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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Company magazine photoshoot; London; Big thanks to Ellen again for taking photos

In case you’re wondering this is not a staged outfit photoshoot, I happen not to have energy or dedication of such sorts stored in me to cough out an idea like that. Actually, I’ve been privileged to be invited by Company magazine to be featured in the upcoming October issue about British fashion bloggers, with a shiny flight ticket so I can haul ass to London for a shoot & interview. It was a bit like that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where fat Augustus pulls out the piece of gold ticket from his chocolate bite, and does the WHUTZEHECK? face. Well mind you, my whutzeheck face was very ladylike, then I proceeded onto a very violent session of packing involving a bit of screaming.

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  1. your hair is gorgeous

  2. You lucky girl! Congrats <3

  3. bombbb

    ive never seen you with curly/wavy hair before! It looks amazing on you!

  4. WOW Shini! Such an awesome opportunity you lucky girl! Absolutely love the bombshell hair. Do be sure to scan the article once you see it? xx

  5. OMG ! wow you look stunning…and your hair!!!

    So glad they asked you to do this, you clearly deserve it.

    I love the new layout of your blog btw..

  6. Congratulations! What a great opportunity! You look super amazing!

  7. great layout (i was really confused at first, lol), and congrats on being featured in the magazine! that’s really cool! i like your hair wavy :)

  8. omg . first of all, beautiful layout ~
    and second, congratulations on your feature :)!

  9. That sounds fantastic & it seems like it was pretty fun too! You look amazing in that last shot, you have the best hair!



  10. awww you look soo pretty in the pics. I love the pic of you getting yer hurr’ did and of you in those amazing plaid pants! The new layout is great! I love the typeface of your blogpost titles! You and your excellent css/html skillzzzzzzz

  11. your hair!! do want!

  12. WOO HOO! Shini is making it big time.Ohh yeaahhh!
    Congratulations, you deserve it.
    And BTW You look smokin’ hot. I dig the new layout as well :)

  13. Alex

    Aah no swweat! You look beautiful =D

  14. Your hair is so nice curled! You should get a digital. haha

  15. You look gorgeous! I love your outfits. And congratulations, that sounds awesome!

  16. LOvely!!congrats:)

  17. you totally have to post it when the mag come out! can’t wait to see it! and your hair is unbelievable!!!!! i’m swoooooning here!

  18. i love the new layout. this sounds like fun. i like the shot with the make up. I’m excited to see what the results of this shoot was

  19. Wow. You’re hair is so sexy! I’ve never seen you with wavy hair before.

    It must have been an amazing experience! Lucky lucky!

  20. oh god. your hair’s amazing! love the new layout btw ;)

  21. Congratulations! Will you scan the article when it comes out?

  22. masz niesamowicie piękne włosy!

  23. i want everything on the floor of that first picture! haha

  24. Congrats.
    You & your clothes look sensational in these photographs!

  25. I’m jealous!! You look amazing.

  26. you should curl your hair permanently! looks gorgeous on you :)

  27. Congrats babe! Love the way they styled your hair!


    And I can’t wait to see the results of the photoshoot! XD

  29. You look amazing! Love your blog!

  30. This is so wonderful Shini! I love what they did to your hair.

  31. amazing!! i’ll have to buy the next Company magazine now :)

  32. i liked your previous layout better though, but this one’s okay :)
    these shots look amazing!

  33. laura

    well you totallyyy deserved that! outfits on the first post are amazingg!

  34. congrats! they picked well:)
    im liking the outfits in the top picture…

  35. congrats..you look really pretty and I love your hair

  36. I love the layout, and you look gorgeous ♥

  37. congratulations, your hair is so long. You look beautiful.

  38. congrats!

    beautiful hair
    awesome silver jacket, i like it!


  39. wow what an amazing experience for you, hope it was real fun!!

  40. wuuuttttt. chimpunk is a rock star!! lmao at chimp-punk??? typoooo CHIPMUNK!!!!

