I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






Jacket Zara | Top Uniqlo | Pants Gmarket | Sheos ALDO | Bag Alphabetbags.com | Sunnies ASOS | “Bodychain” DIY

Took a train down to Portsmouth with Ellen to visit the D-Day museum and spend a day at the beach. The weather was a bit too chilly to relax on the pebbles but we did windsurf on the boardwalk. The wind literally pushed us down the far side of the beach where we had to refuel ourselves with cotton candy and icecream to propel back against the monster. I must say, something about cotton candy makes you feel like you have an extra limb and wheels on your toes, or was that just us high on sugar.

British seaside is so lovable, the colours and the smell… feels so good taking a break from the city.

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  1. love that dash of turquoise in your outfit and your shoes are great!!
    is that a yellow bus stop?

  2. your photos are always sooo nice. Love your seafoam top. I always thought it was funny that alot of the beaches in england are pebble-filled…must be painful to lie on no?

  3. przepiękny żakiet <3
    jak ja Ci zazdroszczę wypadu na plażę :) teeeeż bym chciała ;D

  4. i love your jacket!! and the shoes are rad.

  5. You always have such beautiful pieces. Each item you wear tells its own story. Basically, you have a wonderful sense of style. xx

  6. Those shoes… <3

  7. i love the jacket it looks perfect on you… xoxo

  8. I’ve got the same pair of glasses but I just broke mine :'( Ah, I miss the beach. Great photos.

  9. gorgeous photos! i love the smell of the beach, too. something so comfortable and relaxing which you would’ve never guessed from the saltiness and the seaweed smell.

  10. the colors of your outfit and the British bus stop are excellent!

  11. Owwh it’s not a bus stop, it’s just a…fancy bench :P

  12. I love the jacket! However, I’m going to have to disagree with you about British beaches; as a resident of Britain, they all seem to hate me. It’s rather rude actually, sun goes in, rain clouds loom over and sea swallows the beach.
    I.e. I’ve had some bad experiences there.

    It would be mine

  13. great look! this jacket is so gorgeous!

  14. wow these photos are really great, and that jacket! wow!

  15. Julia

    Hey Shini, I couldn’t answer your last e-mail because I had been on a trip with my school class and I forgot to tell you ! sorry !! I’ve answered you last week, but perhaps you didn’t find my mail.

    And Im love your jacket !!

  16. i LOVE your shoes and your jacket is just wonderful.
    it makes me a little sad though that the british sea sides are all rocks, i’d like some sand too :(

  17. Your jacket is so amazinggg!!
    ohh, I know that same smell, colors and wind!
    There are the same beaches on the north shores of france. And I hate those pebbles they’re so hurtful for my feet D:

    Ohh, I almost didn’t spotted out the bodychain! It’s amazing actually. Love it!

  18. Lovely photos, and jacket! Cotton candy is the cure for almost anything (well….for some things).

  19. the blue top is lovely…i cant wait till the weather gets better so i can head down to Brighton

  20. this is like my fvourite look of yours… you realy look osom

  21. lovely pics and nice getup. i like the ampersand bag.

  22. c.

    love the bag! looks like something i could use for school :) can it hold a good amount of stuff?

  23. Oh towwwtally, it’s very sturdy canvas too, I’m hoping it’ll last a Loooong time :D would be perfect as a schoolbag, except don’t load it with too many heavy textbooks!

  24. your jacket is AMAZING.

  25. Love your jacket!

  26. Cotton Candy is my one true food addiction… if you can really call it food.

  27. Ohh I love the jacket.

  28. just discovered your blog recently–your photographs are always so beautiful! love the outfit and the seaside scenery.

  29. That top is just so incredibly gorgeous. And cotton candy sounds amazing!

  30. seems like such a nice getaway :)
    and that is indeed a VERY fancy bench! haha ^-^

  31. So lovely, and your outfit is perfect in everyway, especially those shows… yum!


  32. Lovely blog and lovely style ;)
    Adore the jacket and the shoes, I love them!!

    I let you my blog if you want to visit it: http://www.sexyinthecity.es


  33. Love the photos and I have the same jacket :D.. it’s one of those Zara gems and loved it the moment I laid eyes on it last year.

    Alas, it is too warm to wear it where I am right now :3

  34. lovely outfit, esp the background looks great
    the yellow of the bench is fab.!

