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Château de Fontainebleu

Neoprene Jacket, H&M trend. Jeans, Levi’s. Scarf, Alice & Olivia. Sunnies, Jeepers PeepersOxford Shirt, hubby’s Ralph Lauren. Chelsea Boots, Topshop

So… remember that giggle-and-titter trip to Disneyland from a few moons past with Jen, Fred & hubby? Believe it or not, there was quite a journey before we reached happily ever after in the land of dreams – no I’m not referring to the Eurostar ride. I’m talking about the shuffle into van and drive down towards the gleaming castle and towards a distant, yet still squeaky-clear, melody of ‘it’s a small world afterall’ and everyone hoots – even the boys – then driver takes sharp left and continues down 45 minutes through French countryside and passengers sulk silently type of journey. Later we found out the Vienna International Hotels team had so gracefully planned an extensive itinerary, which involved of touching four corners of the Disney experience, where three don’t sell princess dresses. Disneyland was first corner, naturally; second was Paris – an hour van-ride from the Dream Castle Hotel, where we got tipsy and watched boobies jiggle on stage. La Vallée Village was third, the outlet shopping village (think Bicester Village) two minutes from the hotel where I was denied purchasing a certain pair of Céline sandals marked £190 by hubby who pulled the leash (mostly expressing disgruntle over unfulfilled one-in-one-out policy). Fourth and last was Château de Fontainebleu, home of many, MANY Kings, Queens, Emperors and Empresses’ over the past eight centuries. Let me first apologize for the amount of photos you’ve had to scroll through and here’s a Gatorade for your fingers. (Olympic spirit!) By the third chamber I gave up with the tourguide and lagged behind, it felt a crime to simply brush by the breathtaking details of each room – the brilliant colours, intricate patterns and rich textures… Heck, I know this sounds oddly grown-up and therefore incredibly unlike moi but I’d actually like to visit Disneyland again and dedicate one whole day checking out the 9/10th of the palace we missed. Dibs on the palace if I ever become King of France.

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  1. Yiahhhhhhh I so want to live there. I want use one of their curtains and turn it into a coat or a dress ;P

  2. I wonder if this is the same castle from Midnight in Paris.. In any case it’s stunning

  3. @Tricia, no, the one from Midnight in Paris is Versailles. ;)

  4. Amazing architecture. So unique and well done. I could stay in this Chateau forever.

    Like you sunnies btw.

  5. Gosh I love your pictures and look so much. Very inspiring, this place is beyond beautiful!

  6. Oh Shini. Your photography always makes me feel like the biggest, lumpy amateur in the world. Kind of depressing, kind of inspirational.

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  7. beautiful architecture. i wish to go there some day….

  8. this looks so great, beautiful location and awesome pics again!

  9. ayy_ayy

    Feel like princess..
    Who took the photograph? always great!

  10. Wow those photos are gorgeous…it must be nice to live there…i read your post like three times…so stunning

  11. Theres a funny scene in Midnight in Paris where the private eye is running from those guards in the castle.. The 8th pic in this post looks a lot like that hallway he ran down..hm


  13. It’s like a fairy tale! Loved how you captured all the intricate detail on the decor. Such a fascinating place.



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  15. Ooooh it’s just beautiful!!! I feel like i wanna nick a chair or two…..hehe. So if you ever feel like visiting again…..:P

  16. This is so craaay.

    I love the insanely beautiful decorative walls, ceilings, furniture, everything! Dibs to be one of your mistresses if you become the King of France!

  17. That’s beautiful and you look great on those pictures!


  18. Exceptional shots! What a beautiful place, everything has been designed and created to an inch of it’s life!



  19. it’s not like your average travelodge is it

  20. When are you moving in?

    P.S. nice neoprene!

  21. they’re still making my crown so have to wait another few moons…

  22. @Shini, Looking forward to the coronation. I’ll send you a gift box of macarons. Btw, what is that pink streak in the last photo, coming out of the left of your neck and onto the shoulder?

  23. I believe that is sun-flare, Duck

  24. really beautiful pictures!


  25. what a lovely place for a fashion show! can totally see givenchy doing his couture here some day lol..
    such a gorgeous palace! the workmanship that has been executed in every single minute detail is shockingly breathtaking- woah is all i CAN say

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S I just uploads a full-on CÉLINE floral outfit post, hope you like it!

  26. Absolutely stunning interiors



  27. Wow…so GRAND! You take great photos! And the salmon looks delish :)

  28. beautiful!! xx

  29. Wow, this place is absolutely stunning – and great photos! It’s definitely made my must-do list, thanks for the tip! :)


  30. What a sure fire way to get the heart racing…a chateau visit! These photos are stunning!

  31. great sunglasses!

  32. I live in Fontainebleau, and it’s amazing to rediscover the Château through your beautiful photos!
    I allow myself to tell you you made a huge mistake because it’s not Fontainebleu but FontainebleAu :).
    But I’m glad you enjoyed my city!

  33. aah, freaking awesome! I want to go to Paris :o. I’ve been to versaille, it was quite annonying to make any good photos over there, because it was so crowd(?)

  34. Holy moly. This post was a feast for the eyes, the detail you managed to capture is incredible. It all looks fabulously overwhelming. Oh and you also look rather grand yourself, those shades rock.

  35. Hey I live in Fontainebleau, near to the castle ! I hope you liked it !


  36. Exquisite is one word that comes to my mind.Such beautiful pictures.Love every detail !

  37. What a beautiful photographs. That chateau is absolutely gorgeous!

  38. What a stunning place, gorgeous photos … and not too many, if you ask me!

  39. Cara

    Simply stunning…

  40. beautiful, and of course Château de Fontainebleu takes you on a galore of architectural and luxurious world of opulence.

  41. wooooow awesome photos! such beauty! the palace is teeming with so many details! i wonder how they keep such a grandiose place clean though…

  42. now THAT, is a good question…

  43. Beautiful place! Amazing photos!

  44. Wow. These photos are absolutely brilliant and your trip seems to be incredible.

  45. Oh shiny this place is Devine! The sort where you come away not being able to see anything because you’ve absorbed too much sight!
    I really need a trip back to Paris so ill remember to have a good loong and see if I can visit here! Versailles, you got nothing! haha
    See you very soon I hope!

  46. The amount of detail in that palace is overwhelming in a wonderful way. Woah.

  47. Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

  48. You have the skill of fitting perfectly in every place that you visit! :)
    Very nice pictures!

  49. LOVE your jacket… how is this H&M?! Definitely running out to buy this beauty!


  50. Don’t apologize for the amount of photos… I want MORE! They are exquisite. This is one of my favorite chateaux…ever. Your detail photos are just lovely.

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  52. Alice

    Hey, what lens are you using for the indoor shots? xx

  53. Excellent post. I will be going through a few of these issues as well.

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  57. wow this looks so great beautiful like princess