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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Foldable Liberty-print tote by Catherine Memre

Wearing: Shirt, Libery London. Jeans, Levi’s. Shoes, Friis & Company (similar). Sunglasses, Jeepers Peepers. Straw bag, Chloé; Thank you Kit for the shots!

I don’t know what’s worse, not having a TV or relying on Twitter/Google for current issues, because for a few weeks now I’ve been holed up in my flat eating peanuts out of party size bags (hubby is a compulsive hoarder) and collecting rainwater because apparently there’s a zombie mob out there choking the streets and running down innocent Londoners just trying to get on with life. At least that’s what I made out of all the ‘keep out of London’ tweets by the metropolitan police. Apparently the Olympics is on too. Yesterday I managed to sneak away to my happy place that is Columbia road flower market, one of the many bulletpoints on the Sunday to-do list that gets neglected, the other neglected task being ‘water the plants’ – not sure if this is ironic or logical. Peonies were still out so I happily bagged six bunches while Kit scored an armful of hydrangeas for £5, then we had donuts and coffee while observing an unfriendly pomeranian go nuts over crumbs. What a happy Sunday, and not a zombie in sight, Twitter you liar.

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  1. these pictures look so good! just beautiful! I wish I could visit someday!
    ~http://www.Tinacious Me~

  2. What a beautiful post. Perfect Sunday activities, I love it. And yes London is absolutely fine. What a load of crazy hype we’ve been subjected to in the lead up to the Olympics! :)



  3. Just love your photos :)

  4. Absolutely stunning photos! Totally makes me feel like I was there at the market. Cute summery outfit!


    The Habit

  5. Natalia

    Shini, where did you buy these ceramic animals for jewelery?

  6. Ooh I bought them in Liberty, they’re actually egg cups – http://bit.ly/NLwkgX not too expensive considering all things!

  7. Natalia

    Thank you very much! :)

  8. You always have interesting pictures, so inspiring. Lovely.

  9. Your photograph really inspire me! At least I have some inspiration to shoot nice photo…hehe

  10. i love the colour mix of the first bouquet and the fact that you wore a floral shirt at a flower market, beautiful pictures as usual x

  11. beautiful captures!


  12. Those flowers are beautiful!…and so is that cute little pomeranian!

  13. oh yes…cute, but snappy!

  14. Ok so i hate to be so common, nothing really original and interesting to say, but there, i surrender: i love your blog, i love this post, obviously i do love these flowers, colours, this light, and youe picture and writing.
    God, i’m SO normal.

  15. Man I love normal. It’s super flattering to receive a comment like that, thank you truly.

  16. Emily Ulrich

    Perhaps it’s different in Europe, but in America, Google/Twitter newsfeeds are more accurate and more professional than the television stations… Ha ha!

    I can’t even imagine how crazy the situation is over there. It’s amazing you were able to find an alcove of beauty and serenity away from it all. Lovely photographs!

  17. ohh I love this market! you took beautiful photos, what camera are you using?

  18. Thank you, I’m using a Canon 5D Mark II :)

  19. ayy_ayy

    haha. zombie? zombie doesn’t like flower anyway. :)

    i love flowers. and i love those purple flowers (which i dunno whats the name).
    and your shirt as flowery as your post. :)

    beautiful post!

  20. These are breathtakingly beautiful xx


  21. Beautiful photos! It’s amazing how flowers can add such a beauty to everything.


  22. Such a wonderful collection of photos…makes me really miss London…



  23. Shini, you have such, such talent behind the lens. I know everyone must ask ‘What camera do you use? What lens is that?!’ but I feel that’s like asking an artist what brush he uses; it’s about what you create, not the equipment you use.
    Love these photos, they capture a beautiful weekend so perfectly.


  24. i love your photos! they’re always so beautiful and interesting!


  25. omg.. thats really awesome pics.. love it so much.. and i love your look so much


  26. Love the myriad of colors you’ve captured. x


  27. Such a gorgeous and inspiring photos!!


  28. it`s always a pleasure to enjoy your pics and your point of view! Well done again

  29. I would say relying on tv is worse, which i have been doing without proper internet access for the past month home….
    So it’s always great to come back to see your casual and lively pictures!!!!

  30. Anastasia Valentino

    Oh my!! I am in love with the car print dress the girl is wearing! Anyone have any idea where it’s from??

  31. wow!i totally love those pics!!!

    xoxo from rome

  32. Your photos look amazing :) And I love all of the flowers that are out this time of year, there are so many beautiful colours and textures :)

  33. Beautiful Flowers!
    It seems this market is full of fashionable people!

  34. Lovely pictures!


  35. BEAUTIFUL photos!!

  36. What lovely images! This market def needs to be visited!


  37. Oooh I’m loving the jacket the blonde girl is wearing (third picture)! I love that kind of print…my fave

  38. I also have a thing for flower shopping on sunday, and so glad you weren’t attacked by any zombies, quite a well chilled written piece Shini.

    xx nathan.niche

  39. Why thanks Nathan! woohoo :D

  40. btw forever jealous of your PS1!

  41. Ah! Finally, somewhere that I can finally say “I was there”! I loved those markets, I ended up going 2 weeks in a row. Gorgeous pics as always ;)

  42. Looks like all the stylish people are hiding at this beautiful flower market… I don’t know what’s gotten into me – after my decision that NO WAY can I step into London during the Olympics I’m unable to change my ways, even though I hear that the city is deserted. Weird. But your post is pulling the London strings veerrry hard…

  43. I KNOW – I was thinking that people were everywhere and it’d be impossible to get to places but you’re right it’s deserted – much less people in the Flower market than other weeks… apparently Oxford St is also facing losses because people won’t come out? What an irony. You should come down and do a month’s worth of London including flower market! :D

  44. I love love love these pics! So cute


  45. So stunning, I want them all in my house



  46. Kinda glad the market wasn’t heaving with people during the Olympic, and the prices dropped dramatically at around 4:30pm, can’t wait to go back for more.