  35. the british seaside is gorgeous according to your photos they are lovely. i really need to get out of my little town and go travel around europe

  36. I love being at the seaside, coming clean at it´s best.
    like brushing teeth mentally.

  37. lovely jacket :)

  38. Very sweet sweater indeed! Cotton candy is the best! xxoxoxo

  39. So cozy pics! And loving your sandals.

  40. Jan

    Southsea :)

    I’m a Portmouth lass

  41. That sea green/aqua color is so so gorgeous on you. And perfect for the seaside :)

  42. your shoes are the best.

  43. absolutely love the colour of your top and those rad rad rad shoes.

  44. perfect colors. that jacket! and your photos too. beauty.

  45. I’m loving those last three pictures. Gorgeous. And it sounds like you guys had a nice time ♥

  46. The jacket is quite nice with the aqua blue!
    I was reading through one of your DIY tutorials (the one on making a good blog/website) and I am going to redesign my blog and you make some really good points that I’m going to keep in mind while I design my blog.

  47. Amazing jacket and shoes! The bodychain looks like lowluv by Erin Wasson.


  48. Oh, Portsmouth… used to be a student down there… lot’s of good memories.
    Loving your shoes by the way :)

  49. amazing blog. love your style and clothes. wow
    exchange links? would be happy if you answer :)
    love lara

  50. lovely pictures. It reminds me of Washington beaches, rocky, chilly gray and yet beautiful. That jacket is gorgeous, as are your pictures, as usual.

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  52. Beautiful jacket! I know about the sugar…I tried a bunch of Macarons this weekend and went crazy climbing stairs and hills in San Francisco…lol

  53. I love those shoes. I saw them on the Aldo website and damn, they’re on sale now! Can’t resist.

  54. the place remiondes me of my beloved Brighton so much! and I totally love your jacket

  55. I want to live on that cute bench ( that doesn’t really sound right).
    It is just soooo pretty

  56. I just stumbled upon your blog recently and I am absolutely in LOVE with everything about it… from the layout to your gorgeous detail shots & inspiring outfits – I love it all!

  57. COOL!:)

  58. Shini, blue looks fabulous on you. I wish I was there at that yellow paradise. It’s eerie and yet perfect. As always your photos are crisp to perfection, and your outfits stay true to your effortlessly chic nature.
    Keep it up girly!
    XOXO Gotham Hipster

  59. What a wonderful outfit set. I particularly like how the colours in your outfit act as the perfect offset to the background. And you’ve just swayed me when it comes to the beauty of British beaches. Who knew!

  60. Amazing jacket and boots.

    I just discovered your blog and like the stalker I appear to be, went through several pages of it. I shan’t freak you out further, but I do love your blog :)

    – nadia

  61. We love this fantastic jacket and all your photographs!




  62. I love the jacket. I’m not sure what I love about it but I do.


    The shoes are awesome. Love aldo.


  63. i lovelovelove your pictures!
    your aldo shoes and sunglasses are my favorite.


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  65. whoa I love your shoes!

  66. Oh my gosh, i love, love love love love the hint of aqua!

  67. love that top! such a pretty color :)

  68. it looks incredibly beautiful. i envy you! those shoes are incredibly fyi.

  69. love the jacket, cute ;)

  70. hey hottie!!!
    loooooooove your SHOES! AHmazing! and those pics are fab – you are such a talent!

    hope all is well stylish lass :)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxx bel

  71. I love your shoes.

    Love Grace.

  72. I love ur outfit. It’s so pretty!

  73. amazing color on you

  74. Emily

    Dude, I follow about 70 blogs, though am never bothered to comment any of them…

    except I really just want to tell you that this is seriously one of the most phenomenal outfits I’ve seen

    You look so brilliant, if I saw you on the street I’d probably scream a little bit

  75. those shoes are so wonderfully intriguing and im actually semi drooling over them.
    likewise your last 2 photos…


  76. WOW your jacket is just what i need,when did you buy it!! you look gorgeous. I just found out about your blog thanks to foley’s blog and it’s just brilliant!

  77. This jacket is amazing ;-)

  78. Sasha

    Those shoes are lovely! I’ve sat there :)

  79. What a beautiful contrast between the shirt and the jacket !
    Good job with this blog!