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Inspiration: Fabergé Eggs, Mary Katrantzou AW11, Max Mara gold-encrusted sweater on Vogue UK August 2012

What you’ll need
Base colour, glitter colour in similar hue or gold, glitter dust (Mine is from BarryM), base & top varnish  (I’m using Essie First Base base coat & Essie Good to go top-coat), a pencil with an eraser butt, a pin, Gold/Silver nail-art pen (I’m using Topshop nail art pen). Secure the pin into the eraser, it should go relatively deep into the butt!

File and buff nails to egg-shape or simply neaten to a unified length

Apply base coat

Apply base colour, then apply a coat of glitter polish of a similar hue for a jewel effect.

Using the nail art pen, make fine criss-crossing lines

I’ll be honest, this ‘inspiration’ does not stem from some encyclopaedic knowledge of art history, or anything remotely similar… in fact I had to google it at first and on spelling it ‘faberze’ Dr Google gave me all sorts of buying choices for Febreeze. Yes I’m shallow like that, and guess what hubby, we’ll never ever run out of air-refresheners, your clever wife just bought fifteen boxes online! And while I’m confessing and all, over the weekend I watched Ocean’s Twelve where George Clooney, Brad Pitt et al try to steal a Fabergé egg – and you guessed it – that’s where this idea comes from. I’m so deep it hurts sometimes.

A few tips:

  • If the nail pen is difficult to control when doing your right hand (or left, if you’re right handed) (screw you if you’re ambidextrous, you superior person), try pushing out a dollop onto a scrap paper, then paint the lines on by ‘leading’ a bit of polish using the tip of the pen. You can also advertise for a flatmate for this nail-do then evict her/him out once you’re done.
  • For the criss-crossing pattern, start from the inner corner of the nail and draw to the opposite mid-point, that should set a good angle for the rest of the lines. (Or else you’ll end up doing something like my left hand ring finger)
  • If you have flower/star-shaped glitter try making bigger criss-cross pattern, and then add the glitter into the diamond a la Mary Katrantzou AW11

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  1. Your nails are GORGEOUS!!! Love this tutorial. I’m going to try and copy it this weekend :)

  2. Love this tutorial!

    Awesome nails :)


  3. Love the nailpolishes!

  4. Ha that’s amazing Shini, too bad my nails are far too brittle to paint my nails in layers of varnish and glitz.

  5. Zoe

    Where did you get your rings? I love them! I wanted to get a mid ring and I was looking for delicate barely there rings.

  6. @Zoe, I was thinking the same thing. Love the little rings.

  7. @Zoe, you can find something similar here: https://catbirdnyc.com/shop/product.php?productid=17152&cat=373&page=1

  8. Zoe

    @Faith, Oh thank you so much! I was looking on Etsy but this is a better deal :)

  9. OOooooooh that’s really cool – thanks so much for finding out! Mine’s actually really old from my mummy so I’d have no idea which direction to point at… This also looks interesting!? http://bit.ly/OiA0YR xx

  10. amazing!!! LOVE this

  11. brilliant!


  12. I love this! Bookmarking now as I’m definitely going to try this one day! You will always take the most beautiful photos. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  13. Oh, this I have to do!
    I tried the “ombré”-technique last time, which I think you would like to try also: http://www.thenailasaurus.com/2012/04/gradient-nails-picture-tutorial.html

  14. I never would have thought to use the pencil lead like that. Sweet heavens, expert or not, THAT’S impressive nail art.

    What get’s me the most, is that it still manages a sophistication. I’ve never been too into nail art (for my everyday, that is) because, oftentimes, I find it to be a bit too under-aged for the look I aspire to. It takes all that time and I wind up having to take it off too quickly to be worth the energy. Of course, I don’t mean that with any disrespect. The intricacy of nail art is fascinating, and I can appreciate the time it takes and the beauty it creates. It’s just not something I normally do on my own.

