I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.









Jacket – c/o Francis Leon. Skirt – ASOS (on sale now!). Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell (‘inspired’ from, Acne Terra). Bag – Coach. Lace Top – Motel Rocks. Belt – LV.

Today I woke up when it was already dark out, and had a steaming cup of apple cider for breakfast not too long ago, spiced it too – a swig of vanilla extract, a dash of ground cinnamon – good stuff. New Year’s resolutions? Haven’t met him. Instead of making an extensive list of must do‘s and must quit’s, this year I decided it might be easier to condense all that into one line: Get it together, woman; and this blog falls right in the middle of it. P&C has been growing into a big part of my life (time-wise, if anything), yet I still have absolutely no clue where this is going. I feel foolish doing outfit posts, knowing clearly it’s not anything worth documenting (thanks to one too many ‘screw this, nobody cares, I’m wearing track pants tomorrow’ during fashion weeks), most of the travels I do are in the mercy of some generous sponsor (that now all seem to prefer the tall, pretty ones with 6-digit followings), and in truth I’m making just enough to pay for my dedi-server every month + snacks.

I know I should be content with what I already have, especially my readers many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know better via emails, but every day we’re bombarded with what we don’t have, and it sucks because it casts a shadow on your own achievements and efforts, equally amazing in their own right. Ultimately, I’m afraid that I am wasting my time doing something completely unimportant in the large scheme of things – am I really loving my neighbours and fearing God? (Ironic to be saying all this under a vain outfit post, but hey, would you read this more if it were under a moody pic of a misty field?) All questions to answer in the coming year. Do we have any more end-of-the-worlds in 2013? I could do with a deadline.

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  1. I hope people actually read this, because i totally know what you’re going through. A a few of my blogger friends and I had this coversation and overall wished that more brands would feature more diversity instead of the tall/kinny stereotypical bloggers. It seems like they get all the work, blog stats and everything but they don’t really stand out to me. So i’m content on making sure the blogs that i love like this one are supported whether it’s through comments, tweets, or sharing links. I barely comment here, but I love the outfits you post, and i hope you don’t stop doing that. I love your style because to me it’s what you want to wear, not what looks good because others forecasted the trend a season ahead. I love this site because i can see myself wearing these things even on my plus size body! i don’t think you’re wasting your time, but at the same time i thought the exact same thing about my own blog last week, but sometime in me stopped myself from actually deleting it this week. I dont know i just felt blah then I thought about why i actually blog, and I thought back to the times when I really looked forward to it when i had nothing on there. so anyway i’m ranting i hope you figure it out!

  2. It’s an odd one isn’t it? So many bloggers right now, particularly those who have been around for 4/5+ years are beginning to think about when it’s time to close the laptop. I’ve been pondering it too but I don’t see it happening juusssst yet but it definitely isn’t something that will go on forever. I think it’s endearing that you don’t see yourself as a super blogger Shini – but you’ve done incredibly well and stayed true to yourself – this is what makes you likeable and I just feel the need to hang out with you and Kit all the time haha for food times yeah? Gosh I am such a pig.

    Anyway, I would love a misty field picture because your photography is AWESOME (as are your outfit pics!!)

  3. I’ve just almost, almost bought this skirt, you’d owe me 60 quid! And hey, as one of the viral pictures says “what if I told you nobody cares if you’re famous on the internet”. Not saying you’re not, but at the end of the day having some super turbo skills like your amazing ablility to take beautiful pictures or designing a great layout seems to matter more that being blonde (so overhyped!) and having milions of twelve years old followers, no? Plus I really believe that staying true to your values and not having to pretend to be less smart that you really are (heyy guyyyss!! just having drinks at the pool with my bf, so cool, bananas, xoxo!) is worth much more that all the hype, Celine bags and money. I sometimes wonder how happy all the big bloggers are? I’m sure there is a price which has to be payed – like there are thousands of haters telling you everyday that you’re ugly, stalkers which post pictures of you in your pyjamas in the grocery store, you have to travel all the time, always look good etc. I feel like doing something smaller, which maybe doesn’t sell as well, but is more meaningful feels like the right thing to do, but that’s just my opinion. Plus, apart from all that, people have to get tired of watching blondes in cute dresses at some point, c’mon!

  4. @Joanna, lol, well said.

  5. Those pair of emerald heels are beautiful!
    You are actually one of the blogs that I follow
    + read because of your style and you write
    good c:


  6. If nothing else, it has to make you a little bit proud that you have created something people love dearly enough to keep coming back to….right? I can honestly say your blog is the most inspiring part of my day, I absolutely love it and genuinely appreciate the inspiration.

    So, get it together if you truly feel that it’s not, but please keep blogging about it along the way!

  7. Amazing shoe colour. I love your jacket too. Really like the combination of leather with sweater!

    Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

  8. stunning pair!


  9. Chelsea

    Hi Shini!
    I am a regular reader from Canada and I have to tell you that though I may not leave a message I am an avid follower of yours!
    Your work on this site is such a breath of fresh air for me after work or on weekend. I love sitting down in my living room with a cup of coffee (or a bowl of pomegranate seeds like today) and admire at your beautiful pictures and see you transition over the years. It’s almost like having a friend.
    I think being our age, a lot maybe unclear at the moment, but as the time goes, the path appears and we walk it with the best of our ability. It’s so important to be passionate and endearing about something. I hope this is one of yours, because you touch a lot of audience. I want you to be proud of your accomplishment and what you created, you inspire others and create nostalgia of my visits to England among many other pleasures.
    Also being of Korean heritage, it’s great to see you expand your horizon in the blogging world because well, there are not that many out there. So keep it up and thank you!



  10. Lily

    Wow, Shini. A wonderfully written post. Don’t fret. I’ve scoured the internet and haven’t found any website or blog with as stunning a design and with such original and beautifully shot content. If it helps I’ve been up to loads this year, went to Bestival, had a weekend break with a beautiful hotel room and it’s only a speck of dust compared to all the trips you’ve done. It must be nice looking back at your posts and seeing everything you’ve got up to x bisous

  11. Shini, your blog is like, a garden or a beautiful palace where I come to rest and think. Seriously, it’s like the best site in the whole Internet and it’d make me cry if you stopped posting, so yeah, get it together please :) You have invaluable skills (photography, design, writing, styling (your outfits are amazing!) ) that make you a whole lot better than all the other bloggers who might have a milion readers but don’t have a soul. If there’s someone who thinks this, you’re not wasting your time, right? :)
    If you have some issues or want to rethink where your blog is going, maybe try reading a book on blogging, like “Blogging your way to the front row” by Yuli Ziv – I bought it a week ago and it’s really motivating me to change and grow.

