg

    bummer about the vid, but the pics are great! love the colour you chose – and love this outfit! :)

    B x


  25. Gahhhh I want a full length leather skirt so badly! It looks so super chic.

    Your snood is the perfect colour as well. Maybe when I’m cosied up by the fire in Devon I’ll attempt to make one… maybe!

  26. ja’adore the look <3 i'm even thinking about knitting something for myself :)

  27. You look absolutely perfect!

  28. You look absolutely perfect! You are the knited genius :))

  29. kiiyha

    I have the same yarn in a different colour, from John Lewis? your stitching is nice, mine looks like a piece of cardboard but I really like this post, I will have to buy more yarns and try it again :)!

  30. Lovely knit scarf! Very well made!

    x Romi


  31. I pretty much gave away my dream of finishing something that I started knitting. Many times I´ve started something but winter´s over before I finish and then I give up. I guess knitting is not for everybody :)

  32. Love this DIY… I love snood and after seeing this I can`t wait to make may own snood.
    Great blog!

  33. Wow. Nice creation. It seems really easy but is not..Anyway,love your style and your blog..it is full of great ideas. Cy

  34. This is lovely, so simple and uniform-looking. I must try to do this, I can knit but I never learnt how to cast off.


  35. I looove you in this post Shini! Both the snood and the coat are absolutely perfect and the colour matching is great. Baby blue is such a wintery shade (well okay, I wouldn’t call it winter- still no snow in Warsaw!)
    Plus, I’m gonna get some stitches and a pile of skeins asap! I have a wonderful red snood knitted by my friend’s mum but it would be great to do one myself, orange or navy blue for example.

  36. Very inovative! Love this whole look, it has a lot of warmth and the sense of Christmas snow attached to it!


  37. Naya

    love the scarf but is that a ribbing stitch?

  38. YARrrrrrh! Just learnt that it is (see, noob knitter myself), that makes everything a whole lot easier!

  39. Siri

    So.. I guess you do something with the yarn over on the next round, like either k2tog or slip or something? Otherwise it would just grow and grow in width..?

  40. OOh thanks for pointing that out, yup it’s a slip – I just learned it’s actually called a ribbing stitch… that makes everything a whole lot easier…!

  41. Emilie

    @Shini, I think what you’re doing is just knit one purl one isn’t it? there is no yarn over it seems. then you would have had to knit two together on the second row (brioche stitch, or something similar) but it doesn’t look like thats whats youve been doing? The yarn over you’ve been doing is just a preparation for purl, not an actual yarn over I think. looks great though :)

  42. Yurrrp, you’re absolutely right – it’s just a ribbing stitch so you knit, purl, knit purl – I got a bit confused in the beginning so I yo-ed before every stitch then slipped it off at the next but it helped make the snood a bit more fluffy/thick so kept going with it! But yurp it’s just K, P, K P! xxx

  43. you have the skills

  44. Gorgeous photos, as always. I’m loving DIY knitting and yarnbombing! Made myself fingerless gloves recently. Great post!

  45. Love this look!


  46. A very stylish neck brace that is! I really like how the colour suits your skin/hair..

  47. That is some serious talent, right there. I want one!!

    In the Light of Style

  48. I missed your DIYs

  49. That is amazing! Unfortunately for me all my knitting attempts fail, but I might be tempted to try this sometime :)

  50. I’m learning how to knit, and am making a snood also!
    Love this outfit from H to T!

  51. Wow,this is absolutely amazing!
    I love this scarf,it’s so beautiful!

  52. I am so big fan of your beauty and style :) Just perfect!

  53. It looks amazing!


  54. That is so cool and you look AMAZING! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca


  55. Adorable scarf!!!^^



  56. love the scarf! insaneee diy
    peace and love


  57. You did it so great, love this light grey tone scarf : )


  58. ouch i wish i could knit. thats all i want to say. might be time to learn..

  59. love your snood.. it came out so good. i attempted crocheting one… didn’t turn out so good! i also love your whole outfit!!


