I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Nailpolish – YSL La laque couture 1 (Pop Art)

The ‘I am so sleepy, so so sleepy’ face

Neoprene Jacket – H&M trend. Saddle bag – Warehouse. Contrast-sleeve jumper – Topshop. Quilted orange skirt – Topshop Boutique . Geometric print skirt – YesStyle. Cross-patterned shirt tied around waist – Topshop Unique. Shoes – H&M x MMM. Thank you Kit for helping with the shots!

After these photos were taken we went and had a big healthy breakfast. No, I’m just convinced the sun sets at 7AM in London, how about where you live? My guess is that a few weeks ago our beloved sun happened upon a self-help book from the bookstore discount bin and on reading it experienced a surge of self-worth and decided it really was working too hard. Then I’m sure later it bumped into an old friend at the laundromat and got into a deep conversation on the topic of what’s up, where a bit too much empathy from the friend – one lousy reaction to an awkward encounter – fed to the sun’s new-found seething for the world and its ungratefulness. And on its way home tripped on loose brick and dropped all the fresh laundry in a bus stop puddle, at which point it goes SCREW THIS I’M GOING TO SLEEP FOR 6 MONTHS. Occasionally it gets up and goes to the bathroom, which is when we have some light outside, for about 15 minutes.

But that’s just my guess.

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  1. Wooooooow that color nailpolish is actually, literally PERFECT. As are your shoes. And these photos, as well. Damn it, everything is perfec.t

  2. I love those shoes c: You look
    really great and stylish!!
    The color of the nails are dazzling!


  3. brilliant layering!


  4. I love the color of your polish in the first picture!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  5. Interesting take on the sun you have there :) well at least your not malicious about this undeserved absence of light and much needed warmth. I like that you’re still doing posts outdoors!

  6. I love how you’ve layered two skirts and a shirt around your waist and you still look like a gracefully skinny goddess (I’d look like an oompa loompa’s dumpy cousin). By the way, the Texan and I got the power kit! Thanks again for answering all my questions!

  7. did you do your nails in a coffee shop? gangsta.

  8. HI dear! Your “skirts” combination is great, i love it!

  9. Totally into that jacket. Super slick combo.


    The Habit

  10. beautiful color!!


  11. Charming prose, lovely photos, and those shoes! BAM!
    Also, mind if you reveal which/where that coffee shop is? pretty please x

  12. Thank yous! Of course, it’s called L’Atelier, in Dalston!

  13. Dannielle

    So slick!

  14. i really enjoy reading your blog! and the photos are so beautiful! xoxo

  15. Woah, the red really pops out like shiny jelly beans.

  16. Your jacket is beautiful and red nail polish fits you perfectly.

  17. Really pretty nail polish! and i want that jumper!!!

  18. ooh great skirt and I love the HM x MMM shoes. and nice theory on the sun! :)
    Rebecca @ trbcca.blogspot.com

  19. gorgeous nails and i love the design of your skirt!


  20. i love that shade of polish!

  21. YSL nails and cappuccinos – girl’s best friends. The sun sets here (Ottawa) around 5:00pm… crazy!


  22. Yummy skirt trifle you got going on there!

  23. When we had our poetry unit in the 3rd grade and they made us write whole poems personifying random objects like trees and chairs, you would’ve gotten an A+++ (+some more+!). Seriously, my poor teacher would’ve probably embarrassed herself silly orgasming in front of a room full of 9-year-olds when she read this.

    Also, sometimes wish I had your life, but I’m never really sure if it’s actually that or if you just have a really, really awesome camera and I should just get on bhphoto and start shopping.


  24. Isa, I think you’re one of the few that actually read and understood the text. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SCHOOLS OF THIS WORLD AND THE EDUCATION OF SARCASM? I can hardly make jokes on Twitter without someone asking me ‘how can you say you love this horrid English weather?’. Also, no you don’t want my life, it’s hecka boring – but knowing which moments are generally photogenic never hurt no blog ;)

  25. @Shini, haha, ironically, I’m weirdly jealous of your horrid English weather. I’m pretty sure that if I tried to layer here my sweat glands would go into overdrive and within 5 minutes all those layers would slip & slide right off.

    Also, will keep that tip in mind for the future (still just snapping everything and hope some of it will turn out to look as good on-screen as it does in real life – or better yet, cooler) – you’re certainly doing something right!

  26. your cheekbones are sooo-o-o high today! i really like those MMMxH&M lucite wedges – the ankle openings look very loose. are they comfy? makes you look like you’re perpetually floating. i’ve been eyeing them but we had this convo on twitter – my microscopic feet are destined for round toe, light up barbie maryjanes

    i got a good chuckle out of the pee break
    pandaphilia fashion

  27. OOh are they!? Wonder if they go up or down depending on mood ;)
    I think the boots are slightly big on me, but still the ankle opening is pretty wide as a design! They’re SUPER comfortable though, which was really surprising for such novelty heels!