  12. I adore your heels, the color and the design are perfect!


  13. We love your blog, keep doing it, I am sure you won’t regret it, and we will be so happy to keep following you!


  14. You are honestly so right! It’s very true that many of us focus on what we don’t have (what with the wishlists and everything) and I’ve never actually realized that till now. We should really be focusing with what we do have and be thankful for all of it. =]

  15. I always come here, but haven’t commented in ages. Just want to say, happy new year to you! You are one of my favorite blogs, and for as long as keeping this up makes you happy, I think it’s worth the cyber real estate. Not only are your photos always so gorgeous, you have this charming wit and humor in your text as well! I love everything, if it counts.

  16. Don’t leave me Shini!
    I know what you mean, but for me, your blog is not just about outfits and sponsored posts. I love your writing, the geek jokes, the smart talk, I love your pictures of course, I’ ve learn so much about composition thanks to them. To say it simple, I love you. I know that this blog is not going to last forever, but don’t leave me, not yet!
    For me, this blog, is a breeze (or a thyphoon) of fresh air in this all-look-alike blog world. Anytime that I read it, I feel like I’m taking a cup of coffe ( or a cup of apple cider) with you. And always your pictures make my heart warm.

    I’ll be here until the last song.

    Big hugs from Chile.

  17. There aren’t any end_of_the_worlds in 2013, so you won’t be LATE for the DEADline (excuse the cheesy pun). The phenomenon of some bloggers in comparison to others amazes me. You can never understand what the masses consider as worth following.

  18. Saci

    I’ve been reading your blog since October 2010 after stumbling across it randomly and have followed it religiously since (albeit silently…). You’ve got fantastic style, taste and wit. I love that you write about fashion, lifestyle, travel and things random, it’s come to be an essential guide and inspiration for me. SO a big thank you from me ^_^
    The things that make you happy are never in vain, I think as long as you’re enjoying this you’re doing right by yourself. Take care :)

  19. Seraphina

    Ohh I do hope that you continue with Park & Cube for a long long time! Your blog is definitely my all time favourite.
    I don’t have any helpful words of wisdom like the other comments (I’m 18, I don’t even know what lies ahead of me! haha), but I would just like to say that the most important thing is if you’re happy continuing with blogging, keep moving forward :-)

    By the way, I love the coordination of this outfit and how it goes so well with the environment that you chose to shoot it in!

  20. A lot of blogs have come and gone in my life, but you have always been a mainstay. Not only because of the beautiful imagery and outline, but because of your words. You say just enough in a witty and intelligent manner, make it engaging, and avoid just stating the facts. I have very much enjoyed being a voyeur, but understand that everything swell must end.

  21. I found this post really encouraging! It’s always hard to try and remember to be thankful when the world is telling you what you don’t have and how you would be better with it. I see this post as more than an outfit post. It’s an expression of creativity, a god given gift which you are using and I know he loves that. We don’t have to be doing something grand to be making a difference in the bigger picture :)

  22. I’m new to this blog but I am already falling in love with it! I love the photographs they do not only present objects or you they show you soul. love the shoes to!


  23. Amen.

  24. Oh Shini, I hate that you’re feeling that way. I think it’s more and more difficult for bloggers to know what they actually want to do with their blogs. Especially as you said, nowadays bloggers are like models so often if you’re not the tall and pretty ones you don’t get as much exposure. But stop it, you are one of the most beautiful bloggers with the most breathtaking photos and impeccable style! I really love your writing and your sense of humor, and just like Jen and Kit I keep going back to all your blogs because you three have the most amazing posts! It hurts obviously that you’re not rewarded financially or emotionally :( but I thought I should say this to you: THANK YOU. Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for making me laugh with your crazy silly jokes, making me smile with your beautiful photographs!

    I was feeling a bit lost with the blog a few months ago, but then when I decided to focus on vintage and document my journey of becoming a vintage lady I feel a burden being lifted off my shoulder. But then you’re making me a bit worried now! Am I gonna hit a wall? Am I gonna feel like the blog’s going on a plateau? But really, can I worry bout that now? Should we really worry about such thing? You have other things going on in your life! Your design will get you going even when you hit a blogger’s block! :) And we’re all here in the blogosphere ready to give you cyber emotional support!

    Much love!

  25. Claire

    Shini, don’t be disheartened! I feel your pain (only swap out a blog with a degree). Your outfits are actually wearable, and I can see you wearing pieces more than once (which is a big plus in my book, what’s the point of buying a squillion dollar clutch/pair of shoes/dress if you’re only going to wear it once to get a couple of good photographs out of it?), as opposed to some bloggers’/streetstyle darlings’ outfits. Your photos are interesting, thoughtful, and most of all, you don’t have to travel across 10 countries just to make an interesting post, you find beauty/interest/humour in your everyday.
    Guess I’m just trying to say – big fan here! And keep doing what you do, the way you want to do it! Happy new year :)

  26. I totally know where u’re coming from. Sponsors like quantity n not quality… Bad publicity is still publicity to them. Psh.

    Pls know tt I read ur blog religiously everyday! To me, u r the most professional, real, fun blogger out there with damn good programming/design skills as evident frm ur blog! :) screw the mediocre, stay awesome Shini!

  27. Aaaah your skirt!


  28. Well, I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago but when finding it, I spent like some hours exploring it because I really enjoy the way you write and your pictures. I am not a native english speaker but finding a blog where someone do have great skills in writing and put a smile on my face is kind of rare.
    As for the direction where your blog is going, I may not be the best adviser but try thinking about the thing you most like doing while blogging should help.

    I really hope you won’t stop blogging !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  29. Shini this is really sad to read! If it’s any consolation, I gotta tell you, I really, really, really, really admire the work you do (even though most blogging, particularly style blogging, feels useless from time to time). When I list super bloggers, you’re always right up there. In fact, I was just thinking toward the end of last year, I wish my blog layout was super crisp with lots of great branding like P&C. No lie. And every time I see your ranking on Bloglovin I’m like, “WHY ISN’T SHE HIGHER?????” There are certain brands that will never change; they go for the tall/white/blonde rep because they support the societal standard of beauty (and it supports them)…but they’re almost analogous to the jerky guy we liked in high school. He’s not really what you wanted; but you were told you should want him. Does that make sense?…..ANYWAY, you are incredibly talented, witty, eloquent, and you have wicked style and beautiful photos. Sometimes the feeling of “this is just a blog” hits you hard but you have a great thing here (regardless of sponsors) and you should hang on to it!

