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Grüezi aus Zürich! (Gear up for the mother of all long posts!)

Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_02 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_03


Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_05 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_06




Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_11 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_12


Make My Switzerland app, available on Android and iPhone

Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_14 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_15



Can you believe how clear the water is?!

Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_18 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_19


Viadukt, ze ‘hip’ corner, North-West Zurich

Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_21 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_22




Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_26 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_27

Frau Gerolds Garten and the Freitag tower


Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_29 Park-Cube_Zurich-Switzerland_30

Züri Fäscht



Top – Amber Sakai. Shorts – Thierry Colson. Bag – JinYoo103684. Shoes – H by Hudson. Bar necklace – Kirsten Goss Urban Edge.

The first time I was in Zürich I was back in uni, on a layover home from London to Warsaw during the winter holidays – I arrived in the night, watched the first snow fall, and left at dawn. Hey, I was 21 and practically wearing a diaper, what did I know about efficiency? It’s the age when you turn a 2.5h flight into a 10h one (commonly known now as the Ryanair logic) and still call it an adventure. I locked my luggage at the airport and took a train into the city with just a DSLR, which turned out was missing the memory card. A good friend took me around town at midnight and the city was completely empty and quiet. It was so beautiful. Nothing was recorded, and in the morning I packed up the unused camera and took the first plane out.

Now, I have no idea who found out about that trip, because my second visit was precisely the opposite and fulfilling everything that was missing from the first. As a guest of the Swiss Tourism board, I was invited to the city of Zürich to test out the Make My Switzerland app ahead of its launch. It was July, we boarded a Swiss flight on a midsummer morning, blasting with air conditioning and oozing with general Swiss efficiency. It was the height of the Züri Fäscht, a festival that happens every three years, reportedly attracting 2 million visitors from around Europe (Zürich itself only has a population of 1.83 million, mind). My camera was appropriately equipped, as I’m sure you can see, with even a spare card and battery in my back pocket. Clifford Lilley, one of the ambassadors for the app and one firework of a character, took me around ze ‘hip’ areas of town (Viadukt/Frau Gerolds Garten) on rented bicycles, which also turns out to be the best way to travel within the city. Later I attempted to see the Old Town in daylight with my favourite style crusader, Jen and Fred, and ended up spending most of the afternoon repeatedly getting separated and looking for each other in the crowd. Eventually we gave up and resorted to one of their favourite past-times as locals: a dip in the canal, which is pretty much like swimming in a bottle of Evian (straight out of the fridge, brr!). If you’re anything like me and enjoy seeing cities with a bit of peace and quiet, visit Zürich any time of the year, except the three days during Zuri Fäscht. (Also ideal if you do plan on using the app) But if you’re looking to be a part of the greatest summer celebration, with the biggest fireworks and the most civilized (?) festival etiquette I’ve experienced in my life, then book your tickets now for 2016.

A big thank you to the Swiss Tourism Board for the hospitality!

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  1. lovely capture!


  2. Ahhh~~ I’d love to visit!! It looks like you had such a fantastic time and the weather looks so lovely and perfect for festivities~
    Switzerland for some inexplicable reason has been my ultimate travel destination.. which I think I’m subconsciously saving for my future honeymoon ehheheh X)

  3. Love the photos, makes me want to visit this city!


  4. Absolutely beautiful photos and lovely post!


  5. Hi Shini,
    Your photos are full of life and colour, as always! I have to say that I never even imagined Switzerland in the summer, it looks thrilling!

    Thank you for sharing, I think that travelling is the most enriching experience in this life.

    X, Comtesse Sofia

  6. amazing!!


  7. Dude, awesome. I’m going to catch the travel bug again whilst in school, and that is a no-no. I really wish everything was as accessible and culturally stimulating in North America as it is in Europe. Ahhh, c’est la vie.

  8. Such a beautiful place! It looks like you had a wonderful trip. And I love your top!!

    Brittanny // http://brittannytaylor.com/blog

  9. Wow the place is so beautiful!


  10. i love your skirt!


  11. Emily K G

    Looks like such a fabulous place!


  12. Your pictures look amazing and it sounds like the trip was a blast…thanks for sharing

  13. I always love your travel posts :-)

    My memory of Zurich was when I was 15. It was only my second time in Europe, and the first was when I was 7 so I hardly remember it. My dad flew us in to Zurich and being the snob he is we stayed in this magic place called the Hotel Zum Storchen. I remember the double down beds and meusli in martini glasses in the morning…it was heaven! Pretty soon after we drove off into Italy but I have been dying to go back to Zurich since. Was nice to revisit it here through your post!


