I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Croptop Zara | Tshirt | I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants, Shoes Gmarket | Belt Rockit | Bag DIY Studded Vintage | Jacket H&M






I think we managed alright with the exhibition. My camera just magically ran out of battery before I could take any pictures of my own work, hotdang. Well, not that I would put my work up here. The exhibition is up in Free Range till the 1st of June in F Block T2 of the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane E1 for those with very little to do this weekend and happen to be around.

About the outfit photo, I do realise that the Zara cropped-top colours are dramatically different here and in the previous post. It’s actually closer to the colour on this post – I think I cranked down the saturation too much on the previous… Oh yes and the hair, I didn’t realise my bun fell apart until I pulled it out of the oven… No, I didn’t realise my bun fell apart until I looked at the pictures at home, it’s my wrestle-on-sofa-with-sleep hair, for those wondering if it has a life of its own and a name.

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  1. love the layering of the two tops…and exhibition looks gooooooood.

  2. I love your bag!

  3. You officially do laid-back style the best in my books. I always love your looks!

  4. YAY! for the exhibition and catching up on lost sleep(?) one project completo.

    Sometimes i end up going out with the “get the hair outta my cleaning face” bun. i actually prefer it better than neat sleek buns!! just like a freehand cinnamon scroll- with extra cinnamon on top.

  5. congrats with the exhibition!! hahaha how did your unknown-word-length paper go??
    i like the layering of your tshirts. they make quite the acid-y combo. what’s yer bun’s name!!!!

  6. Em I ran out of words around 800 so I fed it some waffles and a Chorizo sandwich and managed to fatten it up to just over 1500… apparantly they don’t mind the wordcount too much!

  7. Aww, I wish you’d post some of your work. I’m curious x)
    And I like the color of the shirt in both pics, but it’s a pretty dramatic difference o_o;;

  8. genialnie wyglądają te warstwy w zestawie :) i ten cieniutki pasek :)
    a tak w ogóle to niebieski bardzo do Ciebie pasuje :D
    pozdrowienia :)

  9. I love the way you combine the cropped t-shirt without looking trashy. Very cool.

  10. you look great anyway!

  11. hello rebel bun :)

  12. I adore blue, grey and brown putted together! great look!

  13. love the layered tops + belt, hope you’re enjoying the sun!! :)


  14. I love going to degree shows – but I don’t live anywhere NEAR where you are! Bummer for me.

    have a good w/e :)


  15. Woah, cool exhibition! I like the blue as well, and the shoes. Oh man, I always love the shoes!

  16. its a pity that you couldn’t take any photos of your exhibit… cool layering of outfits… only slim type body could do that

  17. kate

    this is beautiful!
    i’m sure you get this question all the time, but i’d really appreciate a response (from you or anyone who knows). what kind of camera do you use?
    thanks in advance!

  18. That’s alright, and thanks! I use a DSLR called Canon EOS 400D! :D

  19. kate

    thanks a lot! it’s hit the top of my wishlist.

  20. congratsss shini. love the layered tops xoxo

  21. i have same cropped top from zara!! yay!

  22. love the layering! and the blue i love that colour! and actually i like the bun fallen apart!=D i have it all the time like that hahah

  23. I really like how you belted the tee, and i love that shade of blue.

  24. I love how you layered the tees; a lovely look!

    La C.

  25. congrats! i wish i was in london right now to see it firsthand!

  26. I love the layering! And the shoes are way cute :)

  27. The back of your classmate is hot. hahaha