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Kenzo AW13


ParknCube_KenzoAW13_04 ParknCube_KenzoAW13_05


ParknCube_KenzoAW13_02 ParknCube_KenzoAW13_03


ParknCube_KenzoAW13_09a ParknCube_KenzoAW13_09





ParknCube_KenzoAW13_14 ParknCube_KenzoAW13_15

ParknCube_KenzoAW13_16 ParknCube_KenzoAW13_17



ParknCube_KenzoAW13_20 ParknCube_KenzoAW13_21


Honey! aka Jessica Alba.



Kenzo AW13 collection in Paris

Put a cork in it and store in a cool, dry place, out of the sun, is how I like to treat some of my fashion week posts. It wasn’t the fact that I was a lazy butt and missed that one-week window in March to post this – no no. (yes :( ). Well, whether it was grey-beard’s wise foresight, or a happy accident, I’m surprisingly glad to be sharing this Kenzo collection now. Isn’t now its proper season that is Autumn/Winter ’13, anyway? Like all fashion things that I pretend to understand but don’t, eventually I’ve come to appreciate it in its entirety. Five months later to be exact. Alas, shall we clarify a few things – I’m a spectator, not a fashion journalist – I was educated in judging things at face value and I’ve personally taught myself how to obsess over pink macarons. I don’t know how the creative duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim came to join powers, and what exactly it was that inspired this collection (eyes I THINK) without reading up on Style.com. All I know is ISN’T THIS COOL? (See, fashion journos, nobody here is trying to take your job) (that’ really is the only adjective I know.) I mean look how the Asian mythical patterns and kimono shapes mingle with the Art Nouveau interior of La haunted Samaritaine… a funky East-meets-West temple in the heart of Paris! Plus, I really enjoyed how they shot the campaign, which really just adds to the whole picture. We likey, as simple as that.

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  1. Wow! One of the creative catwalk decor really c:
    Love the collection as well, the oriental prints are
    very nice! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2. This is a beautiful collection – look at those fabrics, I’m drooling – but I have to confess that I couldn’t take my eyes off the decor. Interior design/architecture trump fashion here.


  3. The fabrics and prints are so amazing! Love this collection!


  4. stunning patterns and prints!


  5. Danielle

    These photos are fantastic Shini..

  6. gorgeous pictures. again.


  7. i love the setup of the stage!


  8. Emily K G

    Amazing design.. of everything. The clothes are gorgeous & the set is spectacular.


  9. how creative and beautiful



  10. Really nice collection and amazing catwalk

  11. Great collections and pictures, you make me want to snuggle in a big comfy coat!
    Mafalda ❤

  12. The interior is beyond amazing!

  13. Sarah

    The collection is just oh-so-beautiful.. Jessica Alba is the love of my life!

  14. You’re right far more fitting to share this now at the start of autumn than in march. Look like a really cool show as well.


  15. I like the blue-ish pants. They looks comfy & I like things that are comfy.

    The Fashann Monster

  16. It makes so much sense! Now we can actually buy the pieces thank goodness. I love all those eye print leather, matching biker and skirt needs to be miine!

  17. Dang Shini, with posts like this you make many a fashion journalist look rather lame. No comprendo mucho, either, but me likey, too.

  18. Always my favorite collection.


  19. I knew they were gonna do wondrous things at Kenzo! God! those prints! That red glittery coat needs to be with me for this winter :'(
    And why is Jessica Alba so perfect?!

  20. Love this collection!

  21. Oh wow, what an awesome venue for a show! Oh and Jessica Alba is so beautiful…

  22. Always cracking up whilst reading you. The reference to fashion journalists made me laugh even more. I like how you put everything in a not serious way when everybody took it so seriously before.

    To speak about the collection and where the catwalk took place I must say it is mythical. La Samaritaine is/was such an institution in France and I like this East-meet-West feel of the collection because it shows that fashion is a cycle. Paul Poiret and his love for the East, Yves Saint Laurent and his perfume Opium etc…It seems like Orient will never leave fashion.

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  23. great detailing in this Kenzo collection. & i love ur style of writing! such humour lol. x

    fashion/travel blog: http://www.chariscity.blogspot.com

  24. love to see the runway from your lens, make me feel like I was also there. :)


  25. oh wow detail overload! <3

  26. Ooooo la la. This is amazing Shini. I absolutely love your fashion week posts and wish you would do more of them. Your photos are always so beautiful and manage to capture even the tiniest details. This collections is so good. I want my booty to be covered in little eyes! Yummmmm. xx

  27. Cool photos! Love the Kenzo collection!


  28. Oh so pretty… Both the clothes and your photos (and also Jessica Alba)

  29. Gabriela Rose

    Thank you for Kenzo´s Catwalk!!! Soooo coooool!!!

    Gabriela Rose


  30. luka

    i love this collection!

  31. Great shots! Lovely models! And the outfits are extra stylishly fabulous!

  32. I love every detail of this post!