I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater – Vintage, Shirt – Zara, Dress – Vagabond Van, Shoes – Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony, Socks – Happy Socks (via Tobi), Bag – JHYoo, Necklace – Jennifer Loiselle, Watch – ASOS

Ever since I started going steady with my bicycle (relationship status: level 2, bickering has commenced, usually on the topic of why I manage to drive her into every pothole available on the street) (Purposefully darling, I like it rough) my flats: heels ratio produces a pacman piechart. These past few weeks I’ve been hearing new lines from people: 1) were you always this short? and 2) COME OON POKEMON. The latter mostly by my significant other, blowing past me on his own megafast singlespeed ride and yelling YOU ARE SUCH A SLOWPOKE. Hence the new nickname. Anyway, these Opening Ceremony boots put me back in that familiar airspace, +5inch AMSL, one where you can sniff the nearest bakery before the rest of the herd can. They also seem to put me on the ring of fire, with every step wobbling like 8.2 on the richter scale. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE GEOGRAPHY ANALOGIES. (Also notice how I go a little schizo with the brackets)

Thank you Kit for the outfit snaps!

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  1. Those boots are to die for. :D

  2. that necklace is brilliant, love your skirt, fantastic colours


  3. boots and a big necklace are to die for! ahhh

  4. short??? You look pretty TALL to me!! And you look mind-blowing tall-ey good! I love the necklace and the socks added with the outfit… PERFECT :D

  5. That is definitely a statement necklace if ever I have seen one! It’s super fancy! …oh and don’t even get me started on the boots:D

  6. YOU LOOK SUPER AMAZING! :-) love everything about the outfit!

  7. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS OUTFIT AND SAVED TO MY COMPUTER FOR INSPIRATION. you look amazing and inspire me no end. thank you for sharing X

  8. @Vanessa, Huh, me too :)

  9. love your sweater!


  10. Those sky high OC boots and the total eye candy of a necklace have me head over heels in adoration.

    ♥, Jamie

  11. i love this look – especially the dress & the necklace!

  12. Hehe, I love the new nickname.

    I really like your outfit, the shirt is pretty. Especially with the sweater.

  13. Oh, and the pacman chart is priceless.

  14. That is the best representation for heels and flats ever. I’m a big lover of heels but my body can’t handle wearing them all day, every day.

  15. Awesome necklace!!!

  16. Love all those gorgeous colours! That necklace is positively wicked!

  17. Twas lovely to see the ‘sheep’ again. Dude, how do you manage to walk with those chunky wedgeforms without tripping?

  18. By using YOU as crutch, remember?

  19. @Shini,

    ARGGGGG you meano.

  20. HAHA “above mean shini level”
    i will never tire of your writing!

  21. Love the whole outfit! Awesome :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  22. ADORE your look, such a great styling!!

    XO Charlotte

  23. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and it is one of my absolute favourites!

    I’ve just moved to London recently from Sydney, and I just wanted to know from a local – any good bars you recommend?

    P.S Love the necklace!

  24. @Christine, try Ninety-Eight on Curtain Road in Shoreditch and Night Jar on Old Street towards The Angel :)

    Thea @ Creatures of Life x

  25. @Thea Natalie,
    Thanks heaps! They both look perfect, definitely want to check them both out!


  26. Thanks @Thea Natalie, I’m actually not a drinker so I wouldn’t know so well! I do hear that The Haggerston on Kingsland road is also a nice place!

  27. @Shini, I actually think ninety-eight is a visual experience more so than drinking, you should definitely go and take a look for a mocktail one day :)

    Asiana magazine commissioned the space for an editorial last year. It’s run by a chicken called Wendy (I’m not even joking!)

  28. Thanks @Shini, will definitely check it out too. London is amazing and your blog is inspiring


  29. hm, there’s not a single thing i don’t love about your outfit. total coolness overall!

  30. OMG! Ive been spying these for awhile, the necklace i mean! They look awesome on you.

  31. Bohaa, you need the bicycle with these shoes… They look amazing, but for walking?? That’s why I miss cycling so much… takes you from A to B in the highest heels without any pain. Keep the relationship going! X

  32. I’ve always been a ridiculously huge fan of that sheep you are wearing.
    If I ever saw you in public I would just run up and snuggle in it.
    *not awkward at all* ….