  30. wow, shini. you have actually expressed my exact sentiments on life – or on blogging, which has turned into my life. i hope we both find our “blogging” way this year because I totally feel you! x

  31. If it’s any consolation, I would totally pay for a holiday for you over most bloggers. If I had any money.
    The internet is weird and whoever thought of ‘outfit’ blogging was kinda weird too, like that crazy grandma that secretly we’re thankful for but on the outside we tend to make fun of her.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re doing a great job, if nothing else, you make people smile.

    x Camilla


  32. You have no idea how scared I am reading this post, thinking that you might not continue P&C! I think one thing i like reading about blogs is that I see so much diversity out there in terms of style or fashion, which gives me hopes and dreams. Your blog definitely is that unique one pouring out inspirations and dreams. I hope after some zooming out, you could find your motivation for blogging back. But at the end, it’s your blog, your decisions in moments of life, so I support you no matter what, beautiful! :)

  33. Yoshi

    I just wrote a long comment but I deleted it all, because it floundered around and meant nothing in particular. Essentially what I was trying to say is that I love your blog, even though I don’t read every post you write. And, perhaps you should use your design/photography/styling/knitting (etc) gifts to serve God and love your neighbours. To a greater extent, if you’re doing that all ready.

  34. Ah I see Audrey has already commented on this which is so funny because I talk about this with her all the time. Listen girl…you have one of the most if not the most beautiful premium and total refined and professional blogs out there. Everything is thoughtful, beautiful, calculated, and yet genuinely charming the essence of a creative young lady and her personal story shining through.

    It’s true that after a certain amount of time you have to ask yourself okay, what is the pay off for all the time I give this blog and as you said it’s not exactly paying your bills. Maybe you just need to create a business plan for it to monetize is more, not because you’re a sell out but because you deserve that and you’re readers would understand that that’s just a natural evolution of the many of the blogs they love, that all the time author puts into them is their own and for free and if they want to keep getting it for free the author needs some incentive.

    In addition, just keep trying to look at the other ways it pays off. It looks great on a résumé and helps you get work. You get to go to fashion weeks, receive beautiful clothes, fly around the world, meet great new people, maybe even license your photos and sell them, and even just display your creative productivity in a beautiful way and have it recognized and admired by others.

    Whatever you decide to do with your blog wether it’s just posting less often or doing more paid stuff, or not blogging at all I totally get it girl! But of course like everything hope you be around for a long time and the more often the better!

    *BIG HUGS* Shini! Come visit Audrey and I in Paris, we will show you a great time!

    Haleigh @ Making Magique

  35. Oh BTW I totally know what you mean about how everyone prefers the 6ft tall blonde bloggers with a ton of traffic. Just think of it like this…McDonald’s is probably the most eaten at restaurant in the world right? But would you ever rather be a McDonald’s than an Alain Ducasse, even if it made you a billionaire? I do not think so :-)

  36. @Haleigh @ Making Magique I LOVE this comparison!! Totes stealing it.

  37. @Haleigh @ Making Magique, What she said!!

  38. Shini, you are so smart and lovely. I honestly like to look at your posts sometimes for the pure words and wisdom you exude. You write very well. I’m happy to have been a follower for several years now. I’ll come to Europe yet and treat you to some Nutella on toast or something (; ♡

  39. I’ve never thought that any of your posts were pointless, especially not your outfit posts. I’ve always enjoyed seeing what you’re wearing, eating, and otherwise occupying your time with! I hope that you can pick yourself up out of this rut, or take a break if you decide that’s what you need to stop feeling this way. You have so many people who love your blog.

  40. I am sad to know your current state of mind. Please know that you are loved and your blog inspire others including myself. As someone who just made a huge career transition (buyer/boutique owner to independent sales agent/blogger), I can tell you life is toughest when you’re in limbo. I think the “right” time to make a change is when you’re no longer passionate about what you do. And believe me, you’ll do fine wherever life takes you next. All the best to you Shini!

  41. Dear Shini,

    It’s my first ever time commenting on your blog – though I’ve been following you for a really long time, since the very beginning!! I used to read your blog in my hotel rooms when I was on layovers (back in the days when I was an international flight attendant.)

    I understand what you are saying. To tell you the honest truth, as much as I adore you – I can’t stand “fashion blogs” or “what I wore” posts. I think they’re really pointless, if I may say so. (Please don’t be offended, as I really do love your style, I am only saying so, as a general opinion.) – And if anyone is reading this, I am not trying to be offensive, I’m just saying what I think.

    The only reason why I click to see if you have any new posts is because I love your photographic vision – as an artist. I am a photographer in New Zealand and I spend 3 months of the year in Europe, traveling and taking photos. (Obviously, I’m not longer working on the airplanes.)

    I do not read fashion blogs. Point blank. You are the only exception because your posts are not so “fashion” related, but tied in with who you are, and what you portray visually through your eyes and life.

    My favorite posts by you are your travel posts. And your posts about life / places you visit / what you see that you think is beautiful.

    I’ve noticed more recently that you have started to mention your feelings about life in your posts, and it makes you so real. I think you have a good message to send out to people, and you can voice that through your photography.

    I know what you’re saying about “what you’re going to achieve”. 2013 is a new year and maybe a new time for you to think about your direction in your work, through the blog and through photography.

    In my opinion, if you are over outfit posts maybe you can go back into the direction, staying true to who you are, still loving fashion, but incorporating it into your blog in a new, fresh way… (A way that other don’t do.) ~ So many bloggers online post pictures of themselves wearing clothes… There’s so much more to share than wardrobes. I think you know what I mean… (Like I said, I adore you, so I am being honest.)

    I hope you don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You have created a well-established blog and network of readers that is invaluable. But if you do decide to change your direction – I don’t see any harm in doing so… It could be a really good thing?

    Just continue being yourself because the people that read your blog that really love what you do, don’t read your blog for the outfit posts, they read your blog to read your perspective, in words and in photographs. That’s something that a lot of blogs/bloggers lack.

