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Kenzo AW13


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Honey! aka Jessica Alba.



Kenzo AW13 collection in Paris

Put a cork in it and store in a cool, dry place, out of the sun, is how I like to treat some of my fashion week posts. It wasn’t the fact that I was a lazy butt and missed that one-week window in March to post this – no no. (yes :( ). Well, whether it was grey-beard’s wise foresight, or a happy accident, I’m surprisingly glad to be sharing this Kenzo collection now. Isn’t now its proper season that is Autumn/Winter ’13, anyway? Like all fashion things that I pretend to understand but don’t, eventually I’ve come to appreciate it in its entirety. Five months later to be exact. Alas, shall we clarify a few things – I’m a spectator, not a fashion journalist – I was educated in judging things at face value and I’ve personally taught myself how to obsess over pink macarons. I don’t know how the creative duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim came to join powers, and what exactly it was that inspired this collection (eyes I THINK) without reading up on Style.com. All I know is ISN’T THIS COOL? (See, fashion journos, nobody here is trying to take your job) (that’ really is the only adjective I know.) I mean look how the Asian mythical patterns and kimono shapes mingle with the Art Nouveau interior of La haunted Samaritaine… a funky East-meets-West temple in the heart of Paris! Plus, I really enjoyed how they shot the campaign, which really just adds to the whole picture. We likey, as simple as that.