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LFW Day 3; 20/02/2011;

Best thing about Topshop, apart from that amayonaising lemon-ginger ice tea before the show, is that you’ll know where to find the IKEA scarf hanger dress if you really wanted it. The 101 Dalmatians was the theme with Cruella deVille’s cackling opening the show – already a win in my book. Although not so crazy for the collection overall, the fact that they’ve moved on from boho I’d give it another win.

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  1. love that you were honest about the collection Shini. Insanely beautiful photos. xx

  2. what a nice space!! & lots of pretty looks :) happy lfw :P

  3. Maybe the pieces would me nice as individual pieces but all thrown together it looks like someone has just raided the nearest charity shop! I suppose catwalks are meant to be a bit mishmashy but its just a little too complex for my liking…

    Really nice photography, as ever! And those pre-show iced teas have my mouth watering!


  4. That’s sort of what I thought, well put though! Yarh it was mishmashy and I guess it is a highstreet store in the end, but I felt like it was missing that really strong gold thread of some sort of awesomeness… maybe it’s just not me. Some love it, some hate it ;)

  5. @Shini,

    I guess I don’t really get catwalk collections anyway, true once in a while one is amazing but a lot of the time its just a blur of so many people trying to be new and different with models that look exactly the same. And when so many people try and achieve that… it all ends up looking the same I’m sorry to say.


  6. Looks like an awesome show. I always love TopShop Unique. It is truly what it says it is. This collection looks like a bit of a mish mash, I am excited to see how it translates in stores.



  7. Stunning shots shini.
    I’m a little disappointed with the Unique collection though, it’s anything but unfortunately. I’d probably wear most of it but it looks a little tired. It’s bits of old bella freud, 00’s prada and last SS miu miu. Anyhoo, love the shot of QM and other lady (I’m frightened to say who I *think* it is and be a complete numpty!)

  8. I love the aesthetic of the show but I am not crazy about the clothes either. Your comment on the IKEA scarf hanger actually made me laugh. SO TRUE!


  9. great shots! looks amazing. topshop is so brilliant!

  10. looks like a lot of fun. I wasn’t keen either. I think the later looks shown were the strongest.

    hope your having fun


  11. ahoy!! topshop….quite playful….definitely..loving ’em shoes….aaahh..ice-tea…how did they know..haahhaha..

  12. This a brilliantly genius theme and a show and a collection! It literally has everyone talking, and either people love it or they hate it but that’s ok because it has that hype and it’s instantly recognizable.. that;s SO hard to do! :) I love all your shots Shini! you need a picture of yourself too though :)

  13. I love the dalmatian boots and the sweater in the last photo is gorgeous. But like you, overall not too crazy about it.


  14. Carrie

    I love the collection! Amazing shoes!


  15. I love this pics. About all the first one, i think is very nice:)

  16. wow, lots of models. lots of identical hair which is quite brilliant. i must say the shoes are looking promising. x

  17. I love the outfits! What a great show

  18. stunning shots, adore the looks and especially the shoes


  19. beautiful images.. I love the shoes of this collection!


  20. Carolina

    laughed out loud at the ikea scraf thing.

  21. the women in the third row of photos is absolutely wonderful i love ever piece she has on. and the spotted shoes are a dream.

    was there really a Cruella cackle? i love it!!!

    Vi from Cali

  22. I love the mickey mouse ear hair style! Also– Queen Michelle! :D


  23. Gorgeous photos (as always!). Must grow hair so i can wear it like that…

  24. Aachk – I LOVE your photography and am so jealous of your skills! Looks like a good time. Hope your feet are feeling a bit more up to snuff! =)

  25. i love a runway full of models. so nice to see A LOT

  26. Just fantastic photography!! Wow. I am just loving your take on LFW.

  27. and I’m loving that you’re visiting each and every one of us and leaving such supportive comments, I say this again, make your way down here next season I’d love to shoot together!

  28. I watched the livestream and despite liking some pieces, the collection overall wasn’t very much pleasing. The shoes on the other hand, were amazing.

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  30. Whoa that’s a lot to take in. The dalmatian print heels are delightful, but the rest is going to take a bit for me to process.

  31. Those drinks look by far the best part of the show! I do love the dog print on the dress though… it would be a nice compliment to my cat print shirt :) But not feeling the dress itself sadly.


  32. Great Photos!!!


    Welcome to my blog:))) Kisses

  33. Same here I’m not crazy with this season’s collection I would change my mind like every other season.

    Loved the hair….could this be my next new hair style?

  34. They had me with the iced tea in the first picture even if I’m not crazy about Dalmantions- little too Cruella…

  35. of all the venues this season, the topshop venue is the best in my personal opinion in terms of the sheer amount of space in the thing! Great shots and I love the writing.

  36. everything is so chic! wish i was there :)

    – Style Interplay

  37. The thing I liked the most was the hair! The rest was indeed kind of blah..

  38. I cannot not comment on how beautiful/stunning/gorgeous the photos are! (Clothes? What clothes?)

  39. hahaha, the scarf hanger dress, good one. or a wine bottle cabinet dress, or a muffin tin dress~~~

  40. Looks great!

    Juliet xxx

  41. Wauw!! great shots!! Good too see u i ldn.

  42. There’s something otherworldly about these shots, the atmosphere is so tangible I can almost taste those iced teas.. Beautiful photos :)

  43. If you love dalmatians clap your hands!

  44. I am so loving that dress with the cutout circles and the dalmatian printed heels. The looks are overwhelming collectively. I’d love to see the collection on print or digital lookbook. Hope all has been well!