    I could really care less about seeing what some woman/girl wore… Or what company has endorsed her to market to readers… What does get my attention though is someone with creative vision and a ‘photographic voice’.

    I hope you have an amazing 2013… Wherever it leads you. Keep being you because you’re fabulous.

    Lots of love from New Zealand.

    Long time reader,

    Dakota .D

  42. Shini,

    …and this too shall pass. I’ve been following you for a while and love your blog for the fantastic style, photography and most of all the witty writing. I hear you- finding one’s place in the world is a constant struggle but keep the faith!


  43. Michelle

    Hi Shini,
    I rarely leave comments, but I have to chime in and let you know that Park and Cube is my all time favourite fashion blog, and you are its creator so I guess you would be my favourite fashion blogger. I like the way you blog, and maybe you feel a little downhearted by the astronomic success of other bloggers but your blog is the one I head to because there’s a lot more humour and a sense of honesty about your posts. Unlike many other bloggers, who feel fake for their never ending deluge of “I bought a brand new Michael Kors watch today etc” or one line outfit posts with confusing or mysterious combinations of words, your writing focuses a lot less on the materialistic and a lot more on the experience you have IN your clothes. Maybe it’s not what sponsors are after, but I just wanted you to know that you have a follower in me because you have great style and the most beautiful photographs ( that Azuma Makoto visit was visually delicious and I drooled over the greenery before printing a copy for my wall).
    I hope you feel you can be more personal and open with your followers and I wish you many more satisfying and happy blogging years to come.
    Good luck!

  44. lena

    hello shini,

    much like a few other commenters, this is my first time saying anything on your blog. not that i’m new to it or anything, i’ve been a dedicated follower for over a year now.

    it was surprising reading your post today because i guess i always assumed with how high-quality everything you post is… that you’d be one of the successful bloggers out there. i’m very much into fashion and though i follow a few tall blondes, i find that your style is both fashion forward and attainable.

    i’m not interested in seeing bloggers who wear outfits that are bleeding edge because that can’t be translated into my life – that’s what i see amazing and visionary runway shows for. i’m getting off track here.. what i mean to say is that you post fashion that a person could actually wear. i’m very inspired by your fashion pairings (especially the uniqlooks you’ve done!) and find myself seeing how to make those items work for my body and style.

    if there’s any way for your fans to ensure that you’re kept going into 2012? i would very much like for you to keep blogging – you always seem like you have such a passion for it still, in each and every post.


  45. Danielle

    Dude YOU GOT THIS. ‘Keep moving’

  46. Amazing shoes!


  47. I too often wonder, what the fuck am I doing?

  48. @Duck, Word.

  49. Shini, your blog is the reason I started blogging – your photography, your style, your outfits, your musings, I love it all and your posts are a breath of fresh air during my very dull day at my law firm. Personally I don’t like the so-called “super” blogs – they just feel like one big advertisement, they lack any sense of what’s real and any intelligence, and all the clothes are out of my (and most people’s) budget anyway. The fact that your blog is none of those things is what makes it truly super. “I’m afraid that I am wasting my time doing something completely unimportant in the large scheme of things” – perhaps all the lovely comments below will help you realise that Park & Cube is actually important to many of your readers! x

  50. I love your honesty here but think about what it must be for us smaller fry! It’s nice that you actually write something meaningful with your posts rather than a few lines of rubbish or even nothing at all. I think that your style stands out amongst numerous blogs I read and that you definitely make a worthy contribution, no matter how unimportant you think the outfit is. You might inspire someone to wear a shirt in a different way or to make something new out of a scarf. Things aren’t really fair in the blogging world but I think that you have to remember deep down that you’ve created something pretty unique plus you have all of these extra photography, web design, mastermind skills too. Organise your own trips and excursions, that’s what I plan to do after seeing too many filtered beaches on Instagram!

  51. Lulu

    I believe this is just a kind of crisis that everyone from time to time goes through. I know exactly the feeling you write about but just look! There are so many people here, leaving so supportive and inspiring comments. It may sound stupid but Park and Cube became is some way my ritual. I love coming here and always find bunch of inspirations. And in your case it’s not foolish doing outfit posts as they always have a story behind. I hope you’ll find your way and get as much satisfaction as possible!

  52. I like your JC heels, they look cozy for the wintry days, and also really into your skirt too, it’s proportion is very flattering.

    xx The Provoker

  53. Now the more serious comment: I understand in some ways how you feel about wasting your time, and I’m sorry to hear about the sponsors favoring a certain type of blogger with 6 figure followings and 6 ft tall (lol jk), but the way you blog and the things you cover shows us all your amazing level of taste and sharp eye for aesthetics, and that’s what makes you an amazing, wait no, an ineffably talented and original blogger/photographer/designer/person. The end of the world of 2012 sort of made me think that in someway, I didn’t mind if the world ended that day, a deadline’s a deadline and it would’ve felt good in some alternate way knowing we didn’t have to live on for the sake of living. I feel that you’re sort of tired of something in life, I don’t know you that well Shini but I’m certainly tired and drained from some personal stuff going on in my life, but I hope that we can just find something new to reinspire us, take another vacay or just delve into some other random projects if time allows, rekindle that magical spark that guided you into a world that made you truly truly happy.

  54. Shini, I’m rubbish at leaving comments and wish now that I did it more, as I read your blog all of the time and am always left inspired, after seeing your beautiful photography and short, simple yet wonderful words.

    Yours is one of my all time favourite blogs (and as I work in blogger outreach I technically shouldn’t show favouritism so I’m putting my job on the line for you here!) and to me is what every other blogger is wishing to be… personal yet professional, beautiful images AND well written words.

    I know exactly what you mean and sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into spending all of your time doing what you love and forgetting that you may actually need to eat. I work full time and then cram all of the creative into the wee hours I have free, facing the rath of my boyfriend who isn’t aloud to talk to me anymore. I constantly wish I could spend all day blogging and being creative and envy bloggers like you who seem to have it all worked out. I guess it’s kind of refreshing to know that you wonder what it’s all about too… but you really shouldn’t! Your blog is a portal for your creative work and with such beauty on show whatever avenue you choose will undoubtedly be a success!

    And if nothing else you can know that this month you have achieved something – you have been responsible for making me live on toast for the entire month as I just bought that skirt… and the red cable knit dress from your Paris post and I’m contemplating those shoes too… sigh!

