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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

(Sorry about the smokes)

Beautiful girls, Ingrid & Elise of Anywho.dk!

Susie of Stylebubble

The sun came out on day 2 and all the birds spilled out onto the courtyard to dry their feathers…

I may have set the wrong tone for my entire Fashion Week experience in the last outfit post, I’m sorry about that. It was in fact marvelous to meet those in the fashion industry who, contrary to popular belief, were absolutely sweet and polite. Although of course, I may have not spoken with those with necks (literally) on the catwalks or crabby editors robbed of their precious Danish pastries by us bloggers. I am oh so sorry, were you going to eat that? and this too? That said, I have not had a single free cup of tap water, let alone a Danish pastry with my press accreditation. I did get a free a floor map, why thank you you’re so generous?

Best part was bumping into so many bloggers I adore – namely the lovely lovely Danish girls, Elise & Ingrid of Anywho, Audrey from Be Frassy, Frances from Happy Because, the Facehunter (who’s dubbed me simply as ‘the Korean’, can’t blame him since I called him ‘Igor’ by mistake), the Garance & Scott Schuman lovebirds, and of course Susie. Of course, I had to hug Susie although I’m not even a hugger, and during our conversation (nervous st..st…stutters on my side) Elle Japan had to take her away for a shoot. Well hot steamin’ dang.

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  1. great pictures!
    i like it

  2. Nice pictures!


  3. Sounds like a pretty fun time and you get to meet all the bloggers out there too :P

  4. Ok how do I get that gig because I’m seriously jealous over here!

  5. ohh so cool, love the images!

  6. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    lol at your getting yvan’s name wrong. i just watched all his clips at one go.

    i should add that i could sense Scott’s stance from his article. nobody can be entirely w/o bias. for what it’s worth, i bet i’d still do it all over again if i were to be invited to attend. thanks for sharing with us :)

  7. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    i found Scott’s response to what people said about his article. makes for good case study for mass comm students. i did a module last sem; really helped me in areas outside school.


    i didn’t know he’s a blogger himself. when i said i could sense his stance, i thought he might gravitate towards the real journos’ side as he’s one himself. altho i did get the intentional bits right, i have to take it back. this reminds me of a book i read recently in which the author devoted quite a chunk in the earlier chapters to telling readers who she is and what she does. it was necessary as the subject matter concerns faith/religion.

  8. You’re right ttft, I should’ve made this clear – I only put the link up so people can read up on what happened.
    Scott’s article is actually quite blogger friendly (yeah, he’s a blogger himself!), despite the tone of the article. I think everyone took offense in what he was writing about, and naturally thought it was his own opinions. (Poor guy, many of the ‘bashers’ didn’t seem they either read or understood the article properly…)

  9. great photos! love the ladys coat on the 6th picture!
    oh and susie is gorgeous.

  10. Everybody is so dressed up!

    juliet xxx

  11. susie is really pretty on your picture.
    ad I’ m impression about the look of the girl in blue fur coat))


  12. Usually when I see pictures of models/designers/etc outside fashion week I love every single thing adorning their georgous svelt bodies, but today – not so much. Everyone (except the last, where I really like the colour combination and shoes) looks faintly ridiculous! If this is what it takes to be ‘fashion’ these days I’m not impressed!

    (Lovely quality of photos though – I’m impressed with the focus and colour!)


  13. The thing is Ruth, sure there were plenty of models and editors and fabulous looking people at LFW but I deliberately chose not to take pictures of them. Those ‘fabulous’, well-put-together people can be found everywhere in the world, but it’s these ridiculous dressers that characterize London! It’s their own fashion, individuality that inspires creativity in culture, and isn’t that what London Fashion Week is famous for?

    Also, the truth about fashion week is that not everyone is dressed in sartorialist streetstyle manner, many of the people you see in the courtyard photo are there to work 12 hours each day of lfw, or simply curious members of public that wandered in to see the scene. Streetstyle photographers are also incredibly picky in choosing their targets and that’s how you see those marvelously dressed (and beautiful, thin) creatures in their blogs and might come to a conclusion that everyone in fashion week is dressed like that. :)

  14. wowza, some fierce eyebrows featured here. eyebrows = a worrying obsession i have

  15. loving all the pics and i want want want susies shoes xoxox

  16. All that controversy is… well, symbolic of how the internet is taking over the world I suppose. And honestly, I like your honest opinion about how you feel about the entire thing. Yea, perhaps bloggers are not as well trained or as working “legitimate” as magazines are, but we’re the direct consumers, and oftentimes, the less jaded opinions that companies want. Not to say though, that visiting fashion week wouldn’t be awesome! I love the fantastic crazy outfits people wear, and it’d be so much fun to meet other bloggers!

