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Dishoom London: an homage to the now-fading Irani cafés in Bombay

Lamb Samosas



Dishoom Chicken Tikka and Garlic Naans



Vada Pau


Mango Kulfi on a stick and Pineapple and black pepper crumble










ParknCube_DishoomLondon_23 (1)



Trenchcoat – H&M Trend. Bag – Kurt Geiger ‘Deuce’. Grey jeans – Urban Outfitters. Shoes – Topshop. Plaid Shirt – Uniqlo Mens. Grey cardigan – Barbour. Watch – Sekonda.

We fit right in, Joanna and I, at Dishoom, inspired by Irani cafes that existed in abundance in Bombay at the turn of the 20th Century, those which welcomed practically everyone regardless of social class or occupation. So we fit right in, because alongside memories of wealthy Bombay businessmen dining next to the struggling rickshaw-puller and the whore, there was us, two girls that knew no more than the ABC’s of Indian cuisine, asking the waiter what samosas look like. To those seasoned Londoners who add to the national statistic of curry being one of Britain’s most popular foods, our choices may seem unusual, but apparently Dishoom prides in being, not an Indian restaurant but, a Bombay Cafe. Everything is designed to share and each person is recommended to order 2 – 3 dishes. The food come in concise portions, each rich in flavour and character, or in other words, DI-SHOOM.* Interiors designed by Russel Sage (who’s also done Zetter Townhouse, The Hospital club…), I’m transported straight into an exotic world that is also oddly nostalgic despite the fact that I’m the dunce that doesn’t know what samosas look like. Don’t let the hype/commercial reputation (their other branch is in Covent Garden theatre district) deter you, especially the Shoreditch branch with the beautiful courtyard already littered with sofas and benches, I’ll be out there with a Bollybellini come July. For now, try the bottomless spiced chai, Behl and the Pineapple and black pepper crumble as dessert.

*Bollywood version of Ka-Pow!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try Dishoom for ages! I walked past it not too long ago and even though I had a belly full of Chicken wings (yum) I was tempted to go inside and have a peek at the menu. Maybe next time – your photos make me want to visit even more!

  2. The food seems AWESOME I’m suddenly starving !!

  3. It’s been too long since my last visit! I’ve only been to the Covent Garden branch and I really loved the decor and story of the company. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make a return visit!


  5. Beautiful photos, this place is so great! Makes me want to eat indian food!


  6. beautiful capture!


  7. Ping

    Always fall in love with your post !!! This one will be another wishlist for me to visite for sure ^ ^ Btw, nice outfit as always love your bag.

  8. Oh wow, I hardly even eat Indian food but this looks amazing! I really love how those interiors look, too.

  9. the photography makes my mouth water


  10. Looks delicious!!


  11. Irene

    I simply love your blog, your pics and your style! <3

  12. This food looks sooooo good & tasty! I really want to go there now ahaxx

  13. Wah I love Dishoom! You’ve captured the entire spirit of the place perfectly. The interior is so stunningly modest.. and now I’m craving curry for breakfast!!

  14. Firstly the whole aesthetic of the cafe is adorable and I can see why you would feel relaxed there. Secondly that dessert just looks freakin incredible…why have I not in my life tried black pepper crumble?


  15. Ah it looks so coze there! Beautiful pics!

  16. cozy*

  17. I’ll definitely have to grab a bite their next time I’m around Seven Dials, the interior and food looks delightful!

  18. Taddy

    Really wanna check this place out..

  19. Great pictures!


  20. Always amazing photos!!

  21. Beautiful photos !

  22. Looks delicious! Gorgeous photos too

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  24. wow, you take awesome photos! :)

  25. I love it when you do foodie posts Shini. You make everything look so beautiful and delicious. The outdoor space looks so inviting and I love all the old rickity chairs inside. xx

  26. nice shoes!

  27. whoa i didn’t realise they looked like this inside.

  28. The tables and chairs remind me of the old kopitiam (coffee houses) in Borneo, where I grew up. Few have them now but I love them battered and old like these ones here.

  29. It looks nice but it has a very ”italian” look :)

  30. The food looks so delicious! I would love to try eating at Dishoom together with my cousins who love Indian cuisine. Also, you have great photos here! Keep on posting! :-D

    Check this out!

  31. Yummmmmy~! Looks nice mood!

  32. Yummmmmy~! Looks nice mood!♡♡♡♡♡

  33. Sarah T

    The food seems so well prepared and yummy!The interior design is very inviting! :)


  34. That food looks taisty :)

  35. Beautiful pictures! This blog is my new favourite! Although I have to say, being from Bombay and having grown up frequenting Irani cafes, this place looks nothing like one. It’s missing the rustic feel and serves the wrong foods.If you’re ever on this side of the globe, stop by Cafe Leopold or Britannia for the true, authentic experience. :)

  36. Bina Dara

    To begin with I loved the name of your restaurant. Growing up in India, the name brought back memories of every Hindi movie I had seen which included Dishoom dishoom. Our daughter who now lives in London took us to your Shoreditch location and she sure made a great choice. The food was Definitely Indian and every dish,every morsel was delicious. Each dish had a distinctive taste that lingered and was nothin like the usual cream and colour of Indian restaurants. The wraps were absolutely fantastic. The ambience was so original and full of character. I will definitely go back and as you can see from the picture, our daughters loved everything about your restaurant!

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  38. […] * for traipsing about : little white dress [& these shoes are lovely] * at the café : dishoom, london * photography : the wonderful world of tim walker * at the shops : this is striped top & […]

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