    Much love, (and promise to comment more)

  55. Don’t you go quitting on us now, Shini. Your blog is hands-down one of my favourites and I’d consider quitting the internet forever if you threw in the towel – it’d be a bleak place sans P&C.

  56. yufang

    Hey Shini, I have never commented before, but I really want to give you this verse:

    “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose, because those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; and those he called, he also justified; and those he justified, he also glorified. ” -Romans 8:28-30

  57. I love blogging about outfits, inspirations, style and the beautiful things in life. When it comes to pure fashion blogging I feel like out of my medium, where I just don’t get what is happening. Only showing outfits and copying stuff other bloggers did a few days before is so absurd and without any deep meaning, that I always hesitate before putting outfits on my blog. I love your blog because it is really creative and you seem to love doing it as you’re doing it so well. I enjoy blogging since I post things I like and I hope to find out where it’s going one day without thinking too much about it.

  58. Recently, I felt the same thing, and even more because of the end of the world issues that spread around. What am I doing in this world and everything seems to be meaningless. Until I realized that everything is meaningless when we try to live without God.

    You have super great blog, you’ve shared a lot of great things and you’ve been inspired a lot of people, isn’t it something to be thankful for. :)

  59. Lovely outfit!


  60. Joseph

    The title says it all ‘Get it together Woman!’

    You’ve got the best looking blog on the internet. Keep it up!

  61. Oh Shini, your honesty is remarkably refreshing in this blogging world.

    It saddens me that it’s only the 6ft tall leggy model-esque bloggers who are getting all the attention. But for what it’s worth, you are one of the people who inspired me to start my own in the first place, and your pictures remain and witty honesty absolutely second to none (there is no slicker, more beautiful blog than yours).

    I hope you can find the clarity and direction you’re looking for this year, but the blog world would be an emptier place without your presence.

    Briony xx

  62. Blue days come and goes; have a rest and the life looks much better. I have to say that I do love your shoes. They are awesomeness xxxx

  63. Winnie

    See all the positive feedbacks you got from your readers Shini?! You are making a wonderful impact in people’s life. It is alright to not have things figured out. That is not the point of life.

    So get it together woman, and make God proud.

    God Bless and lots of love from Canada!

  64. All I can say is ‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road’*, fashion blogging is not about beauty pageant nor intend to flirt with the fashion industry in exchange for lavish lifestyle. However superficial, they just want quantity, quality with low quantity is sadly placed in the back of the queue, it’s a waiting game.

    I shall speak to you offline.

    *was gonna say Brick Lane.

  65. Oh whatever woman, I love your JC shoes.

  66. Camila

    I have never commented here however I do read you posts really often. I think your style is great and i prefer your blog to the ones writen by tall skinny girls because you provide great ideas that can fit real bodys like mine. Im a short and with normal proportions but i do not have Chiara Ferragni’s great legs so I really do love your blog because whatever you wear i can wear it too knowing that it would fit me and look cute. So thank you, I love you style, I love your blog and I really do hope that you keep writing these wonderful posts.

  67. Your blog is probably the best because you actually write, and your intelligence shows through. As a writer, some of the biggest fashion blogs out there are kind of depressing because it’s so clear the author of the blog can barely stitch two words together (ha ha). Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe write a book–your hilarious blurbs coupled with beautiful photos and some awesome shoes? I know I’d buy it…

  68. Laura @ a forte for fashion

    Hi shini
    I’m sure you already know that I simple adore your blog. I have been a follower for a very long time and you are one of the few bloggers I still read.
    I find everyone a little contradictory now and it really grinds my gears hahah your photography is beautiful and when I got a new header design I asked for black and white because I admired yours so much.
    I really don’t think you have to have a ultimate goal in all of this, I just think if you still enjoy it then you should continue.
    I often get the feeling I don’t fit the cookie cutter of what a brand wants from a blog and often at fashion week I find myself in conversation with some truly deluded people which makes me cry a little inside.

    I guess I’m rambling now but to sum up, please don’t stop doing what you’re dou g. Your truly an inspiration!

  69. Loved this outfit! Happy New Year!


  70. Amazing color of shoes!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  71. That just made me very sad. I think your talent is unbelievable and that your blog is literally just an inspirational overdose on a daily basis. Your outfit posts are not just vain and “hey look at what I’m wearing” but art! Your photography, the unique way you put things together, the location – I see them as editorials. You should give yourself more credit! But yes, the whole sponsor thing is sadly true. Wear lots of leather and high heels, be a size 8 and there you go. I think you should rely on your talent though. Your posts are a million times better than those the really big bloggers put online. <3

  72. Elle

    Hi, I’ve just started a blog for 2013. I was caught by your parting words about “am i loving my neighbours and fearing God”. I’ve been thinking about how i can use my blog for this purpose although i was initally intending to focus on fashion and DIY? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

  73. Hello Shini
    I’m a relatively new reader to your blog and just had to write to say how much I enjoy it! I’ve been reading style/fashion blogs for a long time and it’s so refreshing to read yours which is so very individual and full of beauty. Honestly, some of the other blogs I stopped reading all began to look and read exactly the same! Thank you for sharing your ideas and views and please keep doing what you do! SPD

  74. Asking oneself the ‘where Iam going with this blog’ question is, I guess, the most common topic in this world. I just wanted to tell (beg) you, please try to ask yourself that question as less as possible. P&C has been my fav blog since I discovered it, and you trully make a difference in the ‘blogsphere’. I would keep reading you even after a moody pic of a misty field, and still be my fav reading ;). Take care!

  75. Even though I’ve never left my presence here, but i really really love visiting your blog!
    Whatever that keeps bugging you, please do keep blogging or I’d miss you dearly (sounds a little selfish but hell yeah :P)! True enough you have a lot of outfit posts etc, but what makes you special among others is your character, the way you write make me think that you’re a wonderful person :D I hope you’d figure out something!! Very happy new year Shini ;D

  76. I know exactly how you feel…I’ve only been blogging a mere 2 months but sometimes stop and say what’s the point? I’m not 6ft with endless amounts of designer clothing! But then I remember it doesn’t matter because its a hobby and I guess you never know where it will end up…I really love your blog, the photos are beautiful and you’re style is timeless. Please dont stop!

    The shoes are stunning, and your skirt reminds me of sketching…don’t know why…really beautiful! As are you!


  77. Ana Ilka

    Well I guess it doesn’t pay too much…but I must tell you that your blog is also a part of my life. A very cheeky, witty, ‘pick-me-up’ part of it.

