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LFW Day 2; 19/02/2011;

Strictly speaking courtyard is not really ‘street’, but let’s just say it is – for some reason VIPs can’t seem to use their legs to walk in like every other person, so every 15 minutes the security men would get hyped up ushering people off the cobblestones to let the shiny black car through. Otherwise it’s a courtyard.

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  1. So fun, Shini! These are some wonderful (very crisp) photographs.

  2. So much love for the guy wearing the skinny belt.

  3. absolutely beaut shots Shini! love the Style Crusader’s Equipment shirt and blinging necklace!

  4. I love the bright spots of color everywhere.

  5. I like the yellow bag, like the jacket!

  6. I love the lady in a red skirt! She’s got beautiful legs and boots!
    And that messy pink collar: this is (surprisingly) suitable :)

  7. This is a very good compilation and what a great eye you got.

  8. This street style is beyond words! I adore everything and your photos are so crisp. I’m getting serious magpie eyes over Jen’s necklace.

  9. Ohh I love those pics, London street style is defenitely the most creative and fun!
    xx nati

  10. Shin-wa these pics are fantastic!



  11. Carrie

    I adore their outfits!


  12. great cover of LFW

  13. thank you for these photos i love seeing what people wear to fashion weeks. loads of inspiration

  14. I love the monochromatic picture with the glance of color. Thanks for being inspiring!

  15. great streetstyle! love that second look – the pink tinted hair is awesome!

  16. awesome shots, amazing styles


  17. Absolutely amazing photos, great outfits! loving the girl with the braid, her jacket is so cute!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  18. what a gorgeous contrast of colors. i love the second look on the right. the purple is so vibrant and beautiful.



  19. absolutely love this collection of fashion week outfits!! especially since they aren’t safe all-black outfits =)

  20. amazing shots, I just fell in love for the long coat on the second pic.


  21. Fantastic photos Shini – bright and colourful! Lovely to see you again too!

  22. Hi Shini! Great to meet you yesterday, I love your blog! thanks for featuring me and my little red hat!

    See you tomorrow hopefully x x x



  23. ok, the guy is really extravagant. the girl with the printed blouse.
    those two are eyecatchy

  24. Damn, I love London-people. The hats, the coats, the bags and the shoes. Oh….

  25. fantastic inspirations, thanx for sharing!

  26. outfit number 2 is my favourite and is inspiring me to buy something mauve. x

  27. Great photos. I love the red and purple outfit, I am definitely inspired by this.

  28. beautiful shots

  29. Love the yellow and coral colours.
    Great pictures.

    With love, Samm
    @ http://www.afterstylecomesfashion.com

  30. Shini, I love all your pictures so far from the LFW! :) And your outfit from the last post was beautiful- I though that leather skirt might have been from Zara, or something more higher end even. I was super surprised to see it’s vintage :) But that’s what makes it even more beautiful :) that it’s one of a kind :)

  31. i love how that yellow (leather?) bag perks up a black outfit instantly. i hope you’re having fun so far! ♥

  32. Lovely to meet you finally too. I adore that yellow bag.

  33. you could put a lot of fashion street photographers to shame with those amazing shots!!

  34. Y’know Shini, your photography skills are out of this world. Not saying that to inflate your ego or anything, but you really are talented. What I enjoy the most about your pics is the vibrant color. Even the whites and beiges look beautiful!

    P.S. Yay, Fashion Week. :)

  35. my ego is le inflated, you totally flatter me!

  36. Man you’re sooo good with street style shots ;P

  37. HA! Love the Evil Dandy. Also love the lady in the last pic, I’ve seen her in another outfit this Fashion Week and she has great style (although I don’t know her name)

  38. HA! Love the Evil Dandy. Also love the lady in the last pic, I’ve seen her in another outfit this Fashion Week and she has great style (although I don’t know her name)

  39. I love how the dreary, grayish backround contrasts the bright clothes!


  40. I so totally agree with Moni’s comment! Two thumbs up for your photography skills! :-) The depth of field is awesome and so are the way you capture colors!
    It’s always a pleasure to check out the ouftits you post!
    Greets from Barcelona!

  41. I love the yellow Celine bag! Amazing!

  42. megan

    saw yr notes on stylesofia, was it u?

  43. Rock the sweatpants, Yasmin!

  44. YAY SHINI.

    I LOVE ZE COLOUR. Can I poach that shot of me and Candice? Turns out I didn’t take any photos of what I or anyone else was wearing all week. Bad, bad blogger. x