I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

1    Cotton Shirt – Uniqlo Men, Jeans – Zara, Shoes – Friis & Company (via Zalando), Bag – Marc Jacobs via Monnier Freres, Boyfriend Watch – ASOS
2    Black trench – Calvin Klein (gift from mummy!), Cotton Shirt – Uniqlo Men, Trousers – Uniqlo, Shoes – secondhand Alexander Wang via Vestiare Collective, Diary – Filofax Enigma
3    Leather Cap – Ebay, Cotton Shirt – Uniqlo Men, Dress – ASOS, Jacket – H&M, Leather trousers -ASOS, Shoes – Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

The irregular geography of the warehouse conversion that is our flat lends a lifestyle not unlike a 11-year-old’s birthday party held in one of those kiddy indoor-playgrounds with rubber obstacles and plastic-ball pools that generally smell of feet and pee. OK, the latter probably not so much – on most days, at least – unless I once again decide to be clever with the pantry arrangement and place a melon on the top shelf and then 5 weeks later find out it’s leaked pee-like substance throughout the entire shelving unit. Rotten melon reeks of sweaty feet, why naturally! Anyhoo, from the mezzanine level I have a sweeping view of the entire flat, so by default anything that needs to be taken down to the lounge, or the general direction of the exit, is simply thrown down over the rails. With an accompanying ‘weeeeeeeeee’ noise at that. Said items either land on the bicycles or squarely on the couch, which is in fact where a haphazard pile of junk now lives – aka my new closet. Consisting of this Uniqlo Men’s pink cotton shirt, a few crumpled ‘silk’ tops, two pairs of jeans, a jersey dress, four jackets for the daily season-change and of course socks of unknown cleanliness sprinkled in between… these are things I’ve been pulling out for the past how many months I’ve had the day-job. If I’d known growing up was to be this messy I think I’d have followed the boy out the window when I had the chance, but then again looking at the state of the flat I’ve clearly convinced him to marry me and sign Neverland over in a prenup. From time to time I slide down the stairs’ handrail fireman-style and wail siren-noises to alert the hubby that I’m hungry.

Please do check out Uniqlooks to see what I’ve been up to and join in on the Uniqlo dress-up fun! Thank you Kit for helping with the first outfit and hubby for the rest!

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  1. I love all these looks, especially the one with the white lace dress. It is beyond lovely and I like how you layered it. Also, you just explain my clothing situation exactly. I am glad to know I am not alone when it comes to having a messy wardrobe (only for temporary…I hope).


  2. Oh Shini those blacks heels you paired with the blazer are gorgeous! I love that you’ve shown how versatile a shirt can be, I need to learn more from you!


  3. wow you have lovely outfits and photos.

  4. Madly in love with those brown boots! They’re from

  5. @Brianna, Yeah, I’m keen on those brown boots too… where are they from?


    @Natalie @brianna


  7. (thank you)

  8. less aggravated

    @Shini haha you’re welcome.

  9. Ohh, I truly love all of these looks! The lace dress is especially gorgeous – I love it!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  10. Oh my gosh, these outfits are stunning. Those boots are gorgeous. Beautiful as always Shini

  11. Styling is excellent, as usual!

  12. soooo cute!!!!spring is so in the air!



  13. So inspired by the lace number with the sky high boots and leather cap! You are truly one chic lady, Shini!


  14. Love the satchel and the black sandals. As usual, gorgeous photos.

  15. amazing heels!


  16. I have that Asos dress…. you have given it a whole new life in my eyes…. I must find a shirt to wear with it! LOVE these photos, so freaking good.


  17. fab look back on ur outfit posts shini!
    im loving how even each outfit has such a strong character of its own, i can still tell u styled them and they belong on u! no one else! even the leather cap thats a rare thing, it’s totes ur own experimentation to it! such a lovely shini DNA touch!!!!!

    P.S. you inspired me to do my first ever look back outfit post myself!!!! please take a look if u can!

  18. Love these shots! The bag is beautiful.

  19. Your haaaaaaair Shini! I can’t get over how perfect it looks on you…


  20. hello , very cool outfits , very young , very modern , my like…


    I L-O-V-E the last outfit Shini! It is so freaking good. I didn’t t all think I had any designer to wear a little dress with a button up shirt underneath of it… now I do though. The leather trousers with the delicate little dress are amaaazing. Topped off with the OCs and the leather hat… seriously, will you have my babies?

    p.s. also ADORE you in the simple classic (dare I say, all American?) first look.

    p.s.s. the shoes in outfit two are awesome. #gimmethem

  22. LOVELY PICS! :)

  23. Katherine Nguyen

    Your three-finger roses made me smile. :)

  24. Amazing! I want your shoe collection hihi. And I love all the colours in the photos

  25. love all the looks and your hairstyle!!!!
    your leather cap is amazing i love it!

  26. Awesome! We have the same brown shoes!


  27. I can see on the beautiful pics that your short haircut is so great on you!

  28. Amazing looks!!! Love you style! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  29. Lina

    for a change, I’ll say that I love your writing! So witty, and darling just as your outfits!

  30. ayy_ayy

    The nail color matches the shirt. :)
    i love the Dress.. vintage.

  31. I like the third look especially. It’s so feminine


  32. Stunning!! I love all these looks, that leather cap is beautiful


  33. “From time to time I slide down the stairs’ handrail fireman-style and wail siren-noises to alert the hubby that I’m hungry.”

