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LFW Day 4; Somerset House

I’m late, I’m late for
A very important date.
No time to say hello, good-bye
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late
– Alice in Wonderland

Watched Alice in Wonderland 3D today, can’t say I loved it, but I did come out of the cinema feeling more mad (the crazy sort) than ever… so much that I had this sudden urge to throw the Peri-Peri sauce at someone’s head when they’d asked me to pass it down during dinner... I blame Depp. You should ask my boyfriend how long it took to get me to stop adding Savvy? to the end of each sentence in 2003.

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  1. So cute!

  2. How totally adorable! I saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as well. In 3d. Not impressed. Totally lacking in substance.

  3. savvy…? :P the way he says it, it’s so sexy.

  4. Aye! Aye!

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one suffering from Depp-ism.

  5. oh i love this shot of this little girl. she really was too cute. i didn’t notice the clock in the photo i took of her… man, and her mom’s jacket does not look like the sort you want to wear in the rain does it? ick.

    i saw alice in wonderland yesterday too! right after it finished my husband that, ‘that was a girl movie.’ but he did like it… i thought it was great. i loved all of alice’s outfits and the queens big head. xx

  6. Haha. I still use “bloody” a lot. Starting with Pirates, and then living with a Australian. Good times. Was supposed to watch it last night, but it was sold out :(.

  7. Oh! This is the shot of the girl that I didn’t take, but was there. Well now I can always find it on your blog. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Perfect.

    We almost saw it tonight (Alice in Wonderland). Went sailing with friends in the Caribean a few years ago, right after Pirates came out, and the guys kept saying that line.. what was it.. ‘Take all you want, and give nothing back.’ Oh I hear Vanessa Paradis is trying to get Johnny to quit that film with Angelina, can’t say I blame her. What was she thinking??

    Must get together soon, Cupcake! x0

  8. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    i heard he did some dance towards the end of the show. curious. but i really just wanna watch what’s eating gilbert grape before i die.

  9. Hahahah savy. I love it. I still haven’t seen it. Have to talk my boyfriend into going he doesn’t wanna see it. :(

  10. like that one!

  11. I love this photo…having the parent out of the shot makes it extraordinary.


  12. The film was half great half nothing special, wasn’t it? Although the visuals and the costumes a thousand times above stunning and I am now coveting anything Alice blue.

    Your photography is really something special – you’ve got such an eye for detail.

    Claire xxx