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The latest Chanel ad: Embellishing the arm and pockets of a jacket with pearl beads, chains, ribbons.




  • Swap chains for laces on your heels. (Topshop heels)
  • Embellish shoulderpads, sew onto black tshirt – I’d personally use fabric to cover the shoulder pads just so it doesn’t look like my jacket pooped shoulderpads right on my tshirt.
  • (Pair patterend leggings with patterend tights.)

Chain lining on sweater vest.

All scans from Vogue UK June 2009

My Vogues are getting better treatment since they started this More Dash Than Cash column – you know, that extra gentle shove when going on the shelf. ELLEs, on the other hand, are getting the crinkle-shove treatment nowadays. Here are some snippets from Vogue UK June 2009 (pages 93, 94) that I thought were interesting tips for DIY.

[Click to enlarge]


Think Big

Layer and twist three long necklaces to make one statement piece. Outsize earrings are back – make your own cluttered drops by attaching gems or paillette sequins to basic clip-ons.”


Stone age

Break up inexpensive gem-encrusted necklaces and created Balmain-style crystal epaulettes”


“Carry your clutch as jewellery; Adorn with clusters of pin badges and brooches.”

They even had a blazer customizing mini-tutorial by Erdem Moralioglu, I wish I had a scanner to go crazy on.

With Natalia Vodianova buck nude on the cover, I don’t even have to encourage anyone to go buy a copy – I’m sure your boyfriends will get them for you.