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Favourites from START London

Start London (Part of FarFetch boutique network), 42-44 Rivington Street, City of London EC2A 3BN

Right, I will now embark on a mini quest with the objective of sussing out cool shops/boutiques in London; if I can’t get my rear lumps to a gym this Olympics of a year then I might as well power-jog (or bus it, whatever) to places where I can actively practice the art of wallet-ry restraint and tone my forearm with the beast that bears the name of Canon.

Where else than START London to commence on such majestic quest? On my pre-Christmas visit I buckled for this little Charles Anastase polkadot number and decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it on, for what good is restraint when there is no direct challenge, non? I stepped out onto the dressing room landing to scrutinize myself in the mirror – the too-tight sleeves embossing polkadot craters on my arms (think it was two sizes smaller, come to think of it) –  clearly not a pretty sight as the shop advisers all scurried away to attend to a very un-straight shoes-display. As I was twirling, drunk with denial, the mirror suddenly wedged open and Mr Philip Start clambered out from what apparently was a stock room, and for a second I saw myself as a dapper man in an especially well-tailored suit (helloMr Start) and peed a little. Guess that was my own special inaugural starter pistol for the quest, so to speak.

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  1. The shoe jewels are super cute! A great way to add some shine.

  2. I adore those boots!

  3. Oh, hello mr. Tailored goodness!!

  4. Seraphina

    I love those little label things that you manage to put on your pictures whenever they are hovered over. So nifty.

  5. beautiful pieces!


  6. Wish the polka dotted item had fit you! The store looks like an absolute gem. x


  7. love your picks! my self restraint is just so low i dont think i could handle looking at all those gorgeous pieces and not buying a single item! :)

    WIN 3k GC from Fia Manilla and new loafers from Paisley!

  8. The weight of that grey skirt looks fantastic! Not even the winds at sea would be able to move something that heavy~ Work of art~


  9. What a read! Your adventure “tell-tales” are so fun to read. quite quirky and cute in a way xoxo
    fancy-able photos, especially THAT pair of velvet booties with the gold chains. love them!!!

    Style Hostess

  10. Love this post! Beautiful pictures, x S.

  11. beautiful pictures – as always! not a markus lupfer fan, but that pullover…
    might hop to the start webstore…

  12. So nice the skirt and the tee:)

  13. Wishing I had those booties in my closet, they seem like they’d go with a lot of different garments. Your mini quest is most admirable and I look forward to your placing first in the Canon-lifting competition. Have a fantastic weekend, Shini! xx

  14. really beautiful photos!
    and such great clothes! i must visit that shop one day!

    Fashion Philosophy

  15. Wait a sec, I’ve been looking for that Marant coat everywhere! It was sold out on Mytheresa and I couldn’t find it anywhere, so settled for last years version instead :( May have to pay a visit to start and add it to my wardrobe. That said, I’m not a fan of start, I went in there one day and the staff were really snooty and unhelpful (not like in pretty woman, but still annoying) and THEY invited me! Then again I suppose everyone has their bad days, lol.

    Hope you’re well Shinster x

  16. Bridg

    beautiful shots as always!


  17. Love the pieces in this post and love the way you have wrote about this place :)


  18. love it <3

  19. The Markus Lupfer shirt would be great for increasing my self-esteem every time I look in the mirror.

    I’d love to own the boots, and those necklaces from Noemi Klein.

  20. Those boots! And what a nice sweater ;)

  21. I LOVE that jewelry! So my style.

  22. let me tell you once again how much I love your pictures! you are very talented my dear.

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on the second Professional of Fashion’s interview on my blog! I’d love your comment!

  23. Lovely photos, with you there on the wallet-ry restraint to tone up yeh? xx

  24. Totally loving this series, I’m definitely looking forward to other posts like this! Love your pictures, they’re incredible. The shape of that grey skirt is lovely- I bet it was quite heavy and structured. Also that Astronaut jumper is PERFECTION. I need that in my wardrobe.

  25. Such a lovely place to shopping :)

  26. The boots are cute!


  27. awesome leotard! i love the color and appeal.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  28. I love both jumpers! The one with the astronaut and the “You look good today” sweater…too cute! Get anything??


  29. This gray skirt and those akle boots just went on my wishlist :)

  30. I think we can DIY the chelsea boots.. Totally in loovveeee with the idea!


  31. I’m in love with the Beau Coops shoes. Your pictures are amazing, I can’t get over your blog !