  28. So lovely!


  29. Here in Guatemala is setting around 6:30 AM…but I guess you’re right ’cause it’s a tropical-ish country and I’m on my living room, coat on, freezing my butt off…



  30. Always love seeing the world through your lens, Shini!


  31. woah that’s crazy! I would love to VISIT London though :)


  32. that looks fab!

    xoxo from rome

  33. Sending you some sunshine dear!!!! Metaphorically of course (from Seoul!)

    P.s fell in love with that skirt btw….so proenza

  34. Wow, I never would’ve thought these were taken in the morning! You manage to look so put together regardless…

  35. Oh but they weren’t! I was just being sarcastic how the sun seems to set really really early nowadays…;)

  36. love the neoprene jacket and mm shoes!!! the pictures are beautiful!!!


  37. I can’t believe these were taken so early, our weather succkkkkkks ughhhh >_<

  38. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your new haircut. I know you got it cut ages ago, but I just love the way it sits at this new length! Also love the shoes, MMMxHM? Great post, as usual :)

  39. Lovely look!


  40. Your hair’s growing fast!!!

  41. I love how you layer your clothes. love that nail polish as well.


  42. haha you’re so cute! whenever i look at the pictures you post of yourself and then read your stories, you just don’t sound like how i’d think you’d sound and it drives me crazy!

  43. That nail polish color is perfect! And I’ve always been intrigued by how gloomy London/Great Britain always is. Love the shot in the coffee shop, it’s so serene and has so much charm.

  44. I really like the entry :)
    have a nice day!

  45. I love your pictures so much. So much that I decided to leave a comment just to tell you this :)
    (though you’ve been in good place in my Netvibes for months now).

  46. lovely pictures!


  47. You really are the best at atmospheric shots… Also, the skirt layering looks incred. Hate you xx

  48. what no comment about the leek soup in the background??????

  49. I should have got those shoes gutted now, especially with the -50% my staff discount (+-50%) that is gonna be gone tomorrow. Felt really uncomfortable but look soooooo good on you, jealin’ :)

  50. Love all that red – you make me want to remove my grey polish and slap on the red. Your shoes are pretty amazing too, in that first shot they looked stiletto-y but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Also yes, that ‘font’ is indeed my handwriting haha. It’s about the only thing I have going for me haha.

  51. they call me Shananay

    Shini, shini, shini.

    *big inhale and exhale of breath* (why?)

    oh how or where do i begin to express the love and admiration i have for the clever, ingenious way you string together your heavily-dripping-with-sarcasm words. i can’t remember so falling head-over-heels in love with any other blogger’s writing, as i have with yours. i truly have.

    this has got to be my favorite piece, tho. the sun taking a pee break never sounded more legit. i kinda, sorta want to marry you. not in the creepy ‘i want to share my bed with you and wake up to the smell of you making me breakfast’ way. but in that sense where you know each other so well, inside out that you intertwine and become one. (sorry, if that’s a tall glass of weird you’d rather not gulp down)

    thank you for not making this blog, although heavily fashion-related, all about simply item ‘x’ and ‘y’. i like clothes and i like following girls talking about it but i want to do my head in when i read about their incessant jabber about what they have, plan to have, and will simply die without having.. you keeps it real.

    and whining about miserable weather never has been funnier!

    p.s. don’t even get me started on your siiick photography skills.
    where doth you hideth your magic wand?

  52. OH yes I will reply so next time leave your email address so you and I can pitch a tent in the field and have a proper conversation.

    Is it weird that I don’t find that weird at all? I’m thrilled by the idea of intimacy and can’t wait to find out what it really means. You know, not many people read the copy, and even when they do only a quarter seem to ‘get’ the sarcasm, or just my general lack of clear train of thought, so readers are you are like jewels. Hello and thank you.

    My magic wand hideth in my pocket whereon happiness it rises and causes misunderstandings.

  53. Winnie

    I love everything about this entry!

  54. That skirt is bananas amazing. You really do seem to have the loveliest, most visually interesting life.

  55. love the shoes! xx

  56. I just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love the freshness in it. Layout is awesome & I love how you paired the shoes. Awesome xoxo!

  57. I just came back from Australia, the sun sets at 7PM, but in Singapore is 6PM, that makes me feel why day goes too fast. I have noted that your bag is appeared most of your looks, isn’t it ? Well, I am looking for the perfect bag like that, not too big, not to small, just enough room for a personal stuffs.

    I used to think about Chanel classic or Proenza Schouler but when I see this Tory Burch, I can not help telling myself stop dreaming about this. How do you think?


    And, well, I love the way you stay perfectly before you go out ;)

  58. Ooh a classic Chanel or PS1 is still at the top of my bag wishlist! I think they’re just forever classics.
    That Toryburch one is definitely lovely, and looks like it’s a good size too! (although perosonally I’d go for something bigger since I have to fit my camera etc) I might worry about the chain since it looks quite thin, but it really does look lovely!

    S x

  59. love this outfit!


  60. faye

    wow, your shoes are so beautiful! very lovely outfit.
    your style is awesome! all the outfits on your blog give me inspiration, thanks for that.

  61. Oh my! Love Love Love this outfit and the nail colour *_^ and most of all, the interesting writing!