    P.s Love my MCM carpet bag matches against my camouflage army jacket.

  47. always love your photography, gorgeous shots


  48. so many amazing pictures!!


  49. i am visiting London at the end of the month and number 1 on my list of ‘things to do’ is to visit columbia rd on sunday for the flower markets. i am always really envious when i see photos of this glorious place that i am yet to visit!

    cute shirt too! (liberty is also on my list)


  50. English flower shops look like the greatest! This is so beautiful Shini!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  51. your photos always light me up!

    kit’s camo shirt rocks.

  52. Beautiful flowers and equally as beautiful shirtless man playing the violin. Looks like a wonderful Sunday.

    – tianna :)


  53. Oh wow this post just made my day! Truly beautiful collection of images. It’s raining and windy on my side of the world but I can’t wait until the flowers are out again. Lovely colour matching

  54. Your flowery shirt is amazing ! And so is the whole outfit…:) Flowers everywhere equals perfection ! Especially in the summer…


  55. Great photos! Love the details and those flowers are gorgeous!



  56. The flowers are beautiful. I wish there was a floral market here in my area, maybe then I wouldn’t mind riding my bike around town.

  57. Damn! I wish I could take pictures as gorgeous as yours! That’s one of my biggest frustrations as a blogger….
    Nonetheless, Flower Market is an easy place to get great shots and certainly one of my favorite spots for the weekend as well…
    I love how you matched your shirt with the surroundings. A great styling detail that certainly pops out.

  58. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzBM34cEyUU This is the guy from picture ;-)

  59. Lovely pics!

    Just Rock and Rose

  60. Lol you are too funny :) It’s always such a pleasure to sift through your web-site, so sensitive, always personal and beautiful…

    P.S- I have the same pair of sunnies!


  61. love the photos !

    // http://marierodkjersfotoblog.blogspot.dk/

  62. I attend university in London but I’ve come back to India for the summer holidays. Your photographs have made me miss London so much! Lovely, lovely, lovely. xxx

  63. I love each and every one of your pictures ♥

  64. Hi Shini,

    Everytime I enter your blog, I am hypnotized and obsessed by your photos, your writing and every smallest details in your outfit. Your blog makes me feel so peaceful. I love those photos in this post, it tell me a stories of your life. and I hope someday I can visit London and capture those beautiful moment


  65. Gorgeous, gorgeous photography. Beautiful colours! Love every single photo. Love them front doors too! And I really want a bicycle now. Especially one with a basket. And a bell.

    If you ever fancy any new handbags or jewellery check out our website . We also do weekly giveaways on Twitter (@minervahandbags) and Facebook :)

  66. Such a lovely and enticing adventure! I’ve already got spring fever again, and summer isn’t even over!

  67. Lovely photos! I don’t go to Columbia Road enough, you’ve inspired me… Emma Louise Layla Xx

  68. Just gorgeous!! This is my first time to visit your blog and I’m wondering the same question… “which is worse?”… the fact that I haven’t heard about you until now or the fact that I’ll now probably be spending the next hour browsing your archive?! ;-)

    Lovely to meet you either way. Found my way here via Sarah of Note to Self.

  69. your blog is absolutely lush. total eye candy. a dream.

  70. love love flower market and your photos! great capture :)

  71. obsessed with your bike, what brand is it?

  72. I’ll definitely put Columbia flower market on my to-see list as soon as I go to London!

  73. Such colourful detailed slick photogaphs, very inspiring imagery.


  74. Columbia Road flower market? How have I lived in London 10 years and never heard of this place? I must go! Beautiful photos! What camera do you use?

  75. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D Mark II :)

  76. You got beautiful flowers and for such a good price. It makes me want to decorate my room with some. And you’re so chic on your bicycle. x Romi

  77. These pictures are amazing! Cheers to getting out : ) xx

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  79. Lovely images.
    Have a beautiful day.

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  81. C.A.Rains

    Where can you find those great,green rain boots? What brand are they? I hope you asked her!

  82. Wonderful pictures!

  83. So beautiful photos! Love your blog!


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  85. Ah, the London markets! Simply beautiful and filled with all kinds of interesting people (which good be a positive or negative thing mind you…). The pics are stunning as always, and I can feel the fresh air and the faint London sunshine just be looking at them.

    Nothing is missing: the pastries and lattes, the time spent with a girlfriend, the people-watching… Perfect weekend activity if you ask me!

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  88. I love all of these floral spring and summertime photos, can’t wait to see your autumn harvests and vegetable snapshots :)

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  90. nuch

    Your blog is amazing and I swear I have never commented on any blog before! I’m now on my first year as a BA graphic design student at CSM. Any tips? :) PS: What camera and lens do you use? xx

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  92. Judy Park

    사진을 정말 멋있게 잘 찍으시네요. 사진만 먼저 주욱 봐도 내용전개가~
    저두 영국 살고 있지만 Shini님의 사진을 통한 영국은 훨씬 더 아름다워 보이는군요. 오늘 처음 들어와 보고 팬이 됬었어요. 앞으로 자주 놀러 올께요~

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  101. Decia

    They are absolutely stunning photos!
    Please tell me what lens did you use?

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