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Sweater, Pants Zara Tshirt H&M Shoes DIY Vintage Studded

I saw two pigeons giving eachother piggyback-rides today while passing a park in a bus. Strangely obscene.

PIEGON PORN, cover your eyes child. I wish I had whipped out my camera but the bus was in a race with a racing car, or something.

Yessss sorry, those boots AGAIN, but those are about the only pair of flat shoes I have for winter…

For some asking who takes the pictures, I enslave a piggy dictator called Ellen, and occasionally a tripod when she’s too busy bossing around her pig minions. Thanks Ellen <3

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  1. I love your boots!!! DIY?!



  3. i’m actually really scared of pigeons. i think ur boots are the kick in the butt i need for my one diys!

  4. Shini! I am in love with your DIY boots. I super wish I had some awesome boots like that for winter. I realized all I have are heels and sometimes, I need a break from them.

    I’ve seen squirrel porn…They gotta do what they gotta do. Haha.

    Anyways love the outfit, looking rad as always. :)


  5. wow, i love this outfit sooo much ! those pants, those boot, AMAZING. you have amazing style, girl (:

  6. Those pants are so slick!

  7. I hate pigeons.
    Don’t be sorry for your boots! They’re fantastic!I never get tired of seeing them.
    And your pants are so lovely!

  8. This is amazing. Your blog is amazing. Haha I thought I would share my opinion … great boots too. How is the socks and sandals project going?!

  9. No no no, I loveee your boots! And pigeons are sooo dirty! Eww. lol

  10. THOSE BOOTS! Such a great DIY. They look lovely, I’m jealous. And like everyone else, I love them.

  11. I wish i had boots to stud. and I know what you’re talking about, I only have one pair of flat boots that prevent me from slipping on the snow. and they’re all i plan on wearing.

  12. ur friend takes amazing pictures.
    i hate pigeons. im scared of them and hate them. i always cover my mouth and try to avoid them as much as possible since they have all the nasty bacteria stuff on them (the ones in the states is disgusting)
    aimeeways miss shini,
    i have linked u too! <3

  13. Love the setting of your pics! :)

  14. AMAZING outfit- i love your diy boots! :)


  15. Well I’ll tell you if I find out who makes them!

  16. That’s a gorgeous outfit and I won’t get tired of your boots, they’re great! :)

  17. LOVE your boots!!! They look amazing <3

  18. your boots kind of just made my day!! :)

    haha and i am scared of birds..they are the devil! haha not really..but yeah they freak me out!

    love your pants too and black and white :)xxx lM

  19. love those DIY studded beauties

  20. Your style is actually amazing. The silhouette here is great, and I love the different shades of black in the outfit. Trade links?

  21. WOOWWWW those boots look amazing!!! good job

  22. great ensemble. I would so wear this. Tomboy Chic xx