    LOL! I need a handrail…

    Becky at life/style/flash. blog x

  34. The last look is definitely my favorite – that pale colors of the lace top compete so well with the more urban cap and pants <3

  35. amazing pictures, beautiful inspirations.

  36. Great outfits, Love them! But then again, love almost everything you wear!!
    Thanks for those links!

    Big hugs!


  37. Gosh Shini, you look amazing. That leather cap is such an awesome accessory- you really rock it. The lace and the pink collar is super gorgeous too.

  38. Love your secondhand wang shoes! And just superlove the 3rd outfit!!

  39. you always have the most beautiful images and I love all these looks. beautiful!!!!


  40. I love your style, so beautiful and stylish <3

  41. wow i love your lace dress, it’s beautiful

  42. I love these simple and stylish sets of clothes. You have great style!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  43. Ah, the melon incident sounds familiar (I’ve done the same thing with a variety of fruit and vegetables, once tempting a gleeful line of ants to come marching into the kitchen). I like what you did with the shirt, the middle outfit with the black jacket is my favourite.

  44. I love all your looks.

    x Romi

  45. beautiful pics! I can imagine the sound effects with your throwing of things to the bottom of your flat hah

    p.s love our tournament on draw something hahah!

  46. Yiahhhhhhh! I have similar rose rings like yours, I stupidly left the orange, black, pink and yellow ones in HK. I’m wearing a blue one atm.

  47. Christine

    Your short hair looks wonderful. I’m loving the bangs too!

  48. Hm, your cleening up techniques sound like they need some work. Love the crazy fierce shoes in this post though!
    Material Fixations

  49. great bag and i love the heeled boots. they are amazing :)
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  50. “Forlorn Shini” is my favourite Shini Face of the Month.

  51. love the photos!!!!

  52. Who takes these endearingly sweet photographs Miss Shini ??
    really like the first picture. so serene.
    those boots look great and your new hair cut is starting to really show its fancy trims. great choice girl !!

    Style Hostess

  53. Ahhhh can’t wait for Uniqlo to open their first store here in June! I must get my paws on that button down… though I hope they have it in more colors.

  54. I love the rose rings worn on each finger – its has definitely inspired me to wear more finger candy.

    Gems x

  55. i LOVE the lace top! you look amazing!

  56. Love your Marc Jacobs bag !
    Great pictures:)


  57. Pamela Esparza

    I love all of these Outfits!! :D They are so PRETTY!! :D
    God Bless! & XOXO -Pamela

  58. shiri

    love your blog!!

    a fashionista’s confession xx shiri

  59. the shade of pink on mentioned shirt is wonderful. almost white but pink :) wonderful outfits and I love your tan boots and also this lacy dress.

  60. lovely blog! please check out my model blog in new York City / London xoxo

  61. love the pictures! your blog is amazing :) good job


  62. I REALLLLY love your cap! x

  63. Beautiful photos, and I’m now very much coveting the Alexander Wang heels and ASOS lace dress. I love how eclectic your style is whilst still having your personal touch running through – inspires me! This is also further evidence I desperately need to sort out my camera situation!

    Kate x

  64. Carol

    Your pictures are amazing!!!!
    I have a blog also http://www.thegavlaks.com I live in Los Angeles and I post news from here…. take a look !

  65. I hope some day Uniqlo comes to Chile!! Loved these looks!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  66. Love all the shoes you are wearing! Amazing looks! So stylish!

  67. Beautiful pictures! Your leather cap is really cool! Goes so well with the laces.

  68. Love your rings and all your shoes!


  69. I love your blog and these last photos !!!


  70. Hahaha great!

  71. Love your nail colour, where are they from?


  72. LOVE these pictures! The background is excellent!

  73. […] up an entire blog post. It’s often the case with me and this time it was this first photo of Shini. The pink shirt, but there are many details to think of. The palest shade of pink, that looks […]

  74. i’ve just discovered this place and i’m in love with the soft mood of the pics, lovely style in wearing and taking photos dear!new follower

    Patchwork à Porter

  75. Ryoma Sakamoto

    From in Japan. Very nice!!
    In addition, CM of UNIQLO Japan. Is grateful.

  76. You’re so nice nd an inspiration for us :)


  77. Jessie

    Love the black vera wang shoes and your 3rd look! :D

  78. You’re such a showstopper!

    Love Vienna Wedekind

  79. I love you in these looks. =) Very simple, pretty/feminine, classy, and classic!

  80. Rachel

    absolutely love those black sandals!

  81. Your outfits are amazing!!!

    xoxo from rosalias-smile.com

  82. You are beyond stylish… Love your flower rings worn all together!!!!

  83. GGreat blog. I realy like ur outfits! :)

    visit: http://l-insp-ecteur.blogspot.com/

  84. Diana M.

    Your flower rings and lace dress are beautiful! Here is my take on lace bit.ly/GVoyzx and flower trend bit.ly/GVoyzx

  85. Diana M.

    Correction on my previous comment to show correct link to my flower power trend bit.ly/Ho0c68

  86. the leather cap is simply amazing!

  87. […] kind of a stretch but they remind me of these Alexander Wang heels that Shini, from Park and Cube, is always wearing/ featuring in her […]

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  92. Love your footwear! Looks so lovely on you!