  33. the heels are nice, but I love the necklace!
    fun post by the way ^-^

  34. I just love your style and your writing and you blog. And not in a ‘im 16-and-i-commented-on-your-blog-so-you-have-to-come-check-out-mine’ type way. But like, I always get happy when I visit and I always go ‘oooww, I wish I thought of wearing that in such and such a way’. Thank you for totally rocking and making my life a tad more happy and beautiful.

  35. Awesomeee necklaceeeee!!! I love the colors, and the shape .. and i love the way you mix the colors in your outfit, stripes ..and flowers!! beautiful!!!

  36. Your necklace is just too cool!!


  37. Those shoes are amazing!!! WAAAAH! I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about them tonight. :)


    PS Love that skirt as well

  38. That necklace was very nice and special.:-)

  39. Gorgeous! This outfit is so good Shini. I LOVE that little lamb jumper, the necklace and those shoes! I love the thought of you cycling in your beautiful outfits… in hugely high heels…. actually, no I don’t. It makes me feel terrified. Are you wearing a helmet? If not, I’m buying you one. With a slogan printed on the back… ‘Fashion before practicality’, perhaps? xx

  40. I am working on my own pacman pie chart of late but the red daemon (this is my bike’s name) just can’t be swayed into thinking that smooth pedals + rain + 4 inches = safety. Oh well…

    Thea @ Creatures x

  41. zomg don’t, absolute suicide! I think people are misreading my pacman piechart, 80% is flats! Heels and smooth pedals and potholes and london cabs and rain REALLY doesn’t make good soup.

  42. @Shini, haha, oohhh..

    Reality tv warps my concept of acceptable places to wear skyscrapers and makes me think my toes are ballerina worthy. Aka, love the height!


  43. that necklace is amazing!


  44. Love the shoes!! (=


  45. lovely skirt! XX


  46. i adore your posts. pacman piechart? love that phrase!

  47. oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so in love with those shoes!

  48. Beautiful photos. ^ ^

  49. hahaha love the pie chart – I want to bump up the blue section a tad more too so i’ve been buying lots of safe height heels – some kittenish ones like your silver ones particularly. They seem a good compromise :) my goodness, I was wondering if you were going to mention the wobble factor of those heels! I tried on the shoe version and my god I was all over the place – hopefully the bootie (shake shake!) ones are sliightly more sturdy.

    Big love to that necklace too! xxxx
    p.s go geography – spread the love, fewer British students are studying it :(

  50. Love the look! and those unique necklace :)


  51. Cool vintage skirt! love the print!

  52. Nice boots! But i love your necklace more :)

  53. Ah, can’t wait for the fall to come. all those colours! (like on your dress) and wearing boots of course, yum!

  54. LOVE that dress so much. This post made me smile, love your humour.

  55. That statement necklace definitely has WOW factor. I don’t normally go for such chunky pieces but that looks fantastic. I think I need to do some research sharpish!


  56. I love the print of the dress and paired with those socks and shoes makes the outfit more playful. I hope the necklace is not as heavy as it seems! x


  57. never mind these tectonic moves and shakings. its a true adventure waling on those heels. the shoes look pretty daunting and terrifying

  58. That NECKLACE and THOSE shoes, heaven! x

  59. I like you outfit.

  60. Love those shoes, need them so badly!


  61. Love it, these shoes are to die for!




    – the many lives of line

  63. your necklace is one of my etsy fav!


  64. I am in love with your necklace…….it’s too beautiful…….

  65. Hi
    Loving the necklace and the bag.
    Perfect ! ;)

    Jen – http://on.fb.me/mPhBWG

  66. Love the colors and that necklace is amazing!

  67. LOVE the skirt!!!

  68. Wow I love your unique style :)

  69. love the necklace! :)

  70. hehe you write really well! love this outfit, you look very cute & the boots are fab!



  71. i want D-I-Y the necklace!!!

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