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Chanel SS13 and a forest of wind turbines at the Grand Palais

Now would you just look at that bag.

Chanel Spring-Summer ’13 Paris Fashion Week;

This might be yesterday’s news but seeing as today is Halloween and I’ve already painted my face with cupcake icing and dressed up as a Fashion Blogger, I might as well do the dance too. It so happens that a folder full of unedited photos from the Chanel SS13 show has been haunting me for the past month, and this might actually be the only time I can share before we’re onto a whole other season/collection so far from the ‘now’ (which may or may not cause my brain implode). It was such a beautiful show, words (well, mine at least) really can’t describe the grandeur of the setting. No profound ‘eco-friendly’ message as the wind turbines might suggest, but the underlying theme was fresh air, the sense of clean and refreshing breeze cutting through a thick summer day, which was apparently how the collection came to Lagerfeld this summer. Shorter hems, oversized breezy, strapless, and perfect circles (lucite brim boaters and pearls everywhere) – plus I’m hoping the hula-hoops detach from the bag so it completes the playfulness in lego-shaped accessories.

Hope you’re having a fun Hallowe’en, don’t forget to leave a nice drunk comment when you’re home, you know how much I love hearing from you!

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  1. Dannielle

    Eye candy.. Drool.. Spectacular coverage Shini!! *^^*

  2. Viktoria

    The pictures are outstanding! A great coverage; my fav so far. Thank you!

  3. I am in love (such cliche fashion statement) with the wide-brimmed hat and the hula hoop bag. Chanel has never really struck me in every collection but I think Spring 2013 has a lot of interesting elements and details! It must have been incredible sitting at the Palais!

  4. Lovely photos! I would love to see a Chanel fashion show in real life one day. Happy Halloween!


  5. beautiful photos!


  6. The setting is amazing…love the space. The collection is so beautiful, so pleased you posted this.

  7. fantastic captures!


  8. Gorgeous snapshots!


  9. Chanel shows have rarely belonged to my favourites but this one is so exceptional. Your photos definitely contribute to the feeling of freshness.

  10. what a wonderful show! & those bags, amazing!

    Katie x

  11. How wicked of me to say, but I don’t really like the clothes in this show. However, I find the accesoiries and the set up bloody brilliant. I especially like that the floorboards look a bit like solar panels.

    Splendid coverage by the way!

  12. These photos are stunning Shini!! Especially the one you posted via facebook. Were any of those hats actually worn during the show? Trying to imagine what they actually look like on…

    As for halloween it was drunkard and involved getting red food colouring all over my nice white things and playing games, such as eating jam donuts floating on strings from the ceiling with no hands…

  13. I don’t understand it Shini, you seriously take the best photos!!! I thoroughly can’t get enough of how amazing you are! Your camera is a lucky device to have you use it! ;)

  14. Chanel has ist very own style, that makes it unique.
    Lovely images as always!

  15. I don’t know if I like the collection more or the setting or maybe the whole atmosphere of this show! it look so indredible on these photos!
    hope you’e had a great halloween! xx

  16. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Love the light in the photos

  17. Stunning as always. I really prefer Chanel, it’s more classic and feminine. Great shots!

  18. This show was so beautiful!


  19. stunner


  20. Aleksandra

    You are amazing, that’s the only comment I have in mind every time I see your photos and read texts. Wow x 100!

  21. so. insanely. chic.

  22. stunning!! x

  23. Such a gorgeous post Shini. I love the little green lego looking clutch! xx

  24. I really enjoyed this collection, one of the best by Chanel in these past years. Loved the big pearls everywhere and the hats, reminded me so much of the late 80s/early 90s.

  25. Wow; really, really good selection of photographs. Did you ever see the Movie ‘Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky’? If not, I strongly recommend it.

  26. Very stunning photos and collection! Love the clothes as always!

  27. Sara G

    Amazing images!

    Btw, are you still doing freelance work?

    Sara x

  28. It’s one of my goals in life to attend a Chanel show. I probably won’t be receiving an invitation from the Fuhrer, however, so I’ll be sneaking inside your handbag next time you’re going. I’m only smal.lll

  29. EL GRAN PALAIS.. las fotos son increíbles e inspiradoras….

  30. Xena

    Omg is that Xiaowen Ju? WASN’T SHE A DOLL ._. she is about the cutest super model ever.

  31. A great collection and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love the Chanel bag.

  32. I really like this collection!

  33. (=’.’=)
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    I am dreaming of owning every single creation!LL

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  36. Love the bags..they are all awesome!

  37. I am so impressed by how clear and focused these pictures are! And how even some angles are not typical runway. Love the leg shots especially. Gorgeous.

  38. Beautiful ensembles and gorgeous photos!

    Soma Intimates

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  40. Wow! These are excellent photos! This fashion show is totally amazing. :-D

    Kelly Yamauchi recently posted..Tag Away Reviews: Here’s What My Research Says

  41. This is awesome i really like this speacially i like pictures and the results of pictures i read regularly fashion news on different blogs and etc but now i think in the future i will just read your blog and want to see your show in live.
    You are awesome i love you………. <3

  42. wow! These are amazing photos! I love the colors and the outfits are super gorgeous! I totally wish I could own this whole collection, haha! :)


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  44. The dresses look amazingly different, but they are all beautiful in their own ways!

  45. Awesome blog! What a fashion week!

  46. Great idea! I have always admired your photography skills!