    Makes me kinda sad that something that cheers me up might be perceived as ‘unimportant’, so I hope you find a way to make it contribute more to your life.

    Love your blog


  78. love these shots. amazing


  79. Mmwah

    You tangibly improve my day every time I read one of your posts. I, for one, hope you’ll continue to blog :)

    Shini, hwa-ee-ting!

  80. This is absolutely stunning Shini, have a wonderful 2013!!!

  81. Get it together gurl! Your blog has always been awesome and still IS! Photographyvis just impeccable.

    Maybe you need to clear your mind a bit and in need of a cheer-up. Plz come to Seoul for some re-imspiration plus i’d luv seeing your face again dear! :)

  82. I love your blog. You have a sense of style and personality that a lot of the 6 digit bloggers do not have anymore. I hope you don’t quit <3

  83. I don’t really know what to say, because I think almost everyone feels this way sometimes (some of us all the time) – quite frankly, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t – but if it makes you feel any better, you have some epic writing skills! I’m definitely taking down your “bombarded with what we don’t have” sentence in my trusty maybe-full-of-awesomeness-but-probably-really-useless all-purpose notebook so I can constantly be reminded that I, too, should be content and that everything I do is (in some way) awesome and full of light every time that I open it to jot down a shopping list or doodle some poodles.

    (Also noting down as New Year’s resolution to avoid run-on sentences.)


  84. Sabine

    4 words: Seth Godin – The Dip.
    If anyone has a chance to come out the other end, it’s you.

  85. Lina

    For what it’s worth, I think that with your wit, style that’s true to yourself, and all the things you just said – you’re the coolest blogger out there!
    The fashion blogging scene seems waaaay too commercial nowadays, but you are like a little gem in the mids of it (so are your shoes ;))

  86. Pretty skirt! and I adore your heels! It looks pretty too on your feet :)

  87. I know that feeling all too well, I do love some of the more popular blogs but i feel gone are the days where people could blog their everyday outfits made up of the more generic, affordable brands, those are the blogs that really inspire me, not the ones who are decked out in expensive designer brands.



  88. Gorgeous pics, great post. Onwards and upwards, embrace 2013 wholeheartedly – uniqueness is key to success …

  89. Hi Shini!

    Please don’t stop blogging, I adore your blog and think that you’re very different from many other bloggers out there! You’re doing great things with this space, love reading your thoughts + looking at your pictures, they always make me smile :)

    sending love from Singapore!

  90. someone up there pointed out that many bloggers are having a similar thought! all I can say is that I admire those who are still on it and are still making the blogosphere worth living in – you are one of them! I’ve been around for 5+ years too with a lo-fi blog that had no comment feature and allowed no ads or sponsors, yet loads of readers and some healthy stats…then I got lazy and went into two and a half year hiatus…and now as everybody seems to be turning the page I’m back behind the good old blogger dashboard – I didn’t get younger nor skinnier though. I think if I would ever accept an ad, I would continue blogging with a sense of obligation…but honestly, the only reason to blog about anything is passion for the subject! and the only way to keep on doing it and still believing that you’re doing something important is doing it for yourself and for those who make the subject passionate – not the sponsors. an outfit post is as important as you make it, besides your outfits are always superb!

  91. Viki

    Hi, Shini! I a a very dedicated reader of yours coming from Croatia. The words you posted out there are exactly why you need to continue blogging. I understand it’s quite hard to post on regular basis and to keep the same amount of freshness throughout every post, so, it’s understandable why somebody would stop posting, especially if you have a “real” job too. But, I must say, your blog is such an inspiration to me: photography, clothes, and especially your writing style. I’m planning a trip to London on spring and I must say I am using your blog to help me plan my vacations there.

    I hope you will continue post. All the best.

  92. Your photos are such beautiful! This blog offers the reader the inspiration and creativity. You are a good example of as have to be a blogger!
    Hello from snowy Moscow!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  93. Erika

    As a casual reader of fashion blogs, yours is by far my favorite! With most blogs I skim the pictures and text, but with yours I make sure to read every word. Your sense of humor gets me every time, as do your outfit and food posts (!!). This post in particular is spot on. Thank you for contributing and also for reminding me to appreciate my achievements and surroundings more!

  94. lovely outfit, really beautiful pictures! like your style so much!

  95. Jeca

    Oh Shini, please don’t stop blogging. Yours is one of the few I actually read word for word. To think that you take your own photos and tweak your own blog is really impressive! Cheers to another year! Much love xx

  96. Sara

    Shini, your blog has always been about more than “outfits” to me. I read it because of your view of life: the way you see the world around you. Your voice is distinctive and I would miss it.

  97. Dear Shini, thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I’d instantly fell in love with your blog when I stumbled upon it two years ago. It’s simple pleasures in life like reading your blog during a well-needed break from the stress of work that keeps me going and helps me to refocus. You don’t know how many more people your blog impacts. I hope you’ll never stop. Take heart, and yea, get it together woman!

  98. Coming out out lurkdom just to say your blog is awesome. I’d read it whatever you threw on here because it’s always genuine and your photos are always on point. I just want you to know that there are more than a few of us waving little flags of support for you and we’d all be very sad if you stopped blogging ♥

  99. Hi, I’ve never commented before but have followed for a few months now and would be gutted if you decided not to continue. I’m relatively new in the blogging sphere but your blog was one of the first few intelligent and beautiful blogs which I enjoy for the content rather than just pictures – you are just a funny woman and you tell it like it is. So many blogs I look at I give up on as sometimes you just need a little something more than a pretty pictue (yours are stunning by the way so that’s a bonus) and I love your take on the world. From where I sit and read – yours is a lovely place to be and I’d like you to continue to share it with us. Just letting you know. Sue

  100. Lisa

    Hello there, I’ve just discovered your blog a couple of days ago, at a moment when I felt that all my favourite bogs have gone all awfully and annoyingly commercial and I was not expecting to find anything interesting out there anymore. But hey, along came Park&Cube and it’s great – visually and content-wise – and it’s from London. Bliss! Please, please keep up the good work! Don’t make me have to go on another desperate search for hidden blog gems! I’ll spread the word, promise ;-)

  101. P&C is definitely one of my favorite sites to visit (the layout design is just fab!) and while you’re right about the pretty pictures, I always scroll down to the one-paragraph copy that seems to be your trademark. It’s always so witty, honest, and boy I wish I could write like you.

