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FACEHUNTER by Yvan Rodric; Published by Thames & Hudson 2010; Booksigning 12th March 2010

Yvan was indeed tied to a stack of his book (well, metaphorically) as the queue for the book signing extended around the bookshelves and into the Economics & Finance area of Foyles, which I must say was starting to look a little out of place. Think of it this way, a line of professors lining up for a Antony Beevor book-signing and the tail just happened to end up in the Fashion & Styling section… (Not trying to assign stereotype that fashion lovers must all be in the creative industry/education, in case anyone wanted to get started on that.)

Yvan was incredibly friendly; Kit and I were the first few to line up so I think we were the few that had a full-fledged conversation with him: What’s your name, what’s your blog, where are you from, what did you have for breakfast, why are you allergic to cats and dust?… from the 10th person I’m sure he reduced the conversation to the breakfast topic, signed a copy and yelled NEXT CUSTOMER!

We already know about the beautiful photography, but the best bit about the book was the delicious juxtaposition of the photos in each spread that somehow carried a story through the entire book. There was minimal text to worry about typography or layout, but how clever is the bar-code placement, on the spine of the book!

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  1. are you shin or shini? heahea i havent picked up any of the streetstyle books yet (i.e. sarts) but if i did, i’d get yvan’s!

  2. hehe sharp eye :P! I’m both, but Shin officially :P

  3. I’ve gotta order that book!

  4. Great book

  5. this looks so great. wish i could have been there. he is pretty amazing. xx

  6. Wow, I would love to meet him. I bet he’s very interesting. Facehunter is my favourite of all the street style blogs. He just seems to capture something extra… I must get hold of one of those books.
    Clare x

  7. Yes, he is very friendly. Saw him a lot around in Oslo during fashion week there last summer. Wouldn’t mind peeking into that book. Must be quite inspirational :D

  8. His blog is really nice, and now that book, wouhaaaaaa!

  9. Yvan has the funniest face, no? Animated and inanimate at the same time… if that’s possible? I ‘hung’ (I think that’s what the kids call it) with him and Dani at a few LFW parties- he is indeed friendly.


  10. I gotta get me that book!

  11. Queen Michelle

    Shini did you get my email?

  12. I wish I’d gone! I love his work. Looking forward to hearing more over cupcakes tomorrow.

    What caught my attention was the bar code placement: having done countless book cover designs, I’m in awe of the placement. It’s been the bane of my existence, trying to make those damn things work in a design. How did he get away with that? I think everyone should put it there from now on.

    It takes a fellow graphic designer to appreciate the genius of that ; )

    See you tomorrow Shini – or Shin! xx

  13. …so it’s decided: i must definitely take a look at this book.

  14. So lucky! I hate how I leave London and all the good stuff happens.
    Gonna get me a copy of that!

  15. It’s very funny, I dropped by Foyles to see this (not to get a book signed, but check who could buy the book, how it was all happening) but it had all happened and the shop was empty – or should I say full of facehunter books? Has anyone seen the book. Is it worth buying?

    PS. I saw the barcode too! Great idea but how readable will it be?


  16. absolutely love his blog, so I need to get my hands on the book as well. How cool is it that blogging has gotten big enough for book signings? love it.
    ps why are you allergic to cats and dust? ;)

  17. I am so going to get his book! I’m sorry to spam, but I have gorgeous giveaway going on in my blog right now! Please come and see!

    juliet xxx

  18. I love his pictures, he captures the essence of street style like no other. I’m going to have to check out this book.

  19. ooo I shall have to get his book now..

    my mum was reading the paper the other day and knowing I blog she was like ‘ oh theres a guy called facehunter? hes brought a book out. have you heard of his blog.’

    pretty much just went ‘DUH’ hahha

    bless her.


  20. Shin, it was so lovely to meet you too! Aww thank you for your kind words! Please do send over your pics to me, I feel like such a bad blogger not having my camera in tow last night! Nx

  21. I shall go check out the book when I have the time to =) His pictures always have such a sense of fun and youth.

  22. hopefully the book is avail. thru. amazon or barnes & noble. luvin’ the edgy red riding hood.

  23. Ooh I would love to get this book… wonder if my local book store has it yet? I was kind of hesitant to get The Sartorialist’s because I’m not a huge fan of his… ethics? It still bothers me that he left his wife for Garance. Anyhoo! Hope I can get a copy of this one at least!

  24. Good to see you out and about! How are you my dear? Did you go to Jasper’s show this year?

    Lola Re

  25. Great photos! I have to check out his book :)

  26. Great photos! I have to check out his book :)

  27. I realize it is doubtful until further notice but I would love to attend an American signing. I reviewed the book for my blog a week or two ago. Great content and his message is insightful and not wishwashy.

  28. Oh my! I look so forward to buying his book, when it comes out in Australia. His point of view is so interesting. I love the photos you took. The really captured the moment.

    xx Vanessa

  29. the book is a coffe table must have, have a gorge day hun

  30. I just bought the book today (late to the party as usual). It’s beautiful.

  31. Fashion Rocks

    I really like this book, one of my friends has bought it for me (together with some nice shoes)
    for my last BDay, really nice photos and great fashion style

    My comment in German (can express myself better)
    Ich hab das Facehunter Buch zum letzten Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen und muss sagen, dass es richtig toll ist. Hat es damals zusammen mit ein paar schönen Damenschuhe Designs bekommen und bin heute noch ein großer Fan… Da Mode sehr wichtig ist, finde ich das Buch von Yvan echt klasse – kann es sehr empfehlen.