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FACEHUNTER by Yvan Rodric; Published by Thames & Hudson 2010; Booksigning 12th March 2010

Yvan was indeed tied to a stack of his book (well, metaphorically) as the queue for the book signing extended around the bookshelves and into the Economics & Finance area of Foyles, which I must say was starting to look a little out of place. Think of it this way, a line of professors lining up for a Antony Beevor book-signing and the tail just happened to end up in the Fashion & Styling section… (Not trying to assign stereotype that fashion lovers must all be in the creative industry/education, in case anyone wanted to get started on that.)

Yvan was incredibly friendly; Kit and I were the first few to line up so I think we were the few that had a full-fledged conversation with him: What’s your name, what’s your blog, where are you from, what did you have for breakfast, why are you allergic to cats and dust?… from the 10th person I’m sure he reduced the conversation to the breakfast topic, signed a copy and yelled NEXT CUSTOMER!

We already know about the beautiful photography, but the best bit about the book was the delicious juxtaposition of the photos in each spread that somehow carried a story through the entire book. There was minimal text to worry about typography or layout, but how clever is the bar-code placement, on the spine of the book!

How many puns can one make with ‘face’ and ‘hunter’? Yvan’s probably heard it all over his 4 rewarding years of coursing the back alleys of London (and eventually the world) for style prey; well how about this one? Get your face autographed by the Face Hunter! Alllrighty, that was lame. Exciting news: Yvan will be signing copies of his book FACEHUNTER, published by Thames & Hudson, at Foyles on the 12th of March from 5pm. This is a predator becomes prey situation you should not miss, and I’m fully expecting him to be tied up to a stack of his own books and deprived of his own camera. It is his bookbirthday after all, no?