  41. I like chimp-punk, I would like to be called that from now on please.

  42. fangzi

    The big curls look sooooo awesome on you!! Love the outfits too.. Can’t wait to see how the photos turn out to be.. ((:

  43. I love those pale pink shorts. Cant wait to see the shoots results.


  44. Seriously rad!

  45. I really like the new version 3.0! hehe It’s so clean and refined :) Do you still use a blog platform? i.e. wordpress, blogspot, etc?

    I’m so happy you shared some behind-the-scenes photos but I can’t wait til the final spread comes out!!

  46. Yup it’s still WordPress, just a bit of tinkering and it looks all mine muhahahaha

  47. well lucky you!
    you sure deserve this wonderful opportunity!

  48. LOVE these photos!! Especially the first one-where are those black shoes (center) from?

  49. OOh yes they’re from Office, they’re £30 right now to my horror.

  50. Well congrats on that one! That would be such a good time without a doubt. I’m loving the outfit with the plaid pants and like someone else said, you have fantastic hair. If only I could will and urge mine to grow.

  51. Wow, super sleek layout :)
    And congratulations Darling, you so deserve it, your blog is one of the most fun, stylish, and individual out there. PLUS, you are funny. Love. Alizé xx

  52. Oh, and I loove the wider pictures too. I value visuals most (as you can see from my large one & only picture per story on Blog de Tendances) and I think many bloggers have amazing imagery but do not make the most of the ‘screen space’. Especially with digital & mobile technologies: I mean a medium picture on a 13″ is already small, so on an Iphone screen?! Well done you! xx

  53. I so agree, we can do so much better with screen real estate with our blogs, and even crap pictures look good big :P I do love how your blog always has a big photo or collage to start off the article, it’s like BAM, it’s gonna be good

  54. I am so happy for you! I can only hope to be as half as successful with blogging one day.

    Lvoe Grace.

  55. Congrats Shini!! Looking forward to seeing you strutting your stuff in the magazine!!!!!!

    K x

  56. the hair and makeup look good, i’ll be buying this issue for obvious reasons :)

  57. kristin

    that’s so cool!!!
    In which issue will your shoot be? I’ll go and check it out then :)
    You look very cute!

  58. It’ll be the October issue, it should be out around September 12th ish they say! I’m featured along with 4 other bloggers, so I presume it won’t be too big! Thanks so much though <3

  59. Your blog is looking great! …and I look forward to seeing you in Company! I don’t usually buy it but I’ll have a quick flick in a newsgents and to check out the other London bloggers!

  60. Congratulations on the feature! It actually warms my heart to see bloggers featured in print mags– I wonder if it’s a nod to new media, or the fact that new media ARE becoming the new celebrities… Fascinating times!

  61. congratulations on the shoot! you look gorgeous! and your hair is beautifullllllllll. those are some meannnn outfits. love it.<3

  62. You lucky ducky! You look wonderful in these pictures :)

  63. just added your blog.
    the photos are so lovely! can’t wait to see more.

  64. You look just darn lovely :) Your hair is amazingly long!

  65. oh shini your hair is beaaauuutiful. can’t wait to see the article! looks like it was a lot of fun, although i know i’d be much too shy/non-famous to even imagine what it’s like!
    talking about charlie and the chocolate factory, did you know the oompa loompa guy is in transformers 2? howww peculiar!
    i like your new aesthetic. nice and minimalistic.

  66. OOH thanks :D yes he’s the Egyptian border control hahaa :D

  67. Congratulaions!! I can’t wait to see your feature in it! You look stunning in the last picture! xxoxoxo

  68. Wow what an awesome opportunity! I shall deffo be buying that issue. :)

    Its good to see some approachable bloggers featured in magazines!

  69. Wow! I’m happy for you. Looking forward to it!

  70. Congratulations gal!!! Put up the scan/ link whenever the article is out

  71. That’s AWESOME. You deserve it!!!

  72. Yay! it sounds like you had an amazing time. It would have been so great to have met you but I really couldn’t be doing with the whole photoshoot malarky. You look gorgeous though xx