    One more thing why I love you so: “Do we have any more end-of-the-worlds in 2013? I could do with a deadline.”

    While I love what you’re already doing, I’m sure if you do decide to change things up a bit, we’ll definitely stick around for the adventure.

  102. I definitely understand the whole questioning the purpose of your blog, in fact, I think all bloggers go through it at least once (if not many times). :) For what it’s worth, I absolutely love your blog and am constantly inspired and blown away by your gorgeous photography. Whether that’s coming from a sponsored trip to a fascinating event or simply close to home, I think it’s all awesome.

  103. […] -Park & Cube http:parkandcube.com/bit-of-whining-really/ […]

  104. I think that your blog is amazing! I have been following for about a year and I absolutely love your photography.

    Maybe you could produce some photo books using the amazing photos that you have taken over the years.
    You could do one on Fashion-
    One on food (yours always looks so good!)-
    and one on travel/lifestyle.

    You could include tips and tricks and your thoughts about some of the photos in the books, too.

    I would buy them!

  105. Jennifer

    I love your blog because not only is your style stunning and unique, I feel like your style has also evolved in such an interesting way over time as you’ve “grown up” (and I say that as an Asian woman who is 29 year old woman about to turn 30). I think the 20s are such an interesting time in a person’s life….from the time your’e in high school, through colllege, to post college, you might not look all that different age wise, but at some point something clicks…all of a sudden you realize that you’re not the same girl you used to be. It’s not something that happens overnight, obviously, but suddenly you realize that approach to dressing and presenting yourself is much different than it used to be.

    Anyway, all I wanted to do was throw in a word of encouragement.

    Keep on blogging : )

  106. such a romantic look

  107. I dare say I know the feeling. “my blog is unsuccessful, I’ll never be good enough, this outfit is just too boring, I have so few followers, these photos suck ass, blogging is stupid and vain, I’m just wasting my time” … should I proceed? anyway, at the end of the day, it comes down to this: does blogging make you happy? if yes, continue doing it. if no, it’s time to rethink it. I think it really is as simple as that. p. s. comparing yourself to others is not only a bitch, it’s also devastating … and pointless. one of the best advice I ever got? the only person you should compare yourself to is the person you use to be.

  108. @duckalicious, *used to be

  109. p. p. s. your blog continues to be one of my all-time faves. I have great taste, so there.

  110. shini, I know what you’re saying, my parents work in the medical field and so my film and fashion studies sometimes feel frivolous and confusing to me. i want to do something meaningful, but what can I say, these are the things that inspire and excite me. but let me say this, you inject a spot of wistful beauty into the days of your readers, inspiring us to look at things a different way, and that must doubtlessly be worth something in a world of (arguably, increasingly) less and less beauty. being self-aware and self-critical of one’s own work is crucial, and also, in my opinion, makes reading a blog feel less frivolous too. I look forward to dropping into Park & Cube precisely because of your self-awareness. I think it was, erm, Theodore Roosevelt, heh, oh boy, who once said that comparison is the thief of joy. I think it is a project and a goal to each day try to do what makes us happy without looking to others doing seemingly similar things, judging ourselves by their measure. anyway, i’m spent! x

  111. The reason I love your outfit posts is because a) they’re fabulous and damn good inspiration and b) it puts a face to the blog and keeps it personal (which people love, like reading a diary almost…)
    Keep doing what you’re doing. Your content is perfect!

    The Lovelorn

  112. Nadya Wang

    Shini, I LOVE your blog, and have since the time it was only available in classic blog mode. Your photographs are amazing, and your witty way with words entertaining. I’ve recently moved to London, and your recommendations of where to go/eat have also been very useful! Thank you for creating such a beautiful space I get to come visit everyday. x

  113. alice

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. AND SEA AND FERTILITY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue blogging! i feel like you’ve inspired a lot of confidence and helped me majorly with my self esteem.

    from nyc

  114. @alice, Sea of fertility is amazing too. I love her art.

  115. Nitika

    I think you’re great. Just remember, your life is what your thoughts are.

  116. i might not be able to say much, but just Thank you for your adorable-real-quirky-sweet blog :) i truly enjoy it and thanks for the big “speak-out” that was this post :D

  117. lovely shoes


  118. Ironic I should find this just a week after shutting down my 5-year-old blog. Mine was sewing, though, not fashion / style — and it’s crazy how I was feeling similarly uninspired by how commercial even sewing blogging had become. Everyone running to conferences, throwing cluttery ads in their sidebars, angling for book deals (cause we need *one more book* about how to sew? Eep).

    Just want to say that I’ve followed your blog for probably 3 years now, maybe a bit longer, and I can always count on it to bring beauty to my day. Plus, I really enjoy your writing style, which is somehow very honest and approachable, even vulnerable and self-deprecating at times, and still never negative!!! So rare, and in and of itself, beautiful.

    I’d understand if you decided to take a break, temporary or permanent, though selfishly I hope you don’t. :) Ditto also on previous comments about your style, photography, intelligence, etc. Hope you find that second wind for the blog. Happy New Year!

  119. http://www.sleeh.com
    We sell affordable, high fashion shoes and accessories aimed towards women. With new product arriving every day you’ll find Sleeh.com as a place worth coming back to.

  120. Shini, I hope you never close up shop. I was immensely touched when you, Kit and Jen took the time to write and thank me when I featured your blogs on mine. It’s small gestures like this that reflect the individual’s character.

    I often look to your blog for inspiration. I’m always blown away by the incredible photography, your acerbic wit, the varied topics that you cover and your unique fashion style. It is disheartening when the so called successful bloggers that are supported by the media are usually 1) tall 2) skinny 3) incredibly young 4) have wardrobes the size of a house 4) write next to nothing on the blogs other than links to affiliates for clothes they’re wearing.

    I’ve stopped following most of them. I love those who speak with sincerity – their struggles, their successes, witty remarks and of course, for speaking the truth. Like you.

  121. Wow, what a fantastic outfit! And I love how it looks like the shoes are the exact same green as the leaves :)

  122. Happy belated new year. I can’t speak about those who’ve been blogging for years, but as a newbie and a big fan of your beautiful site, quality will always has a staying power then over-hyped ‘super bloggers’. I hope you keep us updated on your amazing knowledge about fashion, art and inspiring style.

