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Ultra Chic Alize of Blog de Tendances

Jen Jen the Style Crusader; Awesome braids.

I remember it was exceptionally rainy on that last day of London Fashion Week, and none of those every-other-hour drizzles that characterizes London’s crap weather, but a steady downpour that lasted pretty much the entire afternoon. Rain or not, I had a fantastic time huddled under the Lavazza truck parasol with a group of new friends, collectively screaming when a bucket of rainwater dropped from the parasol edges, lunging for our cameras with protection of some sort. Thank you Kit, Jen, Jill, Michelle, and Craig of Altamira (briefly) for a wonderful afternoon, some lazy hoard of bloggers did we make, eh?

Well apparently nothing can rain on the LFW parade.

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  1. Nice set of photos, I really like the one of the woman in the red cape (?) standing with her umbrella in the rain. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t too lazy to venture out into the rain to take photos because even though it feels annoying at the time it also results in a nice setting. I’m fond of the shiny wet pavement and bricks.

  2. even with the crappy weather you took a nice set of photos! hope you didn’t get too wet from the rain!


  3. Your photos are so full of wonderful details. Like the stripes of an umbrella or the furry vest on one of of your subjects or the pink umbrellas and polkadot skirt of another. You have great vision, I think. I enjoy coming to your blog and relaxing for a moment.

  4. I like the photo with woman in red coat with an umbrella, great!

  5. Nice shots.
    I remember that day was wet and cold.
    Your shots are well thought through and they say more than we see.
    Nice work.

  6. Oh wow, Mademoiselle Alize looks amazingly chic!

    I never felt sooo cold under a giant parosol it was nasty, but I had a great time with you girls >>>people gazing, getting freak out by buckets of rainwater, chit-chat…gutted I didn’t stay long to see Craig of Altamira argh.

  7. who spilled the milk????!!!! :P

    looks like you had so much fun, i would feel really sukcy if it rained all day during fashion week and if i was wearing suede boots

  8. I love the photo sequence.
    The stripy umbrella is my favorite.
    I guess I’m lucky. It’s really sunny here in Lisbon!


  9. such nice pictures I so wish I were there all your photos give us a hint of what the atmosphere was and I just love it


  10. Despite the weather your photos look great!

  11. Beautiful shots!

    juliet xxx

  12. the milk makes me sad.

  13. ha!! only just saw this. yes, it was quite a magic moment, wasn’t it? f***g freezing, granted, but still.. so lovely. we were like a raft at sea.. and then craig showed up.. and drifted off..

    note to self: must do my post on this too. soon. xx