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London Fashion Week, SS12;

Here’s 15 shots from the streets during LFW – Am I displaying exemplar editorial skills by condensing hundreds and hundreds of shots from the five days of LFW into a neat 15? If you’d like to think like so I won’t stop you, shucks, with that rate I might as well have solved world hunger and written a book on DIY Feed the World with sachet of condensed milk attached as gift.

1- Candice Lake, 2- Nam of StreetFSN, 3- Elif with Mulberry mask, 04- Girl at Topshop Unique, 05- Anna Della Russo Prada number, 07- Rumi & PS1, 09- Dapper Matthew Zorpas, 10- The cutest shot in the world, 13- Nadia after the rain, 15- Carolina Engman surfer kitty

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  1. Canary


  2. Gorgeous photographs, as per usual.

  3. Haha, so sarcastic Shini! I’d love to see your DIY book with attached condensed milk. What?? You mean you can’t solve world hunger and show how to deconstruct a cardi into two parts Shini! I thought you could do anything…

    These shots are insanely beautiful – love the snippets you’ve chosen to include. Matthew looks like such a total stud. Candice is glowing… ok, I could comment on each shot individually but will stop here. Love your photos as usual. xx

  4. I am in love with your photos and how you have taken them. They look fab!



  5. awesome photos!!! so cool


  6. R

    You should be out photographing street-style if the market wasn’t already so saturated. Amazing, amazing photography. I love the colours. In other words, you rock. :D

  7. I become a bigger and bigger fan of your blog every day. This post, the photos, are amazing!

    XO Charlotte

  8. Lovin all those streetstyle staples, new inspiration!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  9. amazing shots!!!

    xoxo from rome

  10. I love streetstyle pics!!

  11. Your photos are seriously unlike anyone else’s. They blow my mind everytime. There’s so many things to spot in them. Love the rain of FrouFrouu’s glasses and all the frozen moments.

  12. Konviki

    Great as usual, but you def have some more even better.

    And what the shoes at the last one.. Seriously, who are they?

  13. I like the natural way you take photos of people!
    ( Actually did I say this before? )

  14. These pictures are beautiful. Those ‘Oooh’ glasses are the best thing I’ve seen all day !x

  15. i love these photographs. they are not only great, and capture fabulous fashion, you have a great eye for photography!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  16. Gorgeous shots! ;)
    I love so many of the sunglasses featured in your pictures.

    And this shot is real cute : http:parkandcube.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/IMG_5494.jpg

  17. Shini,
    Your photographs are truly amazing… I’m so envious of your fantastic photography skills <3

  18. WOW great pictures!! I love how you’ve captured all the interesting details & personality in each picture! great post :)

    B xx


  19. Ewwww I dislike animals milk but plants milk.

    I adore the last picture….hmmm is it Erdem?

  20. The best streetstyle photographers are Asian (including you). Kinda proud!
    Absolutely breathtaking shots.

  21. talking to you while queuing up for the mark fast show was just lovely.
    u looked amazing just like these shots :)


  22. great great pictures!
    I love the strange bubble glasses

  23. I just ♥ your blog! I may not comment as often as I would like, but always follow along…
    Great photography—I want so many of the pieces I see in these images.

    xx, Sarah

  24. I think your caption numbers are a bit off…but I recognize everyone instantly (except rumi, can’t seem to find her in your photos)!!

    LOVE these pics. You are such an amazing photographer. I’m going to hunt down your likely enviable lens list, but in case I don’t find it, mind sharing with us what lens you used? I love my 60mm macro usm for superfine shots with a nice bokeh behind the subject but I find it hard to use in every situation given the focal length and the fact that it’s a prime lens.

    Er….anyway. Enough shop talk. GORGEOUS PHOTOS!

    xoxo Kristina

  25. Seriously amazing photos, I just keep going back over them. Wow.

  26. Great great shots girl!



  27. I LOVE IT ALL. Serious hard core lovin’.

  28. What I love most about these captures is the abundance of color, the myriad of patterns, and the extraordinary amount of fun that is infused in each.

    ♥, Jamie

  29. ugh your pictures make me wish I was there in person! All of the colors are so wonderful. You really have quite an eye for things ^_^

    Which fashion shows have been your favorite so far? Any trends you see that might make a huge breakout?

    Thanks again for the wonderful showcase :)



  31. Is that raindrops on her glasses?
    Your compilation of images is amazing!

  32. AMAZING photography! Absolutely stunning! XO Rebecca


  33. Fab shots. You’ve got a great eye!

  34. I need those boots in the last picture soooo badly!

  35. Great closeup snapshots, loving that sequin cardigan.


  36. Oh la la! I adore these photos! Everything is bright and pretty and nice and stylish and awesome. I love your photographing skills.

  37. wow, I think your blog is my new favorite :)!

  38. Amazing shots, I’m really impressed! You have a beautiful style and a beautiful blog :)


  39. Great photos…would love to see the rest!


  40. Love these pics.

  41. I love each photo for it’s color and detail, but I must say, the best photo is the one with the Asians making the peace signs!

  42. Woooow!! You have captured some very amazing photos – including many stunning portraits! I love your eye for the details and sharp colours!

  43. I have to say, sometimes street style is the fashion trend!

  44. you make one fine streetstyle photographer too Shini !
    love these photos !!

  45. wonderful photos! absolutely engaging :)

  46. I love your photography and composition of the photos :) such wonderful examples of pure style and don’t even get me started on those details !

  47. Your photos! They are so stunning! I love every single one!

    Fox Whiskers

  48. the chaps are looking super good here

  49. So funny, Candice Lake took a picture of me in the street last week. She’s gorgeous !

    See U !

  50. Just found your blog and i love it!!!Love your pics!!!

  51. Gloria

    Ohh— for a moment I thought that the sunglasses in 13 had bubbles in them!

  52. As always i love when you post a lot of pictures and i just saying that all of this pictures so inspiring :)

  53. O

    Wonderful pictures! Thank You! Love the Prada dress.


  54. E.

    The pictures you take or more than amazing !
    By any chance, does someone know where the boots on the last picture come from ?
    I could die for them !

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  56. I am so glad I just discovered you blog! Your photography is amazing… anyone photographed by you should feel honored!

    <3 Kate

  57. […] first image captured by shini park of park & cube, is a shot of blogger rumi neely of fashiontoast in a deliciously vibrant yellow dress and […]

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  59. Loving the candid photos!