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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Clothes from ASOS Black collection for Christmas; Last photo: Holding Paul & Joe Nail Polish (001) & Gold nail wrap by Nail Rock

I was so smitten with my gold nails by Nail Rock that the manicurist (Mike!) applied for me at the ASOS Christmas Bar the other day, I was doing spirit fingers on the bus all the way coming home. If only I’d known I’d have to peel them off one by one like fresh bandaids after the mistake of displaying fingers to le boyfriend. He whined ‘They remind me of Russian grannies gold teeth, take them ooooooooff’ so I stuck all ten of the pieces on the refridgerator. GRANNY GOLD TEETH GRANTS NO ENTRY TO FRIDGE.

Thank you Jen for inviting me down, brilliant idea with the pick & mix for beauty samples!

Edit: Animal magnets arranged by le boyfriend, sadly he has all power over fridge…

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  1. prettiest post EVER ;)

  2. Puts a smile on my face. :) Very lovely!

  3. Hahaha @ gold granny teeth! I actually really like them, but your boyfriend’s suggestion won’t allow me to unsee that particular image now. Still, they’re cute!

  4. Those spirit fingers are LITERALLY gold (hah!). And they rock, seriously. I’m suddenly envious and have this strange desire to have metallic or lace nails. It’s such a pity that le boyfriend didn’t approve. I’m sure Russian granny will be in style soon.

  5. love the cyborg nails!!

  6. Granny teeth or not… I like how they look! :)

  7. I adore ASOS and I think your nails look amazing! Too bad the boyf didn’t like them – mine sometimes complains about my nails/outfits, but I don’t pay attention ;P

  8. Lol!!!!! you tell him!!!! :P
    love that last picture :)

  9. Rosa

    nice, nice nice!!!!

  10. He made you peel them off!!! but they were awesome! Love asos! their stuff is amazing and im contemplating about getting a pair or nail sticker for myself as well.. hehehe

  11. Jenna

    What is that tiny, little, lacey thingy you’re holding?

  12. Ah Jen’s holding a little lacey sparkley collar bib from the ASOS Black collection :D

  13. I love the nail stickers and white wine/champagne :)

  14. Gold nails! Yes, they do look like granny teeth, but I don’t see why that’s bad because, oh my god, gold nails? (Needless to say, my boyfriend would probably run around yelling “witch!!” if I came home with those. Sigh, men just don’t get it.)

    Your photos are always beautiful to look at :)

  15. Oh I like that sparkling little collar you’re holding on one picture, really cute. And granny teeth nails are pretty! :D
    But I bet my boyfriend wouldn’t like them on my nails either, damn it!

  16. oh wow I LOVE those nails!! I need them!

  17. WOW!!!

    Want to be there!!!

  18. You are waaayyy too soft-hearted to the bf, methink. Granny’s teeth? No way! They are AMAZING. I might still be learning to put one simple colour on my nails, but these are opening new golden horizons…

  19. sya

    hello! you’ve an amazing blog and i particularly love your pictures. mind sharing what type of camera you’re using?

  20. Thank you! It’s a Canon 550D ;)

  21. Ha, Le Husband would definitely be the same way. I’ve got this nice black wrap long buttonless cardigan like thing from American Apparel (you might have it, too?) and I love to wear it lounging around. He called it Russian Grannie too, oddly enough. What’s up with that??

    Lovely pictures but would you mind sharing the shot of the gold nails on the fridge?


  22. Haha what is it with guys and Russian Grannies, I tell you, I bet they secretly think they’re hot.
    Edited post with pic with fridge! xx

  23. omgsh shini… I love your furry pouch~ from whereee? :D

  24. Owhh from ASOS!

  25. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love nails polish aaa it’s so good !! this idea !!
    aa asos so good
    you are so lucky aaa and the pictures look so perfect !! i love that !

  26. What a lovely gold-digging finger nails!! Hmmm it’s giving me an idea for my shoot after Christmas ;P Cheers!

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  28. Lovely photos :) Love the nails!

  29. Sigh…guys just don’t know better, do they? I constantly make it my mission to dress like a Russian granny, need to hunt down some gold nails (and possibly a good tooth) right now!

  30. oh gosh what a pity :( i love the gold nails! i always find it amazing how varied the tastes between guys & girls are. something that makes girls swoon all over, the guys can appear all disgusted. oh well, at least you managed to have fun at the christmas bar. lucky girl!! asos is my ultimate ULTIMATE dream place <3<3<3

  31. haha, my boyfriend hates when i wear nail polish although recently i think he’s sucked it up and realized he can’t win. silently i think he loves me a little less for it (jk). if it means anything, the gold was absolutely stunning. :)

  32. Oooh, I love those gold nails! But I know I wouldn’t be coordinated enough to apply those foils smoothly.

  33. Gold nails added to the looong list of man repellers… I might be the only girl in the planet not having worn a pair of ballet flats ever since they came out because my boyfriend thinks they make feet look alien. This blog is so funny on this subject: http://www.manrepeller.com/

  34. how bizarre! so you stick the nail colour on? i’m pretty sure i had something like that when i was a kid. very cool though… the gold definitely channels a sort of rapper tooth look, but it’s pretty cool. looks like a lovely event. xx

  35. Your gold nails look damn awesome. Hahaha.. I think the gold “nail prints” on the fridge are even more awesome! :D

  36. Aaahhh, will men ever understand fashion? *sigh* :-)

  37. hah, what a golden tips! :D

    sweet collars
    I don’t know what’s the red ruffles, but I love it.


  38. the nails are so fun!! i would’ve kept them on and posed with them by my mouth ;) granny teeth all the way!!


  39. Your furry fanny pack is awesome!


  40. wow your nails rocks!!!!so cool i wanna them as well.

  41. these pictures are so beautiful!! all your pictures are so beautiful!! love your blog! ;)

    Check out our fashion illustrations at Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


  42. oh! lucky youuuuuu!!
    loving the pictures!!

  43. THOSE NAILS! Dripping with gold! Its like a bond movie! eee!

  44. Ahaha, I loved this post! “Granny Gold Teeth”… ! No entry to the fridge serves him right, those nails were too cute :}


  45. uuuuhhhh i WANT i NEED this golden nail stuff!!!! ive been waiting for this all my life ;DD

  46. lovely photos! oh honey, i’ve just started my addiction with nail wraps & calgel in september! i’m completely hooked! solid gold is hot. mine is a fade from clear to purple to plack tips.

  47. i love them all!

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