  123. hi dear,
    i have beeen running thru all fashion blogs i could get a hand at and just to make feel good one of the best in terms of taste n intellect is urs, so keep it up have fun enjoy urself till it last.

  124. I love your blog! I know exactly what you mean. There are so many bloggers who just slap on a $500 dress and make it look good only by the fact that it’s an expensive dress on a pretty girl. I’m not making this up, I was thinking as I was looking at the photos for this post, before I read the text, that you are one of the few fashion bloggers that actually has personal style and puts together outfits that are original and inspiring. There aren’t many blogs that give me ideas on how I can put together clothes in my wardrobe, but yours is one of them. You also write really well, which is even rarer in the fashion blogging world. Keep up the good work! xx

  125. Hannah

    DON’T GIVE IN! YOU’RE AMAAAAZING AND YOUR BLOG IS LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR TO ME! I’m so tired of seeing boring repetitive fashion blogs but yours is a LIFE blog!

    you seem sad, don’t be. look how many people commented just because you seemed down!

    lots of love!

    ps, I made the silk scarf dress (even found the exact same scarves in the h&m sale!) and everyone said it was beautiful. And I had to get my mother to help me sew it. There’s how this blog inspired me, all the way out in Birmingham. Chin up :)

  126. […]  So imagine my glee when I spied these gorgeous Jeffery Campbell green suede ankle pumps on Park & Cube! The purchase can be completely justified (not really) as are knockoffs off the Acne version […]

  127. Jules

    I think it’s inspiring, what you just wrote…I share the same feelings,like I’m waiting on something big to happen…keep up the good work.

  128. I must say, there are another group of girls like me, who actually love to know that despite your blog, you are finally a REAL girl with exquisite taste, with another passions, with a real life, with days when probably you look at your closet and say “now, what the hell should I wear?”, and THAT is your strength! and even if big brands are not interested in someone real as a legitimating personality, we, your reader do!

    Go on dear girl! you are such an inspiration :)
    Greetings from Colombia.

  129. Madhulika

    Dear Shini,

    I stumbled on your blog by chance and was completely mesmerized by the montage of pictures and of course your outfits.
    As a fashion blog I love your DIY section but more than anything else I look at Park & Cube as a reflection of my own life in some ways (although not as fashionable :) )
    Many times in life we tend to look down on ourselves and what makes us unique – our life stories, our experiences and our mistakes.
    There are just too many ‘perfect’ people in this world who can make you feel ‘not so great’ about yourself. However, we are real people and we should keep celebrating who we are especially in moments when we feel the most down and out.
    Here’s wishing you a great 2013 with many wonderful sponsored trips and outfits and pictures and lots of love as I see from around the world. :)

    Cheers from India,

  130. I absolutely love these shoes! Inject a nice bit of colour into a misty morning!


  131. There’s so many difficult and challenging things in people lives that the unimportant things like fashion, gossip, music become important. Everyone needs a little downtime and I love reading blogs like yours to kill an hour or so and not have to think of the stresses of everyday life. Not everything we do has to be ‘important in the grand scheme of things’ something things just have to be fun. That’s why I decided to do my own blog, even if no one reads it, I’m enjoying writing it and documenting all my outfits :)


  132. ss

    Hi Shini,

    Ive been a follower for a while now. I often visit a variety of blogs such as Wishwishwish, mira duma, songs of style and sometimes the blond salade. I love fashion but like you, I also often wonder what satisfaction there is to be found in clothes, bags, shoes and all material things. I wont dare to start up a blog because i feel like it will take me away from the things that I love most in my daily life and yet I spend so much time looking at what others have. Its no surprise that we all feel a sense of envy and it a lot of times blogs lowers self confidence.

    I absolutely love your blog, because you show us the human side of your blog. Tackling, questions and addressing these types of issue. I never feel like I need the latest trend here, I feel inspired and welcomed. You show a very real personality through your images and writing, whereas others a feel like simply feed me a very glamorous lifestyle.

    And yet at the same time, I am not going to tell you to keep your blog for my own personal pleasure. Truth is, if you ever want to stop the blog you should have the right to do so. I respect you for whatever decision you make. Because at the end of the day, the thousands of people that follow you online dont actually care about it, or live with you in your life. Its the real everyday people that play a apart in your success.

    Dont mean to depress you. But I bet you already thought it!

    love you!!

  133. Karen

    Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.
    Look at all the comments you got! Amazing!

  134. LOVE your blog and LOVE your shoes! keep up the fabulous work!
    Lillian Spibey Photography

  135. […] second hand.  Their definition of work also includes getting paid, something some bloggers with high traffic but low income might laugh at. It is rare that blogs become so successful as to get advertisers to pay them or be […]

  136. Hello Shini!

    I don’t quite leave comments on your blog but I’m always checking if you have new posts and needless to say, I love your photos and how you combine clothes…
    I loved this skirt in this post, I saw it here first and believe me I’d never buy it if I saw it on Asos website, but how you combine it just helped me make my mind and I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I thought I should tell it to you..I love this combination, I’ll wear it soon with a pair of heels :)
    I love digging into your old posts and getting lost in the visual stream. Thank you!



  137. MK


    I just stumbled on your page and I can’t stop scrolling through your posts. Please don’t stop blogging! I love your blog! I’m also Korean and I can relate to your image much more that those tall skinny blond girls (not hating on them, they are beautiful but not relatable to me) It is blogs like yours that I always come back to and need in my life. That being said, I’m sure this blog is very time consuming for you too and I understand the need to step away from the screen and move on to other things. Just please don’t do it because you are feeling discouraged by these other bloggers. You are awesome!

  138. I’m only reading this post now, and it’s funny how 2 years later it still seems so relevant (perhaps not to you) but often to the rest of us. It’s so easy to gloss over any tiny successes because they aren’t the final goal, and forget how far we have come. As cliche as it is (don’t tell anyone…) I’m starting to keep a record each day /week of positives (and negatives too to keep things in perspective) as something to reassure me that life is heading in the right direction and not just treading water.
    Love Sophie xxx

  139. […] Park & Cube – one of the most beautifully designed and photography rich blogs out there – questioning herself and her blog. Despite being perceived as an extremely successful blogger with a large and loyal following she […]

  140. […] checked midi skirt from ASOS was picked up in the sale after yet another great bit of styling from Shini – this was admittedly a bit of an impulse buy and the fifties look isn’t normally what […]

  141. HI, I love the tone in your photos! Really good work!