  17. his article just made me feel profoundly sad.
    you looked really lovely, I was with audrey when I saw you.
    These photos are phenomenal too! Oh! x

  18. I’ve really been enjoying your fashion week coverage, as always your pictures are lovely! I too bumped into Susie, and was all “helloooo” and then realised she probably wouldn’t remember who I was. awwwkward. haha!

  19. Hehe I think every blogger swooned at her that day, I’m just glad to have had an earlier time slot so at least I could give her that awkward butt-sticking hug!
    Ah wish I’d met you!

  20. I’m certain we’ll meet in the future at something-or-other. I definitely saw you a few times, including the Jena.Theo show; you and Reena from Fashion Daydreams were trying to work out who everybody was taking pictures of…I sound like a complete stalker..haha!

  21. Hahaaa stalker! oh my, we never found out who it was though, did you sit opposite us? you should’ve thrown a vitamin water bottle or something! (and get written about: ‘bigtime blogger throws water bottle across catwalk…tsk tsk what next, slapping front row heads?’)

  22. I always feel a bit stalkery when I spot bloggers and no one else around me has any idea who they are…

    Love Fred Butler in those images!



  23. I like your selection of photos. I agree that it should be all about the individual’s creativity and own personal style – that always captures my attention too. I think it takes so much more energy and talent on their part to come up with just inspiring outfits!

    How boring would that be if everyone is dressed up in runway pieces!!?

  24. I love your pics! Your blog is my fave!


  25. great shot of sommerset house.
    great blog too.

  26. your photos are always fantastic!

  27. Hey Shini I swear the lady in the black troupe hat in the fifth picture works at the vintage store near my school at new cross!! she’s always busy at her sewing machine each time i drop by, putting together some awesomely mad outfit. that is, if i didn’t get it wrong lol :)

  28. Loved the picture of Susie, I like what she’s wearing….

  29. gosssshhhh LFW really looks like a circus out there!! seems so fun to just be a bystander observing all the interesting ways people put their outfits together hahaha

    love, your link for garance is wrong! I make it a point to ..point this out cause when i clicked it the page it brought me to was quite…..sketch. :)

  30. oh my steamin gobobbles… thanks so much for that!! Never knew .com and .fr made all this difference…

  31. Nice pictures!

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  32. I don’t really appreciate blatant advertising in my comments, thank you.

  33. great pictures!
    your blog is awesome

  34. Shini, fantastic coverage of LFW, your photography is bee-OOtiful.

    Wonderful meeting you last last weekend. Amongst the excitement of throwing conflicting gang and peace signs, I completely forgot to introduce myself and the brother, apologies (Nadia and Hassan).

    Having fallen for your shoes that day, I’m now facing my fears and battling the Gmarket site. GO ME!

  35. When I met susie to interview her for my dissertation I was so pleased to find that she was AMAZINGLY down to early. lovely lady.

    Love your pictures of the ‘normal’ people. starting to think everyone had enormous amounts of money looking at some street style pictures.

    I love this whole debate at the moment though, its pretty much exactly what I’m doing for my dissertation.
    I may email you soon, to hear your thoughts if thats ok :) ?


  36. She is incredibly down to earth, isn’t she!? I’d love to talk to you about all this, it’s a really intriguing topic that’s been brewing up only over the past few years… definitely a good dissertation topic, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

  37. I love your blog, your fashion week coverage is great, not your typical good looking super skinny rich people gracing all of your photos.


  38. I keep thinking I’ve left a comment on here but no…I am wrong! Each and every one of your photos are amazing! I bumped into Susie during LFW too, she always, always has time to speak to you which I love. Plus Shini, I was pretty amazed to meet you too…and like Susie, you’re one of my regular reads and you’re super down to earth too! Gosh, that probably made you feel a bit wierd. Ha!

  39. shini, LOVE to you. I loved what you were wearing when I fleetingly saw you…lets go for coffee when I am down in London permanently? I am hoping to do my MA at CSM, we shall see if I get in!
    How was LFW for you? enjoyable? I had a supreme time, but Monday…the weather was awful, which put a damper on my sartorial spirits! love x x x

  40. dean

    i love that you’re different from other bloggers, that you do not craze over all the fashion puffs-read editors models n such- w/o contemplating beforehand. loveyour style, keep it going!

  41. you know, when I first started reading your blog, you REALLY reminded me of Susie! Eloquent, funny, and sometimes self-deprecating! It’s interesting to find that this is your first time talking to her because I always thought you two were bloggy gal pals or something LOL.

    Garance!!!!! I love her! I got so excited when I saw that she replied to one of my comments LOL.