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art direction PARK & CUBE graphic design SHINI PARK styling and photo assistance SIMON SCHMIDT
created for bPay by Barclaycard


Wearable technology
Five favourite contactless weekend spots
One step closer to eradicating the bag altogether
When it comes to wearable technology, I‘d like to think that my bra is so far the most high-tech contraption I wear – I mean, making it seem like there‘s actually something there!? Pure magic. Sure, my phone is basically an extension of my right arm, but when I do want to switch off and enjoy the weekend in the city with my needy man, I find that there‘s nothing better than fastening a digital wallet on your sleeve and opting for a tiny, tic-tac sized bag with a face on it. Soon I will stop carrying bags altogether and morph into a dude, and that will still be fine because I already like wiping my hands dry on my jeans.
Here’s five of my favourite weekend spots, sponsored by bPay by Barclaycard, although I’ve always wanted to put this together since the dawn of contactless, so I’m glad it’s now a much more widespread form of payment. bPay is available to anyone with a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, and can be topped up via the app manually or set it to auto refill. Perfect for Admiral Lazy over here, so join the club.
Blazer – Hofmann. Sweater – Hoss Intropia. Skirt – Tata Naka. Hat – H&M



Electric Cinema + Barbour & Parlour Kitchen
64-66 Redchurch St, Shoreditch London E2 7DP
Anywhere that supports a couch potato lifestyle is a plus in my book. Part of the Soho House Group, each screen seats up to only 50 viewers. Each plush armchair is complete with cashmere blankets and enough recline to nap during boring scenes. Pick up a drink and upmarket ‚snacks‘ at Barbour & Parlour kitchen, to enjoy during the movie. Quick contactless payments means darting in and out for seconds. I mean, cocktails + Magic Mike XXL = YES.
Shirt – GANT. Culottes – Kirsty Wade. Bag – Coccinelle. Scarf – MiH. Boots – Chloe


Play Date
Majority of museums in the UK are free (best trait of the city), so museum-hopping is a perfect cheap-date strategy.
Start with the Museum of Childhood to jump-start the morning with colourful vintage toys, then hop to the Barbican Food Hall for lunch. The V&A and British Library have killer shops. The Wellcome Collection on Euston road is my personal favourite. Finish at the Serpentine overlooking a perfect English sunset in Kensington Gardens.


Rough Trade East
Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, E1 6QL
From Sugababes to Iron Maiden – this is my London go-to for records and CDs when Spotify just won‘t do. Digging up old Disney Fantasia records is a personal favourite pasttime.
For Those About to Rock
Michael Van Der Ham X Lunettes
Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA
One of the most underrated, under-promoted museums in the city. Revisit your childhood and awaken curiosities amongst vintage toys and centuries-old child-education. One of my favourite museums in London since discovering it nine years back.
Top – Nike x Sacai. Trousers – Zara. Bandana – ASOS.


bPay sticker
The bPay sticker is perfect for those that cannot part with their phone. Mine is stuck inside my phone cover.
wearable technology

Emirates Air Line
27 Western Gateway, London E16 1BW
One of the very few ways to see London from high up, without hitting up one of the towers in the city or a flight with a Western approach. Stellar views of Canary Wharf and the O2. Best seen at sunset, and even better on a rainy day. Use as transport method to cut across the river for a day out at Greenwich (where the second Thor movie was shot).

Scarf, Coat – Est by ES. Bag – Gucci. Dress – ASOS.



Coat, skirt – Versus. Trousers – Zara. Belt – Louis Vuitton.
wearable technology
While not necessarily the most attractive ‚weekend destination‘ (in fact, I personally recommend avoiding like the plague from the minute TGIF starts, straight to Sunday-stumble-home), the London Underground, or ‚the tube‘ is undoubtedly the best place to go contactless. No more fumbling at the gates for your Oyster card and causing a domino effect down the escalator, or waiting in a queue to top-up at the machine and then having to take retirement.
I‘m still a sucker for paperback, especially history books on World World II.
Malcolm Gladwell
Antony Beevor
bPay fob
London Transport Museum
Jacket – Topshop. Skirt – Tata Naka. Trousers – Glamorous


Pitta Chips
Tonic Water
Botanic Lab
Tata Naka


Counter Albion
45 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ
Hip, little sister of Albion Cafe a few doors down, this is also my second home when the going gets a bit stuffy at home and I need hot ginger ale on tap. Great lunch service, contactless – naturally, and heathy snacks between meals. Venture into the roomy back room for a seat under the skylight.
Also love…
Pret – Starbucks
Let‘s be honest, nothing else defines ‚on-the-go‘ city-gal than Pret or Starbucks. The latter just introduced a new summer drink called Caramel Coffee Jelly, which I‘m officially addicted to. Similar addiction applies to Mango & Mint Quinoa bowl at Pret, although slightly more difficult to find.

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  1. Your blog is da best!!!! love the layout :D


  2. Oh wow!! Incredible post! I’m so inspired and speechless now!


  3. Oh wow!! Incredible post! I’m so inspired and speechless now!!! :)


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    love the layout of this post, amazing photos!

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  7. great post. I love wearable technology.
    It’s interesting that the UK are finally doing things like contactless when places like Korea have been doing it for years.


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    Beautiful post!

  10. Hi Shini, I’m a new fan who’s fallen in love with your blog and your wicked sense of humour.

    I don’t think I’ll ever give up paperbacks, though WWII stories are too painful to read. I’ve heard many of them in real life from survivors.

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    & I love these guides. Even though you’re working with Bpay, it always gives me ideas on places to visit in London.


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  18. How odd, this seems like a device straight out of ‘Back to the future’ ! Odd but very practical it seems ! I would have loved to have that when I went to London, the oyster card system has yet to be perfected in my opinion. Last time I spent my entire stay freaking out every two hours when I couldn’t find it anymore or making sure it wasn’t folded in a weird way in my pocket. Turns out after three days it was completely ruined !
    On a sidenote, I am totally in love with the shoes in your first outfit as well as with the pink shirt ! Just beautiful !

    xx, Charlie

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  40. I love your style, photos are amazing and perfects details… Im your Fan now:)

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    p.s – contactless seems amazing. I’d really like one of these because I’ll take any excuse to leave a cumbersome handbag at home. Freeing!


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