    I feel that went very off-track.

    tldr; Beautiful nail art! Love the detail and maturity of the design!

  15. i love this. they look very nice!


  16. No mazzer what you are doing, you are always so creativ!!! Love your work and I have respect of all your power you have!

  17. You’re very creative Shini, you did an amazing job. I wish I had the ability kkk I’m to clumpsy for that =)

  18. This is one of the most beautiful manicures I’ve ever seen, but sure too much for me to try… :(
    Love this tutorial though! I’m always in love with your posts!
    By the way, your rings are lovely! xx

  19. Wow! love it.

  20. Love this! Another great DIY <3


  21. Too freakin’ cool. Love the different colors on each hand too. Super creative.



  22. Love the style and technique


  23. i love this tutorial…hehe…is such a nice color…

  24. this is such a lovely nail diy! definitely trying it!


  25. Such a unique and extraordinary design! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Shini.


  26. You make it look so easy, but I gotta admit it looks really good!

  27. Your nail art very beautiful!!! Awesome idea!
    Very intresting look!


  28. Carla

    Wow! Love your Faberge eggs nails!!


  29. this is really, really beautiful, i love it!

    katie x

  30. This is awesome Shini. It reminds me of the whole gold embellished brocade trend that is doing the rounds. Really cool to incorporate onto your nails. xx

  31. Great art nails!

    Théa Unknown

  32. Awww so cute! love the playfulness and shoot of your nails ;)
    Would you like to follow each other? Your blog content is juicy!

    xx nathan.niche

  33. Inspiration can come from anywhere, including a brad pitt film!! It looks beautiful, I lack the steady hand so I’d be crap at this, worth a shot though xx

  34. aaaah! — another brilliant nail recipe! i’m gonna try this. :) i just bought a nail dotting tool, so it will come in handy for sure.

  35. nice nail-art! love such DIYs, it inspires very much indeed


  36. Look lovely! Like it!


  37. love the rings and such a cool nail design.

  38. This is super pretty!

  39. Just came across your blog. Wish I had found it earlier:)
    Love your sense of style and amazing photography too!


  40. So pretty. But it’s impossible for me to try this. Can’t even polish well. Dang.

  41. SO beautiful…
    thanks for the post ;)

  42. pretty hands ;)

  43. Great choice of colours and all the steps and products are totally worth the end results :)

  44. beautiful, very creative :)


  46. Really nice. I think many girls will love that.

  47. Love what a fantastic style! Can’t wait to do my own nails now.

  48. Thanks for the diy post! gonna try this very soon even it looks harder than seeing those beautiful pictures :)

  49. […] grandmother has the most incredible collection of Faberge Eggs.  Naturally, loved this  manicure, pictured […]

  50. Hey, a great diy! Which OPI nail polish did you use? I want it!

  51. I honestly get giddy with excitement when I look at your photography and this post is yet another example!


  52. Your nail art is stunning! Perhaps (or more: if I have the time) I’ll try this at home. :)

  53. Elena

    Gorgeous! What are the nail colors you used?

  54. Wow ! The photographs are really beautiful ! And your collection of varnish is quite…enviable ! :)
    Really I think I’m falling in love with your blog ! :)


  55. Wonderful nails, like a princess <3

  56. so neat! i wish i had your patience!

  57. Wow, that nail art looks awesome! I like your rings too :)

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  59. Donna

    WOW! Very Cool nails. Will have to do this, to my clue on nails. Also, na, na, na, na, I am ambidextrous, LOL

  60. Oh hot dang it you superior human being! hehe

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  62. […] grandmother has the most incredible collection of Faberge Eggs.  Naturally, loved this  manicure, pictured […]

  63. Really gr8 and useful tutorial. I love your ring and nails also.

  64. Love this tutorial! The shots are amazing :D
    Francesca from http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  65. Duda

    so beaultiful, classic and modern at the same time!!!!
    i’m sure that i’ll do this nailpolish!!!

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  91. The patterns are so pretty, I like it.

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