  14. I’m totes in love with your skirt, Shini.
    These are all beautiful shots.

    O.R.R’s BLOG

  15. That sounds incredible! I love that you travelled round on bikes!xx

  16. Great pictures, the city looks amazing!
    And those pizzas are sooo tempting :)

  17. Beautiful!


  18. Your skirt is very pretty and it looks like you had a great time!



  19. ok fo’ shoooooooooooooooooo using this as a guide if i ever hit up switzerland! loving dem shorts too!

  20. Not that I know Zürich very well, but I think you captured it very nicely :)

  21. What an amazing adventure, your photos are beautiful. I love that outfit too, such a cute skirt.


  22. Wow Zurich is not at all like I imagined. I would have never thought of going there on a holiday, but after your post I’ll think of Zurich for my next weekend away.


  23. Oh look absolutely adorable, I love what you’re wearing! Gret coton and a printed pants, you just rock! Keep having a good time!
    Mafalda ❤

  24. beautiful photos!! you’ve captured the vibe of the city so well. love it x


  25. Wonderful pictures !! Really.

    Hope you will come soon in our wonderful country ;)

  26. Nice pics:-)

  27. looks wonderful x

  28. I would love to go there someday!

  29. Wow those shorts are amazing, wish I’d found them in the sales earlier! Lovely snaps as per, need to add this to my list of destinations pronto.

  30. Such a lovely visual diary, beautiful photos!
    Yasmine xx

  31. Gorgeous pics, love your ring too!

  32. Lovely town and I love that skirt!


  33. Curious to know what you think of this piece about the excesses of the fashion world…


  34. MysteriousMr.Quin

    That kind of a empty,beautiful and quite night,with nothing recorded, was an experience for a life. The moon looks at you so softly and quiet, like the night somehow is going to tell the secret.

  35. This post sure brings back a load of memories. I lived in Zürich back in ’91-’92 and felt like coming home when I first arrived in the city. Thank you for this wonderful visual tour!

  36. Beautiful photos! The one with people resting next to the river is splendid. And oh, I love your bike!


  37. Sarah

    Oh gosh I miss Zurich.. Your first paragraph is so beautiful and evocative as if it were from a book..

  38. Irene

    Thank your for your lovely comment and pictures of Zurich – my home town.
    I always admire your pictures of London, where I spent some well remembered months and still visit frequently.
    Greetings from Switzerland, where there is still Summer!

  39. Super digging the photos of this trip. It makes me want to travel!

  40. Oh Shini,

    I want to be in Zurich, NOW!! Your great photos make me happy!

    All the best,

  41. this post has just caused zurich to bump to the top of my travel to-see list!

  42. Lovely, I wanna jump into those photos!!

  43. I’ve been in Zurich only once, last year, for a little while. But although I remember some of it through your pictures, it does look a lot better on this blog. I probably missed half of it while I was there, next time I definitely need an app like that!!

  44. Cool photos! You like always amazing :)


  45. What a lovely place to visit. It reminds me of Amsterdam and those horrible trams (I think they are dangerous hehe). I am loving the pictures like usual :-)

  46. Even photos are taken in very Zurch style! :)


  47. What incredible images. I think you did justice to that place ;)

  48. Such a pretty city! Have seen it of course through Jen’s eyes, but like your take on it.

  49. Zurich is such a wonderful city! I’m definitely going back again. Your photos are always inspiring :)

  50. Love the photos and the skirt.

    Tan x


  51. ChicTrends

    Long posts from you are always a treat! The photographs make me want to visit! Looks like you had a lovely time.


  52. Such stunning swiss images! So vibrant you can feel the energy through each photo. Adore :)

    Ainslie x


  53. Now I want to visit so badly ! Looks incredible !!

    xx, Brittany

  54. Hi darling, what kind of camera do you use?

  55. I use a polaroid!
    Have we met? x

  56. Wow! Really vivid pictures, those tomatoes look incredible! :D

  57. Zurich Switzerland is a best place for the hot girls in fashion. Best place.

  58. very nice photography i love this scene.

    thank you so much

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