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Journey to
of the world

I am a 90‘s kid. What this means is that my primary excitement in life usually consisted of some form of waiting or another, be it in the 3-page hand-written letters from a pen-pal in Japan, or sighting my favourite song on MTV. If you too are a 90‘s kid you will have sung the anthem of the modem connecting to 56kbps, and understand why the PC had to be left on overnight for a flick to download. Joking aside (at arm‘s reach though), with the rise of insta-everything and deliver-yesterday convenience, we are forgetting about this glorious thing called patience, and the stories that happen while you wait.

You all know my thoughts towards the brands I like to work with, they have one thing in common: the value of patience; of travelling to the ends of the earth to obtain only the best ingredients – ingredients not available on Amazon Prime that‘s for certain – and treating with care and respect. Bombay Sapphire is one of those companies: full of character, story and passion – all bottled up in layers of flavour, into a clean London Dry Gin. So, here‘s a visual collection of stories that make up the notes of the extraordinary, new Star of Bombay, shot in my local tropics: Kew Gardens.

And of course, drink responsibly.

Created for
Bombay Sapphire

Top – Regina Pyo. Belt – Stella McCartney. Trousers – Wilson PK



Star of Bombay is created with two new botanicals, Bergamot Peels and Ambrette Seeds – elevating the exceptional balance of Bombay Sapphire and taking the CAPTIVATING FLAVOUR of London Dry Gin to a new dimension
Above: Top – Stella McCartney via Harvey Nichols. This photo: Top – Charlie May. Dress – Tata Naka.


a complexity that feels more like an aged spirit



Composed of intrinsic LAYERS OF FLAVOUR, Star of Bombay is produced in very SMALL BATCHES, entirely at Laverstoke Mill in England using a unique craft process



Dress – Marques’Almeida via Harvey Nichols. Jeans – ASOS. Sleeveless Polo-neck – x. Shoes – Coach. Earrings – Maria Black.


Top – Regina Pyo. Suede skirt – American Apparel. Culottes – Tata Naka


From the sunsets of Morocco to the blistering volcanoes in Java, EXOTIC INGREDIENTS are sourced from the ends of the world to create the clean notes
Dress – PYRUS. Coat – Emilia Wickstead via Harvey Nichols. Culottes – Reiss. Shoes – Coach. Earring – Maria Black.


art direction SHINI PARK studio makeup VANESSA VU styling and photo assistance SIMON SCHMIDT

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  1. SIGHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Just beautiful! Each and every shot!!


  3. g49ojfsf0k43=-j
    Sorry, that didn’t make any sense and neither did my brain. Temporary visual overload I’m still recovering from, thanks to these gorgeous shots. You’ve outdone yourself this time, Shini!

  4. could not predict the pics to be like these, cool!
    September Rules

  5. always stunning Shini ! xx

  6. *heavy breathing*
    Gorgeous post, I love the first photograph! Girl, you look like you’re walking on stilts!

  7. I don’t need much persuasion to buy a bottle of booze but if anything was going to convince me that I absolutely needed an exotic concoction of alcohol, it would be an editorial like this. Your creativity never ceases to amaze & encapture me.


  8. beautiful photos and outfits


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  11. linjin

    i have no idea about how to describe yr pictrues
    everything is so impressive
    i am so into your amzing photose
    one word :perfect!

  12. OMG this is so cool! You rock Shini!
    Let’s take some pictures and get drunk together! LOL!


  13. OMG this is so cool! Let’s take some pictures and get drunk together! LOL!


  14. Everything about this is just stunning Shini – amazing work! x


  15. Your photos are so editorial! Love it!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

  16. Your skills are undeniably the best in the blogging world. Amazing photos. ^^

  17. This is such a gorgeous editorial and this location looks like such a fun place to shoot! Love all the outfits featured in this and definitely agree about patience, its definitely something that needs to be introduced back into society
    Charlotte’s Road

  18. So Lovely ! :-)

    Enjoy the Gin ;)
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  19. Such beautiful photos!

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  20. Shini, this editorial is absolutely amazing. I’m in love with the photos. You did a great job!


  21. your editorials are just beyond stunning, i’d love to know how you do them. beautiful

    Mel x

  22. Another beautiful and stunning post from you again Shini! You keep producing the most visually gorgeous posts that are so inspiring! xx

  23. Absolutely stunning! The bottle looks like a jewel… :)

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  25. my new favorite blogger! Beautiful digitorial photos


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  27. You are a very beautiful and great 90‘s kid. I love all of pictures

  28. Oh my lawdie lawd. how do you continuously outdo yourself? in love with this entire post! how on earth did you manage to let alone lay on those stairs, but even get a shot alone. I went to kew gardens on a weekday and i couldn’t get a photo there alone.

    and loving that white eyeshadow on you. i think you should wear that look daily :p


  29. just stunning

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  31. Such an awesome editorial! Love it :)


  32. Mmmm, I love me some Bombay & Tonic! I’m actually drinking one right now with the a/c on, wishing I was in a place more exotic (#StayCation) Great shots & story telling.

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  35. Funny that we could follow the behind the scenes of this shoot on snapchat. It still surprises me and amazes me. What a talent on all the aspects!

  36. Stunning!! so cool.
    Big kiss!

  37. It’s interesting how Kew Gardens is like a bit of the tropics in the middle of cold, rainy England – sort of a play on the flavours found in Bombay Sapphire! This editorial is absolutely stunning in all aspects.

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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    Lovely. Hope you have a great week ahead, Shini *_^


  42. Shini, you are so beautiful!! And the photos are brilliant!

  43. Must be dreaming . The colors here immersed among the rich verdant background made my head spin. And the blue and white Tata Naka dress, well a fantasy in the making


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