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Topshop Unique SS11 Show held in old Eurostar station

Disco glam enveloped in black silk chiffon smoke and flaming amber, orange, red photographic print drapery. And that cotton candy marshmallow hair that vigorously tickled my fancy…. hey wait, s’mores. Another huge success and a long long wait until Spring 2011. I just got used to the antlers, can’t we just settle on one season at a time? By Christmastime we’ll have to DIY reflective antler sunglasses just to keep up with the season’s latest and coming up’s.

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  1. Loved it!
    Actually this hear reminds me of Lady Gaga! kkkk
    sorry but it was the first thing that came in my heard.

    but the clothes are great.

    love your blog. it’s really nice

  2. love these glasses that one of these models wear!


    beautiful photos!!!


  3. kinomi

    great show, though I liked their foxy-furry fw collection much more.

    and I think it becomes more and more ridiculous with the seasons – some time ago designer needed time to spread their ideas through the world so it was logical. Now trends are changing so fast and spreading online in seconds that they soon will have to find new sollutions.

    I really have no idea what is hot now – fall-winter clothes which amazed me half year ago? When I saw velvet dresses on nyfw, I ran to my favourite vintage shop and bought three of them, customised a little – and loved them. Now I’m getting bored with them, and fall hasn’t even started!
    So maybe I should turn to new season and jump into white bikini? Or look at the fashion week street style and fashion bloggers? It’s getting craaaazy :))) Too much beautiful things, too much clothes, shoes, accessories! Diversity is great, but I feel like having an overdose of it.

    How do you manage to find your own style in all that noise?

  4. You’re so right about fashion moving way too fast, this sheepskin and camel coats were looked at to be something timeless and now that everyone’s lunging for one, I don’t want one anymore..
    I think we should just focus on what’s unique and give it a good basics meat padding around it, so tiring to follow trends, and its not like we all have the wallets for that.
    Let’s wear a white bikini for christmas, that should be a safe option!

  5. ahhhh so many trends! so little time! whatever happened to classics and minimalism and stuff? o_O fashion can be a bit bipolar. beautiful pics, btw! and topshop sells drinks? how do they always manage to make something cute?

  6. I think we need things like this so we can appreciate classics and minimalism when done very well :P Topshop doesn’t sell drinks, it was just for the reception!

  7. wow. the hair and makeup is so gorgeous. i love the 2nd shot with the little girl running her hand along the railing. the shots during the show are incredible. although seeing the whole outfit is always useful when seeing a collection – the close up shots are my absolute favourites. really beautiful shini. so glad you got to go. xx

  8. i think the setting for this show was just the best. airport terminals are such a surreal place to show clothing–i always think an airport is one of the most exciting places to wear something chic.



  9. great post….topshop…never better…but..wait a min..what is up..with those shredded/holey..hot-denim pants…ah..well…will.soon be seeing those in the humdrum..of the bloggers world i guess…!!!!!!

  10. hahaa funny how we forecast scary trends straight from the runway :P

  11. These are really cool pictures, I love the details!!


  12. Jasmin

    your photos always seem delicate, beautiful!


  13. I love the white knitted shorts!


  14. Awesome!!…the pictures capture it so well :)…..and that hair is amazing.

  15. antonia

    GREAT BLOG!!!!!!
    i will follow u!

    greetings from Poland :)


  16. those photos are amazing and that whole collection is stunning!

  17. I really love the hair! I once tried to do something like that to my model friend but I failed… I really loved what kinomi commented, it is so true.
    I think this is the first time I comment on your blog but it was one of the first blogs I started reading. Probably everyone has already told you this, but I think your style is one of the most originals I’ve ever seen. xxxx

  18. omggg this is over the top!!

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    leave comments and follow me! ill follow you straight away:-) thanks!

  19. Amazing pics!
    Your blog is brilliant!!


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  21. Looks amazing Shini – and such a great venue. Totally agree with the whole seasons confusion thing, am posting about DIYing some of the things that are on the catwalk atm and trying really hard to think about how to make them seasonally appropriate. Maybe what we really need to do is to pay more attention to Australian Fashion Week, as given they are in opposite seasons to us they will have just showcased fall trends and looks that we can re-create or use as inspiration and put all these trends in the bank for summer?




  22. Love the pictures Shini. The space is amazing and you captured the athmosfere of the collection realy, realy well.

    Take care :)


  23. Reflective antler sunglasses? They actually sound really appealing! Might have to look out for materials to make myself a pair in real-life ;)

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  25. Great post as usual! Makes me want frizzy hair, LOL

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  27. In my opinion you can never do wrong with chiffon and muted tones. There are some beautiful pieces in this collection, I love the shorts. Fast(er) fashion doesn’t bother me because it means that designers are not focusing on trend as much as in the past. I appreciate the new ideas and more unique clothes means less chance that I will have on the same dress as the next girl.

  28. your photos are always top notch. they really make the clothes and the girls pop!

  29. i actually get a lot more excited about topshop unique than i get about other designers as their shows and collections are so much more interesting and…unique…

  30. I did try to channel the antlers once in a post, but fear it came out more nerdy than cool. The same might well apply to the angel looks, but I love the whole 70s vibe going on here.

    I think the pictures I took of you turned out nice – hope you like them too, Shini. (and yes, I admit, the one protecting the bag was the best…)

  31. awesome photos!

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  32. Delicious! Gah, i love the textures and the hair! OH THE HAIR! So lovely. Great photos, Shini!

  33. Haha one pair of reflective antler sunglass coming right up! I wonder if I could ever make my hair do that?

  34. That’s one ‘Unique’ collection from Topshop. Love the disco hair+hair colors. The shades used were of great style too.

  35. These are awesome, Shini. Really really awesome.

  36. I love your photos, they’re beautiful! The Topshop collection is great!

  37. It was a great show, one of my fvourite at LFW.

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