  60. amazing I love it! you blog is fantastic, you have a great sense of style, I will follow you .)

  61. loving this powder blue. preeeeetty~
    The pieces individually look kinda granny, but you make it all look so damn chic!
    awesome snood :)
    xoxo Diana

  62. So so lovely, wish I could knit. OR, wish I can pay you to knit me one!


  63. Haha let me know if you’d really like that!

  64. Great!

  65. Bambou

    Tres joli, Shini ! Only a question: are the shoes in Topshop stores now? I am afraid not but… They are beautiful.

  66. Ooh I believe not, bought it just about a year ago! But I think I’ve seen the actual Alexander Wangs on sale now for around £250 on The Outnet? (Those Topshop ones were obvious ripoffs ;))

  67. that looks very very warm and lovely.

  68. It just looks so warm and snuggly! Yum!

  69. what a perfect choice of wool, love the colour! matches this beautiful coat just perfectly. best from berlin, lis

  70. LIz

    I love this post. I love your style. You are so creative and every time you post it is a joy to read/look at your pictures. Thanks for being an amazing blogger, don’t stop what you do because you do it just great.

  71. sophie

    Amazing outfit
    Very nice !!! <3 – hope you check out mine too ;)

  72. Yah, a return to the diy!

    Merry Xmas x

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

  73. hazel

    hi i really like your photos! please can you tell me what lenses you use? and do you edit your photos with photoshop or anything? or do you use picture style with your 5dmk2? the colour is amazing! i have been searching for a good lens and im in love with L lens’ colour ;p thanks i hope you do reply

  74. Hi hi, thanks! I use a Canon 50mm lens and yup all photos go through post-production!

  75. I realy love woolen scarfs… I like a lot the colour of the wool!!!

  76. U.A.

    I just adore your coat! Is it dove blue or greyish? Where’d you buy/get it?

  77. Anywho x Brics!

  78. It’s the prettiest neck brace EVER and beautifully modelled (plus I have now considerably extended my English knitting vocabulary, which is still 99% based on German).

    Wishing you a Happy, Wonderful & Peaceful Christmas, Shini. Good skidding into the new year (alas another expression from se mother language). xxx

  79. Oh Sabine, I kinda love when you leave comments…

  80. the snood and coat are so beautiful! those shades are so soft and lovely!

  81. Sev

    Shini, I love the styling! Everything looks so cozy and you look beautiful :) What color is the yarn you used? I checked Rowans website but couldn’t tell if it was Ice Blue or Cloud? Thank you :)
    Happy holidays!

  82. I believe it’s Ice Blue! Cloud is reaaally rain-cloudy grey xx

  83. Amy

    @Shini, Do you know the color? It looks more like cloud but I’m not sure.

    Didn’t you mean it’s cloud? Because ice blue is more grey-ish.

    Hope to hear from you!

  84. Anna mortensen

    @Amy, Yes im also a bit confused. Online it looks like the cloud is more blue than ice blue. Idk. Have you reached any conclusion?

  85. SO impressed! I used to knit with my grandmother, would be so nice if I can have her re-teach me next time I see her :)
    <3 BlondeVivant

  86. Awsome look asalways! love your blog!


  87. It looks perfect! :)

  88. What color yarn did you use? Ice blue?


  89. I always wanted to know how to knit, but every time I try, i find my fingers trapped in the yarn and then i just make a big mess haha I’m so clumsy!


  90. After this i definitely have to learn how to knit! (New Year resolution maybe?)
    Love the outfit as well!


  91. Wow, that turned out so wonderfully! You look great.

  92. Rosie

    I just wanted to say how much I admire your blog, and that all of the photography is brilliant! And was also wondering what products you use on your hair? ( oh! And by the way, I am in love with the new style you have it in!) xx

  93. WOW. I wish I have a handy fingers and not a lazy hand. Great DIY :) For now I am going to local stores to get knitted snood :D


  94. It’s so great that you showed this as a DIY! And I love your outfit, too.

  95. Nancy

    Very nice! How many inches in length before the edges are joined?

