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Jumpsuit – Next. Shoes – Valentino


Top & bottom – Pyrus

Park-and-Cube_V-Water_002 Park-and-Cube_V-Water_003

“Take vitamins. And wear a cardigan – you look cold on your blog” . “Hiii mum.” This year I am 27, going on 28, and that is still the opening line to my weekly phone calls with dear mother. So this feature, essentially, is visual proof for her and the world that I am indeed consuming Vitamins, a more liquid – aka exciting – version of it, in fact. Well, at least on days I forget to choke on a fistful of baguette-sized tablets that is. This is just like when I had to put up a series of food pictures (#didyoureallyeatthat) (#yes) because one day she said “dear you look malnourished”, although thinking back, I really should’ve just have photoshopped a salad into every shot. Next up, cardigans.

This indeed is an editorial partnership with V Water – a relatively new zero-sugar drink that’s packed with Vitamins (B, C and E) and no artificial gunk, sweetened from the natural extract from leaves of the Stevia plant. My favourite taste is the Ginger and Mango that contains a bit of zinc for a boost as well. I had so much fun shooting this – CMYK and all, although this colour scheme happened completely accidentally. As a graphic designer however, one could say that CMYK is never an accident, but a lifestyle. And you gotta read that last bit in your best hipster Morgan Freeman voice.

Art Direction Park & Cube. Photos by Kris Atomic. Shoot assistance Simon Schmidt. In Collaboration with V Water


Park-and-Cube_V-Water_005 Park-and-Cube_V-Water_006

Top – Topshop Unique. Trousers – Zara.


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  1. Erin

    I love that red jumpsuit on you!! You look so good in it. Congrats on the partnership! What you explained about V Water sounds so fresh and light!

  2. love this editorial!

  3. I love your outfit!!
    I love the red and how colorful are yours pics!
    You make an awesome job!!!
    Check my headpieces on https://www.etsy.com/shop/JCruzDesign

  4. Such vibrant colors! Absolutely love all of these looks!


  5. love the all red look


  6. Great Photos ! I loved how u played with colors!


  7. Oh wow, incredible photos! You look absolutely breathtaking jn that red jumpsuit!


  8. These pictures are so lovely! Inspiring post!


  9. Such things that only a mother would concern herself over isn’t it? Ahaha


  10. The vibrant backdrops are amazing!!


  11. What a great concept! Mother’s are full of that sort of advice.

  12. Lovely!

  13. Gorgeous photos, Shini! Love the colors!


  14. Definitely makes me want some V Water after this. Beautiful shoot, better than editorials we see today in traditional media!

    xo, Alice
    Miss Inconnue || Etsy

  15. This photos are absolutely amazing, like the way you’re wearing those clothes!



  16. Awesome colors! :)


  17. BRAVO Shini! Such a wonderfully shot editorial :)
    I NEED that jumpsuit

  18. The colours are utterly captivating.

  19. I love the block colours! All colours are great, but red is especially amazing. The outfit just works.


  20. CMYK FOR LYF. Although for me (being a substandard designer – I can NEVER remember to convert my colour profiles!) it’s more like a love-hate relationship. CMYK is that abusive lover that I just can’t walk away from!

    Looking FRESH Shini! (I wanted to write a ‘primary colours’ pun but my brain is slow today, too much hummus binge). x

    Jasiminne | http://www.poshbrokebored.com | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  21. Such beautiful photos and colors <3 I love what you do !

  22. Love the bold and vibrant colour in the shot!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  23. The red dress and pictures are my fave.


  24. Jess

    I loved the cover image with the off shoulder white blouse! I’m going to check if this is sold in the states!

  25. Vita-photos! Love them!

  26. Ahah, moms :) Btw, these pictures are great! Love them all!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  27. I looooooveeee the pictures! So fresh because they’re red on red, blue on blue, and white on yellow :D

  28. I think these are the best drink related photos/story I’ve ever seen! I truly love your creativity.


  29. I love the pops of colour especially the red against the red canvased wall. It is awfully well done and I just really enjoyed seeing your style. Check out my magazine blog and follow :)http://bauchlefashion.com

  30. de belle vêtement.

  31. Thank you for your sharing.

  32. Moms will be moms. :) I love your red jumpsuit and the blue..and white..ok I love all the outfits. :)
    March and May

  33. You look absolutely lovely! Very nice looks, and the collaboration idea is great :)


  34. Ohh wow. Those pictures are stunning!

  35. Amazing colors and red heels! You are looking the best in the red version, I think.

  36. Do vitamins really do any good? I thought they didn’t. Love that jumpsuit the backdrops are perfect

  37. Great post dear!


  38. Stunning! I just love it!

  39. Beautiful photos! I love all this CMYK idea and the vibrancy. Well done!


  40. Wow, these pictures are so lovely!