  96. im currently working on something like this :)

  97. von

    Just wondering what color wool you have used for this snood?
    So gorgeous x

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  101. Thank you for this tuto. It seems so simple to do

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  104. Leah

    I tried knitting this but it doesn’t make sense since you yarn over several times in one row, which is basically increasing. Does the scarf just gradually get bigger?

  105. Oh no, when you flip it over you’re releasing all the Yarn-Over you did in the previous row. You don’t really need to, but I found that it makes the scarf a lot more fluffy than if you just do KPKPKP.

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  107. Rebecca

    That is such a beautiful snood!! But I really wish I could watch a video of you making that exact scarf , I’ve never knit anything before and I wanna make a snood for Christmas, but Im really bad at understanding the knitting-lingo here even with the ribbing tutorial.. Anyway wonderful job! :)

  108. love the light colors and that snood loves so warm and soft!

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  111. Such a beautiful blue scarf!

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  114. Luchi

    Do you know approximately how long it ended up being?

  115. Lisa

    How did you choose the yarn? I bought yarn, but it doesn’t look as soft and nice as the one you used. :(

  116. You make me want to knit!

  117. Love this! Sometimes bulky cowls worn tight can look slightly neck-brace-y, but the soft wool and big knit and sweet baby blue color make this one so perfect! I made myself a cowl the other day as well:


    Also super similar in that it’s just strips of stockinette that you later braid and join together. Looks more complicated than it really is. And it’s so satisfying to make your own knits!

  118. Sarah Tüzemen

    I love your coat! The colour is just so lovely and pretty :) I love pastel colours!❤❤❤❤❤❤


  119. I feel I must point out how much that colour suits your skin tone. Marvelous job! It reminds me I actually have a 85% finished scarve of my own..

    Thumbs up! Great job

    http://jenaimepaslepink.blogspot.com.es/ <3

    NS. xx

  120. Alexandra

    i really like it! i will tell my mom to do it! <3

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  122. I love snoods and should probably learn how to knit simply so I can make a bunch of them and become the crazy snood lady :) Beautiful photos.

  123. ben

    You guys should check out http://getnowapp.com/fashionweek , great way to see what’s happening at Fashion Week right now!

  124. I just found your blog, and I totally fell in love. It’s perfect!

  125. Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing !

  126. It looks so cozy!

  127. lovely outfit and photos! xo

    Emma <3
    buy designer eyeglasses | Celebrity Style at the 2013 Oscars

  128. Love it! I am not much of a knitter (heck I am not a knitter period), but for this super cute look I’ma give it a shot and hope for thy kingdom come to save me.

  129. Amy

    Hi there! Love the snood so much I went and bought some wool today. I’m very new to knitting and I was just wondering if you could tell me how many stiches I will need to cast on?


  130. I think your talent is amazing; it takes such skill and patience to make a warm, knitted snood. This takes me back to my high school days learning how to sew and knit. After finding this post, this is a relaxing hobby that I would like to take up once more.

  131. Chunky knits are so much in for this year part of the Living Design Trend. Great look!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Zoe xxx

  132. I do love these colours! Wish you did more knitting DIYs as I’m currently experimenting with hats and socks. PS. Where have you gone on the blog, missing you lady! x

  133. so so stylish…..xx

  134. This is a great post! Thank you! Carlytati.com

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  137. Niamh

    This is so cute! You’ve inspired me to learn how to knit! Any advice for people new to knitting?

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  140. Alice

    This is a scarf not a snood. A snood is a knitted or crocheted hair net. Nice scarf not snood

  141. Not sure if technically it may have originated from that but now circular scarves are referred to as ‘snood’.

    http://bit.ly/1geJCAB :)

  142. so happy to see this today. just started crochet and I’m hooked, no pun intended. although I love the act of crochet it’s great to see something aesthetically inspiring.
    thanks, and great leather skirt. congrats.

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  149. AJ

    Hi Shini, Just saw this and love it! Can you tell me how long snood measures before you stitch ends together? Guess it’s important not to make too long or short :) So keen to get started …xx

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